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03:54<linbot>New news from community: I have deleted my linode machine <> || Auto login on Debian 10 instance <>
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04:10<viking12>where can I chat with linode team urgently?
04:10<viking12>support team
04:10<viking12>i cant access my account
04:10<rsdehart>have you submitted a ticket?
04:10<viking12>i was able to access my account yesterday
04:10<viking12>now I cannot
04:10<rsdehart>oh nvm
04:10<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
04:10<rsdehart>if you can't raise anyone, you can email or call
04:11<rsdehart>*raise anyone in here
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04:11<rsdehart>ohey blaboon
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04:24<linbot>New news from community: Deploying stackscript image using terraform <>
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04:33<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
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06:35<linbot>New news from community: Linode - sudden high CPU - MySQL - hacked? <>
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08:06<keshist>you all accept PayPal?
08:07<rsdehart>you can use PayPal once you've lodged a valid credit card
08:07<keshist>Can I use a prepaid card?
08:08<rsdehart>"You can use a debit or pre-paid card as well, as long as it is branded with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover"
08:21<keshist>I've got a card but it's only got $0.50 on it.
08:21<@_brian>it might fail on registration because we place a $1 auth hold on the card to verify it works
08:21<keshist>any way to still use it via some manual process?
08:22<@_brian>there is not
08:35<rsdehart>!point _brian
08:35<linbot>rsdehart: Point given to _brian. (26)
08:38<keshist>this is a test of the Grammarly keyboard
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08:42<@_brian>hi Ankur
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08:43<@_brian>should've went with greetings. when will i learn?
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09:04<linbot>Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
09:05<linbot>New news from community: Linode - sudden high CPU , What to do? <>
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09:38<kharlan>Lol, you just make linbot automagically say “greetings” whenever some joins and says hi.
09:38<kharlan>You need a < 5 second response time or else they lose focus and leave the chat.
09:40<rsdehart>I wonder if there's some way to manage the expectation that this is a one-on-one support chat
09:40<kharlan>I guess the alternative is to place brian in front of a computer screen and never let him leave.
09:40<@_brian>wait is that not what we're already doing?
09:41<kharlan>This plan would exclude bathroom breaks and sleeping.
09:41<kharlan>It's a promotion.
09:41<@_brian>i am humbled to have the opportunity
09:42<kharlan>rsdehart , well it seems like they've updated their contact page. 'Chat with the Linode community on the Linode IRC channel. Join #linode on on your favorite IRC client.' . It doesn't even mention support or a 1-1 with an employee.
09:44<@_brian>i feel like if linbot greeted folks it would probably become tiresome pretty quickly
09:44<rsdehart>kharlan: what did it previously say?
09:45<@_brian>also the noise would probably mess up the regulars who respond to the new users
09:45<kharlan>True, bot spam is kinda annoying.
09:47<kharlan>rsdehart rip, according to way back machine, it said the same thing in 2018 lol
09:48<rsdehart>kharlan: it's said that for at least two years, yet people still seem to - yes
09:48<kharlan>Yeah... people are just..{}
09:49<rsdehart>maybe it's in part a misconstruing of "community" as "company"
09:49<rsdehart>or "community within the company"
09:49<rsdehart>community of employees
09:49<rsdehart>or "oh nice, they call their staff a community"
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09:52<kharlan>Lol professional excuse maker
09:52<kharlan>I didn’t misread it and I tend to skip over words when I’m just grazing through a page?
09:54<kharlan>I can see how community could be misinterpreted as employees + normal users, but I’ve never seen a company only reference their staff as the companies community . Atleast not in the hosting industry?
09:57<kharlan>idk, you can't teach the world \o/
10:06<rsdehart>hey, I'm just trying to understand the thought process
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11:19<grawity>is it normal for Lish to be showing *four* "Rescue Mode" configs?
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11:27<dwfreed>grawity: probably not; could be a bug in lish enumerating config profiles (Rescue Mode makes a config profile that the API hides from you)
11:27<grawity>aha, that explains why I now have five.
11:28<grawity>not all of them are identical, too
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12:36<linbot>New news from community: I think i developed stackscript but not executing on server <> || I think i developed stackscript but not executing on server <> || I think i developed stackscript but not executing on server <>
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14:50<test>i am trying to setup linode cli tool
14:50<test>and got stuck
14:50<test>anyone could help
14:50<millisa>maybe, where'd you get stuck?
14:50<test>pip3 install linode-cli --upgrade
14:50<test>this went fine
14:50<test>but linode-cli
14:50<test>is not in path
14:51<test>the command to set it in path was not mentioned in the page
14:51<test>for ubuntu
14:51<test>or linux
14:51<test>so which is the path where it got installed
14:51<millisa>On the last system I tried it on, it installed it to /usr/bin
14:52<millisa>Does '/usr/bin/linode-cli -v' work?
14:52<test> cannot access '/usr/bin/linode-cli': No such file or directory
14:53<millisa>which version of ubuntu?
14:53<test>ubuntu 20.04
14:53<Xion>Did you do pip3 install as root?
14:53<Xion>If no, is it in ~/bin or ~/.local/bin?
14:54<test>found it
14:54<test>this is the path ~/.local/bin/linode-cli
14:55<millisa>!point Xion
14:55<linbot>millisa: Point given to xion. (9)
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15:01<millisa>since I was curious; just did a quick test with a 20.04 spinup, and if you do the pip3 install as root there, it throws the binary into /usr/local/bin
15:01<millisa>er, the python3 script. binary I suppose is inaccurate.
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15:55<linbot>New news from community: My site can't be reached <>
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16:50<octos4murai>Pardon me if this is not the place to ask. I am new to Linode. Does Linode bill users on a set date every month? Is this date the same for every user (e.g. start/end of every month)?
16:52<millisa>They bill on the first.
16:52<millisa>There are circumstances where they will do mid month billing
16:52<octos4murai>Thank you.
16:53<millisa>A little higher in the same doc: "All services are invoiced automatically on the first day of the month for usage from the previous month."
16:54<octos4murai>Very helpful. Appreciate you providing the source!
16:54<Peng>(Linode also authorizes or charges a little money when your first register an account.)
16:54<millisa>Sure thing. Also, this is a perfectly reasonable place to ask
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17:40<warewolf>hey linode OPS - not entirely sure why my credit card company thought a monthly linode service charge was suspicious, but for some reason they thought it was. Just letting you know in case other customers charges don't go through; this might be why.
17:40<warewolf>thankfully my credit card company sent me an email to say "no this is totes legit, please let it go through" and all is good
17:42<Peng>Mine did the same thing. THey also did it a couple months ago to a service I've been subscribed to even longer than Linode. (Sorry Linode.)
17:43<Peng>It's scary and makes me not want to use them for subscription services. :-/
17:44<warewolf>well anti-fraud is _kind_ of the credit card company's _thing_ so if they're flagging it, they've got good reason to generally.
17:45<Peng>Generally yes. THis time no. :D
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18:06<warewolf>Subject: Payment Receipt [11258065]
18:06<warewolf>payment went through.
18:09<virtual>when did mtr start using colour on its other display modes?? I like!
18:09<virtual>though, would be nice if everything over 252ms wasn't just '>' ;) (which for me, is 5 hops)
18:33<@pwoods>warewolf or Peng: any chance you were tweeting about that earlier today?
18:34<@pwoods>I'm not aware of this being a wide spread thing, but maybe it is? I'm not sure if there's much we can do about this, but if we know more, it could be investigated more. I think we would need more data about what banks and countries.
18:38<warewolf>wasn't me tweeting about it
18:38<Peng>Wasn't me either
18:40<Peng>I got the payment receipt email from Linode before the payment was actually approved with the credit card company. :-/
18:40<Peng>(Actually I have two Linode accounts, but only the first payment got flagged, I think.)
18:41<Peng>It ~seems~ they send a scary email without actually blocking the payment. I guess they'll do a chargeback if you say it was fraudulent.
18:41<Peng>That or payment processors are very nice
18:41<Peng>pwoods: PM?
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19:04<linbot>New news from status: Emergency Network Maintenance - EU Central (Frankfurt) <>
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20:12<chesty>not planned
20:13<chesty>has to be done immediately to fix an issue
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21:16<virtual>language should probably changed from 'scheduled maintenance' to either 'emergency maintenance' or 'scheduled emergency maintenance', else it looks like 'is it an emergency, or isn't it?' :P
21:24<kharlan>How do you schedule an emergency :p
21:25<kharlan>Oh, kaseya did this the other day. Their services randomly went out, and their status page said "scheduled maintenance" :p
21:25<kharlan>It was 11AM on a weekday \o/
21:27<chesty>how about "degraded service" when the whole thing is offline?
21:28<chesty>pssst, it's not 11am everywhere in the world
21:32<virtual>kharlan: it's always 5PM somewhere.
21:32<virtual>dammit. how did I miss that chesty basically said the same thing.
21:33<virtual>oh, I know. because I did the type before thinking thing that I'm an expert at.
21:33<kharlan>Rip they were North American servers , their EU servers were fine :p
21:33<kharlan>o.o virtual == chesty
21:33<kharlan>I knew it.
21:33<virtual>maybe they had a worker in the Europes
21:34<chesty>i think we are both oarstraylians
21:34<virtual>"screw it, it's almost the end of my work day"
21:34<virtual>I'm a 'pom', I believe.
21:34<virtual>but not a real pom, even though I was born there, because my parents weren't born there?
21:34<chesty>oh. do you live in straya?
21:35<virtual>south west syd-uh-knee
21:36<kharlan>Yes, the bots are watching. Speak in code..
21:39<virtual>no, there's a crappy joke that when Sydney olympics were announced/opened (I'm unsure, and don't care), the announcer pronounced Sydney as 'sid-uh-knee'.
21:39<virtual>But when I listened to the recording, I thought he just said Sydney. So *shrug*
21:40<chesty>because you're a pom
21:41<virtual>okay, chesty has confirmed I'm a pom now.
21:42<chesty>I recall sid-uh-knee but I've heard so many impressions I don't know if I'm recalling the impressions or the original
21:46<virtual>are you also NSW?
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21:55<chesty>south west syd-uh-knee
22:08<virtual>huh, we better not be in the same street or something.
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22:15<chesty>does your street name start with dubya?
22:16<chesty>as in w
22:16<virtual>no. *phew*.
22:17<virtual>starts with the opposite of dubya. 'M'. But we are upside down here. Should it be a W?
22:17<virtual>(everybody needs good neighbourrrrs'
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22:18<chesty>will a little understanding...yanks aren't going to know what we're on about.
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23:34<ajmitch_>I'm cringing, having that tune in my head now
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