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00:00<code335|113>i think I spoke too soon. I think it's working but was just taking some things a long time to connect
00:02<code335|113>thanks for checking
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00:03<Peng>Excellent work, Peng!
00:10<FluffyFoxeh>Good job, FluffyFoxeh!
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01:00<DimR>Could I know are you storage services have any min and max user count? And in your object storage it has mentioned $5 per month and is it per user?
01:01<DimR>*your storage
01:03<Peng>This is a public community channel. I don't work for Linode.
01:03<Peng>When you say "storage services", do you mean Object Storage?
01:03<Peng>What do you mean by "users"?
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01:09<virtual>questions too difficult, must make quick exit?
01:10<Peng>"Currently, you can only create a new canonical ID by creating a completely new Linode account. A canonical ID is not assigned to a limited access user on an existing Linode account."
01:15<virtual>er, what is that in reference to?
01:16<Peng>Object Storage docs
01:17<virtual>ohhh. ok :)
01:19<Peng>I know they left, but I had already skimmed the docs, and didn't want to waste it :D
01:21<virtual>I shall pretend I found it useful :-D
01:22<Peng>Why thank you :D
01:22<virtual>Though at first I thought you were talking about Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu
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01:58<linbot>New news from community: How do i access my ip address. <>
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03:10<linbot>New news from community: Slow support <>
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10:19<schlimig>Are there are staff here? My backup restore seems to have stuck at 2% (or is not correctly reporting the progress) for nearly 50 minutes now and it's really urgent as I need to get data back from it...
10:21<schlimig>I can't remember the code to ping staff, was it !ops or something?
10:23<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
10:23<koenig>They'll be around sooner or later if you hang out.
10:23<koenig>If it's urgent, they usually advise that you can phone.
10:24<jtoscani1>hey schlimig
10:24<jtoscani1>Usually backups take a while if you have a large file count
10:25<jtoscani1>have you opened a ticket?
10:25<schlimig>Is it normal for it to be stuck at 2% for approaching an hour though?
10:25<schlimig>I didn't yet no - responses to tickets have been in the order of days lately so I thought I'd try here first
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10:26<@jtoscani1>It's not normal per-se, but not unusual either. Usually when we see that happen it's a bc of file count. If you open a ticket and drop the ticket # here we can take a look
10:26<schlimig>Sure thing
10:28<schlimig>jtoscani1: it is ticket 15469916
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10:31<Mujahed>Can I run gui ubuntu on linode shared plans?
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10:32<@jtoscani1>thanks schlimig, will take a look and respond there soon
10:33<schlimig>Much appreciated :)
10:35<schlimig>Mujahed Linode offers Glish for connecting to a node via a graphics adapter, so you should be fine I think. I have run Windows on a Linode before now, so I'm sure linux will be possible although I haven't personally done it.
10:36<schlimig>And you would be able to set up a window server and connect to that etc. remotely
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18:14<Peng>Hm, I just had an Atlanta Linode send 3 IPv4 notifications to, it only responded once, after several seconds.
18:14<Peng>Then I sent an IPv6 one, and it responded in half a second. Then I sent three more IPv4 ones, and it responded to two after several seconds.
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23:18<Gripen>Any Sales person online?
23:19<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
23:20<@pwoods>Hi Gripen: I'm with Linode Support.
23:21<Gripen>hi, just want to find out, the price of Linode's extra IPv4 IP's?
23:21<Gripen>and do you support CloudLinux OS+ ?
23:22<@pwoods>We would need technical justification for additional IPv4 addresses, though they would be $1/month per extra address if provided.
23:23<Gripen>Awesome. Use case would be server/nameserver IP set and a reseller pool IP
23:24<@pwoods>Here's a list of distributions we provide images for:
23:25<@pwoods>I'm not see CloudLinux on that list, though you can still use it by following this guide:
23:26<Gripen>Thank you. Would have to load my own ISO then. Or go for CentOS 8 and convert. should be simple enough either way.
23:26<@pwoods>Yeah, so for the additional IP's, you can open a support ticket.
23:27<Gripen>Cool! I appreciate the help. Thank you.
23:27<@pwoods>And like I said, we'll need the technical justification, so it'll help if you provide that in the initial ticket update.
23:27<Gripen>Will do!
23:28<Gripen>Have a good evening further. :)
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23:29<kharlan>!point pwoods
23:29<linbot>kharlan: Point given to pwoods. (37)
23:29<kharlan>You made the sale.
23:45<@pwoods>I'll have to update my resume, then.
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