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00:02<resoluterinku>Any support person available ?
00:09<resoluterinku>please help me i need urgent
00:18<resoluterinku>Hi please help me
00:23<resoluterinku>Any support person available ?
00:26<resoluterinku>hi Please help us
00:27<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
00:28<HedgeMage>resoluterinku: Again, use official channels to reach staff. They sometimes listen in here, but it's hit or miss. If you'd like the community to try to help, you'll have to be more specific about your problem. Repeating what didn't work won't help.
00:29<resoluterinku>My linode is down
00:30<chesty>resoluterinku, can you log into your account?
00:35<resoluterinku>Then ?
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00:42<Rinku>Hi I need help
00:42<Rinku>Please help me about linode down
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00:49<Rinku>Please help us
00:52<LouWestin>Rinku: I would send email to support
00:53<Peng_>Why is it down?
00:55<HedgeMage>Rinku: whining at us won't help. We've tried to help, you have failed to provide us with any useful information, you just keep repeating yourself. You don't seem to be filing a ticket or using other official contact info.
00:55<HedgeMage>Rinku: Demanding help won't get you help. We have no idea what is going on with your Linode unless you tell us.
01:15<Rinku>hi support person ?
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01:20<Peng_>Are you ignoring us?
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01:20<Rinku>hi any one help me
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01:26<Patel_Rinku>Hi i need help
01:28<@mcivi>hey Patel_Runku, what do you need help with?
01:29<Patel_Rinku>Please check private msg
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04:00<Rinku_Resoluet>systemctl restart whcih service need to start for cyberpanel
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04:01<Rinku_Resoluet>help me for command
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05:05<maher>i need any help
05:06<maher>any one here
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05:18<@jtoscani>hey maher
05:18<@jtoscani>how can we help
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07:18<Keith_Crow>Hello, Can someone help me register on linode? I tried but there was no reply
07:18<@_brian>hey Keith_Crow
07:18<Keith_Crow>can you help me _brian?
07:19<@_brian>sure can. sometimes new registrations are sent to manual review for various reasons. it usually only takes a few minutes, but can sometimes take up to 15-20 to get through. how long ago did you register?
07:20<Keith_Crow>I just registered, do I have to wait?
07:21<@_brian>does the Cloud Manager say that your account is under review?
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07:50<Keith_Crow>Hello _brian, are you still here? I got an email that my registration was rejected, can you help me?
07:51<@jtoscani>Hi Keith_Crow, I can take a look
07:51<@jtoscani>Going to send you a pm
07:51<Keith_Crow>Okay, @jtoscani
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08:09<@_brian>!point jtoscani
08:09<linbot>_brian: Point given to jtoscani. (4)
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12:39<Peng_>Do hosts in Atlanta 2 have different names? E.g. "h123-atl2"?
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15:10<@mcintosh>Peng_: naming will stay the same
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15:21<linbot>New news from community: does anyone have a real answer to the SignatureDoesNotMatch problem with storages? <>
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16:19<karsh>Hello! Is anyone having trouble creating a new Linode account? I keep getting email saying that my "registration did not meet the criteria we use to approve new accounts". The email and credit card info that I entered were valid so not sure why this is happening
16:23<nuevu>karsh: They don't share many details with us, but it sounds like trying to sign up while connected to a VPN is a common problem.
16:30<karsh>Hmm, I wasn't using any VPN though.
16:30<karsh>I emailed their support team a while ago but haven't heard back from them either
16:33<@jackley>karsh: do you have a ticket number? otherwise, can you DM the last 6 of the payment card you used?
16:36<karsh>no i don't have a ticket number. Will DM you, thanks!
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21:54<bob>can i use linode to set up vpn?
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22:52<linbot>Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
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