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02:19<linbot>New news from community: Can't update hostname with with TXT record <>
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05:37<linbot>New news from community: How do i use DNS01 solver using Linode DNS on cert-manager? <>
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08:44<fokaa>hi can linodes created by a account communicate with each other via LAN ?
08:44<@_brian>hi, yes as long as they're in the same data center
08:45<Peng>Linodes created by different accounts can communicate with each other too
08:45<fokaa>datacenter you mean region Newark, NJ ?
08:45<fokaa>oh cool
08:46<fokaa>i was trying to solve a problem since last 24 hours
08:46<fokaa>didnt know about the LAN support
08:46<fokaa>let me try out and will get back
08:46<linbot>New news from blog: Weigh Your Cloud Monitoring Options <>
08:46<fokaa>Linode is fun
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09:07<Peng_>What was that >_>
09:41*esselfe seen nothing
09:42<esselfe>A failure occured the other day, it was fixed fast, thanks Linode staff or automated system :P
09:42<esselfe>not much details on what happened though
09:47<dwfreed>There usually isn't, unless it affects more than one host
09:47<dwfreed>Usually it's just a host crash due to a bug
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10:00<okk>how to find local ip of a linode ?
10:00<Peng>What do you mean by "local IP"?
10:00<okk>not the public ip
10:00<okk>the ip which can communicate within the linodes
10:01<okk>within the same region
10:01<@_brian>it should be listed in the Cloud Manager under the networking tab, but you can also run "ip a" to see your interface info
10:01<Peng>You can communicate over your public IPv6 and IPv4 IPs. (Though if you use public IPv4 IPs, it will count against your transfer quota.)
10:01<grawity>keep in mind that linodes are *not* behind NAT, unlike the stuff that giant clould providers do
10:02<okk>yes in networking tab I can only find the IPv4 – Public
10:02<dwfreed>you can add a private IPv4 address if you want to communicate between Linodes on IPv4 and not count against your transfer quota
10:02<okk>ok let me check
10:02<dwfreed>okk: as grawity just mentioned, there's no NAT, so that is your Linode's IP address
10:03<dwfreed>but as Peng notes, using the public IPv4 address between Linodes in the same datacenter still counts against your transfer quota
10:04<grawity>so that means private addresses are only added when you click the button -- by default, a linode doesn't have one
10:04<dwfreed>also note that the private IPv4 address is in a shared network (it's not your own private LAN), so other Linodes in the same datacenter with private IPv4 addresses can also communicate with your Linodes
10:04<Peng>You can also enable it when creating a Linode by checking a box. :D
10:04<dwfreed>so you should take appropriate security precautions in your applications, like requiring authentication, etc
10:12<okk>checking it
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11:26<Peng>This isn't important, but have you decided yet when new Linodes launched in Atlanta will be created in Atlanta 2? (Is it happening already?)
12:09<GTAXL>Atlanta 2? they have a new DC?
12:09<GTAXL>didn't hear about this
12:13<@_brian>Peng new Linodes should already be landing in ATL2
12:13<@_brian>actually if you migrate/resize an existing one, it should land in ATL2 as well
12:13<Peng>Hmm. Interesting.
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12:34<okk>how to delete a private ip address in networking panel?
12:34<@_brian>someone from our Support team needs to do it
12:34<okk>why is it like that?
12:34<@_brian>it's okay. if you want to open a ticket and pass me the ticket #, i can do it for you
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12:54<LouWestin_>Feisty Duck's OpenSSL Cookbook 3rd Edition is out now for free.
13:05<linbot>New news from status: Scheduled Network Maintenance - EU-West (London) <>
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16:18<test>i have set a private ip
16:18<test>i have a ssh service
16:19<test>but cant connect it
16:19<test>ssh port works fine with the public ip
16:19<Peng>What happens?
16:19<test>i need to connect from another linode the ssh port
16:19<Peng>Do other things work?
16:19<millisa>Are you trying to use the private IP from another linode in the same datacenter with the private ip?
16:19<Peng>Does the other Linode have a private IP? Is it working?
16:19<dwfreed>and do both Linodes have private IPs?
16:20<test>both dont have private ip and are in different datacenter
16:21<grawity>private IPs only work within the same data center, don't they
16:21<@_brian>!point Peng
16:21<linbot>_brian: Point given to peng. (67) (Biggest fan: millisa, total: 15)
16:21<@_brian>!point millisa
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16:21<test>but it is pinging fine
16:21<test>infact a nmap also shows the port is detected
16:21<test>but filtered
16:21<millisa>Here's your reference (first sentence in the section):
16:21<grawity>I have this feeling you're pinging someone else's linode on the same datacenter instead
16:22<millisa>the private range is private for the datacenter.
16:22<grawity>also, 'filtered' means nmap hasn't received any response, so it literally means the port is *not* "detected"
16:22<millisa>oh and the green box a little further down also gives the details that it is just for same-DC
16:24<test>ok, let me try out same datacenter with both private ip address
16:25<grawity>Such Confusion Wouldn't Have Occured If You Had Used IPv6 >_>
16:25<test>just curious when port is not detected, it should be 'closed' ?
16:26<grawity>depends on what you mean by "detected"
16:26<grawity>that's not a term I've heard in relation to TCP ports
16:26<test>not a networking :P
16:26<grawity>but 'closed' means the system explicitly refused the connection -- it sent a TCP RST back to you
16:27<grawity>while 'filtered' means the system didn't reply at all -- your attempt likely got dropped by a firewall
16:27<@_brian>you can use "--reason" with your scan to get more detail about the response
16:27<test>oh interesting
16:29<test>what is the api region value for dallas, tx
16:30<dwfreed>^ that
16:30<millisa> curl
16:31<test>and what is name of us-east region ?
16:31<dwfreed>millisa: notably that doesn't give city names
16:31<millisa>yeah, we were talking about that this past week.
16:31<test>yeah that's a problem
16:31<millisa>the status page was the best place I found that equated region to id
16:32<millisa>if you expand the regions bit, it shows the city names in paren
16:32<millisa>er, region id to cityname.
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16:32<test>yes found it
16:32<test>US-East (Newark)
16:33<millisa>it's not a perfect 1-to-1 match either.
16:33<millisa>but its close enough that you could figure it out
16:33<millisa>(ap-northeast not ap-northeast-2)
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18:26<linbot>New news from community: Certbot Acme-Challenge Failure <>
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18:43<DrinkyBird>psst, the 5th of feburary is a friday, not a thursday
18:43<DrinkyBird>unless that maintenance is scheduled for 2026
18:51<@pwoods>!point DrinkyBird
18:51<linbot>pwoods: Point given to drinkybird. (1)
18:52<@pwoods>Thanks for pointing that out. It's been updated.
18:52<DrinkyBird>yay I helped
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18:53<test>how to calculate a subnet from a private ip?
18:56<@_brian>the subnet mask for linode private ipv4's is /17 if that's what you're after
18:56<@_brian>this doc has some more info
19:04<virtual>pwoods: is that starship troopers?
19:04<@_brian>it definitely is. would you like to know more?
19:07<virtual>just wondering if my memory was totally borked or not :)
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20:40<toqafulyaosaful>please help me to create linode account
20:41<toqafulyaosaful>its all decline my card
20:41<millisa>is it giving a specific error message?
20:41<millisa>are you putting in all 4 digits of the year?
20:42<toqafulyaosaful>I'm using American Express
20:43<toqafulyaosaful>please help
20:43<millisa>Have you asked Amex?
20:44<toqafulyaosaful>do I need?
20:44<millisa>If it's giving a message that it is declined, I would start there.
20:44<toqafulyaosaful>I see
20:45<toqafulyaosaful>If I use another debit card like Union Bank visa it will decline me again?
20:45<millisa>linode takes both visa and amex
20:46<toqafulyaosaful>thank you
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