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05:23<Mohammed>hi there, I have an account with you and inside this account I have two separate servers, one of them I want to move it to another account, how possible is it and how I can do it?
05:24<Peng>File support tickets in both accounts.
05:25<Peng>And then support can take care of it. :)
05:27<@jtoscani>You can also use the API/CLI if you don't want to go through the process of creating a support ticket - this is a new feature:
05:29<@jtoscani>Otherwise you can follow these instructions for opening a ticket:
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06:37<aykariri>hi there, I have an account with you and inside this account two server. I want to move one of this server and another account. how I can do it?
06:38<@jtoscani>You can do this yourself through our API/CLI:
06:39<@jtoscani>Or you can open a ticket on both accounts involved in the transfer and follow the instructions here:
06:39<aykariri>so, I shroud create new account and than ask to move the webhosting to the other account, that what I need
06:40<aykariri>ok, thanks
06:40<@jtoscani>no problem
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07:33<linbot>Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
08:06<linbot>New news from blog: Open Source Cloud Monitoring Tools vs. Platform-dependent Solutions <>
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08:17<okpa>how to disable all notification thresholds using linode api?
08:17<okpa>I don't want any notifications at all
08:21<okpa>i want to disable cpu usage notification via linode-cli
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08:46<bonhoeffer>i'm finding weblish and glish too frustrating to use -- i need to add an authorized_key -- but have ssh passwordless turned on -- can i execute a command in the linode console?
08:46<bonhoeffer>for example, i can't save in emacs -- ^x^s brings up chrome save dialog
08:49<bonhoeffer>and it is super super slow
08:50<hawk>I understand the web-based lish variations being frustrating, but not sure what the question is exactly
08:51<rsdehart>you can connect to lish using ssh
08:51<hawk>Are you talking about adding keys to use lish or to connect to the machine itself?
08:51<bonhoeffer>i'm trying to get my public key in authorized_keys
08:52<hawk>bonhoeffer: for lish? or for the linode?
08:52<bonhoeffer>wondering if i can put a shell script in the console or something to do that
08:52<bonhoeffer>the linode -- lish is just the only way i can get access
08:52<hawk>then run the command in lish?
08:53<bonhoeffer>I wish I could
08:53<hawk>(whether the web thing or via ssh)
08:53<hawk>What stops you? (Seriously meant question, this seems like it may be the core of the matter)
08:54<bonhoeffer>trying that
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09:44<rsdehart>hi yllorca
09:44<rsdehart>welcome to Linode community chat. Anything fellow customers and an assortment of staff can help you with?
09:44<yllorca>i need help
09:45<rsdehart>well, as soon as you describe your issue someone might be able to help :)
09:46<yllorca>restart my linode and I lost the data from the BlockStorage
09:46<rsdehart>I've never used block storage, but I assume it unmounted somehow and is still out there, somewhere. Let's see if I can find any information
09:47<rsdehart>and/or raise someone with knowledge
09:47<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
09:48<yllorca>ok thank you
09:48<@jtoscani>it's possible your volume just detached at reboot if it wasn't configured to remain mounted
09:48<rsdehart>hey there we go.
09:48<rsdehart>I was about to throw into the chat
09:49<rsdehart>I really ought to set up block storage if only to have some real information on using it
09:50<@jtoscani>yllorca you can check Cloud Manager to see if the volume is still listed. It would be on your Linode's page under "Storage"
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09:51<linbot>Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
09:52<@jtoscani>u welcome....
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10:34<linbot>New news from status: Upstream Connectivity Issues - Verizon <>
10:34<nate>aw man, maintenance scheduled on 4 of my linodes for being too old? Certainly hasn't been that long since I've done a migration, I mean the one is only running like Fedora 21 >.>
10:38<LouWestin>Hi Jessica_
10:40<Jessica_>how can i speak with support
10:41<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
10:42<@rgerke>Jessica_: Hello! I'm with the SUpport team - how can I help?
10:42<rsdehart>Jessica_: this is community chat, and staff are here, but if you can't get an - oh look
10:42<rsdehart>one of those op people
10:43<Jessica_>@rgerke, Please i have just sign up for trail and i was preauthorize charge $1 from Linode but trial activation has not been issue
10:45<@rgerke>Jessica_: Understood. I'm sending you a priavte message.
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12:23<nuevu>So, the Manager shows a bunch of my nodes have "Maintenance Scheduled" across many datacenters. The tooltip says to check my open support tickets for more information, but I have no related tickets. Is this related to nate's comment about the linodes being "too old"?
12:26<rsdehart>"You can have my UML nodes when you pry them from my cold dead fingers"
12:26<nuevu>Heh, mine aren't quite _that_ old.
12:28<Peng>I got talked into converting to Xen when I started a BitTorrent client and it immediately started using a lot of bandwidth and crashed my Linode.
12:28<Peng>Performance is good when you're the only person on a super old host, you know!
12:28<nuevu>Many of the ones flagged on my account are maaaybe 2.5 years old.
12:32<LouWestin>Peng: had you switched from KVM?
12:35<nuevu>Manager gripe: I desperately want to be able to flag notifications and events as "read". The counter on the icon does me zero good since it's effectively _always_ showing a counter. It's useless to me as a way of seeing new items.
12:36<LouWestin>nuevu: YES!!! Same here
12:38<LouWestin>I don’t always use the manager, but when I do, not being able to reset the notifications counter is annoying
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12:54<schlimig>Hey. Is there any indication of dates for launch of the firewall and virtual private lan features?
12:55<nate>nuevu: The too-old thing for me was detailed in an email, not sure if there's a difference between the email and the automated tickets
12:55<nate>"Over the next few months, we will be working to retire all hosts within our data centers that have reached the end of their life cycles. As a result, we will need to migrate your Linode(s) to newer hardware, which will give you both better performance, and the ability to utilize newer products such as Cloud Firewalls."
12:56<Peng>E5-2680 v2 forever!
12:57<@jackley>schlimig: firewalls are coming Very Soon™. Are you enrolled in the beta?
12:57<nuevu>Thanks nate. Haven't seen that email, I don't think. I'll go digging again.
12:58<schlimig>jackley: I don't think I'm in the right data centre for it, I use Newark exclusively
12:58<schlimig>and lol at the ™
12:59<@jackley>nuevu: LouWestin: we hear you re: events, we're working on making them more useful in the very near future.
12:59<@jackley>I'll pass your feedback on
13:01<@jackley>schlimig: ah ok
13:05<@jackley>nuevu: re: scheduled maintenance in the Manager: we're in the process of sending tickets now. If you don't see an open ticket, you likely just haven't come up in the list yet, should be in your inbox soonish (sorry for the delay)
13:05<nuevu>!point jackley
13:05<linbot>nuevu: Point given to jackley. (10)
13:08<LouWestin>Alright thanks jackley!
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14:10<imaginaryworkst>hello, anyone there to support?
14:10<@jackley>hi imaginaryworkst
14:11<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
14:11<imaginaryworkst>I have registered for purchasing hosting, but account cacelled, the mail saying that credentials are not macthed means account name and card name, but when i created another account with same name of card, it still cancelled
14:12<@jackley>imaginaryworkst: have you emailed about this?
14:13<imaginaryworkst>yes, about 9 hours ago
14:13<imaginaryworkst>but didn't get any response yet
14:18<@jackley>okay thanks. we'll review your ticket and respond if we need more information or approve your account.
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15:50<nuevu>Follow up question regarding the retiring hosts migrations. The email mentions being able to take the migration earlier than the scheduled window, however, only one of mine seems to have that option enabled (nearly the latest window, too). Is there a way to predict when the others will become available to move manually?
15:53<dwfreed>nuevu: seeing same, poked someone already, they are looking into it for me, dunno if that'll cover everybody
15:54<nuevu>Thanks, dwfreed! Even if that doesn't cover everyone automatically, at least they're aware of something kinda weird.
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16:12<mosi>can we request for unlimitted bandwidth network vps ?
16:12<dwfreed>there's no such thing as unlimited bandwidth
16:12<mosi>like hetzner vps
16:12<mosi>they provide 20tb
16:13<mosi>and some of them provide unmetered
16:13<millisa>20 nanodes would give you that.
16:13<dwfreed>Linode transfer is pooled among all your Linodes, regardless of datacenter
16:14<dwfreed>also it isn't a hard cap
16:14<nate>mosi: Linode doesn't cut you off when you reach your account limit, you just start getting charged for overages
16:14<dwfreed>You'll be build for any overage
16:14<@charris>Would also recommend taking a look at this Community post for a pretty comprehensive overview of transfer quotas:
16:14<linbot>All incoming traffic is free. Outgoing traffic is pooled among all Linodes under your account. Transfer overages are 1 cent/GB. For additional transfer, resize to a larger plan, or buy another node to add to your pool.
16:15<mosi>yeah but if you use 20 nanode u will need to pay about 100$ which hetnzer offers u to pay even 5$ i mean i don't expect to pay 5$ but in comparison it's a bit expensive
16:15<mosi>i know
16:15<mosi>i used linode before
16:16<dwfreed>transfer isn't free
16:16<nate>mosi: Hetnzer probably also doesn't let you easily work around it by simply getting another cheap VPS to notably increase your account-wide pool :P
16:16<nate>Though I can't imagine the pricing difference is THAT much
16:16<mosi>but im thinking if there is anyway to talk with them if they can provide something like that without creating nanode over and over again
16:16<nate>for real that is, bandwidth fees are pretety similar usually
16:16<nate>Alternatively you may also want to look into a CDN if you're chewing through that much
16:17<mosi>cdn for vpn provider ?
16:18<dwfreed>nate: Hetzner charges 1.19 EUR per TB overage
16:18<@charris>To be entirely transparent with you, mosi, this is most likely not something we'd be able to set up for you -- that being said, feel free to open a ticket with specifics around your use case and we'll be more than happy to take a look
16:18<dwfreed>which is, technically speaking, about 8x cheaper than Linode, after conversion to USD
16:19<mosi>thanks @chrris yeah i need to talk because i used linode services before and i would be happy if i can migrate my servers to linode
16:20<@charris>Sounds like a plan! We'll keep an eye out for your ticket
16:21<mosi>thanks all for guidance and you help, have nice time and stay safe
16:21<@charris>Back at ya, mosi
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16:23<@mcintosh>nuevu: migration schedules are still being processed so the button should appear for all impacted linodes before long
16:27<nuevu>Thanks, mcintosh!
16:28<@mcintosh>we'll work on making that ticket text a little clearer for the future
16:29<nuevu>Maybe even send the email before setting the stuff in the manager? That was the really confusing part.
16:30<nate>dwfreed: I thought linode's overage rates were only in the dollar-ish USD range oddly, but it's been ages since I last looked
16:31<nate>mosi: I missed where it was primarily for VPN use
16:31<nate>apologies about that
16:31<dwfreed>nate: 1 cent / GB
16:31<dwfreed>nate: 1000 GB is $10
16:34<@mcintosh>nuevu: what do you mean by that?
16:36<nuevu>It was incredibly confusing to have maintenance notifications in the manager with no corresponding ticket or email. See my question earlier this morning asking what the heck it was all about.
16:38<@mcintosh>oh! i see now - thanks for clarifying
16:38<@mcintosh>i didn't see the exchange this morning
16:38<nuevu>!point mcintosh
16:38<linbot>nuevu: Point given to mcintosh. (53)
16:57<@jackley>nuevu: thanks for the feedback, i've shared your comments internally
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18:02<linbot>New news from community: fire off a provisioner with terraform <>
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18:16<cliper>hey guys, I'm curious if cPanel is included in a $10/month shared plan? :D
18:16<linbot>Install cPanel on CentOS: Linode does not sell cPanel licenses, but it's provided free to Linode Managed customers: Or try a free panel like Webmin: Or just use the command line:
18:17<@mcivi>cliper: along with those resources we have a Marketplace App for installing cPanel on a Linode:
18:20<cliper>thanks @millisa @mcivi, does state "managed" and "choose a plan at least with 2 GB of RAM and 40 GB of disk space"
18:20<millisa>you can do it without managed if you bring your own license
18:36<cliper>hmmm that's odd. tried to signup for a $100 credits and try it out.
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20:13<ashleycmccrary>Hello, I am login with my account ashleycmccrary and Because today I found my site can not be visited, I think it is the reason that my Credit card just expired and your failed charge me. So I want to login to update my Credit card info. But because I am in China and everytime I login using a VPN. And the old VPN is changed IP, so your ask me the Login Verification from email. But the email I have not used for years and I can not login the email
20:13<ashleycmccrary>Any body can help?
20:14<@pwoods>ashleycmccrary: I can help you
20:14<@pwoods>This is a public forum, so please be mindful of any information shared.
20:14<ashleycmccrary>Sure. Thanks and what should I do now?
20:15<@pwoods>The code being emailed is related to the length of time since you last logged into the Cloud Manager.
20:15<ashleycmccrary>I am not loggin for month
20:15<@pwoods>I can follow up with you in a private message on here, if you would like.
20:15<ashleycmccrary>thanks a lot
20:15<ashleycmccrary>I am new here
20:15<ashleycmccrary>How can we start a private message?
20:16<@pwoods>I just sent you a message, you should see an alert on the side.
20:17<ashleycmccrary>I see, thanks and let's talk
20:32<LouWestin>changing a battery in a MSI laptop is fun. lol
20:32<LouWestin>So glad I keep those plastic pry tools handy
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21:05<virtual>this is probably old news to some, but seems I need to move my (lonely) linode to a new host to make some new friends.
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21:08<chesty>your linode is the only node on the host?
21:08<virtual>it might be, not sure I'd ever know. More that it's apparently on older hardware that is going to be retired. Wish I could retire with just a few years of service.
21:09<chesty>you can. all you have to do is go back in time and buy bitcoin
21:09<virtual>I get better performance (yay!) and ability to use cloud firewall (when it's out of beta, I guess)
21:09<virtual>oh yeah, that would be nice, eh. :)
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21:10<Peng>I think I did have one of the last Linodes on a UML host.
21:10<Peng>It was very fast.
21:11<virtual>hah! nice. I didn't use linode in the uml days.
21:12<virtual>Didn't know they existed...
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21:14<chesty>I remember one day before xen, linode implemented token bucket io rate limiting. everyone's node, at least the small nodes, when from acceptable performance to as good as stopped. spam filtering was the killer for me. in an ssh session i'd press a key and have to wait for a token to hit the bucket and hope it wouldn't be taken by some other app. 5
21:14<chesty>minutes later that single key press would appear
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21:16<chesty>they did adjust the rates and performance improved.  probably not as good as before token bucket but you'd always get your fair share of IO
21:18<chesty>I have a feeling linode developed that feature and got it into the mainline kernel. I might be totally wrong there and I'm too lazy to google
21:30<virtual>hah. ok
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21:44<linbot>New news from community: Intermittent PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR with NodeBalancer and nginx <>
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22:04<linbot>New news from community: How do I change my ip address for my Linode? <>
22:05<kharlan>That's always nice, destroy an ip's rep so the next sucker gets laid with it :p
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22:34<trippeh>awh, first migration landed on zen1. was kinda hoping for zen2. oh well :)
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22:42<ausnews>I migrated from GKE to linode - took about half a day. So good!
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22:59<sbyrne>I am setting TXT DNS records in the linode web interface, but when I get the records with dig or nslookup, they have an extra space added in. e.g.: Am I doing something wrong?
23:00<millisa>when I look at that txt record I don't see an extra space
23:01<millisa>i see this:
23:02<millisa>unless you mean the space at the 255 character mark
23:04<sbyrne>I did mean that. I did not realize TXT records were split like that per RFC. Now I know; thanks.
23:05<millisa>apparently the manager automatically splits it for you.
23:05<millisa>that's new to me
23:05<millisa>that should go in a doc somewhere or something
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23:11<linbot>New news from community: Answer: alternative to CyberDuck -> S3 browser <>
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