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06:53<linbot>Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
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09:23<linbot>New news from status: Scheduled Network Maintenance - EU-West (London) <>
09:33<linbot>New news from status: Scheduled Network Maintenance - US-West (Fremont) <>
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10:00<schlimig>I have a strange issue. I set up a brand new node, U18.04LTS. Do all available updates, nothing more. Multiple reboots confirm all is stable with Apparmor (aa-status reports running and lists the details). If I image the node then rebuild it (or another) from the image (resizing the disk to fill the full space) then no matter what I do, Apparmor reports "apparmor module is not loaded". Can anyone think of a reason imagizing and rebuilding should cause th
10:13<chesty>the only thing I can think of is when you set up a brand new kernel it is using, say, grub and the distro kernel, and when you rebuild it, it is using the linode supplied kernel. (or the other way around)
10:16<schlimig>Hmm. If so and given that the config profiles (inc. kernel settings) are the defaults at all times used and I've not changed them, wouldn't that represent quite a break in functionality that you can't rebuild from an image without damaging the configuration?
10:17<kharlan>I feel like that'd break a lot of wireguard server backups.
10:18<schlimig>Amongst other things, indeed.
10:18<schlimig>For this purpose I'm going to switch to a stackscript, but it'd be good to know if it can actually be relied upon
10:32<chesty>what I wrote I meant as a possible reason, not that that is definitely what's happening. it's easy to check though
10:32<schlimig>Yes I understood that of course. How would I check?
10:34<chesty>in the cloud manager. you click your node and I can't remember the exact place, maybe config, or edit config, or boot config. I can look if you can find it
10:34<schlimig>I know where it is
10:35<schlimig>It lists "Latest 64 bit (5.10.2-x86_64-linode140)"
10:35<chesty>is that the rebuild?
10:35<chesty>try grub
10:35<chesty>or it might be called something else
10:36<schlimig>OK, trying that
10:38<schlimig>Yeah when booted with grub2 aa-status is returning the expected output
10:39<chesty>the question is when you rebuilt did you select "Latest 64 bit (5.10.2-x86_64-linode140)" manually ot did linode select it for you?
10:40<schlimig>So what's happening here? I'm a bit confused... I'm building the node in the first place under the latest Linode 64 bit kernel, so what is causing this to stop working properly after rebuild from an image, when it's configured to use the same kernel as when first built?
10:40<chesty>I have a feeling when you build a new node it uses grub by default
10:40<chesty>but I'm not certain
10:41<schlimig>But that's still odd, because even if so, after building and with aa working fine, rebooting under the Linode latest kernel doesn't kill aa
10:42<chesty>how long ago did you create the image?
10:42<schlimig>literally all done within 15 minutes from first build, to image, to rebuild
10:42<schlimig>As a test to eliminate variables
10:44<chesty>i don't know and I'm not sure what you're saying. you're saying you deployed a new node, and switched the boot config to use ""Latest 64 bit (5.10.2-x86_64-linode140)" ?
10:45<chesty>if you have a look in /var/log you might find the boot log from the very first boot. it might say what kernel booted
10:45<schlimig>I deployed a brand new node, which sets the kernel to that one. I ran apt upgrade, confirmed aa-status was showing correct output. Without changing anything anywhere, rebooted a couple of times to confirm it persisted through reboots. Then I imaged the node and rebuilt to the exact same node. All within 15 minutes.
10:46<chesty>"which sets the kernel to that one." ok, I thought linode were deprecating those kernels and the default is grub.
10:48<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
10:48<chesty>any linode staff around?
10:52<chesty>rgerke, hi, is grub the default when creating a new node?
10:54<@rgerke>Typically, yes, woth some exceptions.
10:55<schlimig>I'm just doing another test on a new node, bear with me
10:59<schlimig>OK. So, I created a brand new U18.04LTS nanode. It does default to Grub 2 on first build. This survives reboots. I imaged the drive and rebuilt from the image immediately after. At the point of rebuilding, it has switched the kernel to "Latest 64 bit (5.10.2-x86_64-linode140)"
10:59<schlimig>So it seems that the rebuild process is incorrectly making the change to the kernel configuration here?
11:01<chesty>rgerke ^^^
11:03<branko>Ok... This was interesting
11:04<branko>To Linode personel - I had some failed mail deliveries from you guys back on February 1st because ended up on I'm guessing this got fixed in the meantime?
11:05<branko>Seems to be an RBL month or something :P
11:15<@rgerke>Just checked, and that IP looks like it isn't listed there anymore.
11:17<branko>No, I think it got fixed in the meantime.
11:18<branko>Wanted to mention it just in case :)
11:21<schlimig>I've raised a ticket to report the kernel issue as this seems like quite a bad deviation from expected behaviour and wanted to make sure it was logged properly in the system. Thanks chesty for your assistance, much appreciatedĀ¬!
11:21<schlimig>I think I would never have spotted that, not expecting the kernel to randomly change!
11:40<@rgerke>schlimig, we see your ticket and we'll have a resposn eout to you as soon as we can.
11:40<@rgerke>response out* - man, my keyboard skills are not awesome today.
11:42<schlimig>Thanks, much appreciated :)
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13:20<linbot>New news from community: Memory allocation graph in the Dashboard <>
13:34<schlimig>How could I retrieve a node's private IP address, from a StackScript?
13:34<Peng_>Not an answer: Consider using IPv6 instead.
13:35<schlimig>On this occasion, not a solution I can use, but thanks
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15:37<codecrunchers>Hi, I signed upo for an account two hours ago and I still have not received a login confirmation?
15:38<@_brian>hey codecrunchers
15:39<codecrunchers>Hey brian
15:39<@_brian>would it be okay if i send you a pm? it sounds like i'm going to need to authenticate you to an account, and this is a public channel
15:39<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
15:40<codecrunchers>no probs
15:40<@_brian>sent :)
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15:57<linbot>Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
16:11<kharlan>man, how do you deal with clients who ask the same question 5 times over a 1 year period?
16:42<LouWestin>Sometimes its fun to use the !next command lol
16:56<LouWestin>Just wondering, I'm making a linode for testing and noticed Atlanta is not available
16:57<dwfreed>Atlanta is moving to a new datacenter
16:57<Peng_>I believe customers with Atlanta nodes can create more Atlanta nodes, but other customers can't.
16:57<dwfreed>Basically same situation as Tokyo was way back when
16:57<LouWestin>Ah... Thanks
16:57<dwfreed>Peng_: because you can still make an Atlanta node? :)
16:58<LouWestin>Generally I choose Texas since it's a mid-way point.
16:58<dwfreed>Dallas is very well connected, too
16:58<Peng_>dwfreed: I'm 99% sure I read it on, but I'm 100% sure DigitalOcean has done similar things and I might be mixing them up. :D
16:59<dwfreed><50ms latency from my house in Michigan to my Linode in Dallas
16:59<LouWestin>I've rarely had issues with Dallas even when that ddos attack happened
17:00<dwfreed>Newark is only a 10ms improvement
17:00<Peng_>70 ms IPv6 latency from my home in Florida to Linode in Dallas because it goes through frigging Ashburn. :D
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17:01<LouWestin>I get about 40 from Dal to Chicago Land
17:01<dwfreed>curiously, my latency to the speedtest linode in dallas is 5ms worse than my own Linode
17:01<Peng_>Direct route can get 20-25 ms from Dallas to Chicago, I think.
17:01<Peng_>Less upsetting than Atlanta, which goes Miami -> Atlanta -> Ashburn -> New York -> Ashburn -> Atlanta. :D
17:02<Peng_>Someone please bake a cake asking HE and Telia to peer in Atlanta. :D
17:02<LouWestin>I just look at what my Minecraft server reports
17:03<kharlan>Some of my clients get a solid 2ms to ATL :p
17:03<kharlan>They are in Atlanta though...
17:04<kharlan>Well not in ITP.
17:04<Peng_>Atlanta 2 is operational and they're starting or have started moving Linodes to it, so hopefully the restrictions will end soon.
17:05<kharlan>I don't think the data center is ITP ( since We do have a couple clients right in the city ) it's probably in the Marietta area?
17:05<kharlan>I'm sure they'll lift them once everyone has migrated.
17:06<Peng_>Eventually, but it might not be soon
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18:33<schlimig>With stack scripts, is there a way to pre-fill the user data fields? For example most of the time my input will be something like "boardx" (x being a number) but occasionally it'll be "serverx". So I would wish to pre-fill with "board"
18:40<millisa>not the 'default'?
18:41<millisa>or do you want the 'example'?
18:42<millisa>(re-reading, i think you may be wanting example= )
18:47<schlimig>No default is the one I need - although that marks the field as optional
19:17<dwfreed>if it has a default, it must be optional
19:17<dwfreed>if it doesn't have a default, it can't be optional
19:18<dwfreed>iirc, if the field is blank, the default is used
19:18<schlimig>thanks :)
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21:48<Bang_Hiu>Hello, anyone can help me register on linode? I tried to register but my registration was rejected, I don't know what I did wrong...
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21:52<Bang_Hiu>Hello, anyone can help me register on linode? I tried to register but my registration was rejected, I don't know what I did wrong. I have also tried to contact via support, but there has been no reply
22:17<@pwoods>Hey Bang_Hiu
22:31<Bang_Hiu>hello, an you help me?
22:32<HedgeMage>Bang_Hiu: Hi there. Someone like pwoods with an '@' on their nick works for Linode...the rest of us are just users, hecklers, and hangers-on but we try to be useful occasionally :)
22:35<Bang_Hiu>are the linode staff on lunar holidays?
22:35<@pwoods>Since this is a public forum, would you mind if I move this conversation to a private message so that I can get some personal information from you?
22:36<@pwoods>Support is available 24/7, though we might not always have someone available here in IRC.
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22:39<@pwoods>Bang_Hiu: I just sent you a private message. You can follow up with me in that.
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