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02:26<linbot>New news from community: Can the instance be downloaded to the local computer <> || I am running a ubuntu 16.0 virtual machine on my VMWare workstation. How can I run the Ubuntu virtual machine on a Linode? <>
02:36<linbot>New news from community: How can I run a Ubuntu virtual machine of VMWare on a Linode? <>
04:16<linbot>New news from community: Different Instances in the same linode <>
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11:45<@jtoscani> clear
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11:57<LouWestin>Don’t clear the chat! lol mcintosh did that one time.
12:11<@jtoscani>chesty fixed it, we're all good
12:14<LouWestin>!point chesty
12:14<linbot>LouWestin: Point given to chesty. (24)
12:29<@mcintosh>LouWestin: we don't talk about that
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12:36<linbot>New news from blog: Cloud APIs and Why They Matter <> || How Linode Went from Hardware to Live GPUs in Six Weeks <> || Linode GPU Expansion: New Instances in Singapore and Other Updates <> || Weigh
13:04<LouWestin>😂 I’m sorry mcintosh
13:44<Yaakov>Hello, Peng_.
13:49<nuevu>Y'all aware of the 502 error trying to load the latest blog post?
13:50<Peng_>There's a status post that hasn't shown up here yet.
13:50<Peng_>(The bot announces things at different times on Freenode and OFTC.)
13:50<nuevu>Doh, thanks Peng_
13:50<Peng_>(Lurking in Freenode is a great way to look smart on OFTC. ;-)
13:51<LouWestin>Is there a Linode channel on Freenode?
13:51<Peng_>There is, but people barely use it.
13:52<LouWestin>Ah good to know. I might as well join it
13:57<kharlan>Everyone just sits in the freenode channel without speaking.
13:57<linbot>New news from status: Connectivity Issue - and Community Site <>
13:58<millisa>Watching. Breathing.
13:58<kharlan>I think brian should take the leap and speak.
13:58<@_brian>can't do it
13:59<kharlan>By the way, what does 'doh' mean?
14:00<kharlan>I see people using it all the time, but I don't get it. Is it just a word that just means 'brain fart'?
14:00<kharlan>well doh kharlan
14:01<millisa>Homer Simpson catch phrase.
14:03<kharlan>dns over https is what comes to mind immediately
14:08<LouWestin>That reminds me of DNSSEC
14:08<linbot>New news from blog: Cloud APIs and Why They Matter <> || How Linode Went from Hardware to Live GPUs in Six Weeks <> || Linode GPU Expansion: New Instances in Singapore and Other Updates <> || Weigh
14:12<LouWestin>I don’t talk much on Freenode and I’m in like 30 channels give or take.
14:15<@mcintosh>nuevu: that's resolved - ty for noticing
14:15<nuevu>Pft. "Complaining" is easy. Glad to see it fixed, though.
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15:05<Wordp123>Sorry could you recommend a link for an optimized and secure WordPress installation. The focus is making sure the site is secure and runs reasonably fast. I'm not really looking for cutting edge, but I see multiple installations, on your Linode Support Page and am wondering which is most ideal for maybe a total of 3 unique websites.
15:07<@_brian>have you looked at the WordPress Marketplace app?
15:08<@_brian>Wordp123 you can see the full script here:
15:10<LouWestin>Wordp123: I’d download Wordpress from the official site and setup automatic updates
15:12<LouWestin>I also like wps-hide-login to help keep the bots away from trying to brute force login.
15:14<Wordp123>Is this automatic with the the marketplace launcher or am I still doing something manually?
15:15<@_brian>that is the automatic script that is used when you deploy the marketplace app
15:15<Wordp123>I thought I would have to run it manually via command line. I thank you for those details
15:17<@_brian>sorry to scare you :D i was just trying to give you an idea of how it works. once you deploy with the marketplace app, after a few minutes you can login without doing anything on the command line
15:17<@_brian>please do make sure you're using strong passwords when deploying though, and making sure that your plugins are updated if you use them
15:28<LouWestin>Wordpress added a nice option that auto updates plugins BUT you have to turn it on.
15:29<LouWestin>I don’t use too many plugins anyway
15:51<Wordp123>Thank you again. One last one before I go if you don't mind. If I want to setup my own dns servers like and do you have any docs for this. I understand I'll need to make a glue records with the help of the registry I just need to know where I can find the IP addresses from linode.
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16:36<linbot>Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
16:36<linbot>New news from status: Degraded Service - Docs <>
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18:24<Peng_>Anyone got an example of an IPv6 NodeBalancer service in Atlanta, other than :>
18:30<Peng_>I guess random Google results might be an option
18:50<LouWestin>No idea
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18:55<Peng_>Random Google results SUCCESS
18:56<Peng_>Copying and pasting random stuff from Google and SecurityTrails is an excellent plan
18:57<nuevu>It's how the best stories begin.
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19:12<Peng_>wonder what percentage of my support tickets have "IPv6" and "Atlanta" in the title
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19:24<virtual>Peng_: lol
19:24<Peng_>It's got to be less than 100%
19:24<Peng_>There was an IPv6 problem in Dallas once
19:28<virtual>can;t let Atlanta have all the ipv6 fun
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20:40<linbot>New news from community: Can I configure a whitelist for a NodeBalancer public IP? <>
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21:40<zst>Hello, any Linode representative online?
21:41<kharlan>Greetings :)
21:41<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
21:41<LouWestin>What questions do you have?
21:43<zst>I have a linode with 16gb ram, 320ssd, 6 cpus
21:43<zst>I accidently deleted the mysql database
21:43<zst>Im doing a restore from the backups now
21:43<zst>I wanted to ask, how long does it take aprox? It's been like 40 mins and its still 60%
21:44<LouWestin>If it gets stuck for a while, you could always send out a ticket
21:44<zst>I put that wrong, it got stuck on 60%
21:44<zst>Oh it just started moving haha :)
21:44<zst>71% now
21:44<LouWestin>Ok good
21:44<zst>The problem is im from a different timezone, not in USA, the site is a huge business here, ecom website
21:45<zst>If i sent a ticket and if i had to wait couple of hours for their repsonse, i might get in trouble
21:45<zst>Its currently 4:00 am where i am and tbh im dead asleep :))
21:45<zst>I was hoping i'd find someone online here
21:46<LouWestin>Ok, you can always call too if it's that urgent. Ah, sometimes you'll get a rep here
21:47<zst>That was my next step :)
21:47<LouWestin>You're welcome. Hopefully things get restored back to normal soon
21:48<zst>Hope so :) Thanks once again and have a good one!
21:48<LouWestin>You too!
21:50<@charris>!point LouWestin
21:50<linbot>charris: Point given to louwestin. (17)
21:51<@charris>Thanks for helping out, LouWestin! We appreciate it. Feel free to call in or submit a ticket, zst -- I can't promise we'll be able to solve the problem outright, but we'll do our best to point you in the right direction
21:52<LouWestin>You're welcome charris
21:56<zst>Hello @charris, no worries, site is up and running :) Thanks for the fast responses all :) bye
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22:01<LouWestin>Linode's backup and restore option has been a life saver
22:02<kharlan>I've never had an opportunity to use it.
22:03<LouWestin>It's been a long while. They made it even easier since then. You don't have to delete the old disks like you did before
22:10<LouWestin>Wow this Saturday I will be a Linode customer for 6 years.
22:22<Ikaros>Only 6?
22:23<@charris>Ikaros pulling rank
22:24<Ikaros>10 years as of 3 days ago
22:24<Eman>pretty sure i just hit 16 years last month
22:26<@charris>* There's always a bigger fish *
22:26*Eman waits for 2004 crowd to slap him around
22:27<@charris>Sincerely though, that's crazy! Good on all three of ya
22:28<Eman>if anyones counting, my bill now is $2.95 less a month than when i started
22:29<Eman>despite having 3 linodes now
22:30<LouWestin>lol I know some have been here since the first Debian release lol
22:32<LouWestin>I was originally with InMotion when I started, was with them for a while, but moved to WebFaction for like 3 months tops, then came here.
22:33<LouWestin>I did try out a competitor for a few months at the same time, but recently dropped them completely.
22:33*LouWestin feels dirty about that
22:36<Eman>its just not the same without mikes lolz reply :(
22:38<Ikaros>I do enjoy the time I've been a customer. I currently maintain 3 total - 2 dedicated plans, 1 normal plan. The two dedicated ones, I set up in the Asia-Pacific regions, both provide stable coverage there for the same IRC network - I chose Linode for those because I absolutely love that routing in/out of the region, it's solid. The 3rd I have in North America and actually it too provides coverage
22:38<Ikaros>for that same network.
22:39<kharlan>Rip, I have about 8 personal linodes.
22:39<kharlan>Not sure how many we have on our work account?
22:39<kharlan>I really need to cut down..
22:41<LouWestin>I have 3 right now. One 4Gb and two 1GB. Minecraft server, web, and ZNC
22:44<kharlan>Well, I recently switched to self hosting.. so I technically only need *two* max.
22:44<Ikaros>Mmm, I forgot about the 4th one I set up for ZNC, thanks for reminding me
22:44<kharlan>You all need to use The Lounge.
22:44<kharlan>ZNC is so old school.
22:44<Ikaros>I got interrupted before I could finish setting it up though. Blasted power outages.
22:45<LouWestin>I ran a test with the Lounge, but had some issue I thin it was with SSL.
22:45<LouWestin>I didn't take notes and I've forgotten what went wrong now
22:45<kharlan>I think it's development has lagged.
22:46<LouWestin>I'll try again sometime and report back.
22:46<Ikaros>I like The Lounge quite a bit. On my IRC network we use it as our main webchat application.
22:46<kharlan>yeah, it's great for public webirc stuff.
22:46<Ikaros>Used to use an ugly ol' qchat application
22:47<LouWestin>I had an SSL issue with ZNC though, my $5 commerical cert wouldn't work. cloned my Let's Encrypt one and worked
22:47<kharlan>Let's encrypt needs a competitor.
22:48<LouWestin>One of the Ops uses Lounge... I don't remember who
22:49<LouWestin>I like LE better though. With cert bot it's a breeze to get SSL
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22:50<Ikaros>I've moved said IRC network entirely over to LE, and I wrote and deployed an automated infrastructure to maintain each server's certificate without me having to lift a finger. Even did so for the web-facing applications for that network.
22:51<Ikaros>Certificates are silently reloaded within each IRCd and the user is none the wiser, so nice when I don't have to disrupt anything at all.
22:52<LouWestin>Webserver wise, that's how it is for me.
23:14<Eman>my linodes are also used mostly for irc servers
23:15<Eman>with a bunch of crazy LE scripty stuff too lol
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23:50<linbot>New news from community: Can backups for Nanode be reduced to $1 <>
23:59<virtual>yes, by finding a service that does backups for $1
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