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03:16<jayr>How to we check if Linode is blocking certain ip addresses?
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03:17<Peng_>Blocking in what context?
03:20<jayr>Some users are able to access our site, but some are not
03:20<jayr>We already checked with some ISPs, and they have confirmed that they haven't blocked our site
03:21<Peng_>Linode doesn't, in general, block IPs.
03:21<jayr>So we were thinking that it's probably Linode that's blocking some IP range
03:21<Peng_>Can you run mtr or traceroute in both directions?
03:22<jayr>We already ran mtr and sent the result to Linode support, but they can't find any issue with the result
03:22<jayr>What do you mean in both directions, btw?
03:23<Peng_>run mtr on your Linode toward the other endpoint, run it on the other endpoint toward your Linode
03:25<jayr>Oh okay. We just tried running running mtr towards our linode
03:25<jayr>We'll try the other one. thank you
03:25<Peng_>What's your site? What error message do users get?
03:26<jayr>They're getting a timeout response
03:35<Peng_> o_O
03:38<Peng_>Can someone better than me at looking into BGP issues confirm that route is in the wild?
04:09<Peng_>jayr: Do you happen to have other Linodes in Singapore?
04:09<Peng_>Or is someone else online who does? :D
04:18<jayr>Actually yes
04:19<jayr>But we're only experiencing this issue for this specific linode
04:19<@jtoscani>hey jayr - taking a look at your ticket now, but can confirm that Linode doesn't block IP addresses. Your last update suggests we might have a type of firewall in place but we truly don't
04:21<Peng_>jayr: Might be interesting to run a traceroute to (a RIPE Atlas probe) from the bad Linode and another Linode.
04:21<Peng_>It ~seems~ some ISP in Indonesia is hijacking the /24. :-/
04:22<Peng_>On the plus side, Cogent and HE are two of their upstreams, and they do ROV (at least to some extent), so the impact's not as bad as it could be.
04:27<jayr>@jtoscani, this is noted, thanks. I just thought of it since I think Linode has a built-in anti ddos mechanism, so it might catch some IP range that has malicious activities.
04:29<jayr>@Peng_, can we do anything from our end?
04:32<Peng_>I have to BRB in a minute but -- *assuming* I'm correct -- you can 1.) tell Linode, and 2.) use another IP from a different range.
04:32<Peng_>You can ask Linode in a ticket to give you a different IP. I hope they'd say yes, under the circumstances. (If I'm correct about the circumstances.)
04:33<Peng_>If it's convenient for you, you could move the site to a different Linode that has different IPs.
04:33<Peng_>The DNS TTLs for your domain are 1 day, so you can't do anything instantly. Wouldn't want to break your website for *everyone* to fix it for some people.
04:33<jayr>I see. Thank you so much for your help!!
04:33<jayr>Appreciate it!
04:34<@jtoscani>!point Peng_
04:34<linbot>jtoscani: Point given to peng_. (25)
04:34<@jtoscani>As always, thank you Peng_
04:35<Peng_>jayr: I hope you won't take this as a rude question, but can you think of any reason the Indonesian government or an ISP might target you? You don't have to answer me out loud.
04:35<@jtoscani>jayr if you have another server in Singapore with a different range, you could actually just swap IP addresses between the two servers:
04:35<Peng_>jayr: Route leaks are often accidents, and if someone is being targetted, it's probably one of the other ~250 Linode customers in the same IP block, not you.
04:35<Peng_>!point jtoscani
04:35<linbot>Peng_: Point given to jtoscani. (3)
04:36<Peng_>You'd have to do that *carefully*, though, to avoid breaking your site.
04:37<@jtoscani>_facts_ - I'll provide more detail in the ticket update
04:38<jayr>There are actually political posts in the site, and at first I thought that a certain ISP might be influenced by some politicians. But one ISP already confirmed that they're not blocking our site, or any sites for that matter.
04:39<@jtoscani>At least that's what they say, I suppose
04:40<jayr>Haha yeah
04:41<jayr>Although what's weird is that there are users in the same ISP, where some users can't access, who can access the site. So I'm guessing they're probably telling the truth
04:42<jayr>Thank you again for your suggested solutions!
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07:48<@_brian>hi Rinku
07:49<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
07:49<Rinku>my server is not loading
07:49<@_brian>can you be more specific?
07:49<Rinku>server is down
07:50<Rinku>linode server is :
07:50<Rinku>can u restart it
07:51<@_brian>are you able to login to and restart it? i cannot do that for you
07:52<Rinku>no because password change and we not recived the email
07:52<Rinku>for password chnage and change username
07:53<@_brian>i understand. is it okay if i send you a private message? i need to authenticate you to your account, and this is a public channel
07:53<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
07:53<Rinku>where send the msg
07:54<Rinku>Which one option select for msg ?
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07:55<@_brian>check the top of the screen you should see my name _brian
07:56<Rinku>i send u the msg
07:56<@_brian>i got it
07:56<@_brian>did you read the message i sent?
08:03<Rinku>any one hemp me
08:03<Rinku>help me
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08:19<Rinku>I need help
08:20<Rinku>please msg me author user
08:20<dzho>I can't
08:21<dzho>_brian has offered to help you
08:21<dzho>_brian can help you
08:21<dzho>you should continue to work with _brian on this
08:21<Rinku>i think _brian is not avaiable
08:22<Rinku>we dont recied the reply
08:22<dzho>did you check your spam?
08:23<@rgerke>Hi Rinku. How can I help?
08:24<Rinku>Please check msg
08:24<Rinku>on private
08:31<Peng_>Just out of curiosity, has Dallas had to use backup power? Apparently there are rolling blackouts across Texas due to the cold weather.
08:36<@_brian>Peng_ i don't see anything in our alerting that showed any kind of failover. that said, i've never seen that kind of notification so it's possible that would go straight do our data center folks
08:37<Peng_>Yeah, it's not as newsworthy when it works. :D
08:38<@_brian>in other news, it looks like UCEPROTECT updated its policies over the weekend and cut our spam score in half, removing us from their list
08:38<@_brian>perhaps after Sucuri wrote this blog
08:38<@_brian>cc: nate + branko
08:40<rsdehart>that's good, right? (serious question - not sure whether the spam score is like golf or basically every other sport)
08:41<rsdehart>or I could click the link
08:41<@_brian>yeah. they had our whole ASN listed as a "spammerheaven" upsetting folks who were getting bounced by internal RBLs of some providers who mistakenly believed it was a result of their listing
08:46<millisa>in regards to texas.. rolling blackouts have been much fun. datacenters here in central have been on generator most of the night and they still rolled blackouts through business/neighborhoods.
08:47<millisa>(dallas definitely has the rolling blackouts happening. maybe the DC is just lucky; i've been out for 2 multihour sessions)
08:49<millisa>the local zayo/zcolo/datawhatevertheycallthemselvesnow center went off curtailment and back to grid about 90 mins ago
08:49<@_brian>reading about it now. stay safe millisa
08:49<millisa>no can do. drywall sanding is terrible for the lungs
08:51<rsdehart>delegate it to someone you dislike
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10:20<william0471>good evening
10:20<@_brian>greetings william0471
10:21<william0471>thanks brian, i need some help regarding my MX records settings sir
10:22<@_brian>sure thing, you can ask in here (keeping in mind this channel is public)
10:22<@_brian>if you do need to discuss something private, we can move to pm
10:25<william0471>thank you so much sir. i've been searching for an answer on the internet but seems unlucky to get the result.. sir can u check this link please
10:26<william0471>HOSTNAME and TARGET NAME is missing.. i dont know how to setup correctly
10:30<nate>_brian: I wonder if they really only did all that in an attempt to cash grab from people willing to pay, hope everyone that did forces a refund now
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11:11<schlimig>With StackScripts... if I use <ssinclude StackScriptID="123456"> should that simply drop the file "ss-include-123456" into the current path? I called it exactly like that in my script but it seems to be executing for some reason.
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11:12<rsdehart>schlimig: I've never used StackScripts but absent any other information I would have assumed it would include the file to execute
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11:14<schlimig>The instructions did say you'd then need to execute the script you see, or add "source" in front to do so.
11:14<rsdehart>hm ok, like I said I've never used them
11:14<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
11:15<rsdehart>let's see, the most recent staff to speak up was _brian
11:15<rsdehart>paging Dr. _brian
11:23<@rgerke>Hi! I'm not Dr. _brian, but I'm here. Taking a look.
11:23<rsdehart>haha excellent
11:24<rsdehart>I ought to try stackscripts for these sorts of occasions
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11:25<RETR0>can anyone help me with a DDOS attack?
11:26<schlimig>Bascially I'm trying to pull in a script to alter some data in it (host names and such like) and then execute it. But with the <ssinclude ...> and then an immediate rm ssinclude-123456, I'm seeing the content being executed in the log output from the script.
11:26<rsdehart>RETR0: staff are around, someone should see your message momentarily
11:26<rsdehart>have you submitted a ticket?
11:26<schlimig>When it seems that should simply download and immediately delete the script.
11:27<@rgerke>I haven't tried that myself, shlimig, but I'm doing some research on my end.
11:28<RETR0>rsdehart: hmm?
11:28<@rgerke>RETRO: I can do my best - what's happening? Feel free to send me a PM if you like, as this is a public channel.
11:29<@rgerke>schlimig: Looks like the way to do it is make a local copy of the stackscript and source it by using this: source '/path/to/local/'
11:34<schlimig>@rgerke for the moment I'm trying to obtain the file without executing it... which source would do. I'm only using <ssinclude ...> and it still seems to be executing, so I can't make a local copy and then run it, it's already running immediately.
11:38<@rgerke>Okay - let me test somethign else.
11:40<@rgerke>schlimig \: I want to make sure I'm getting this right - this is happening upon Linode creation?
11:40<schlimig>Yes, on rebuild from StackScript
11:41<schlimig>(haven't tried with deploy, but I can't see why there would be a difference)
11:52<@rgerke>I think I might have an idea of what's happening - want to confirm, though.
11:53<schlimig>Cool, thanks :)
11:55<schlimig>If the worst comes to the worst I could redirect a heredoc to : so nothing in the script runs and then manually use sed to wipe that from the top of the saved file and insert a shebang back in
12:02<@rgerke>Forgive me the amount of time it's taking - I haven't run into this before, so I am looking into it with a colleague of mine.
12:02<schlimig>No problem, thanks for taking so much time on it :)
12:04<william0471>Is it all the admin sir
12:24<@rgerke>schlimig: Testing some things out
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12:26<rsdehart>schlimig: hopefully we'll all benefit from your inconvenience :)
12:27<schlimig>Hehe, I have a knack for finding edge issues!
12:40<@rgerke>Still working on it.
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12:49<schlimig>OK :)
13:00<@rgerke>We've been creating and running test scripts in the way that you described, and we're replicating your issue. This is a doozy!
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13:02<schlimig>So it's definitely nothing I'm doing wrong then?
13:02<@rgerke>It doesn't seem to be. But still testing things.
13:03<schlimig>I await your findings :)
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13:17<@rgerke>schlimig: I'm admitting to being stumped. My colleague and I have run several tests and are getting the same results you are, so I have reached out to our development team to get some eyes on this. Might be a bit before I have an answer. Are you going to be around? I can DM you when I have something.
13:18<schlimig>Yeah I'll leave this open and will be here for a couple of hours
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13:51<@rgerke>schlimig: I think we have figured it out. Give me a few to make sure.
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14:15<@rgerke>schlimig: Simple answer - precede the scripts you don't want to run with a hashtag.
14:16<@rgerke># <ssinclude stackscriptid="1000">
14:16<schlimig>Cool, thank you. You should update these docs which indicate that the script must manually be run too.
14:17<schlimig>(under the "Import a StackScript" section)
14:19<@rgerke>We will take a look.
14:19<schlimig>Thank you for your assistance, much appreciated.
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15:25<schlimig>Is there any way to send a message to the "Activity Feed" for a linode? For example "StackScript build complete... rebooting now" after building from a script?
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17:27<fdnfd>how to resize linode disk using linode api
17:28<fdnfd>i want to increase swap memory size
17:28<fdnfd>it works fine using the linode webpanel
17:29<fdnfd>i want to do the same using api
17:35<fdnfd>anyone here
17:45<kharlan>^ that's probably what you're looking for.
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18:25<LouWestin>I added my older daughter as another user on my account. Just wondering if she needed to break off onto her account, would we just send a support ticket for that?
18:46<@mcivi>Hey LouWestin, they would need to open a new account. We don't have functionality to transfer user accounts, but it's something we're looing into. If they want to use the same username on the new account, you would want to remove the user from your account. To transfer services, tickets need to be opened on both accounts. This Community Questions site post has information on whats
18:46<@mcivi>needed in the tickets to request a tranfer -
18:47<LouWestin>Ok thanks mcivi! Just wondering for future reference
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22:27<linbot>New news from community: Object Storage: Getting SignatureDoesNotMatch when attempting to download from the Linode panel <>
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22:53<Sithu>any Linode support here
22:53<kharlan>Greetings :)
22:53<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
22:53<Peng_>Often, but not always. Why do you ask?
22:54<Sithu>i'll come to urs private :D
22:54<kharlan>The ops/linode employees have a "@" in their name by the way.
22:54<Peng_>To be clear, I don't work for Linode (and I block private messages).
22:55<Sithu>i know just wanna ask something :D
22:56<Peng_>...Can you ask it in public?
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23:20<kharlan>It must've been something personal.
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23:48<Rinku>Hi Here Any support person ?
23:50<Rinku>I need help
23:51<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
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23:53<Rinku>Hi i need urgent help
23:53<HedgeMage>Rinku: Well, if you tell us what with, we'll try to help, but for things that your friendly community members can't help with, you really should use the official contact channels.
23:54<Rinku>I need verify user to tack
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23:57<resoluterinku>Hi i need help
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