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01:55<linbot>New news from community: What would be a good Linode candidate to run a K6 load testing setup from? <>
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03:20<Customer>Hi, what do you do if the support email does not answer in more than 10 days? I am unable to login and do not receive any emails with verification codes or emails when i try to use the "forgot password" function. This worries me. I am unable to create a support ticket as i am unable to login
03:25<grawity>hmm a) stick around here on IRC for a while, Linode staff show up every now and then and might be able to help with that, b) try calling the support phone number
03:25<grawity>out of curiosity, what email service provider are you using?
03:31<Tj>Customer: are you able to get into your Linode itself?
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03:36<Customer>I am using Exchange Online ( Office 365). I can't log in to Linode at all
04:09<crawler_>Customer it is likely your account was removed for some reason. Try resending your support request, and better stay here for a while maybe a Linode staff show up online to help you with that
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04:38<DC666>Hi all
04:40<linbot>New news from status: Scheduled Maintenance for general stability and performance improvements - US-West (Fremont) <>
04:48<DC666>I got one mail from Linode, it mention about Linode will perform maintaince mode and reboot host, my question is, after reboot, do I need to activate my Web service by manually ? or Linode will recovery original service after reboot host ?
04:48<grawity>that's entirely up to you – depends how you installed that "web service" on your server
04:49<DC666>my web service running with Flask(Python Web Framework)
04:50<grawity>how did you launch the service? systemd? `flask run`? mod_wsgi? gunicorn? etc
04:51<grawity>then create a systemd .service configuration for it, or something like that
04:52<DC666>I am afraid Linode ”just reboot“, not recovery original status (running Web service)
04:52<grawity>to make sure it starts every time the VPS reboots
04:52<grawity>basically Linode doesn't see and doesn't know what's happening inside your server
04:54<DC666>so.... Linode just perform reboot ? I think Linode will take snapshot or Image of our Service before reboot, after reboot, Linode will restore and recovery original status (running Web Service)
05:03<d4n13L>there is no live migration according to my knowledge, no, it's always powered off, moved and powered on again
05:04<grawity>they do perform live migrations sometimes (I just got an email yesterday about mine being shifted over to another host), but I think the key word is "live", if they decide to keep the VPS on the same host then it's not saved/resumed as far as I know
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07:18<linbot>Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
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07:36<hays>wow i have delayed mail to myself. thats interestin
07:37<hays>connect to[]:10025: Connection refused
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09:49<tito3>I want to know if someone here has whm in a server ?
09:50<tito3>and if its recomendable to do this in a linode dedicate server the cheapest one :)
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11:09<warewolf>linode ops: how difficult is it to *move an IP* from one linode in the *same* date center to another?
11:09<millisa>you can do it yourself
11:09<warewolf>trying to think ahead on order-of-operations in ejecting from Dallas TX
11:09<warewolf>oh, that's good.
11:10<millisa>well, ipv4 at least
11:10<warewolf>yah idgaf about v6
11:11<millisa>the green box down near the bottom with the arping stuff is useful to know (have your lish sessions ready. or plan on rebooting both)
11:11<jkc>warewolf: You should.
11:11<warewolf>yeah I just wanted to know *ahead of time* what my IP would be when I xfer a linode from datacenter A to datacenter B
11:11<millisa>oh, wait. maybe i misread what you asked.
11:12<millisa>In the same datacenter, you can transfer IP's between linodes.
11:12<jkc>warewolf: Theoretically, what you could do is provision a linode in the destination data center, get its IP information, then snapshot the original and restore the snapshot onto the new one.
11:12<warewolf>millisa: right.
11:12<millisa>is that what you were asking?
11:13<warewolf>millisa: I'm a few steps ahead of you, I've already stood up a new VM in the new datacenter to act as my new hidden slave DNS that the linode NSes will ?XFR from
11:13<warewolf>so that's already gotten me one new IP in the new DC
11:14<warewolf>then when I migrate the lindoe from the old DC to the new DC, I'll shut down both, swap IPs and all will be good both DNS wise and various services (apache, etc) that care about IP addresses in their configs to varying levels
11:15<millisa>the ip swap stuff doesn't work cross datacenter.
11:15<warewolf>I know
11:15<warewolf>I know better than to expect you to move a /32 between states :)
11:17*warewolf has to wonder how many support tickets Linode support have fielded "but it's MYYYY IP ADDRESS!!!" ... no, no it's not
11:18<jkc>Heh, I had to educate someone on that fact when they were trying to get a TLS cert for an IP address and not a hostname.
11:18<jkc>The CA wanted proof of ownership of the IP allocation. "You don't own the IP, Linode does. Get a domain name."
11:22<dzho>they also don't own the domain name, the registrar does.
11:22<dzho>just that domains are more atomically portable than IPs
11:22<warewolf>dzho: regarding trademarks, I think that gets hazy, for domains
11:22<dzho>there's certainly a trademark aspect to it
11:24<dzho>probably maximized at the point of getting customized top-level domains
11:25<dzho>warewolf: but I'm guessing whoever jkcs is working with is not operating at that level
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12:08<linbot>New news from community: New Linode shows "There was an error retrieving network information for this Linode" error on Network tab in Cloud Manager <>
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12:28<linbot>New news from community: Unable to connect to VPS <>
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13:04<linbot>New news from status: Connectivity Issue - Atlanta <>
13:18<linbot>New news from community: About server environment optimization. (I need advice with the relevant OpenCart) <>
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13:38<elmoco87>how do i install WireGuard
13:39<grawity>in which distro and using what kernel version?
13:46<elmoco87>Debian 10
13:47<nuevu>That page says it should just be "apt install wireguard"
13:57<jkc>What OS did you install?
13:57<jkc>Whoops, missed context, there.
13:57<jkc>elmoco87: What issues are you having? Those are easier to respond to than "how do I."
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14:38<jkc>elmoco87: Get it figured out?
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15:44<wiqi>i am facing problem while signup in linode
15:52<LouWestin>What problems?
15:57<wiqi>always my account not verified and cancelled
15:58<@_brian>wiqi i'd be happy to take a look. do you mind if i send you a private message? this is a public channel
15:59<linbot>New news from community: Node Discord.Js Bots <>
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17:22<warewolf>I ... uh .. does the new jerser linode DC block incoming DNS requests to linodes?
17:22<warewolf>I'm getting admin prohibited filter *responses* on the linode itself, which ... doesn't agree with my iptables firewall and is confusing the bejesus out of me
17:24<warewolf>oops, don't run iptables -F INPUT with the default policy being drop.
17:26<warewolf>yeah even with no firewall at all I still have ICMP host my.nj.linode.ip unreachable - admin prohibited filter
17:30<warewolf>wait what is this nftables .. oh dear god
17:33<warewolf>yaay it works like I expect again
17:33<warewolf>die die die firewalld
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17:47<elmoco87>how do i setup OpenVPN
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17:57<jkc>elmoco87: What have you tried to do so far?
17:57<jkc>warewolf: Nothing's wrong with firewalld. It actually works great.
18:02<warewolf>jkc: you have uniqie opnions.
18:03<jkc>warewolf: Not unique at all. Just because you don't know how to use the tool doesn't make it a bad tool.
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18:04<warewolf>I bet you like systemd too.
18:08<jkc>elmoco87: It's hard to help you when you won't respond to anyone.
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18:36<jkc>elmoco87: And what issue have you run into?
18:38<jkc>That's not an issue.
18:38<jkc>Wow, that guide has a lot of problems.
18:39<jkc>I'm asking you what problem you've encountered while trying to set up your openvpn server.
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19:08<linbot>New news from status: Scheduled Maintenance for general stability and performance improvements - AP-Northeast-2 (Tokyo 2) <> || Scheduled Maintenance for general stability and performance improvements - AP-South (Singapore) <>
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