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01:57<MaXi32>Hello guys, quick question. Is linode API currently have problem?
01:57<millisa>you'd be the first to mention it
01:58<millisa>my quick curl test worked - "curl -s|python -mjson.tool"
01:58<MaXi32>I have a script that call linode API to create DNS record, (15 records to be exact) and currently only 12 is created...
01:58<MaXi32>I'm using linode-cli
01:58<MaXi32>Is linode-cli the same as using ?
01:59<millisa>they talk to the same bits
01:59<MaXi32>It has been many hours now, the script has not fiinished due to the API stuck
01:59<millisa>Does this work for you? linode-cli regions list
01:59<MaXi32>ok wait
01:59<MaXi32>it hang...
01:59<MaXi32>I will get the result maybe few minutes
02:00<MaXi32>maybe linode is limiting my IP to call this API ?
02:00<millisa>my test of it comes back in less than a second.
02:00<MaXi32>but mine not.
02:00<millisa>You'd have to be hitting it pretty hard. 1600 requests in 2 minutes
02:01<MaXi32>I don't think that much..
02:01<millisa>It should throw a 429 error if you hit that limit
02:01<millisa>or at least a curl request would, not sure if the api exposes it or not
02:01<millisa>er, sorry, not sure if the cli exposes it
02:01<MaXi32>no I dont get that error 429 in cli
02:01<millisa>(rate limit reference - )
02:02<MaXi32>I don't think my script call that much ...
02:02<MaXi32>Can someone reply to my ticket created ?
02:03<millisa>Staff sometimes watch in here and will pickup a ticket# if you give it. generally, if it's a critical issue, it is best to call them
02:03<MaXi32>#15219224 this happens since yesterday.. my script is stuck.
02:04<MaXi32>only happen on linode-cli call.
02:04<MaXi32>1 API call and it took many hours.
02:04<MaXi32>I never ran this API before, so I don't think I have hit any limit.
02:04<millisa>sounds unusual. I have stuff that hits the api all day long and haven't had anything report a problem
02:04<MaXi32>That's why I ask if somebody could check this,
02:05<MaXi32>something is wrong,
02:05<MaXi32>and I don't think on my side.
02:05<MaXi32>let me take a video
02:06<millisa>Does the curl request I gave earlier work for you?
02:06<MaXi32>Ok curl is working
02:06<MaXi32>but the linode-cli it just appear right now
02:07<MaXi32>linode-cli regions list (took a long time)
02:07<MaXi32>curl -s|python -mjson.tool (appears in second)
02:07<MaXi32>what could be the reason ?
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02:10<millisa>there is a --debug option for the cli, maybe it might give some insight?
02:10<MaXi32>Ok let me try this.
02:11<millisa>(don't paste the output of that anywhere; pretty sure it has your token in it)
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02:16<MaXi32>Ok this is cli-debug
02:17<MaXi32>and this is timeout (it shows how long execution is)
02:17<MaXi32>it took 1 minute 35 seconds to call that cli ..
02:17<millisa>Is that being run from a linode? Or somewhere else?
02:18<MaXi32>it runs on linode server,
02:18<MaXi32>within linode IP
02:18<Xion>MaXi32: PM because I didn't want to broadcast it to the channel
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02:24<MaXi32>I have removed the link, hope u saw it just now ?
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02:35<MaXi32>ok found interesting thing here,
02:35<MaXi32>I tried linode-cli on external terminal (not from linode), it took second to appear
02:36<millisa>which datacenter is your linode in that is having the slow response? (all my tests have been from a dallas linode and they seem fine)
02:39<MaXi32>Singapore data center
02:43<MaXi32>You can see the left terminal is within linode (SIngapore data center took more than 1 minute to call API). The right is inside my local machine too seconds
02:43<Xion>I jsut got it installed on my linode, and I'm getting half-second run-times (us-west)
02:44<MaXi32>I haven't rebooted this server, I will reboot and see if it fixed the issue.
02:45<Xion>Er, ca-central
02:48<MaXi32>Same thing, rebooted not working.
02:48<MaXi32>Still hang... and I can confirm I will get 1.35minutes call
02:49<MaXi32>Any other thing that I can try ?
02:50<dwfreed>I'm thinking strace, but there are dangers to that, in that the strace output will include your API credentials
02:50<millisa>I tried spinning up an ubuntu 20.04 instance in singapore. I've gotten some slow response from it, but not like what you are seeing. So far I've gotten 1-2 second responses with the linode-cli
02:51<MaXi32>Let me wipe this server and just install linode cli
02:51<MaXi32>I think that's the only way to debug.
02:51<@pwoods>Hey MaXi32, I'm taking a look at this.
02:52<MaXi32>Should I wipe the server ?
02:52<@pwoods>I have eyes on your ticket right now.
02:52<@pwoods>Let's hold off for right now.
03:00<@pwoods>I'm putting a Linode on the same host to test this.
03:01<MaXi32>and just to confirm that using this: curl -s|python -mjson.tool
03:01<MaXi32>it just took second,
03:01<MaXi32>just problem with linode-cli
03:03<dwfreed>pwoods: my thinking is to run 'strace -o output.log -fttT linode-cli regions list' and look in output.log to see what is eating all the time, but since this output may contain API credentials (from reading the credential file), it would obviously be better if you asked for and reviewed this information than if it was posted in a public channel
03:04<MaXi32>If you ask about the linode version, here it is:
03:04<MaXi32>linode-cli 3.3.1 Built off spec version 4.84.1
03:07<MaXi32>Ok, I got a strace output ready,
03:07<millisa>Don't post it here.
03:07<MaXi32>Let me take the part where it hang,
03:07<MaXi32>It just contains my IP, is that ok ?
03:08<millisa>it likely contains your username
03:08<millisa>potentially has more
03:08<millisa>pwoods is a linode person, let them do their test.
03:08<@pwoods>I just ran
03:09<@pwoods>"time linode-cli regions list" and I'm getting times of 0m1.159s
03:09<millisa>mostly getting 1.3-1.8ish from SG
03:09<@pwoods>which is much faster than the times you were seeing
03:09<dwfreed>which is about what I'd expect for a singapore linode and some back and forth with the API
03:10<dwfreed>MaXi32: maybe send your strace output to the ticket so that pwoods (or somebody else) can read it?
03:10<@pwoods>MaXi32: if you want to run that command that dwfreed posted and include it in the ticket, I'd be able to see that
03:11<dwfreed>the relevant output from the command I gave will end up in the file 'output.log'
03:11<MaXi32>part of this:
03:11<MaXi32>i dont think got sensitive info there
03:11<MaXi32>It hang till that,
03:11<dwfreed>it didn't, fortunately
03:11<dwfreed>but that does tell me it's hanging on trying IPv6
03:11<MaXi32>possibly problem with ipv6 ?
03:12<dwfreed>pastebin 'ip -6 addr show; ip -6 route show; ip6tables-save'
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03:12<millisa>Himanshu: greetings
03:12<dwfreed>the last command needs to be run as root or with sudo, or it won't produce any output
03:13<Himanshu>Need a Sharad Web hosting Plan for WordPress
03:13<MaXi32>I think I should do this on ticket.
03:13<MaXi32>It has many hours
03:14<MaXi32>Thanks @dwfreed. I'm afraid got sensitive personal info here
03:14<dwfreed>that's okay
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03:14<dwfreed>pwoods would have asked for this if I hadn't beat him to it anyway :)
03:14<MaXi32>But... u see that might be ipv6 issue right
03:15<FluffyFoxeh>Bad IPv6 fallback? Unhappy eyeballs...
03:16<dwfreed>FluffyFoxeh: I mean, when getaddrinfo() returns 3 IPv6 addresses and then 3 IPv4 addresses, most things try in that order
03:16<dwfreed>so a 1m35s runtime would be 3 30s timeouts and then success
03:18<millisa>What about curl -s -6 ?
03:18<millisa>does that choke?
03:18<MaXi32>yes, it hang with -6 option
03:18<MaXi32>definitely ipv6 issue.
03:18<millisa>winner winner
03:19<millisa>!point dwfreed
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03:19<MaXi32>is this issue on my side ?
03:19<MaXi32>or linode's side ?
03:19<millisa>more than likely. I'm getting ok ipv6 requests from a SG linode I just spun up
03:19<millisa>er, more than likely your side
03:19<dwfreed>possibly your side, that's what those 3 commands I gave are designed to identify
03:20<MaXi32>seems like I can pint ipv6 correctly. never had this ipv6 issue
03:21<@pwoods>yeah, I'm getting pretty quick responses with curl -6, too
03:22<MaXi32>thanks guys, I'll check my ipv6 config
03:22<MaXi32>pretty sure I haven't changed anything
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03:32<MaXi32>Ok I know the reason why. ...
03:33<MaXi32>Last time I lost my linode, (accidentally deleted it), so I requested the backup with the same IP,
03:33<MaXi32>but I have given the same IP4 but not IPv6
03:33<MaXi32>So, my configuration messed..
03:34<MaXi32>coz it's a new ipv6. Is it possible to get Ipv6 back ? create ticket?
03:35<MaXi32>I thought I would get the same ipv4 and ipv6, but only ipv4 is given, ipv6 is new IP.
03:35<dwfreed>your primary IPv6 address can't be changed by IP swap
03:35<dwfreed>so just adjust your config for your new address
03:36<@pwoods>I see that you're seeing similar things I was about to send over in my ticket update. :)
03:37<@pwoods>And yeah, IPv6 cannot be swapped.
03:38<MaXi32>Ok, I will update the new IPv6. Thanks a lot. I think this issue is solved now.
03:38<MaXi32>Thanks a log guys
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06:40<baudster>Hello there
06:41<baudster>I've submitted a request to open outgoing smtp for one of our Linode. I have done all the needfuls based on the documentation for it. I was hoping if someone can please kindly check ticket #15220457 and kindly action. Thank you
06:45<@pwoods>hey baudster, I'm taking a look at your ticket now.
06:51<@pwoods>baudster: my colleague just sent you an update on that ticket
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07:30<baudster>Good stuff! Thanks pwoods!
07:37<rsdehart>!point pwoods
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09:28<linbot>Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
10:13<linbot>New news from community: How to Install iRedmail, Open-Source Mail Server, on Ubuntu 20.04 <>
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17:18<Tom_>Does anyone know if Linode allows visa prepaid gift cards as payments?
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17:28<Peng>If the payment processor can handle it like a normal card, it should work. But I can't guarantee it.
17:32<Tom_>Cool, I figured I'd get a $10 card and just try it out. Thanks
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20:26<@pwoods>For the record: yes, we do accept prepaid debit cards. One caveat to them is that not all of the allow for international charges, which can affect non-US customers.
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22:43<kharlan>Do y'all take five guys gift cards?
22:43<kharlan>I have like 3 with random amounts on them...
22:44<kharlan>Also happy week-end everyone :)
22:56<chesty>so 15 guys?
22:58<chesty>I wonder if they take coffee loyalty cards? I've got one that's due for a free coffee
23:07<@pwoods>We can take them, just not for Linode services.
23:14<virtual>are you suggesting you will provide nothing in return?
23:16<@pwoods>Are you suggesting my gratiude is nothing?
23:16<virtual>depends, are you suggesting it is something? :P
23:18<@pwoods>Other people are saying I have great gratitude, the best even.
23:23<chesty>in a big way; greatly: pwoods' gratitude made people smile bigly.
23:32<nuevu>!point pwoods
23:32<linbot>nuevu: Point given to pwoods. (35)
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