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05:09<linbot>New news from community: What API permission scope is needed to create Firewalls and Rules? <>
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08:30<linbot>New news from community: TLS pass through NodeBalancer <>
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12:41<linbot>New news from community: Dedicated linode 16 core worse than AWS 2 core <>
13:17<@mcintosh>icymi ->
13:20<millisa>this completely breaks my workflow
13:26<nuevu>Oh no! I relied on my site's Google rank for the domain to select the appropriate SSH port to knock on.
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13:41<warewolf>oh that's smart
13:41<warewolf>good on Linode on being aware of cookies spreading too far
13:42<millisa>all of my $ certs are gonna expire!
13:43<warewolf>I hope nobody bought certs for * but I'm almost positive somebody did.
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14:11<linbot>New news from community: Set firewall exception for certbot auto-renewal <>
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15:13<KelMonster>Trying to wrap my head around a small shuffle I need to do. I have two Linodes, a 1gb and a 2gb, and I need to.. switch them, essentially. Is the easiest way to do that to do snapshots of each, power off, then boot them with the inverse snapshot?
15:14<KelMonster>(Essentially I am an idiot and stood up a server on the wrong instance, hehe)
15:14<@pwoods>KelMonster: why do they need to be switched?
15:14<KelMonster>Ram allocation
15:15<@pwoods>Ahh, then you'll want to resize the Linodes.
15:15<KelMonster>When I read that headline I thought it was just for HDD space *face-palm* Thank you!
15:16<@pwoods>storage space is something to be mindful of.
15:16<KelMonster>should be okay - server is stood up but nothing in its db yet so we're talking mb's of data. Cool! I appreciate it =)
15:16<@pwoods>When resizing down, the disk size of the two or more disks on the Linode need to fit the specs of the smaller plan if you're looking to resize down.
15:17<@pwoods>and by that I mean the allocation of storage in the Cloud Manager, not the actual disk usage on it
15:17<KelMonster>oh, I see
15:28<millisa>or swap the IP?
15:30<KelMonster>mcintosh: won't quite get me across the finish line but that was a though too, aye.
15:30<KelMonster>resize is underway! Should be good in a pinch.
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15:38<@mcintosh>I think that was a millisa suggestion but I will take the credit
15:38<@mcintosh>unless it's a bad suggestion, then i had nothing to do with it ;)
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15:59<KelMonster>oops! Yeah, sorry xD Definitely didn't whack [TAB] enough times there, sorry, hah.
16:15<@mcintosh>no worries :)
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