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00:15<dwfreed>LouWestin: after the first one, I'd have bought a liquid resistant keyboard
00:22<Peng>I have a shitty water-resistant membrane keyboard (in a box)
01:00<linbot>New news from community: How do I orchestrate a vpn, mail server and cloud service? <>
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01:44<LouWestin>Peng: That would be nice! I just replace it with a $10 one
01:44<LouWestin>dwfreed: yeah that would be a better idea
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02:13<valutcizen>Hi, Is Linode going to write anything about NSO on Linode cloud. Even if Linode priority is political ethics or provision of services the information about this values will be important for some customers.
02:19<Peng>NSO and/or their various jackbooted customers do seem to use basically every hosting company
02:23<valutcizen>Yes, but mostly AWS, Linode and Digital Ocean. Fe. AWS banned NSO and I'm curious if other cloud providers are going to do the same
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03:04<MaXi32>Why is it take so long for linode Firewalls to be available for singapore server? Is it being implemented? Any beta version?
03:04<MaXi32>I think of migrating to OVH with free firewall
03:05<MaXi32>i can wait if this is going to be implemented
03:05<MaXi32>Anyone can explain ?
03:06<MaXi32>Aha... now it is late night in USA, i forgot this
03:12<MaXi32>im planning to use australian server which i found it to be the next best latency after singapore
03:12<MaXi32>and it supports firewall
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04:00<grawity>honestly I'm not entirely sure of the advantages of linode firewall, versus host-based firewalls
04:05<MaXi32>One big advantage is
04:06<MaXi32>it doesn't use my host resources...
04:06<MaXi32>having more than 5000 blocked list impact server performance
04:06<MaXi32>thats the only reason i want to use it
04:08<MaXi32>I guess the linode cloud firewall doesn't use resources from the linode RAM right ?
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04:21<MaXi32>im planning to move into sydney australia
04:21<MaXi32>just because of this feature
04:21<grawity>hm yeah, I guess there's that (although there's also a difference between having 5000 individual iptables rules, and having 1 iptables rule with 5000 ipset entries...)
04:22<MaXi32>currently im using IPset.
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09:00<FluffyFoxeh>what is NSO
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09:13<Peng>FluffyFoxeh: Some company that hacks the iPhones of journalists and human rights activists in authoritarian countries.
09:14<FluffyFoxeh>to what end
09:15<Peng>"Whatever the government wants" or "making money", I suppose
09:15<FluffyFoxeh>I see
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10:07<LouWestin>The issue with the NSO group seems more like a security concern with phones.
10:08<LouWestin>Supposedly even iOS 14.6 was vulnerable to attack
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10:14<cmm11>NSO doesn't do the hacking, they sell the spyware and try to act legit
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11:18<FluffyFoxeh>What's that Yaakov?
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11:18<FluffyFoxeh>A stoat?
11:18<Yaakov>A mink.
11:19<Yaakov>That's why it's wearing a mink coat.
11:22<Yaakov>Same little dude...
11:29<Itty>Does anyone have a list of common reason to see 'you must allow functional cookies to use the TCO calculator' ?
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12:11<asp>I’m trying to access the “/?usage” endpoint of Linode Object Storage (, but I cannot figure out how to sign such request. Does anyone know how to do it?
12:13<millisa>that doc is for ceph?
12:13<asp>Since this is not a “standard” endpoint (only exists for Ceph Object Storage, I believe) I don’t think its possible to use something like boto3.
12:14<asp>It is the documentation linked in the Linode Object Storage API docs.
12:14<millisa>linode's object storage api stuff is at
12:15<asp> This endpoint is available for convenience. It is recommended that instead you use the more fully-featured S3 API directly.
12:16<asp>That paragraph links to the Ceph docs I sent.
12:16<millisa>ah, TIL
12:18<millisa> mentions sending Authorization: AWS {access-key}:{hash-of-header-and-secret}
12:19<millisa>assuming those would come from
12:22<asp>Yeah, the hash-of-header-and-secret comes from “signing” the request. This is normally done through AWS SDK (such as boto3), but since this is a non-standard endpoint, I don’t know how to do it.
12:22<millisa>does this help?
12:27<asp>I had not found that article myself - will try that. Thanks!
12:27<millisa>wouldn't mind hearing if you are successful. haven't tried this myself.
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13:10<asp>millisa, I am able to sign a GET / successfully (lists buckets in cluster), but GET /?usage throws a SignatureDoesNotMatch…
13:10<millisa>well, that's something I guess.
13:10<millisa>might be tickettime?
13:11<asp>Yeah, will do! Thanks so much for the help anyways :)
13:11<millisa>for the GET / - did the hashing bit mostly work like that amazon example showed?
13:11<asp>I did exactly like Amazon showet
13:11<asp>Manuelle building the stringtosign
13:12<millisa>may take a stab at trying it myself, just to see
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13:48<millisa>for what its worth, I also got GET / to work, but not Get /?usage
13:48<millisa>not that they are still here.
13:55<millisa>quick and dirty python based on the one s3 example that generates a curl line if anyone else wants to poke at -
14:26<@jtoscani>!point millisa
14:27<linbot>jtoscani: Point given to the old and crusty millisa. (218) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 27)
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15:10<MaXi32>I want to develop a script to deploy a custom operating system on linode (like the rebuild linode image from the dashboard). I'm wondering how does linode create the Operating System image that can be deploy into any size of the partition
15:11<MaXi32>For example the Debian 10 image, when you click rebuild image -> select Debian 10, and it rebuild this for u. How do you create this ready image .
15:12<MaXi32>For example if I could have this customOS.img, I just want to restore using dd and then i will get a running custom OS
15:12<MaXi32>Anyone care to give hint ?
15:14<MaXi32>Currently linode users only able to use custom operating system by creating raw disk manually.. and if you did something wrong with this operating system and u want to start from scratch again, u need to re-create raw partitions follow those steps again
15:15<MaXi32>my aim is to speed up this one with 'rebuild custom OS'
15:15<millisa>it's not automated - but the way I do it is creating my custom image, doing the conversion away from raw and adding all the linode supporting bits so that lish/backups work. then I make an image of that using the images feature.
15:15<millisa>going forward, when I want to start over, I redeploy from that gold image using either the api or UI, and from that use the api/UI to resize the disk.
15:16<MaXi32>Sorry, how do you create custom image ?
15:17<MaXi32>In linode way
15:18<MaXi32>Thanks I will take a time to read this
15:18<millisa>if you do the linode manager compatibilty section in the custom distro guide, you can do most all the linode api things for managing the disks and such.
15:19<MaXi32>Ok,, i just read this.. this has limitation ..
15:19<MaXi32>i cannot use image, if the disk is raw type
15:20<millisa>the manager compatibility section is about moving from raw to the ext4 disk
15:21<MaXi32>thanks will dive into that
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18:55<volkan-k>hi do you offer BGP
18:55<volkan-k>or can you announce my IPv6 prefix and assign to a linode
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19:03<Peng>In a word, no, they don't.
19:03<Peng>They do of course support IPv6, and assignments up to /56, but that's their own space.
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19:57<LouWestin>Debian 11 August 14th!
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21:31<LouWestin>The suspense was terrible! Glad there’s a date now.
21:35<linbot>New news from community: I have account balance how can i widthdraw it? <>
21:45<linbot>New news from community: remove <>
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21:59<tony>is it okay to ask support questions here?
21:59<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
21:59<millisa>It's a public channel
22:00<tony>i'm trying to log onto and get a blank screen
22:01<tony>am i right in thinking that it is because i'm using a slightly older version of safari and firefox?
22:01<millisa>hm. works for me. what about
22:01<tony>did the minimum browser requirements change in the last 2 months?
22:01<millisa>not that i'm aware of
22:02<millisa>my safari is pretty out of date. it seems to load things ok
22:05<LouWestin>Login page is working on my end.
22:09<tony>thanks for that, yeah i left my mac on high sierra so i can run 32 bit apps and suspect its too out of date for the linode dashboard now
22:09<millisa>hm. mines not *that* out of date.
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22:27<tony>thanks for the help!
22:28<tony>i'll lurk for a couple of hours in case anybody knows the minimum browser requirements for the linode dashboard
22:28<millisa>do other cloudflare based sites give you trouble?
22:30<tony>not that i know of... i'm developing desktop software so keep my internet turned off alot to avoid distractions...
22:32<tony>thanks for your help millisa :-) are you working for linode support?
22:33<millisa>just another customer
22:34<tony>that is what i thought, so a double thank you for your help and time
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23:04<tony>i just tried logging in to linode dashboard with firefox and opened the developer console, it has the following error
23:04<tony>ChunkLoadError: Loading chunk xx failed.
23:47<tony>so to any support people on the channel, there are definitely minimum browser requirements for the linode manager, if you dont have the minimum browser requirements it just shows a blank white screen which is not great
23:49<tony>i had to create a new vmware vm and install a more recent version of firefox and it fixed my problem
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23:56<tony>linode manager worked on older browsers 2 months ago
23:58<tony>anyways thanks for the help and goodnight to all
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