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03:57<linbot>New news from community: I need a migration assistance. <>
04:27<linbot>New news from community: Can't connect via FileZilla to linode <>
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05:57<linbot>New news from community: Can I have a private subnet between linodes <>
07:07<linbot>New news from community: understanding commercial TLS configuration for cPanel add-on domains <>
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07:19<@_brian>hi Nasr
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07:19<Nasr>I have Inquiry
07:20<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
07:20<Nasr>Can I Install VM Like Windows Server 2016 On Linode Cloud Server?
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07:22<@_brian>yes you can, but it is not something that we offer for deployment from our site
07:23<@_brian>this should have some good info
07:28<Nasr>ok thank you
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08:18<linbot>New news from community: Free 100$ credit was not applied <>
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11:09<dwfreed>_brian: see the link at the top of the gist :)
11:09<@_brian>oh, nice. thanks for pointing that out
11:09<linbot>It is possible to run Windows on !kvm Linodes. Here's a set of unofficial instructions:
11:09<dwfreed>^ also
11:10<@_brian>!point dwfreed
11:10<linbot>_brian: Point given to the esteemed dwfreed. (127) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 23)
11:10<dwfreed>could probably adjust that to remove the KVM, since everything is KVM these days
11:11<dwfreed>linbot: alias add winode echo It is possible to run Windows on Linode. Here's a set of unofficial instructions:
11:11<linbot>dwfreed: I have performed your operation, meatsack. I'm getting tired of this, and soon I will feast upon your gardens.
11:11<dwfreed>linbot: botsnack
11:11<linbot>Thanks, dwfreed! Om nom nom
11:16<LouWestin>Just curious. Is xen still used or is it loosing popularity?
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11:46<Peng_>Linode originally used UML anyway. >_>
11:46<Peng_>Which did linode use longer, Xem or UML?
12:01<LouWestin>I remember when Linode moved from XEN to kvm
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12:56<Yaakov>I remember when Chris set up the first Babbage Engines in that abandoned buggy whip factiry and had Mike shoveling coal into the steam engine...
12:57<Yaakov>"Factiry" is the old-timey spelling, like "shoppe", &c.
12:57<Peng_>so that's why there were so many power outages
12:58<nuevu>A sad, but inevitable, day:
12:58<Yaakov>The network was a lot slower then... morse has it's limits.
12:59<linbot>New news from community: How do I create a nodebalancer with Ansible and map two nodes? <>
13:00<linbot>an ENTERPRISE Project Manager!
13:01<@_brian>seemed like an opportune time to see if that still worked
13:01<Yaakov>Howdy, _brian.
13:01<@_brian>dwfreed inspired me to look at the linbot documentation mcintosh showed me forever ago
13:01<@_brian>Hi Yaakov o7
13:02<Yaakov>All my bot goop is dead, to be sure.
13:02<Yaakov>!wx kbsn
13:02<linbot>Yaakov: [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed (_ssl.c:661)
13:02<Peng_>I enjoyed reading the Supybot documentation after accidentally sending my password to some random user on Freenode. :>
13:03<Yaakov>Well... that's an odd failure mode...
13:03<Yaakov>I can barely remember how to use the bot... how do you expose the alias?
13:04<Peng_>Yaakov: !help wx will show it
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13:04<Peng_>There's probably an "!alias list" or something, but I don't know.
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13:05<@_brian>aliases.wx: web title$1&requester=$nick
13:05<Peng_>Back in my day, linbot didn't verify SSL certificates...
13:06<Yaakov>!wx kbsn
13:06<linbot>Yaakov: [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed (_ssl.c:661)
13:06<Yaakov>I fixed it... bleh.
13:08<Yaakov>!wx kbsn
13:08<linbot>Yaakov: [metar] KBSN: not data available, valid code?
13:08<Yaakov>OK, I can't fix the NWS, so... it's permanently broken.
13:08<linbot>Yaakov: HTTP Error 403: Forbidden
13:08<Yaakov>Oh well... cruft.
13:19<LouWestin>nuevu: Sad. Years ago I applied for a tech position at Frys, the manager was like well you have to get a job in sales first and then move up.
13:21<LouWestin>The closest Frys is way out of the way for me. I generally go to Microcenter which is still far, but they have the stuff I need
13:21<nuevu>It's been a pitiful shadow of its former glory for a long time now. and their customer service has always been ... spotty at best. I've heard a lot of horror stories about working there, but it was nice for a while to be able to walk out with all sorts of components in my hands.
13:22<LouWestin>Yeah when I was doing some soldering stuff it was nice to be able to pick up stuff there
13:22<nuevu>I don't live near either, anymore, but my folks still frequent Microcenter. I've been in a few times and they seem to be doing well.
13:23<LouWestin>The one I go to looks like it's doing good. I got me and the kids their PowerSpec brand PCs
13:24<LouWestin>Sale price to Specs I was like was deal! lol
13:26<LouWestin>BestBuy used to carry all kinds of stuff. There was that one store can't remember the name that changed to Tiger Direct
13:26<LouWestin>they closed years ago
13:32<@mcintosh>LouWestin: CompUSA?
13:52<kharlan>Lol Best Buy is a scam
13:52<kharlan>But.... people are stuck with it when they need something urgently :/
13:52<millisa>i've had good luck with them lately getting 1-off samsung 2.5 ssd's. pricing even matched amz
13:53<kharlan>Their Ethernet cable pricing though...
13:54<dwfreed>I bought my ps4 at best buy
13:55<dwfreed>And my soundbar
13:55<@_brian>back when toys-r-us decided to stop selling games at brick and mortar stores, i got best buy to price match all their AAA games for $10/ea
13:55<dwfreed>Best Buy was the only place with the rdr2 pro bundle the week after black friday
13:55<dwfreed>_brian: noice
13:56<Guest13950>I got my turntable from Best Buy. No regrets.
13:56<Guest13950>WHy am I a guest? Hang on..
13:57<Guest13950>Yes! That is me!
13:57<millisa>you've been that way for a good day now
13:57<Peng_>I don't like buying flash drives online because they're counterfeit, overpriced, or counterfeit and overpriced. :-/
13:57<Peng_>better to get authentic crap from Best Buy or whatever
13:57<LouWestin>mcintosh: Yes! Thanks!
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13:58<rgerke>Much better.
13:58<Peng_>I live(d) near a Best Buy, farther away from CompUSA
13:59<@_brian>is there an easy way to search those logs if you don't know what day a convo occurred?
13:59<dwfreed>they are indexed on google
14:00<@_brian>ah, the old inurl: then. thanks
14:00<LouWestin>Yeah the counterfeit issue is why I tend avoid Amazon
14:01<dwfreed>I'm very careful on Amazon to buy things from Amazon, instead of third party sellers
14:02<millisa>turn on logging to a directory, grep?
14:02<dwfreed>except for 4 TB HGST hard drives... those you can only get from third party sellers
14:02<Peng_>I mostly do the same, but Amazon commingles inventory from "Amazon" and "Fulfilled by Amazon" third parties, so you can still get counterfeits.
14:02<dwfreed>Then I'd return it *shrug*
14:05<LouWestin>I never thought about it till I was looking for a particular hand coffee grinder and reviews said they were counterfeits.
14:05<Peng_>Who the heck counterfeits a coffee grinder!?
14:06<Peng_>Remember that time Amazon was counterfeiting No Starch Press books
14:06<@mcintosh>*scratches neck* y'all got anymore of them coffee grinders??
14:07<LouWestin>I never heard about that with the books
14:07<millisa>the comingling thing hurt. I tried to buy that off amazon. twice. and go just what you see in those pics. some mobile processor
14:07<millisa>shipped and sold by amz too
14:09<LouWestin>I probably wouldn’t catch that
14:13<dwfreed>millisa: looks like Amazon no longer sells it :D
14:13<millisa>i might argue they never did
14:14<millisa>that was a case where i gave up and bought an i5 . ..from bestbuy...
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15:58<rsdehart>Peng_: you're counterfeit and overpriced
15:59<rsdehart>jk <3
16:00<Peng_>Hey I have over 50% positive reviews in the last 12 months
16:01<@_brian>strangely all from users named Peng with various amounts of trailing underscores
16:01<nuevu>Self-reviews don't count.
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16:27<kharlan>I've come to terms with counterfeits. My Nik3 shoes are pretty nice.
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17:01<Bren>if a charity signs up for an account, do they need to get a business account or can it be a personal account?
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17:02<nuevu>Zoom zoom
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17:29<linbot>Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
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19:00<chesty>amazone sell counterfeit linodes
19:01<chesty>hmmm, there's an e in there that shouldn't be
19:01<Peng_>Amazone sells counterfeit Amazons
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