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04:43<lev>hi, is anyone around here
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12:59<Karim>anyone there?
13:01<dzho>!to Karim ask
13:01<linbot>Karim: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
13:02<Karim>my message doesn't go to gmail directly
13:02<@pwoods>Greetins Karim
13:02<Karim>i saw that my packets are loosing
13:05<Karim>can anyone tell me how to config that?
13:05<@pwoods>what sort of messages are you seeing in your mail server logs?
13:07<Karim>my mail are to going to gmail
13:07<Karim>even i check it on localserver xampp. i received
13:10<@pwoods>If mail is getting bounced, there is usually a 550 message in the logs that explains why the destination server is rejecting the mail
13:10<@pwoods>No one else would have access to your mailserver logs aside from you. Linode doesn't have access to the internals of the server to get that information for you.
13:11<Karim>ok how to check the mail log?
13:11<@pwoods>This Community Questions post should help
13:13<Karim>can we config the email services through SSH>
13:13<@pwoods>Most likely, though it may depend on your set up.
13:14<@pwoods>I've only set up a mail server once and haven't had to make many changes to it as it was mostly just meant to be a learning thing and all.
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13:18<Karim>ok tell me one thing, i just created the WHM so the mail service will active automatically ?
13:21<@pwoods>Karim: I'm not sure, tbh. I've never worked through WHM.
13:21<@pwoods>Services like that are outside the scope of support for Linode. Maybe someone else in this channel can chime in, though.
13:22<Karim>actually this is my first time on server to its difficult to create
13:22<@pwoods>Karim: then do you have a new Linode account?
13:22<Karim>yeah i have a account
13:22<@pwoods>OK, but was it recently created?
13:23<Karim>yeah like month ago
13:23<@pwoods>Have you reached out to Support about lifting SMTP restrictions?
13:24<Karim>like in linode we have to setup all the thing at own?
13:25<thelounge4479>Karim Linode are unmanaged servers.
13:25<thelounge4479>They provide the server, you have to set it up yourself
13:25<thelounge4479>I think they offer managed services you can pay extra for if you want
13:25<Karim>through SSH
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13:30<@pwoods>Our "Managed Services" offering does not include configuring services, it's more an incident response.
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14:40<elmoco87_>can people set up openvpn server in my server
15:02<crawler>elmoco87_ please make sure those people read and understand Linode AUP before using your server openvpn
15:26<jkc>elmoco87_: I tried asking you several times yesterday what you had tried and what issues you were having.
15:28<elmoco87_>This site can’t be reached
15:30<jkc>And that has something to do with openvpn?
15:30<jkc>It can't be reached because its not listening on port 80. works.
15:32<elmoco87_>how do i fix it
15:32<jkc>That depends on what you perceive is broken.
15:33<elmoco87_>port 80
15:34<@pwoods>I can load the page with the URL that jkc posted.
15:35<jkc>elmoco87_: Your VPN's control panel NOT listening on an UNENCRYPTED connection is not broken.
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15:56<jkc>No. It's not broken.
16:05<elmoco87_>how do i fix listening port 80
16:08<jkc>You don't. You don't expose your VPN's control panel to the internet on an unencrypted connection. It's not broken. There's nothing to fix. Get used to using https in the url instead of http.
16:08<LouWestin>The website comes up as untrusted
16:09<jkc>Of course it does.
16:09<jkc>The URL is an IP address. It will always come up as untrusted.
16:10<nuevu>Heh, tell that to Cloudflare.
16:10<nuevu>Obviously conditions here don't match theirs.
16:10<LouWestin>Noted. I figured it might’ve been a self signed cert and that was why
16:11<jkc>nuevu: Yeah, is an odd case.
16:11<jkc>TECHNICALLY, a certificate authority will issue a TLS cert for an IP address, but only if the requesting organization actually OWNS that allocation.
16:11<jkc>But is the first time I've ever seen that done in practice.
16:11<LouWestin>Which is this case the answer is clear
16:13<jkc>LouWestin: If the URL does not match the certificate commonName field or any entry in the subjectAlternativeName extension, OR if the certificate is not issued by an authority that the accessing browser trusts, you'll get an untrusted warning.
16:13<LouWestin>!point jkc
16:13<linbot>LouWestin: Point given to jkc. (4)
16:14<jkc>You may also get that if the certificate has expired or is not yet valid, but how that is handled varies by browser.
16:15<LouWestin>I’ve seen cases where one browser doesn’t detect a revoked cert, but another one does and throws a warning
16:18<jkc>So, that depends on a number of things. 1. The certificate's signing authority has to have a certificate revocation list (CRL) location within its metadata. 2. That CRL URL has to be accessible. OR 3. The certificate authority has an online certificate status facility and 4. the OCSP endpoint is specified in the CA metadata and 5. the OCSP responder (#3) obviously has to be reachable.
16:19<jkc>Oh, and #6 the browser has to be configured to actually care. Firefox cares, Chromium-based browsers don't.
16:20<jkc>Chromium browsers (or, at least, Google Chrome) has an alternative revocation status process.
16:21<jkc>As for browser-side CRL support... It's not great, honestly.
16:21<jkc>The state of online PKI is kinda bad.
16:22<elmoco87_>Incorrect login
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16:22<LouWestin>I forget the cert authority. But it was Firefox who caught it but chrome didn’t
16:22<jkc>LouWestin: Yup, sounds about right.
16:23<LouWestin>I was like wow! when I saw that
16:23<jkc>Just about any current certificate authority publishes CRL/OCSP in the cert. Go to a website of your choice, then look at the certificate closely.
16:24<jkc>You'll find an extension called CRLDistributionPoint for the CRL location, and under AuthorityInformationAccess, you'll see the OCSP responder endpoint.
16:24<elmoco87_>jkc Incorrect login
16:30<elmoco87_>jkc Incorrect login username admin password
16:30<jkc>Okay, and?
16:31<jkc>I'd imagine OpenVPN provides documentation to help with that issue.
16:32<elmoco87_>Admin Login
16:32<jkc>Have you looked at the documentation provided by the openvpn project?
16:35<jkc>Then do so.
16:37<jkc>For any issues you have, relevant documentation is always going to be the first step.
16:42<elmoco87_>where is it
16:44<nuevu>(I'll be the first to admit that finding _any_ documentation on OpenVPN's site is annoying)
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16:47<jkc>It's actually a single very easy internet search away.
16:48<jkc>elmoco87_: I'm going to be blunt: Your server is YOUR server and YOUR responsibility. Stop being colossally lazy and expecting everyone else to do everything for you.
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16:56<elmoco87_>jkc openvpn is working
17:15<linbot>New news from community: Why can't I update my Nodebalancer's SSL certificate with Linode API? <>
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18:22<greyblue>Hello everyone, I am not able to connect to anything on my linode. This happened after I uninstalled pihole. I can't ping nor can I access my Linode from another Linode in the same VLAN. Is there any way to get data out of it from the LISH console?
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18:30<Peng>You can always boot up rescue mode, but hopefully you can fix whatever is wrong.
18:46<linbot>New news from community: Already have a hacked network <>
18:47<greyblue>Oh thanks, didn't know about rescue mode. Got my files back
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19:11<elmoco87_>can i use shoutcast server in vpn?
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22:31<chesty>I've got a dns issue. I have a hidden master dynamic zone with ns1.linode..etc listed, and it works and has been working for years, but I just updated the zone and the notifies of zone updates aren't being acked and the zone on ns1.linode is out of date
22:33<chesty>I thought maybe it's now using ipv6 whereas before it was using ipv4, I added my hidden master ipv6 address to the allowed domain transfer ips. not sure if there's a wait for that to go through?
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23:17<linbot>New news from community: Anyone use a Linode to run a VPN for watching British TV? <>
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23:36<bobbyd0g>Hey folks. I was wondering if anyone could advise the ideal method to connect block storage to my LKE cluster with a StatefulSet database deployment -- I have to choose one server to attach it to... Should I add a node dedicated to this?
23:38<bobbyd0g>This is my first attempt to use k8s, hopefully not a silly question. I guess I expected to get a NFS share or something
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23:48<bobbyd0g>Ah, I see what I missed. The StatefulSet does provide for distributed storage on-disk, and so] I'll be adding it to each node in the cluster.
23:57<linbot>New news from community: Debian Version <>
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