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00:07<linbot>New news from community: Anyone can get older Ubuntu server to work with Linode? <>
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07:55<pallickal>Hi, I tried to sign up for linode, but got an email saying "We appreciate your interest in Linode, however, your registration did not meet the criteria we use to approve new accounts. As such, the account you attempted to create has been canceled."
07:55<pallickal>My irc name is the username I signed up with
07:56<pallickal>Not on VPN or anything, signed up with the same IP as I am using now on IRC. On a residential fiber a connection in Portland, OR
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08:00<@_brian>pallickal: i fixed you up, you should be all set
08:01<@_brian>check your private messages
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08:39<linbot>Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
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13:06<bencc1>how can I automatically mount and format if neede block storage volume?
13:06<bencc1>I'm using ubuntu
13:06<bencc1>is it possible to do it with systemd service or stackscript?
13:07<bencc1>I prefer a systemd service
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13:08<rnowak>I mean, of course it is possible
13:14<jkc>bencc1: I'm curious as to your use case.
13:15<jkc>Because "automatically format" just screams of "destroy my data, please."
13:15<rnowak>it makes sense for auto-provisioning etc, would just need some careful considerations
13:21<jkc>Auto-provisioning what, though?
13:21<jkc>Again, I'm curious as to the use case.
13:22<jkc>And don't say "block storage," because that's circular.
13:22<jkc>Why would you need that functionality?
13:30<bencc1>jkc: I'm saving a log on a node for 1 hour and upload it to object storage
13:31<jkc>And where does auto-format and auto-mount of block storage come into play?
13:31<bencc1>I need to make sure the log is safe as possible during work so I'll use block storage volume
13:31<jkc>And is there a reason why the block storage already provisioned is unsuitable?
13:31<bencc1>I'm creating nodes and block storage volumes with terraform
13:31<bencc1>and later will use nomad
13:32<bencc1>I won't be able to manually format and mount a volume storage volume on each node
13:32<bencc1>I would rather have the volume automatically formatted and mounted similarly how it's done on GCP and DO
13:33<bencc1>but there might be different philosophy on Linode against it
13:34<bencc1>jkc: anything missing from my explanation?
13:34<bencc1>rnowak: can you explain how?
13:35<rnowak>bencc1: with systemd, you could use a oneshot or simple systemd service that's just a shell script that does whatever you need to do, the same way you'd do it manually
13:36<rnowak>attaching the volume etc you can do via the API while provisioning
13:36<bencc1>I probably need to check if the volume need to be formatted to prevent data loss
13:36<bencc1>is there a way to "auto-discover" the volume storage?
13:37<rnowak>check what type of device it is, check if there is an existing filesystem, and if things lookg right, you can nuke it
13:37<bencc1>or do I have to use a reasonable name for it?
13:37<rnowak>you can enumerate the devices and they will have some patterny name, let me have a look again
13:39<rnowak> /dev/disk/by-id/scsi-0Linode_Volume_vol1 is one of mine, I gave it the vol1 label in the cloud manager
13:40<bencc1>ok. I'll try to create a systemd script
13:40<rnowak>it tells you the "File System Path" as well when you create the volume with the API
13:41<bencc1>but not sure I have a way to move the path info to the node
13:41<rnowak>ctrl-f "filesystem" om the page I linked
13:41<bencc1>there is no metadata server in linode
13:41<rnowak>how do you provide other things right now?
13:41<bencc1>I don't yet
13:41<bencc1>trying to learn how to automate this
13:41<bencc1>trying to learn to do it with nomad
13:42<bencc1>I don't trust k8s
13:42<rnowak>you can inject it via stackscripts... maybe
13:42<bencc1>and I don't trust myself being able to learn and use k8s
13:42<bencc1>how inject it via stackscript?
13:42<bencc1>create a stackscript dynamically?
13:42<rnowak>you can provide custom defined fields for stackscripts
13:43<rnowak>and then the stackscript can perhaps dump a /etc/my_custom_meta_data.json or whatever
13:43<bencc1>sound very fragile
13:43<bencc1>for something that should have been automated by linode
13:44<bencc1>maybe I'll find a way to mirror the log file between to servers instead of using block storage
13:45<bencc1>because block storage don't seems to have a way to get automated in linode
13:45<bencc1>just too hard and error prone
13:45<rnowak>seems pretty easy to me
13:45<bencc1>for me at least
13:46<nuevu>Is block storage really what you need? Your brief description earlier sounds like you're just uploading a log file to the storage. Would Object Storage be a better fit?
13:47<nuevu>Maybe I misread that /shrug
13:47<bencc1>yes but I need to make the log file safe while I'm writing to it
13:47<rnowak>if you need the log file to not vanish and need some kind of guarantees that it is available on a certain amount of servers, i.e. some kind of replication factor, perhaps ceph (or riak, I think you're an erlanger?) would be more appropriate... but definitely not easier or less maintenance
13:47<bencc1>I only upload the file to object storage when it's ready after 1 hour
13:48<bencc1>ceph will be overkill to run just for this
13:48<bencc1>and riak is half dead
13:48<bencc1>I think
13:48<bencc1>and also complicated
13:48<rnowak>dead-ish :)
13:48<bencc1>there is also glusterfs which is probably too complex
13:49<rnowak>I've run some very big gluster clusters before, and it sure is something
13:49<bencc1>I also not sure if all the solutions support small changes to files instead of just one big change
13:49<rnowak>these days, ceph's probably the saner first option
13:50<bencc1>is ceph good for many small changes to a file?
13:50<rnowak>I mean, you can mount ceph-provided storage as a volume :D
13:50<rnowak>(linode's volume stuff is probably ceph)
13:51<bencc1>but that's what linode does for me
13:51<bencc1>only problem is that I often read about block storage issues
13:51<rnowak>sure, but with your own ceph you get to control the replication factor etc
13:51<bencc1>and that it's not auotmated for me
13:51<bencc1>local disk + copy on block storage is more than enough
13:52<rnowak>if you want completely finished solutions, I don't think linode has that for you
13:52<bencc1>I would just use one copy on a block storage but I recently saw some problems with linode block storage
13:52<bencc1>the status page didn't explain what so I'm not sure I can trust it
13:52<rnowak>the more moving parts, the more can go wrong, that's inevitable -- their systems, or yours
13:54<bencc1>"users may experience connection timeouts and errors with this service"
13:54<rnowak>"Reboots and shutdowns may prevent Linodes from booting while Volumes are attached" is pretty nasty too
13:54<bencc1>local disk will be safe for me 99.999x% of the times
13:54<bencc1>in this case it would have been safer then block storage too
13:55<rnowak>are the artifacts something that you could not recreate should a server blow up and be uncecoverable?
14:00<bencc1>I'm saving user data in real time
14:00<bencc1>I'm currently using block storage on gcp for several years
14:01<bencc1>never had an issue
14:01<bencc1>but there I don't need to think about it
14:01<bencc1>reliable and automatically show up as normal disk without having to format and mount
14:02<rnowak>yeah doesn't look like that is something that linode offers
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14:17<jkc>This honestly sounds like a stupid solution for a simple, or even nonexistent, problem.
14:18<elmoco87>Can people have teamtalk server, irc server and radio server on the openvpn server?
14:20<jkc>A server can run whatever you install on it.
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15:20<elmoco87>16gb or 8gb
15:21<jkc>For what?
15:25<elmoco87>irc server, openvpn saerver and teamtalk server
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15:28<jkc>And have you looked into what you want to run to determine what the minimum requirements for each one is?
15:40<@mpeters>elmoco87: You also have the ability to resize later if you need to. If you start with 8GB and find that you need more resources, you can resize to a 16GB after the fact.
15:43<jkc>elmoco87: And as I said yesterday, the documentation should be your first stop.
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15:51<linbot>New news from community: Webinar transcripts for accessibility? <>
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16:49<ulterior>Good afternoon, Linode folks! I've created a few linodes in atlanta. Now I'm editing the configuration for the nodes and I can't attach the vlans. they're in the drop down box and I can select them, but nothing happens when I click save. No red hilites or idiot warnings... anyone experiencing a similar thing right now? I've tried from a different pc too.
16:50<elmoco87>jkc i will using 1gb openvpn server and 8gb irc server and teamtalk server
16:54<dwfreed>ulterior: does it work via the API/CLI ?
16:57<ulterior>One moment and I will test.
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17:43<ulterior>I was getting some errors in the api but it seems like they've all cleared up and I can do it in the site and api now.
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20:40<bencc1>jkc: what's a better solution?
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21:24<linbot>New news from community: Deploy multiple LoadBalancer services sharing one NodeBalancer <>
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22:10<bobbyd0g>Hey folks. Wondering how I can get a shell into an LKE node if I don't know the root password it set? I need to check that open-iscsi is installed and iscsid is running as a prerequisite for Longhorn storage. Or maybe I can assume they are since the LKE image is probably comprehensive?
22:12<bobbyd0g>I figure those are required to use Linode's storage products as well?
22:15<@rlonergan>hey bobbyd0g. I'd recommend checking out dssh. It's a daemonset that can be used to propagate your SSH key to all the nodes in your LKE cluster
22:17<bobbyd0g>I see, thank you.
22:18<@rlonergan>I took a look at one of my LKE nodes and it looks like open-iscsi and iscsid are both running on it
22:18<bobbyd0g>Thank you for checking that for me
22:18<bobbyd0g>Yeah I really need to get in the habit of using keys for all this stuff.
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22:20<@jtoscani>!point @rlonergan
22:20<linbot>jtoscani: Point given to @rlonergan. (1)
22:24<crawler>I think that point went nowhere
22:24<crawler>!point rlonergan
22:24<linbot>crawler: Point given to rlonergan. (4)
22:24<crawler>now it works
22:29<@rlonergan>sweet. thanks crawler!
22:29<@rlonergan>!point crawler
22:29<linbot>rlonergan: Point given to crawler. (3)
22:30<crawler>Thank you :D
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23:57<Peng>The new manager's UI for creating a new Linode based on a backup is nice. :)
23:59<Peng>The old manager was very manual, which I was perfectly happy with since that's better than one that makes bad assumptions, but the new one is nice enough too.
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