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00:15<kharlan>How 2 pronounce waxahachie
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08:06<linbot>New news from blog: How the Alternative Cloud Benefits Developers <>
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10:19<linbot>New news from community: How do i log in my console <>
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12:13<@_brian>!point LouWestin
12:13<linbot>_brian: Point given to louwestin. (20)
12:34<FluffyFoxeh>Linode wants me to review them again
12:34<FluffyFoxeh>here's my feedback: please stop trying to grow, you're fine as it is. just bask in the sun you've created for yourself. don't try to fly into it.
12:37<@_brian>did one of those review site campaigns to out FluffyFoxeh?
12:38<@_brian>also, you know we really do share feedback from here with a ton of folks. i'm gonna skip that one unless you want me to :)
12:42<@_brian>also, go*
12:42<FluffyFoxeh>_brian: Well, I do genuinely believe this. Just keep it real and don't try to grow too fast. Keep being excellent.
12:43<@_brian>thank you
12:44<FluffyFoxeh>I have noticed the marketing push over the past couple of years. Nothing wrong with it, there are lots of great new features too, but sometimes it's a first step to a company becoming... less friendly. I just don't want to see that happen to Linode :)
12:45<@_brian>completely understood
12:50<LouWestin>I made some pointers about Linode on Twitter a few mi ago. Whom ever runs the Twitter account liked what I said
12:50<@_brian>twas me
12:50<LouWestin>Oh nice!
12:51<@_brian>also that point earlier was for the community site answer
12:51<LouWestin>Oh the person who wasn’t sure how to ssh into their server?
12:52<@_brian>yup, that's the one
12:54<LouWestin>Always happy to help!
13:01<millisa>netsol is having dns issues it seems. started about 4 hours ago and is getting progressively worse
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13:13<nuevu> part of the NetSol family these days?
13:14<nuevu>If so, that explains some DNS monitoring failures overnight and this morning.
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13:29<nuevu>millisa: You have a status post or anything related to the NetSol issues?
13:29<millisa>didn't go hunting for a status page from them.
13:29<nuevu>!point millisa
13:29<linbot>nuevu: Point given to the old and crusty millisa. (217) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 27)
13:30<millisa>(more of an official ack from them)
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13:32<nuevu>Indeed. I'm starting to have clients reach out and ask what's happening, so I was hoping to find something, well, authoritative that I could pass along. Wishful thinking, I guess.
13:33<millisa>i'll authoritatively say they shouldn't use netsol
13:33<nuevu>Ha! Me too.
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13:46<Peng>When was the last major NetSol DNS outage? March?
13:47<nuevu>Too recent.
13:47<millisa>almost monthly it seems at this point... there was another back on April 8th
13:48<millisa>st pattys day before that
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15:40<linbot>New news from community: DNS working fine this morning, generic "Error" this afternoon <>
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18:11<murshid>Hello good day can i chat on private with a support specialist
18:13<murshid>I’m a person who abused which means misused linode a trial features by creating new accounts
18:14<murshid>Now that you had restricted me from hosting which doesn’t allow me to complete the registration process anymore I wish to ask or plead you for a one more opportunity which i oath on continuing to host with linode for longer period
18:15<murshid>I realize my mistakes and plead for a opportunity which I will make sure not to misuse
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18:16<murshid>Do i deserve response please
18:16<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
18:17<nuevu>If you hang out long enough, an employee should eventually see your messages.
18:17<murshid>nuevu linode was the best to me!
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18:21<nuevu>Same answer as before. Just hang around for a bit and someone will probably see your messages. It is the end of the standard business day in these parts, so they may be a bit slower.
18:23<@jyoo>Hi murshid_ - I'm sending you a PM
18:23<murshid_>Thank you
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19:13<murshid>Hello, We appreciate your interest in Linode, however, your registration did not meet the criteria we use to approve new accounts. As such, the account you attempted to create has been canceled. You are welcome to try signing up again - here are some best practices to keep in mind if you do that: 1. Make sure all of the information you enter at signup is accurate. The account name and address should correspond to the cardholder who is financial
19:13<murshid>I’m yet restricted in creating the account
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19:51<TheLinodeMan>Question guys.
19:51<TheLinodeMan>Ive been trying to ad SSL to my website.
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19:54<TheLinodeMan>Ive gone through the tutorials but get an error when trying to access my website "403 forbidden You don't have permission to access / on this server." Apache/2.2.22 (Debian) Server at Port 80
19:56<GTAXL>is the webserver able to read the webroot directory?
19:56<GTAXL>sounds like a permissions problem on the folder or the index file in question
19:57<TheLinodeMan>The error happens after I change my virtual hosts file. Current version:
19:59<TheLinodeMan>Since the website worked when the Virtual hosts file was not edited I assume the permissions are fine.
19:59<TheLinodeMan>Im not super experienced though.
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20:12<HedgeMage>TheLinodeMan: I don't know the previous iteration, so I don't know whether you changed the DocumentRoot or not. If you did, you may have a permissions issue as GTAXL suggests.
20:15<HedgeMage>Two other thoughts:
20:15<HedgeMage>1) it's possible that you corrected a mistake while redacting information in the vhost file. I recommend never redacting unless there is something security-sensitive in the file in question.
20:16<GTAXL>DocumentRoot /home/spunky/public/ is not a typical web root, you'll need to give apache access to this directory, usually apache will run under apache, or www-data or the like
20:16<GTAXL>I'm assuming your redacting your own domain with
20:16<HedgeMage>2) It's also possible that your SSL config is what's broken, not the vhost, but we can't see that so we don't know.
20:19<@mcivi>TheLinodeMan: as GTAXL and HedgeMage have suggested, a 403 typically points to a permissions issue. You may want to review your Apache logs for any errors -
20:33<TheLinodeMan>Thanks, I will look into this further.
20:34<TheLinodeMan>Regarding Apache/2.2.22, are there any major issues still running this version?
20:59<Ikaros>I mean that version's been end-of-life since 2018...but that's about it.
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22:25<kharlan>Rip, spent two days tracking down a device causing a broadcast storm at a client... it ended up being a headset plugged into a Poe port
22:49<millisa>the netsol dns debacle is getting worse. even more domains are impacted. some are now getting their scummy parking page instead of proper resolution.
22:52<virtual>ait, what?
22:52<millisa>network solutions has had flakey/bad dns for about 13-14 hours now.
22:53<virtual>hmm, my friend mentioned network solutions had/have an issue earlier too. Along with him noticing a whole bunch of other issues almost all at the same time.
22:53<millisa>in the last hour have started getting even more alerts about busted domains. some just dont resolve. some are now getting parking pages.
22:53<virtual>but I assumed that was done and dusted.
22:53<millisa> stuff also seems to be impacted to some extend
22:54<virtual>will that explain why I couldn't get to for a brief period yesterday, I wonder - name lookups wouldn't complete.
22:54<millisa>no real states. their twitter account is just apologetic lip service.
22:54<virtual>yesterday... probably about 15-16 hours though
22:54<millisa>github would be weird.
22:55<virtual>ugh, no. I am remembering the problem completely wrong. that was not DNS
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