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04:33<Amin>is there any linod staff available?
04:33<Amin>i want to ask some technical information
04:33<Amin>where can i ask? is there any private chat with agent?
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04:37<nate>You could just ask in here and see if you get an answer from the community also, otherwise you may have to contact their email or support ticket system if an op doesn't respond within your preferred time frame
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04:38<nate>okay then
04:39<nate>$10 says it was probably something we coulda answered in here lol
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06:01<linbot>Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
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06:08<LouWestin>Probably wanted to know if Linode offers CPanel.
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06:13<rsdehart>I'd almost put money on that
06:14<rsdehart>yigitcelik: is anything all right?
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08:19<linbot>New news from community: Marketplace provided NextCloud on HTTPS / SSL instead of HTTP <>
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10:24<linbot>New news from status: Emergency Network Maintenance - AP-West (Mumbai) <>
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11:20<linbot>New news from community: my OS in VPS using centos 6 not used <>
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11:50<linbot>New news from community: "SignatureDoesNotMatch" issue on upload to Object Storage <>
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14:46<alelepotram>hey people
14:47<alelepotram>i have a question of the 100$ credit
14:47<@_brian>greetings alelepotram
14:47<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
14:47<alelepotram>is it spendable only in the 2 months period?
14:49<alelepotram>okay thanks!!
14:50<@_brian>you're welcome :D
14:51<alelepotram>if i just wanted the credits for a quick 10buck server in what do you recommend (anyone) spending the remaining money
14:53<@_brian>if i were intent on spending every possible dollar? i'd probably donate some CPU cycles to with 2 months of a 4GB Dedicated plan
14:53<@_brian>(please do not do that with a shared plan)
14:54<alelepotram>ohh cool thanks guys
14:55<@_brian>you're very welcome
14:57<LouWestin>That folding at home project reminds me of a time one of my teachers mentioned you could donate some of your computer processing power to help NASA with something
14:58<LouWestin>I think it was for listening for sounds in space or something
15:07<dwfreed>that's SETI@home
15:08<dwfreed>both folding and seti now run over BOINC
15:11<LouWestin>Ah thanks! Nice to know
15:31<linbot>New news from community: How do I re-generate 2FA backup codes for logging into <>
15:36<MJCS>does anyone use /etc/update-motd.d? I have a line in there to display what user you just logged into as "$(id -u -n)" and it always displays root@* instead of, well, the user. Is this because the script is executing as root?
15:38<millisa>I would assume so. man page says it is executed by pam_motd as root at each login.
15:38<millisa>reference -
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15:41<millisa>someone trying to do something similar with a kluge to get the username -
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17:01<linbot>New news from community: Correct DNS settings if domain registered at <>
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18:55<LouWestin>I’m trying to figure out an ssl error on a new znc I setup with a commercial cerrt. Server address is server just closes session.
18:55<millisa>curl: (35) LibreSSL SSL_connect: SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL in connection to
18:56<LouWestin>I bundled the key file and certs that came back into znc.pem file and replaced the default one.
18:56<LouWestin>Wonder if an Apache setting is interfering with it?
18:57<millisa>on a centos linode i get: curl: (35) Encountered end of file
18:58<dwfreed>linbot: errno 104
18:58<linbot>dwfreed: ECONNRESET (#104): Connection reset by peer
18:58<dwfreed>^ I get that from openssl s_client
18:58<dwfreed>LouWestin: check your znc config
18:59<LouWestin>Ok I’ll be a few minutes. At work right now
19:16<LouWestin>I’ll paste bin the configuration file when I get home tonight. Be easier than trying to do it from the phone. lol
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20:21<Guest13642>Hello, i'm trying to add a subdomain on my node, have the domain added, added the AAAA record with subdomain name and also cvreated a new domain as secondary with subdomain name
20:21<Guest13642>i set at primary name servers the ns1 linode ip address
20:22<Guest13642>but it seems i still did something wrong since i can't access the subdomain
20:25<millisa>can't access it via what? web browser?
20:26<Guest13642>browser, can;t ping it hostname not found
20:27<millisa>what's the name?
20:28<millisa>I don't see an A or AAAA record for that.
20:28<millisa>Did you create the record in the linode dns manager?
20:29<Guest13642>added inova with 2a01:7e01::f03c:92ff:feb3:2c3e and again inove with the
20:30<Guest13642>as A/AAAA Record
20:30<millisa>I can see the A records for
20:30<millisa>www as well
20:30<Guest13642>m2 but not for subdomain ...
20:30<Guest13642>even mail
20:30<millisa>did you create the 'inova' name in the same spot?
20:31<Guest13642>what do you mean with that? mean spot
20:31<millisa>on the same page that you see the 'www' A record, did you put the 'inova' A record?
20:32<Guest13642>there i have www/mail/inova/*/
20:33<millisa>the wildcard appears to be working
20:33<Guest13642>just removed :)
20:34<Guest13642>for now
20:34<millisa>the wildcard is removed or the inova entry is removed?
20:34<Guest13642>inova still there
20:34<Guest13642>also added at domains "create a domain"
20:35<Guest13642>with domain: and Primary Nameserver IP Address
20:35<Guest13642>the address
20:35<dwfreed>that's not what you want
20:36<dwfreed>delete the domain
20:37<Guest13642>ok, deleted
20:37<Guest13642>there was a guide on linode telling to add there so that's why i did
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21:00<Guest13642>once i set it up on my nginx the subdomain resolve etc
21:01<millisa>i see an A record come back now
21:02<Guest13642>that's all i did, i added the subdomain to nginx
21:03<Guest13642>and if i try add a subdomain via cpanel, not working at all :)
21:03<millisa>nginx wouldn't have much to do with why the a record wasn't resolving earlier.
21:03<Guest13642>anyway thanks for assist, i will add a ticket with the cpanel thing
21:03<Guest13642>i know, that';s why i said it's wierd
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22:31<LouWestin>dwfreed: here's the paste for my new ZNC server that's having SSL issues
22:35<LouWestin>It's late so I'll look at it in the morning. I'm thinking it's an issue with the cert, but I'll rule that out
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23:04<quirk>is there a way to clone a node in bulk?
23:08<@pwoods>quirk: no, there isn't a way to do that using the clone tool.
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23:24<LouWestin>I know I said it was late, but I couldn't help myself lol. I ended up figuring out the issue with my ZNC server. The commercial cert for whatever reason didn't want to play nice with ZNC
23:25<LouWestin>Made in a cert in certbot. cat the fullchain and private key into a znc.pem file moved that file into the .znc folder and it worked
23:26<LouWestin>Bad news is, I lost about $5 and some change
23:28<LouWestin> I followed the advice for certbot
23:35<linbot>New news from community: Is there anything I need to know before changing regions? <>
23:35<LouWestin>dwfreed: I solved the issue. Details above.
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