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00:23<krisgreen99>i am a linode user.
00:24<millisa>Many of us are
00:24<krisgreen99>When I logged into my account, I was in trouble
00:25<millisa>What kind of trouble?
00:25<krisgreen99>It prompts me to enter the code from the email
00:26<krisgreen99>But I logged into my email and didn't find any code
00:26<millisa>Your 2FA code?
00:27<krisgreen99>what is 2fa code?
00:27<millisa>two factor authentication
00:27<millisa>If that is what you are talking about, it'd be on whatever device you are using for 2 factor authentication
00:29<krisgreen99>It looks like this
00:29<krisgreen99>Login Verification
00:29<krisgreen99>Enter the code from your email to continue logging in.
00:29<krisgreen99>Below it is an input box
00:33<millisa>It doesn't say 'Two-Factor Authentication'?
00:35<krisgreen99>I enter my user name and password, and this prompt appears
00:36<krisgreen99>My question is why I didn't receive any code in my email, but this email can receive the bill from linode
00:37<millisa>does the prompt look like this:
00:37<millisa>I have not heard of an email code verification
00:41<krisgreen99>No, mine is different. It's just "login verification". It's strange. I haven't logged in for a long time. It says that my login this time is different from before, so I need "login verification"
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00:49<linbot>New news from community: apt update && apt upgrade stuck in connecting <>
00:55<tom_>I run a minecraft modpack and 24/7 whitelist server
00:55<tom_>Been for a few years now
00:55<tom_>If anyone would be interested
00:56<tom_>I don't think so, considering your all sysadmins here and probably have your own
00:56<tom_>But i've been wondering if a gamenight schedule would allow more people to be on at the same times
00:56<tom_>I spent a lot of effort to it
00:56<tom_>On it
00:56<tom_>Developing and maturing the modpack
00:57<tom_>Unfortunately, not a whole lot of people want to play it anymore, because minecraft isn't super popular on social media right now or something
00:57<tom_>Never got that
00:57<tom_>Playing games only right when they come out
00:57<tom_>I still play halflife
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02:06<t3>help me
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04:26<linbot>Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
04:27<rsdehart>tom_: I know people who still play Minecraft, but sadly I know of as many or more people who scorn those people
04:27<rsdehart>I'm looking forward to getting back to it after many months of my desktop being dead
04:28<tom_>Scorn? Why?
04:28<rsdehart>because it hasn't just come out
04:28<rsdehart>I'm not defending it
04:28<rsdehart>just referencing what you said earlier
04:29<rsdehart>I still love the game. it just isn't worth the frustrating of trying to play on my laptop so I haven't played in ages
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08:07<@rgerke>niki: Hi!
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08:57<silver>hi, how can i pay for full year in advance ? , my account advised me to reduce the number of transactions on my cc
08:58<silver>my accountant**
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08:59<Peng>If you can predict what your bills will be, you can use the "make a payment" button to give Linode money. But you'll still be invoiced once a month.
09:01<@rgerke>silver: You can do a manual payment to add credit to your account - and the monthly charges will be deducted from that credit rather than your card until it runs out:
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12:29<linbot>New news from community: How do i download and run NMAP from Linode? <>
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13:29<cyberunk77>hey everyone, I'm looking to buy a VPS service in order to host a private VPN for me and my brother
13:29<cyberunk77>the issue that I am having is when signing up, I'm providing my,. card, my name, my address
13:29<cyberunk77>so how is that secure?
13:38<Peng>Well, secure from what?
13:41<Peng>Like most companies, that's how doing business with them works.
13:41<Peng>They know who you are. They're not going to post your personal information on their blog. They will turn it over to the government if required to do so by law.
13:44<cyberunk77>Secure from A. The Snoppers charter B. being blacklisted for friendly protest C. to protect free thought and the internet from control.
13:45<cyberunk77>I don't do anything illegal, however that is no the point really
13:45<cyberunk77>plus; in the eyes of the law what is illegal can very quickly turn into "ban teraching about anti-capilism in school" something very recent in England for example
13:46<cyberunk77>keyboard ist kaput.
13:50<cyberunk77>from all the reviews I think linode seems best anyway so i'll give it a try :)
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14:05<nate>Did they just like graduate highschool or something? Have they never bought anything from a service online ever? lol
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14:51<koenig>More than that, why would running a VPN through a VPS protect you from any of the factors he enumerated?
14:51<koenig>People want a VPN but I guess few people really understand how it works.
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16:48<tom_>Nate insults are really uncalled for
16:48<tom_>Have you never paid cash for something before?
16:49<tom_>koenig: i don't think they mentioned a vpn, but if they did there's a thing called jurisdiction
16:55<kharlan>I've never paid cash for anything online.
16:56<kharlan>Anyway, I think that user needs a different provider. Linode is way too legit and won't protect him against all the things he's listed.
17:04<nate>tom_: Cash for an online service that has no possible physical accessible payment location? No, no I can't say I have
17:05<nate>At least I don't imagine linode takes cash by mail either as even most local places wouldn't let alone online lol
17:05<kharlan>I wonder if linode allows cards?
17:06<nate>kharlan: Considering the existing fraud preventative measures in place I'd imagine not, it would kinda conflict with the purposes of them probably?
17:07<kharlan>True. They would be better served just allowing Bitcoin instead.
17:08<kharlan>It would be nice to purchase a service without providing personal details.
17:09<nate>Problem with most US companies is that's a requirement for liability sake.
17:12<koenig>tom_: 13:29 <cyberunk77> hey everyone, I'm looking to buy a VPS service in order to host a private VPN for me and my brother
17:12<koenig>That was what led me to believe he had mentioned a VPN.
17:13<koenig>Anyway, doesn't matter. I hope he finds a service that will support his use case.
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18:41<LouWestin>Paying for cash online is easy, you just open your wallet and hand over whatever amount required to the person on the end of the website. 😉
18:42<LouWestin>Paying with cash I mean
18:50<chesty>I paid for my first isp with a cheque. mailing cheques was pretty normal back then. that's how I bought shares.
18:58<Peng>Now some things are so hard to pay for with cheques that cash is actually easier
19:30<nate>Checks seem easier for me these days cause I can just take a photo of it with my phone to deposit it rather than go to a bank :P
19:30<nate>chesty: Yeah checks by mail has always been a bit more considered cause you can void a check if necessary, can't really void hard cash though :P
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20:05<Guest12473>I need a server for max 200 users at a time with .net core app and Postgres database. What size do I need for dev and is it possible to scale later
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20:19<phlux>Anyone ever upgraded PHP to 7.x on Debian stretch?
20:28<tom_>Nobody ever has done that
20:29<tom_>In all my days
20:29<phlux>I may as well update to buster, anyways
20:29<phlux>I'm just dragging my feet on doing it
20:32<chesty>in a few months time buster will be oldstable, I think that means stretch won't be supported
20:33<phlux>Good to know
20:33<phlux>I'll just do the dist-upgrade tonight and save myself the headache tomorrow :)
20:47<tom_>Phlux read the release nots ok
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21:11<kharlan>Some of my stretch servers are running 7.x @pl... oh they're gone :/
21:13<kharlan>Hell, I was running stretch on my personal laptop until a week ago :p
22:25<tmberg>PHP Version 8.0.1 ftw! :)
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23:18<dwfreed>chesty: stretch will be supported by the ELTS folk
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23:19<dwfreed>The support will be more limited than it is now, but it will be supported
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