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06:57<@pwoods>hello u0_a296
06:57<u0_a296>how you doing @pwoods?
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06:58<@pwoods>I am doing swell, how about you, u0_a296?
07:01<u0_a296>so far, so good @pwoods. ty
07:03<u0_a296>so quiet here...
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07:11<@pwoods>It's still pretty early in the US, might pick up later.
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08:48<linbot>New news from status: Connectivity Issue - Mumbai, IN <>
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09:59<Casoe__>Just curious does anyone know if linode has plan about supporting redhat?
09:59<Casoe__>Have not been able to find any info about it
10:01<LouWestin>I don’t believe so since RedHat is a paid/subscription based OS.
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10:02<LouWestin>Least not officially anyway
10:03<Casoe__>Yeah okay :/ my plan were else to migrate to it from Ubuntu at my next big migration because of all the things Ubuntu changed again
10:04<Casoe__>And yes I do know it’s a payed license ( I have two licenses for at home already )
10:05<Casoe__>And thank you very much for the answer, gonna see what I should do then
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10:08<LouWestin>You might be able to do a custom image.
10:10<Casoe__>Well I have not found a way to install from iso on linode so yeah and I don’t like hacky solutions in the cloud because it’s prone to fail in the long run
10:11<LouWestin>You could try Debian instead
10:12<Casoe__>And my goal has always been so stable as posible which is also why I always are running lts everywhere atm
10:13<Casoe__>Well I have never liked Debian because sure it’s stable but they have always been to slow getting updates for services like we sees, mail etc
10:14<LouWestin>Historically speaking, RedHat is likely going to run even more behind than Debian
10:16<Casoe__>Yeah okay I just thought it would be better because it were geared towards enterprise so the services they rely on should be prober up to date
10:16<Robdgreat>that's the opposite of stable, though
10:16<LouWestin>I would look at to see what your software requirements are and what OS’s has it and go from there
10:17<Robdgreat>you're saying you want latest version but also stable
10:17<LouWestin>To clarify you can get version numbers on there.
10:17<Robdgreat>distros geared toward stability tend to have somewhat older packages, as a rule
10:18<LouWestin>!point Robdgreat
10:18<linbot>LouWestin: Point given to robdgreat. (2)
10:19<Casoe__>Well I guess then I just should stay on Ubuntu 18.04 because there is no way I’m updating to 20 because of canonicals changes to the worse again
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10:20<Casoe__>And then perhaps just keep relying on ppa’s for patches and updates
10:21<LouWestin>ppa’s might not be stable
10:21<Casoe__>And that is not true because there is a standard for a reason. And if they don’t live up to that then it wouldn’t be complient.
10:22<Robdgreat>the counterargument would be that they're unofficial for a reason
10:23<Robdgreat>what standard? anyone can make a ppa
10:23<Robdgreat>that's the whole point
10:23<Casoe__>Well they have not failed yet and it’s things canonical doesn’t care of ( they only think forward and not what people are using )
10:24<LouWestin>You can only have stable or cutting edge. You can’t have both
10:24<Casoe__>Like within programming there is compiling standards and ofc those libraries will never be included in Ubuntu even lts
10:24<LouWestin>Debian would be your better option.
10:24<Robdgreat>ok you've lost me
10:24<Robdgreat>sounds like you're saying software is incapable of being unstable because of compilers
10:25<Robdgreat>which is categorically false
10:25<Casoe__>Debian is never a good option ( has not been the last 7 years )
10:25<esselfe>arch is quite up2date, but I had a server bork after an upgrade
10:26<LouWestin>What are your requirements for a web server?
10:27<Casoe__>Needing c++20 libraries because it’s needed and not even Ubuntu 18 has that and never will
10:28<Robdgreat>this seems to check out
10:28<Casoe__>I don’t even think it has c++17 libraries ( I think it’s only c++14 libraries )
10:30<Casoe__>And only Ubuntu 20.04 has option for it but again they destroyed Ubuntu there just as when they forced unity on desktop and other things
10:30<LouWestin>Ok. I’d Look at and see what distros have that version you need. It might not be available and this require a PPA as you’ve been using.
10:30<Casoe__>And that is why now that I never will use them anymore that they continue removing things people uses
10:32<Casoe__>Like now it were the installation they forced to be different by forcing full image and 3 tbh ram if you netboot the installer.
10:32<Robdgreat>linode provides an image.
10:32<Casoe__>Tbh they have shown they are just as bad as Microsoft
10:34<Casoe__>Yeah but why support a corrupt company in general there on purpose goes agenst the community on purpose
10:34<Robdgreat>How are they corrupt, again?
10:34<Robdgreat>I missed that part
10:35<Casoe__>Going agenst the community, back in the days forced online search for advertising even in local system without telling or informing about it
10:36<Robdgreat>yeah I don't know
10:37<LouWestin>Here’s the list of Linode’s image offerings
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10:38<linbot>Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
10:40<Robdgreat>"It sounds like you hate everything. Have you considered a different field, like construction or perhaps farming?"
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13:03<jkc>What in the actual fsck was all of that mess?
13:04<Robdgreat>I still don't know
13:15<linbot>New news from community: Using the OpenVPN Linode with VPN Client Port Forwarding <>
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14:35<cmm11>think they weren't a fan of ubuntu / canonical, i could be wrong ;)
14:37<kharlan>You don't understand, the makers of Ubuntu are corrupt
14:37<kharlan>We must rebel
14:37<kharlan>Just like the "which" command.
14:38<cmm11>should of asked him about selinux
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16:35<LouWestin>I guess I should’ve recommended Fedora instead
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17:11<millisa>redhat installs just fine on linode using the standard custom distribution guide for what it is worth. and there's that new licensing thing they did last year
17:12<millisa>er, i guess it was technically this year. January.
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19:27<linbot>New news from community: Shodowsocks new deploy ERROR: bind: Address already in use <>
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19:45<warewolf>No news from community: [error] [client] PHP warning: mysql_connect(); cant connect to mysql server (13) in /home/linbot/git/forums/connector.php on line 31337
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23:38<fluffywolf>the problems with sending mail to my suddenlink email from my linode have gotten worse... now multiple suddenlink servers, including at least one of their web servers, seem to instantly drop all connections from the two linodes I tried from. any ideas what's up, or should I decide that suddenlink is just fucking up even more than usual?
23:40<fluffywolf>and, since this seems to be a linode-wide issue, is this something linode management can try to address, like "dude, stop fucking blocking our customers!"?
23:41<Peng>They should be able to try. Whether they can succeed is something else.
23:41<fluffywolf>I made sure it wasn't just the linode that runs my mail server by connecting from my other linode that only runs a web server and nothing else, with a completely different ip... same thing. can't reach,, or from it... but I can reach them all just fine from my home ip.
23:43<fluffywolf>I haven't even been able to find contact info for anyone at suddenlink other than the "please reboot your modem and call us back never" people... I assume higher-level network types have some secret cabal contact info they can use. :P
23:45<fluffywolf>and, an unrelated issue... the last two days I've been trying to youtube-dl videos onto one of my linodes, for downloading onto my phone quickly while it's on my work wifi, for later watching. it's sloooooow. like, 30KB/sec. on every video, all day. does youtube throttle linode?
23:50<fluffywolf>this is my first time trying to youtube-dl on a linode, so I don't know if this is normal, or just the last two days...
23:51<kharlan>You need to use the new version that mimicks android
23:52<bss> yeah. I switched to yt-dlp because I was getting throttled on my home fiber with youtube-dl
23:54<fluffywolf>I installed the version from debian's stable repo. I'll look into a newer one...
23:55<fluffywolf>I'm a lot more worried about the possibility that suddenlink is now permanently unreachable from linode ips than my slow videos. heh.
23:57<fluffywolf>"$ telnet 443 Trying Connected to Escape character is '^]'. Connection closed by foreign host. $ telnet 25 Trying Connected to Escape character is '^]'. Connection closed by foreign host." both servers work fine accessed from a non-linode ip.
23:59<fluffywolf>and they both immediately close the connection when accessed from either one of my linodes, which have completely different ips, so it's not just one class C.
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