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00:00<duncanm>hello hello, i've an old linode that I lost my password to
00:01<duncanm>i rebooted it using finnix, but i don't think that's showing me my other image
00:01<millisa>you'll want to chroot into the disk; there's a doc on it
00:01<millisa>about this section and onward:
00:02<millisa>there's also a root password reset too that might be quicker if all you need is that
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00:35<duncanm>millisa: is there a way i can download the disk image i have on linode to a machine locally?
00:35<millisa>you could dd it over ssh from rescue mode
00:35<millisa>"There's a doc for that" -
00:36<dwfreed>^ this
00:37<duncanm>I booted this old image and turned on ssh, but i still can't ssh in
00:39<duncanm>huh, this is running Debian wheezy, it's so old the apt mirrors don't have anything for it anymore
00:39<dwfreed>wow, that is old
00:39<virtual>hey, you're sysadminning like me.
00:39<virtual>we should start a club
00:40<millisa> still have it?
00:41<millisa> mentioned updating the sources.list for it
00:43<duncanm>i've been paying linode for a few years just to keep the image, i kinda forgot about it
00:43<duncanm>it's been offline, i think either it got hacked, or the image got so old
00:43<duncanm>anyhow, it stopped working, i think my IP address changed too, so my DNS setup lapsed
00:51<duncanm>duncan@i-am:/etc/apt$ nslookup
00:51<duncanm>;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached
00:51<duncanm>duncan@i-am:/etc/apt$ cat /etc/resolv.conf
00:51<duncanm>is that too old?
00:51<duncanm>i changed it to
00:51<virtual>and it still doesn't work?
00:51<duncanm>i can't seem to resolve DNS
00:52<duncanm>i'm ready to abandon this image, i just want to get my files off it
00:52<virtual>you're on via lish, I assume? Can you get to anything else?
00:52<duncanm>yeah, i can get in via lish
00:52<dwfreed>try pinging
00:52<virtual>so networking might be totally dead?
00:52<duncanm>i don't have a ping binary ;-/
00:52<virtual>telnet port 53?
00:53<duncanm>from where to where?
00:53<duncanm>duncan@i-am:/etc/apt$ telnet localhost:53 |
00:53<duncanm>telnet: could not resolve localhost:53/telnet: Name or service not known
00:53<virtual>to :)
00:53<duncanm>networking is completely fucked
00:53<duncanm>telnet: could not resolve Name or service not known
00:53<duncanm>how does that happen?
00:53<virtual>telnet 53
00:53<virtual>not :
00:54<duncanm>telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Network is unreachable
00:54<duncanm>but somehow i can ssh in from lish
00:54<virtual>bleh, okay. ip route show, or netstat -rn ?
00:54<virtual>lish is to a console
00:54<duncanm>duncan@i-am:/etc/apt$ netstat -rn
00:54<duncanm>Kernel IP routing table
00:54<duncanm>Destination Gateway Genmask Flags MSS Window irtt Iface
00:54<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
00:55<duncanm>i guess i need to have a correct /etc/resolv.conf
00:55<virtual>I don't think resolv.conf is going to help if you have no interfaces
00:56<duncanm>yeah, what's the thing that sets your gateway and all that
00:56<virtual>maybe something you've already tried, but I would just try /etc/init.d/networking restart or something first.
00:56<virtual>(yes, sure, you could probably do it better with 'service' etc.
00:58<duncanm>oh yeah, it's wrong
00:58<duncanm>i haven't had to do this in many years
00:58<millisa>(/etc/network/interfaces edit, ifup eth0)
00:59<duncanm>this brings back memories
00:59<virtual>millisa: you're actually useful. I just talk rubbish.
00:59<virtual>"just wing it"
01:00<millisa>it's all fun and games until you realize you don't have an editor
01:00<duncanm>is there no DHCP?
01:00<dwfreed>millisa: cat is an editor
01:00<millisa>there is, and it *should* be working.
01:00<dwfreed>millisa: sed is an editor
01:00<millisa>echo things >> file like jesus intended
01:01<virtual>!point millisa
01:01<linbot>virtual: Point given to the old and crusty millisa. (204)
01:01<virtual>!point dwfreed
01:01<linbot>virtual: Point given to the venerable dwfreed. (124)
01:01<virtual>dwfreed: it's in the name, right, stream editor.
01:01<virtual>fancy kids with their vi
01:02<millisa>just in case -
01:02<millisa>i can ping that IP that's in there
01:03<millisa>it claims ssh is listening on it.
01:03<virtual>fingers crossed?
01:13<duncanm>hmm, did I get this wrong?
01:14<millisa>that's a different IP
01:14<millisa>i can ping it. it has a lot of things open and listening.
01:15<duncanm>that one?
01:15<duncanm>ahh, it's running
01:15<millisa>yeah. there's a lighttpd page
01:15<duncanm>yay, it's all running now
01:16<millisa>your smtp helo is amusing.
01:23<duncanm>fun ties
01:23<duncanm>fun times
01:23<duncanm>so i just need to copy my files elsewhere and then i can repave this
01:24<duncanm>thanks for all the help, millisa and virtual
01:51<millisa>!point virtual
01:51<linbot>millisa: Point given to virtual. (4)
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03:02<keshist>anyone here?
03:02<millisa>just me and a few hundred of my closest friends
03:03<keshist>any linode staff here?
03:03<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
03:04<keshist>i coulda swore linode supported windows?
03:04<millisa>It's possible to install windows. Supported - no.
03:04<linbot>It is possible to run Windows on !kvm Linodes. Here's a set of unofficial instructions:
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03:09<zwt>hello everybody
03:09<zwt>somebody could help me a bit here? I added a new disk to my linode and even after a reboot from the manager it doesn't appear from fdisk
03:09<zwt>what do I need to do to get it appear?
03:10<zwt>it's not object storage
03:10<millisa>Block storage?
03:11<millisa>It should show the file system path when you setup the volume
03:11<millisa>Did you see this doc -
03:11<zwt>I guess I have to do the bottom of this
03:12<zwt>no that's not right
03:13<zwt>if I use the instructions at the bottom of this page that will create a new volume right?
03:13<zwt>@millisa: I added tthe new disk by going to my linode, clicking on storage then at the right top "Add Disk"
03:14<millisa>That's an allocation out of the linode's storage, not a block storage volume
03:14<millisa>If you create a disk there, you need to also go in to the profile and set it up there
03:15<millisa>There'll be a popout on the right where you can do the block device assignments
03:16<zwt>Select a Linode. The Linode’s detail page appears.
03:16<zwt>on that page there is no Disks/Configs tab
03:16<millisa>looks like that doc needs updating.
03:17<millisa>See the 'Configurations' tab?
03:17<millisa>not your fault. the docs outdated
03:17<millisa>mostly the same steps though, click the ... next to the config profile and the popout on the right should mostly look like that doc describes
03:19<zwt>okay it looks good now. One more question: what is the difference between volumes and the new disk I just created? both are being charged at 1$ per 10GB right? we wanted to avoid Object Storage as the single file size limit there is 5GB and we have files in 30-50GB in size
03:20<millisa>A linode will come with storage as part of the cost. You don't pay additional for it beyond the base cost of the linode. Block storage volumes cost extra. Object storage costs extra.
03:20<millisa>Block storage volumes can be a way to add lots of storage to smaller linodes. They don't get picked up by the backup service.
03:21<millisa>Performance of block storage volumes isn't as good as the local storage.
03:21<zwt>but by adding a new disk we add more storage to the linode as we already used all which were originally came with the plan
03:22<zwt>so that would be block storage as well right?
03:22<millisa>The 'disks' section would be using storage that comes with your plan
03:23<zwt>I added a new disk in the disk section
03:23<millisa>They've increased the storage allocated to different plan sizes several times. Maybe that's how you got more?
03:23<millisa>Which plan size are you on?
03:23<zwt>Dedicated 64GB and now we have 1280GB storage
03:23<millisa>That's how much comes with the dedicated 64gb plan
03:25<zwt>you right
03:25<millisa>gpu and shared 64gb plans too.
03:25<zwt>so we could have resized the disk
03:25<millisa>still can
03:25<millisa>remove the disk from the profile, delete it, and you can resize into it
03:25<millisa>(assuming you've got nothing on it you want to keep and it's not mounted)
03:26<millisa>which I suppose that's another difference in block storage and the local storage - resizing the linode
03:26<millisa>If you resize a linode, it's going to move the local storage to new hardware. You end up waiting that transfer out and for large volumes, it can take hours
03:26<zwt>yes thats my problem
03:26<millisa>For a block storage volume, it won't increase the time of a linode resize since it's not local with the linode
03:27<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
03:27<zwt>for 600GB it can take more
03:27<zwt>than just adding a new disk
03:27<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
03:28<zwt>all right
03:28<zwt>thaank you very much @millisa
03:28<millisa>sure thing
03:28<zwt>I really appreciate
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04:40<introom>hi any ops here. just registered an account and is in review process. please help me on this.
04:47<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
04:47<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
05:08<introom>is upgrading the version of k8s on linode easy ?
05:10<rsdehart>tom_: is anything ok?
05:10<rsdehart>or are you just interested in abusing the bot?
05:11<tom_>I am fine
05:11<tom_>Thanks for asking
05:11<rsdehart>if you urgently need support, you should call or email
05:11<rsdehart>community chat isn't an official support venue
05:12<rsdehart>you can often find support, but it's not always guaranteed within any particular timeframe
05:26<introom>does linode has digitalocean doctl-ish tool so that I can update kube config with the tool directly?
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05:54<linbot>New news from community: Have an error in my SQL syntax <>
06:13<introom> isee
06:18<keshist>Computed Tomography
06:20<introom>linode-cli is not functionality-wise on par with doctl.
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08:06<keshist>whos here?
08:14<@rgerke>keshist: Hi! I will be right with you.
08:16<@rgerke>How can I help?
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08:29<linbot>Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
08:45<linbot>New news from community: Nothing here <>
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09:05<linbot>New news from community: Block storage cause high loads with rsync <>
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11:21<v0lksman>any staff around that could take a look at this: 15114994
11:25<linbot>New news from community: ssh-copy-id fails; ERROR: No identities found <>
11:27<@pwoods>taking a look, v0lksman
11:28<v0lksman>thx pwoods
11:29<v0lksman>unless you did something I think I may have fixed it but it doesn't make sense to me
11:29<@pwoods>I'm a little confused by this at first, too, tbh.
11:29<v0lksman>I had a txt record for the subdomain that wouldn't resolve...removed the txt record and it resolves the A record
11:30<@pwoods>ok, that explains why I'm confused, I think I was digging on it while changes were being made.
11:30<@pwoods>none needed!
11:31<@pwoods>I'm just glad I wasn't going as crazy as I thought I was.
11:31<v0lksman>well I can neither confirm or deny that
11:31<@pwoods>The voices said the same thing!
11:32<v0lksman>so is there some obscure rule about wildcards being affected by other record types?
11:32<v0lksman>I just put the txt record back and we are back to failing
11:37<v0lksman>funny exact same issue for the exact same reason (LetsEncrypt) but I'm not using CNAMEs at all
11:41<Peng>v0lksman: Wildcards replace names that do not exist. Names with records of other types exist. Empty non-terminals exist. So a TXT record at blocks a * AAAA record from applying to
11:42<v0lksman>so I have to explicitly define and then add a CNAME for * it seems
11:43<v0lksman>I always thought that the record type defined the scope of the record/wildcard
11:44<v0lksman>my solution seems to work...bit of a pain everytime I bring on a new developer I'll have to add a record but could be worse
11:45<v0lksman>add a wrapper with linode API access to adduser... :)
11:46<@pwoods>I think what Peng is saying is also said in this post:
11:50<v0lksman>awesome..thanks Peng and pwoods, still counter intuative that a TXT record being defined would affect an A record from resolving but DNS can be a fickle mistress so I'm not surprised...More surprised I've never hit this before. lol
11:52<Peng>If you think of DNS as a tree of names, it might be less unintuitive. But it's still an unintuitive footgun.
11:56<v0lksman>TIL makes sense in an odd kind of way for sure
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12:37<grawity>I feel like Linode's Domain Manager really adds a lot to the confusion here, by grouping everything based on type when DNS doesn't really work that way...
12:39<nate>define type? Cause most DNS managers I've ever worked with definitely section things by record type usually
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12:40<grawity>I think I've more commonly seen them ordered by name (FQDN), with the type as a 2nd column
12:41<grawity>I mean like this
12:42<nate>Does linode not do that anymore? I haven't used the DNS interface in the new cloud thing but I recall the old manager you had to select a specific domain first before editing any records
12:42<nate>now they just show you all your domains at once? o.O
12:42<grawity>we're talking about different things, it seems
12:43<nate>Maybe lol. I'll have to log in and see what you're talking about
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13:08<dwfreed>Within a zone, Linode groups all the A records into one section, all the TXT records into one section, etc
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18:05<kharlan>Anyway to turn off these backup messages?
18:06<kharlan>I want to lose my data!
18:06<@pwoods>kharlan: which backup messages?
18:06<kharlan>Oh, on the cloud portal asking me to enable linode backups.
18:06<millisa>they used to have a little X on them
18:07<kharlan>Yeah, it works but I'm assuming it's cookie based since a few days later it shows up again
18:07<millisa>account, settings, backup autoenrollment, turn it to enabled. no more messages!
18:07<millisa>(not what you really want)
18:08<millisa>but it *would* make the message go away
18:09<Peng>Does it enable backups on your existing Linodes?
18:09<@pwoods>hmm, I guess I'm experiencing the Cloud Manager differently. I'm not seeing any banners. I thought it was because I have the Managed Service active on my account, but removed that and still not seeing any.
18:09<Peng>Given its name, I always assumed that pref applied to new Linoeds but not existing ones
18:09<Peng><- mostly an idle question
18:09<millisa>i dont think I've had the banner come up on ones i've X'd out of it
18:10<millisa>Peng: you're probably right. have 2 that i dont need backups on. will turn it on briefly and see.
18:10<@pwoods>ahh, I messed around with enough things to see it finally.
18:10<kharlan>I feel like I see them super often. It really doesn't matter lol, I was just curious if there was a way to disable it.
18:11<millisa>The toggle does not add backups to existing that dont have it. there is a little 'enable now' link though that will let you get the existing ones at the same time. it pops out one of those sidebars on the right.
18:12<kharlan>That's some risky business toggling buttons which shouldn't be toggled
18:12<Peng>!point millisa
18:12<linbot>Peng: Point given to the old and crusty millisa. (205) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 27)
18:13<@pwoods>checking the cookies in dev tools, can't determine which cookie it's connected to.
18:13<millisa>looked like this:
18:19<millisa>BackupsCtaDismissed = true
18:21<millisa>or at least, that's what I see get set when I hit the X
18:21<millisa>er see/get
18:25<millisa>somewhere around and in
18:32<millisa>this from 4 hours ago sounds like they are putting in a preference setting for it -
18:34<millisa>i guess the discussion thread might be more useful
18:43<kharlan>Lol a discussion about line height.
18:46<kharlan>It seems like it hasn't been pushed yet?
18:46<kharlan>I guess they're going to be adding an individual user preference soon.
18:51<millisa>last manager update was a few days ago
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19:30<devilspgd>I love that I can follow development on the manager. More than once I've logged bugs, great to see when the bug is fixed.
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20:07<linbot>Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
20:07<kharlan>Haider... Hoider...Hodor...
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