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00:19<LouWestin>one competitor only backs up weekly
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01:16<shreyas>hiii i need some help i want to buy a dedicated server for my website but my website has alomst 50,000 views per month which plan i should buy in linode dedicated server
01:19<@mcivi>Hi shreyas - I would reccomend reviewing this documentation, it provides some helpful information on the different types of plans we offer -
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01:23<linbot>Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
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02:33<LouWestin>I did the math and 50,000 views a month equals 1,667 a day rounded up slightly.
02:34<LouWestin>Which equals about 28 views an hour.
02:40<virtual>which probably my c64 could do.
02:40<virtual>assuming the view was a single file.
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02:50<Boopathi>After mapping domain to my server I am getting white screen
02:50<virtual>do you have anything in your logs? I'm assuming you are talking web.
02:50<Boopathi>domain is in resellerclub. I pasted all the five name servers in resellerclub and create the A records in linode.
02:51<linbot>New news from community: Linode Longview absolutely kills my linode <>
02:51<Boopathi>but except /var/www/html all are getting white page
02:52<virtual>that's a bit confusing - you do get *a* page if you hit the root, is that what you are saying?
03:02<Boopathi>after mapping domain I did not get my subdirectory or page
03:03<virtual>I'm about to step away from my computer, but all I can suggest with this level of information is to check your web server logs, as well just check developer tools in your browser to see if it's showing any error codes in the network requests.
03:03<virtual>and good luck.!
03:06<Boopathi>404 error code
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03:38<Ikaros>Sounds more to me like didn't fully follow through with configuration or just "expected it to work" once it was pointed at the server. Probably former.
03:39<Ikaros>(and I don't even use /var/www/html or anything under /var for that matter anymore, in terms of website files)
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04:10<virtual>I do. But that's because my setup is from like 1998, and I am too lazy to change it.
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05:26<linbot>Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
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07:52<Peng_>Augh I accidentally deleted my support ticket while brushing a hair off the trackpad!
07:53<Peng_>Why does clicking outside of a support ticket delete it, while clicking outside harmless sidebars does nothing!?
07:56<@_brian>clicking outside the ticket deletes it? i'd like to try to reproduce that
07:56<@_brian>oh wow it does
07:57<Peng_>I was careless because I was editing rDNS entries the other day and clicking outside of *that* pane doesn't close it.
07:58<Peng_>I restarted my whole browser once and it didn't forget a partially-composed ticket.
07:59<@_brian>yeah it looks like the trays that pop out on the right don't close by clicking the page body, but the support ticket window does
08:00<@_brian>i'll bring that up with the right folks in a moment. your ticket though, is it something i can help with now?
08:01<Peng_>Thank you! <3
08:01<Peng_>It's about [pause, scare chord] IPv6.
08:01<@_brian>shocking :D
08:07<Peng_>For future reference, what's the best place for me to report a manager UI issue like that? Email? Support ticket? GitHub?
08:12<@_brian>the best place for that particular feedback would be an email to feedback@, but we'd be happy to capture it from here, support ticket, twitter, etc
08:13<@_brian>we're just happy to get it. not too concerned with the how
08:14<Peng_>Do ya still have a fax number? :D
08:15<@_brian>yeah i was going to suggest that or one of those planes that pulls a big sign behind it flown over philly
08:16<kharlan>Linode uses wind stream
08:18<kharlan>Hmm while I'm here... is it possible for migrations to take place during the day?
08:18<kharlan>Let's say I wait until the deadline and I'm in EST - would they be forced after hours or is the timing just random?
08:20<@_brian>for the ATL migrations? i believe they're queued
08:20<Peng_>I got a time of day in the original announcement. (Not sure how precise it is.)
08:22<Peng_>One of my Linodes is in Atlanta 2 now, it's great. :)
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10:52<@mcintosh>Peng_: nanosecond precision, of course!
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11:15<rsdehart>welcome to Linode community chat. anything we can help you with?
11:15<Guest13924>i have issues with my url and bluehost team told me to contact you
11:16<rsdehart>are you with bluehost or linode?
11:16<rsdehart>curious that they'd send you to a vps provider
11:17<Guest13924>should i contact them again?
11:17<rsdehart>looks like it's outside of their purview too
11:17<Guest13924>what should i do?
11:18<rsdehart>the issue is with your wordpress configuration
11:18<Guest13924>i was trying to change my bluehost url and everything happened from there
11:18<Guest13924>whom should i contact?
11:19<rsdehart>not linode, sadly
11:19<Peng_>Why does Bluehost want you to contact Linode?
11:19<Guest13924>they told me that you are my service provier
11:19<Guest13924>and you can help me to customize my URL
11:20<Peng_>Service provider for what? has a Bluehost IP address.
11:20<Guest13924>i dont know about that
11:21<rsdehart>you told us yourelf bluehost is your service provider
11:22<rsdehart>how are you trying to change your url?
11:22<Guest13924>i went into setting and changed it from there
11:23<rsdehart>setting where? in wordpress? in your bluehost panel?
11:23<rsdehart>or whatever they offer
11:25<rsdehart>since you're a bluehost customer, there's nothing the Linode team can do for you, but as a regular guy with a bit of knowledge of wordpress, I can try
11:25<rsdehart>it was working before you changed the url?
11:26<rsdehart>it looks like you've changed it to a domain you haven't registered yet
11:26<Guest13924>it was working
11:28<rsdehart>if you made a mistake changing it, this might help you fix it
11:28<rsdehart>it's bizarre that bluehost sends their customers to other providers for support
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11:30<Peng_>I do not understand this at all
11:30<rsdehart>no one does
11:31<rsdehart>Guest13924: you should probably contact bluehost again and hope you talk to someone different
11:31<Peng_>Did they say *why* they were sending you here? Do you have another website hosted on Linode?
11:32<Peng_>Did they confuse one website for another? Do they refer customers to other companies at random?
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11:33<rsdehart>I think this is one of those far-more-questions-than-answers situations
11:34<Peng_>'To report that your Bluehost server is down, please email'
11:34<Peng_>I'm not trying to pick on you, but I'd like to understand how this situation came about. o_O
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12:19<LouWestin>I found a typo in one of the guides. Where/how/who should I submit that to?
12:20<Peng_>I think a PR on GitHub would work
12:20<Peng_>If it's
12:20<LouWestin>Ok. Yep.
12:22<LouWestin>It’s not catastrophic, but I’ll get that out later today.
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12:43<linbot>New news from community: Why can't I create private ip on linode instance creation using linode_v4 API? <>
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13:23<linbot>New news from community: how do i changer IP's <>
13:23<LouWestin>I called it in since it was probably faster and was a minor detail. Spoke to Mr. Ben
13:24<LouWestin>All taken care of
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15:14<linbot>New news from community: Why can't I enable private ip while creating a linode instance using linode_v4 API? <>
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15:25<dwfreed>"Why can't I do this?" "You can"
15:25<@_brian>!point dwfreed
15:25<linbot>_brian: Point given to the venerated dwfreed. (126) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 23)
15:25<linbot>dwfreed: 1. millisa (209) 2. dwfreed (126) 3. eugene (97) 4. peng (68) 5. mcintosh (52)
15:25<dwfreed>RIP Eugene
15:35<kharlan>and he collected so many points
15:35<kharlan>What a waste.
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15:55<LouWestin>Yeah that question was confusing. I don’t use it, but I was like ah... I think you can.
15:58<NewLinode>Is there a way to reset you SSH password only?
15:59<Yaakov>Hello, dwfreed.
15:59<dwfreed>ssh doesn't use separate passwords from the rest of the system; if you can log in, you can use the 'passwd' command to change passwords
15:59<dwfreed>Yaakov: !!!
16:00<dwfreed>NewLinode: if you can't log in, you can use the Linode Manager to reset the root password
16:00<Yaakov>Hello, rsdehart.
16:00<rsdehart>Heya Yaakov
16:01<rsdehart>To what do we owe the pleasure?
16:02<Yaakov>I am going to be firing up a 'node for some special purposes, and... with great trpidation, migrating my current node to a new one which is bound to be torture, so I figured I should warm up the IRC client for contingencies.
16:02<rsdehart>Seems reasonable.
16:03<Yaakov>It always starts out that way.
16:03<rsdehart>I recently redeployed my first one from 2010. It was about as fun as one might imagine.
16:03<Yaakov>I have to migrate a multi-domain Sendmail configuration to a new version of Debian as part of it..
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16:03<rsdehart>something about that old frankenkernel not being supported on current Ubuntu...
16:04<rsdehart>They forced my hand.
16:04<Yaakov>Yes, mine's quite old... maybe 2008? I can't recall.
16:04<Yaakov>But in any case, it also has an Apache configuration that includes dark magic.
16:04<rsdehart>from the boock of darck magicks
16:05<Yaakov>The incantations that manifest it are long lost, so... ugh, &c.
16:05<Yaakov>The easy thing will be the new node, for Mosquitto and some other light ventures.
16:06<NewLinode>I just changed my root password but keep getting an access denied. Just wondering if there are other restrictions I might have turned on with out knowing.
16:06<Yaakov>I hope you have been doing well.
16:06<dwfreed>NewLinode: you may have disabled password authentication; you can log in via LISH to check
16:06<linbot>LISH allows you to perform certain actions without having to log in to the Linode Manager. LISH's primary function is to allow you to access your Linode's console, even if networking is disabled.
16:07<Yaakov>NewLinode: Are you trying to login as root from SSH?
16:08<rsdehart>Yaakov: I have, thanks, and likewise.
16:08*rsdehart dashes off to the store for snacks
16:10<NewLinode>This is weird I've logged into the account an LISH is rejecting my password.
16:10<linbot>Finnix --
16:11<dwfreed>^ worst case, Rescue Mode can be used to access the disk without having to worry about what you've messed up on it, so you can fix it
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16:11<millisa>finnix sent me some stickers this week
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16:12<NewLinode>There is nothing there really. I'm just trying to learn the setup. Can I delete and start again.
16:12<dwfreed>There's a 'rebuild' tab in the manager
16:15<NewLinode>It's just a wordpress instance from the marketplace. I'm not as well versed as most of the people in this IRC. :-)
16:20<LouWestin>NewLinode: it could that the market place app has a set password
16:22<NewLinode>How does the billing work if I delete it and go through the process again. Do I get dinged a second time billing wise.
16:22<LouWestin>Generally I setup my Wordpress from scratch so I can backtrack
16:22<LouWestin>You just pay the hourly rate
16:23<millisa>NewLinode: It's hourly. So depending on how you do the rebuild you could potentially eat another hour. (If you completely deleted the linode and created a brand new one for instance)
16:23<LouWestin>So if it ran for an hour than that’s however many pennies or less
16:23<millisa>if you use the rebuild tab, it doesn't change it at all
16:23<NewLinode>I see.
16:23<NewLinode>Well I'm learning something new every day
16:24<LouWestin>Which is actually nice because you can make a test node
16:24<LouWestin>Then delete it
16:31<NewLinode>I'm in Putty doesn't like me using the full root@ip.ip.ip.ip
16:32<LouWestin>You can type in just the IP then enter root/password at the terminal screen
16:35<NewLinode>It's been a while. I wasn't very good to start with.
16:36<LouWestin>No worries. I've been here for 6 years now. Moved from a fully managed service
16:37<LouWestin>I still make mistakes and ask questions.
16:38<NewLinode>Just watching the videos. I have two local macines that really should also have debian or arch installed
16:38<LouWestin>Arch is for the experienced
16:39<LouWestin>Debian is extra stable with older software versions, great for servers. not so much
16:40<LouWestin>For a desktop I'd probably use Fedora (lots of cutting edge and updates) or Mint or Ubuntu
16:41<LouWestin>I'll find that website guide
16:45<NewLinode>I'm on distrowatch I might try POPos
16:45<LouWestin>For your local/home machine?
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16:55<Guest13950>!point LouWestin
16:55<linbot>Guest13950: Point given to louwestin. (18)
16:55<LouWestin>Yeah try out a bunch of them and see what you like
16:57<NewLinode>Does anyone have a preferred WordPress theme they like to use?
17:05<rsdehart>NewLinode: astra is pretty configurable
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17:38<kharlan>I use Debian as a workstation....
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19:14<LouWestin>I need more cutting-edge. Server wise. Debian all the way
19:21<rsdehart>>not Gentoo
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19:49<gaxxx>hey guys
19:50<gaxxx>Is there anyone so nice who could help me out with creating a linode and setting up wireguard?
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19:52<@_brian>hey gaxxx - this guide will show you how to deploy one automatically
19:53<gaxxx>oh, that's so cool, Brian! Thanks!
19:53<@_brian>you're welcome! :)
19:53<@mcivi>!point _brian
19:53<linbot>mcivi: Point given to _brian. (28) (Biggest fan: millisa, total: 8)
19:53<gaxxx>have a nice day! :)
19:53<@_brian>you too
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20:01<mattmcc>I don't suppose anyone's heard news on an ETA for private vlans..
20:13<@charris>What's up, mattmcc! We don't yet have a timeline for GA, but we should be moving into the beta sometime in the near future
20:14<@charris>If you haven't already you can sign up for the beta here:
20:23<mattmcc>Cool. Yeah, I signed up in November, iirc.
20:28<@charris>Yup, it's been a long time coming
20:28<@charris>We're thinking it'll be worth the wait
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