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08:14<lowesalex>Hi new to linode , any package has cpanel included ?
08:15<@mcivi>Hi lowesalex: We have a Marketplace App for cPanel deployment -
08:15<lowesalex>So does it have hosting with it
08:16<lowesalex>I am used to buying shared plans
08:16<lowesalex>not installing apps
08:16<lowesalex>ok the istructions are simple
08:16<@mcivi>The Marketplace App comes with the 15 day free trial license ofr cPanel, after that you'd need to purchase a license direct from cPanel
08:17<lowesalex>ok thank you
08:17<@mcivi>you're welcome!
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09:57<arby>well THAT was a short romance
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10:13<programersindo>i wanna register to linode
10:13<programersindo>but no available
10:14<@pwoods>Greetings programersindo
10:14<programersindo>hii pwoods
10:14<programersindo>We appreciate your interest in Linode, however, your registration did not meet the criteria we use to approve new accounts. As such, the account you attempted to create has been canceled.
10:15<@pwoods>This is an open forum. Mind if I send you a private message so I can authenticate you and take another look?
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10:30<programmersindo>no available to register?
10:33<programmersindo>i wanna register, but rejected
10:34<arby>deja vu.
10:34<arby>this is a public forum. email them, or call them.
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12:19<davedv>hi, is there an easy way to export a DNS record for a whole domain from the Linode interface? can't seem to find that… :-/
12:20<davedv>(my goal is to quickly transfer a whole domain's record from one account to another)
12:21<rnowak>perhaps support can assist in trasnfering it for you
12:27<davedv>@rnowak OK thanks, I'll ask then
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12:34<grawity>wasn't there a zonefile export option... I guess it got removed in the new interface?
12:35<grawity>you could always add your own IP address to the zone-transfer access list, then grab the zone using `dig foobar.tld. AXFR`
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12:35<nuevu>Assuming you spell the nameserver correctly :P
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12:36<grawity>yes but I was generally also assuming that they'd already fill in the correct domain name instead of 'foobar.tld', and use the appropriate redirect to >file, and so on
12:37<nuevu>!point jtoscani
12:37<linbot>nuevu: Point given to jtoscani. (9)
12:37<@jtoscani>omg dub digits are on the horizon ....
12:38<@jtoscani>Hello Shreem
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12:38<@jtoscani>Goodbye Shreem
12:38<nuevu>Stage fright.
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13:01<shreem>Hello, I am not able to login in my linode account. It shows invalid username or password. But my username and password are correct.
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13:03<shreem>Hello, I am not able to login in my linode account. It shows invalid username or password. But my username and password are correct.
13:04*arby wonders -- Is it me, or is there a trend ... ?
13:08<nuevu>shreem: Have you tried initiating a forgotten username and/or password process to make sure you are using the correct credentials. Have you received an email from Linode recently about service termination? If they've canceled your account, you should have been notified.
13:09<shreem>Yes is did, but i didn't get any email for that.
13:09<shreem>Is it possible, that linode deleted my account for any reason.
13:09<nuevu>That sounds like you're probably filtering messages from Linode (either to spam or somewhere else). I'm willing to bet you have another notice from Linode sitting in the same place.
13:10<nuevu>If you hang out for a bit, one of the ops may be able to chat with you privately to figure that out.
13:10<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
13:13<shreem>No I don't.
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13:16<@jackley>shreem: please email with the last 6 digits of the CC and email address for your account, and we'll look into it (do NOT provide that information in this channel)
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14:15<Peng>wait what Linode actually interconnects with Charter in Dallas now
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14:15<Peng>That's amazing
14:20<Peng>Atlanta goes via transit but the latency is zero so I don't care.
14:23<Peng>I've been mildly annoyed by this for years now and it's suddenly fixed!!!!!!!!!!!!!
14:23<Peng>[latency was fixed last month though]
14:24<millisa>It's a Nation Iced Tea Day Miracle!
14:24<millisa>er, national. sigh.
14:28<arby>Iced tea day? rly?
14:29<dwfreed>my local gas station/convenience store is offering me a free iced tea today
14:30<dwfreed>it's also egg roll day
14:30<arby>ooh. well, tomorrow is, apparently, "National German Chocolate Cake Day" ... free CAKE?
14:31<millisa>my favorite texan dessert
14:31<arby>where there's a TraderJoes ...
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14:41<Peng>Chocolate cake, egg roll and iced tea? Sounds like a meal
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14:42<dwfreed>MTecknology: wtf
14:43*pwoods makes note not to click those links
14:43<MTecknology>dwfreed: I ordered a refreshment set of adapters and they just showed up so I'm feeling a bit silly.
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14:47<MTecknology>pwoods: It's just an excessive use of adapters that weren't actually needed in the first place. Sort of a picture-perfect explanation of XY problems.
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14:59<LouWestin>My copy of Linux iptables pocket reference came in today. So far from what I’ve read it doesn’t seem like too much has changed. Least the basic stuff anyway. I’ll have to cross compare
15:00<arby>of course, we're all supposed to be migrating to nftables anyway ...
15:01<LouWestin>For Debian? I can’t remember now.
15:02<arby>for debian, nftables is the default _backend_ for awhile now ...
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15:04<LouWestin>Ok I remember now. I stuck with iptables based on recommendations from some folks here.
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15:05<arby>"Building new firewalls on top of iptables is discouraged."
15:05<LouWestin>Oh yeah I remember.
15:05<arby>tbh, it's gonna be here a very long while still ...
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15:17<Peng>I tried to use nftables, I'm pretty sure it didn't support what I wanted to do, and later I installed a VPN that uses iptables anyway. [shrug]
15:17<Peng>("what I wanted to do" was -j CT --notrack on *all* traffic.)
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15:19<arby>Peng: nft "notrack" rule opt didn't 'fit'?
15:20<Peng>I had the impression -- which might be wrong -- you had to match a specific subset of traffic.
15:22<arby>you _can_ match of course, but dropping notrack into prerouting rules, with no match filter, should do the trick
15:22<Peng>I see!
15:23<dwfreed>just did it, it works
15:24<Peng>I think I saw that wiki page, but it specifically matches 2 TCP ports, so it didn't answer my question of whether you could match everything.
15:24<Peng>It didn't say you *couldn't* of course but didn't say you could either.
15:24<arby>I migrated all fw's here from iptables -> nftables over the past months. tbh, simpler to simply re-create rather than migrate. in any case, once done -- quite straightforward. SomeDay(tm), once bpf compilation gets fully shaken out & deployed, performance should get a big boost too.
15:25<Peng>And the best thing about BPF is that the constant vulnerabilities mean any local user on your system can volunteer to improve kernel performance for you. ;-)
15:26<arby>Probly like u-turns in many states: "What isn't expressly forbidden, is implicitly allowed!" ;-)
15:26<arby>Pend which is why you moved to btrfs, right? for quick rollbacks?
15:26<arby>Peng, even
16:15<arby>pfffft. wrong window.
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17:36<Peng>Never mind Charter/Dallas is slow again xD
17:39<Ikaros>Premature celebration eh?
17:41<Peng>This is like when Charter makes IPv6 routing better for a few hours in the middle of the night.
17:41<Ikaros>I like my HE tunnel.
17:43<Ikaros>3ms RTT to my Dallas node.
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23:03<srw7>This might reveal how stable my linode has been... I'm looking at rearranging some of my disk "partitions". In my Linode, they are mounted as /dev/sda, /dev/sdc. In the Linode control panel it doesn't show these disk partition names. It looks like it's all done by Label now. Is that correct? What should I have in my fstab now?
23:09<srw7>ah, nevermind. I found them in "Edit Configuration"
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23:17<bn_work>hi, when restoring from a Linode backup, it asks what Linode to restore to. If you choose the same one but _don't_ choose overwrite, what happens? does it merge the backup with the current Linode disk contents? or try to make another disk if there's enough space?
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23:20<nate>somehow missed an email noting a scheduled maintenance apparently
23:21<srw7>heh, I noticed it when I got it, but entirely forgot about it until my website stopped responding.
23:21<srw7>"Oh, yeah, is that today?"
23:22<linbot>New news from community: How do you prepared on Cyber Attack at our host on Linode? <>
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