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02:29<linbot>New news from community: How to remove auditlog from ubuntu? <>
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06:38<Joachim>Hi all
06:39<Joachim>I need some help with configuring the network ona brand new ubuntu machine
06:39<Joachim>I want to use a private IP address on ubuntu 20.04 that I added via the Linode GUI .. and the documentation throws me off a bit ..
06:40<Joachim>concerning DNS specifically
06:40<@jtoscani1>Hey Joachim - what documentation are you referencing, and where are ya getting tripped up?
06:41<Joachim>this doc :
06:42<Joachim>I'm currently going the systemd way ..
06:43<Joachim>Added the Address and Gateway lines for the public IPv4 address, the private IPv4 address, and the public IPv6 address ..
06:43<Joachim>rebooted .. the machine is pingable
06:43<Joachim>but .. the DNS line is tripping me up
06:44<Joachim>right now I have DNS=
06:44<Joachim>which should correspond to
06:44<Joachim>I even had the ipv6 address for in there ..
06:45<Joachim>but all that's working is resolving of addresses that are hosted on linode itself, it seems
06:46<Joachim>those addresses do not allow recursive lookups?
06:47<Joachim>resolvectl status says:
06:47<Joachim> Current DNS Server: DNS Servers:
06:48<@jtoscani1>Just to clarify first, if you're using ubuntu 20.04 I think you want to be referencing this section of the guide rather than the one you linked above
06:51<Joachim>well, that means swithcing to netplan .. that I could try
06:55<@jtoscani1>When you say "all that's working is the resolving of addresses that are hosted on Linode" - do you mind explaining that a bit more? Trying to pinpoint the problem you're seeing so I can understand it a better
06:58<Joachim>yeah, that was a bit too quick of me I think
06:59<Joachim>I found that a domain I own, and host on linode, resolves ..
06:59<Joachim>yet itself does not
06:59<Joachim> resolves
06:59<Joachim> (a dutch news site) does not resolve
07:00<Joachim>Could you verify whether the nameservers line in the documentation is correct, or whether I should specify other servers there?
07:06<@jtoscani1>The documentation looks fine to me, and it seems like you're using the addresses listed in your Cloud Manager, just sounds like they aren't resolving as you expected. It's probably worth opening a ticket so we can dig into that a bit more and get some outputs from you to ensure there aren't any issues on our end
07:06<@jtoscani1>If you drop the ticket# here I can grab it
07:08<Joachim>I think the documentation is correct as well ..
07:09<Joachim>the DNS servers I used were either 1) the ns2 ns3 .. or 2) the literal ones in the documentation .. and both options did not work ..
07:09<Joachim>but the DNS resolvers that are specified in the linode GUI (cloud manager) do work
07:09<Joachim>as was specified in the documentation as well
07:10<@jtoscani1>Yeah so you don't want to use the addresses in the documentation, you only want to use the ones listed in your Cloud Manager
07:10<Joachim>right now I picked two from the list of .. like .. 20 or so that are specified
07:12<Joachim>all right, this resolves (hehe) my current issue. thanks for the support.
07:12<@jtoscani1>Yeah you should be choosing all your addresses from that list in your CM
07:13<@jtoscani1>Haha you're welcome!
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07:26*dzho looks around
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10:01<Yaakov>Howdy, Peng. How's stuff>
10:15<Peng>"2020: Season 2" could be better, but I'm still alive, so there's that
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11:25<DrinkyBird>I just realised
11:25<DrinkyBird>Account active since 2016-04-18
11:25<DrinkyBird>five whole years of funding mcintosh's evil plan to take over the world
11:27<Peng>Congratulations! After five years, you're pretty far down the blood sacrifice priority list
11:35<LouWestin>I need to look up my account now
11:40<millisa>(it's in the Account tab if anyone is looking for it - )
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11:55<@jackley>millisa: sorry, I didn't realize we missed your centennial :/
11:56<@jackley>I'll make a note so we don't miss the sesquicentennial!
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12:09<millisa>Can't doubt a screenshot
12:14<baudster>Account active since 2008-09-13
12:14<baudster>makes me feel quite old now
12:15<bss>2007-08-20, let's go
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14:11<linbot>New news from community: Terraform Linode provider not found? <>
15:48<Yaakov>Hmmm... 2008-06-03 13 years...
15:49<Peng>I signed up on April 1 of a certain year. :D
15:50<Peng>April Fool's Day long con.
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15:55<Jess_>Hello - is it possible to have eBGP set up at a Linode facility?
16:07<@jyoo>Not currently, but I've made a note of your interest so we can look into offering it in the future
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17:50<dwfreed>"Account active since 2011-08-04"
17:50<dwfreed>Technically I haven't had an active Linode the entire time, though
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21:15<LouWestin>dwfreed: I actually thought you’d go way way back
21:15<dwfreed>Sure seems like a long time ago
21:15<linbot>Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
21:16<LouWestin>Almost 9 years
21:16<dwfreed>August will be 10
21:16<LouWestin>Gah... I’m off on my math
21:16<dwfreed>fun fact, my first day at Linode was 7 months and 1 day later :)
21:17<LouWestin>I remember you’ve said you worked here a while back
21:19<dwfreed>March 5th, 2012 to November 16th, 2013
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22:05<kenneth>Hi there, is this a monitored channel?
22:06<kenneth>There is an active DDOS coming from a linode server to one of our clients infrastructure, how do I get this addressed?
22:06<linbot>Linode's abuse contact is , as shown in the abuse contact info for the IP address in question. shows how to look this up yourself.
22:07<Peng>That should be updated. >_>
22:07<dwfreed>Peng: feel free to update it :)
22:07<Peng>kenneth: Staff are frequently here, but not always.
22:08<Peng>kenneth: I'd suggest filling out and either waiting (I think they're pretty fast?) or calling them on the phone.
22:08<kenneth>so I email with the source IP of the attack?
22:09<dwfreed>You'll need to provide as much detail as possible; traffic dumps, logs, whatever's appropriate for the type of attack
22:10<kenneth>sure it's basically someone trying to hammer the git repo on our server with bad auth requests as a DDOS. I'll send a log snippet and a short description. Thanks.
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22:37<kharlan>We put an IPS system today for a client, and the instant we enabled it the logs were flooded thousands of ssh attempts from various tor nodes. Apparently one of their vendor requires port 22 to be wide open with password auth, and their old provider didn't really find an issue with that :p
22:37<kharlan>It must've been going on for years most likely.
22:40<kharlan>Yep, we obviously shut that shit down asap and had the vendor check that the server wasn't infiltrated... but now they're claiming that they still need 22 open for their support staff. I guess they don't use a VPN or connect from a particular network for that sort of stuff \o/
22:41<kharlan>Ahh the best part is that it's an emr system....
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23:07<dwfreed>kharlan: please tell me it isn't Epic
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23:11<dwfreed>Electronic Medical Records
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23:20<virtual>hey, at least it's not the system that controls solar charged batteries attached to people's houses, and is totally cleartext.
23:20<virtual>^^ is my current facepalm situation.
23:26<dwfreed>did you turn them all off? :D
23:26<dwfreed>(don't do that)
23:26<virtual>hah. I disconnected my own battery from the internets.
23:27<virtual>I only found out because i got grumpy at not having API access, so I did a packet capture, thinking "I'll probably not see anything". What I saw eye opening.
23:27<virtual>*was eye opening
23:27<virtual>the company doesn't seem to give a crap. Some users on a forum I posted to fail to see the problem. *sigh*.
23:34<kharlan>dwfreed surprisingly none of our clients run epic. Lol I'm assuming by referencing them you know how terrible the entire industry is when it comes to building secure and stable software :p
23:35<kharlan>virtual I feel like there needs to be more outrage at stuff like this :(
23:36<kharlan>Packet capturing really shows some of the crazy/borderline unethical stuff vendor implement. Why is ring central fax sending my entire machines hardware profile to their servers for example? I guess my iGPU is somehow related to efax huh :p
23:37<virtual>kharlan: for sure. worst case scenario, someone takes over the comms for these batteries, and discharges them all to their local grids, or charges from the grid, causing brownouts, etc
23:37<virtual>and due to the crappy security, the 'server' wouldn't even know this had happened.
23:38<virtual>just keep feeding false info back.
23:38<virtual>and wait, what's wrong with Epic? :/
23:42<kharlan>virtual if you ever do speak to a higher up at that company, I promise you they'll say "it's not our responsibility to secure your lan" or some bs line shifting blame :/. Lol totally unrelated but isn't China slowly mapping power systems worldwide, probing them for vulnerabilities?
23:42<virtual>isn't everywhere? :P I mean I would be, if I was evils.
23:43<virtual>thing is, this thing isn't listening on my network (no upnp, etc), it's outbound connections, but no security, laughable auth, and control from the server too.
23:43<virtual>if it was *only* stats being published, I could /kinda/ be 'okay, it's not great, but at least you can't break things', but with the control aspect, it's dodgy as hell
23:44<virtual>So I just ran a fake server pretending to be the real one, so I can still get stats out of my battery (all I wanted in the first place!)
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23:48<kharlan>Hah, nice. What brand is this? Some vendor patterned with your city on one of the solar power initiative programs?
23:49<kharlan>I've been thinking about installing something similar at my home. They'll apparently pay for the installation, and after 5-6 years I no longer have to pay a power bill.
23:50<virtual>Alpha Ess.
23:50<virtual>here, I have some really crappy code up for it.
23:51<kharlan>Oof not available in my country.
23:51<virtual>I'm learning asyncio and looking at putting into influxdbv2 - a bit rusty with real coding.
23:52<virtual>I've had the battery since... March? so pretty new to me.
23:52<virtual>it was connected to the internet for about 2 weeks.
23:57<kharlan>The hell... "The battery seems to take a broken TCP connection to the server as just something to reconnect, and start sending data again. Does not provide login details, just starts streaming the data every 10 seconds as if nothing happened."
23:57<kharlan>well shoot.
23:57<virtual>yeah. it's amazing. right?
23:58<kharlan>Maybe if there was some sort of authentication key involved.... it might make sense but .. hah
23:58<kharlan>\o/ I guess they assumed no one would want to reverse engineer their systems :p
23:58<virtual>it would need both ends to authenticate, due to the control aspect :/
23:58<virtual>They're right, no one WANTS to :P
23:58<virtual>honestly, I thought I was gone once I found there was a checksum.
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