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00:04<fluffywolf>"[download] 100% of 53.28MiB in 00:00" lol, yt-dlp is just a wee bit faster.
00:28<fluffywolf>yt-dlp can run your linode out of space impressively quickly. :)
00:36<fluffywolf>bbl, wolfy bedtime
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03:52<Robdgreat>millisa: maybe that was the "hacky cloud" thing they mentioned ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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06:30<linbot>New news from community: Chicken-egg problem with StackScript and ip address <>
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10:13<Robdgreat>so you skip e and move straight to f?
10:13<jkc>I have no idea what's being discussed. Sorry.
10:13<Robdgreat>serves you right, /quitter
10:21<esselfe>pwoods: there's just E then F and F#
10:21<esselfe>but there's E♭
10:23<esselfe>on a guitar E and F are one aside the other, like B and C
10:25<@pwoods>esselfe: Yeah, I actually have a guitar right next to me. I was just being silly.
10:26<Robdgreat>My work guitar is across the room, and I want to play it, but I'm too lazy to get up
10:26<@pwoods>That's why it's good to have it across the room for the work guitar.
10:27<@pwoods>I have a guitar and a banjo next to me. The banjo I have no idea what to do with it, really.
10:27<@pwoods>It was a gift from a neighbor who was moving and didn't want to bring it along with them.
10:27<Robdgreat>it's an open tuning to just bar it and cheat
10:27<Robdgreat>*so just
10:34<fluffywolf>well, looks like suddenlink is making their opinion of linode clear... "SMTP error from remote mail server after initial connection: host []: 554 Access Denied"
10:35<fluffywolf>and those caused exim to bounce everything in the spool. grr. time to say fuck suddenlink.
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10:41<Nivex>Check that IP on the various RBLs. When I first got my Linode, its IP was on Spamhaus. I was able to get it delisted by explaining the situation.
10:45<fluffywolf>this has been an ongoing issue. it happens from multiple IPs, including ones never used for outgoing connections, in entirely different class Cs.
10:46<fluffywolf>spamhaus says "
10:46<fluffywolf> has no issues
10:47<fluffywolf>grr, didn't mean to paste newlines. but, that's what I expected, since there's no reason for my mail server ip to have issues. heh.
10:48<millisa>looks like linode is back on uceprotect. it wouldn't surprise me if suddenlink still uses them.
10:49<fluffywolf> shows all green except for looking it up there shows it's perfectly happy with my ip, but it's listed because of linode's asn, along with 557568 other IPs.
10:50<millisa>it wasnt there last time you were talking about your mail here. so that has changed.
10:51<fluffywolf>well, if it wasn't there while I was already having mail problems (it's been months), then it's probably not the cause. lol
10:51<fluffywolf>I'm assuming someone at suddenlink made the decision to block all of linode after months of giving 421s...
10:51<millisa>i'm sure it comes and goes. Enjoy the read: (short summary, no one reasonable should use uce)
10:52<fluffywolf>this has been a continuous problem for a few months now...
10:53<millisa>uce has been doing this nonsense for much longer than a few months.
10:53<fluffywolf>just now they're totally blocking connections instead of making them take hours or days. heh.
10:54<fluffywolf>blocking an entire isp seems idiotic, either for suddenlink or uce.
10:54<kharlan>I don't know what linode can do about that \o/
10:54<fluffywolf>I've had the same IP for like 12 years now, and as far as I know, it's never done a single abusive thing.
10:54<kharlan>I feel like the only way to get rid of these shakedown operators is to have spam filtering services stop using them.
10:55<kharlan>If no one uses them, they become irrelevant
10:56<@_brian>i'd be happy if they just removed the level 3 list from mxtoolbox tbh
10:56<@_brian>in the 10 months since they changed their rules and started listing us, i think i've seen maybe 2 pieces of actual blocked mail from that rbl
10:56<@_brian>everything else has been a red herring
10:56<fluffywolf>I need to figure out how to contact someone at suddenlink who can be useful.
10:57<@_brian>fluffywolf i'd say thats your best bet. if you have trouble reaching them, you can always open a ticket and we'll start asking too
10:58<millisa>(can confirm that suddenlink is just outright closing connections from several linode ips)
10:58<fluffywolf>I have tried before to find or guess contact info and had zero success, and googling found forum discussions from other people also unable to contact anyone.
10:58<fluffywolf>bbl, time to shower and head to work... will try harder later.
10:58<millisa>its doing the same thing from DO systems too
10:59<millisa>(they are listed similarly at uce)
11:02<kharlan>You should make a suddenlink email, call in as a customer, and tell them that you're not receiving an email from your friend ( basically you sending email from a linode )
11:02<fluffywolf>I am a customer!
11:02<kharlan>Oh wow
11:02<fluffywolf>it's MY suddenlink email that my linode can't reach. lol
11:03<kharlan>Lol stalk a suddenlink sysadmin on LinkedIn?
11:04<fluffywolf>as to outright closing connections, some of their web servers are doing the same thing to linode ips as well, for example, - so it might be a firewall change, not a server change, since completely different services are giving the same behavior.
11:04<fluffywolf>bbl, work
11:14<millisa>I should start my own email blocklist. and allow service credits to be used to delist an ASN.
11:14<millisa>with blackjack
11:28<Nivex>It's no blackjack, but I made a game out of ASNs:
11:29<Nivex>hosted on my Linode, so as to be on topic :)
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11:34<FluffyFoxeh>Nivex: Won't load
11:34<nuevu>Need IPv6
11:34<millisa>that'll keep the riffraff out
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11:40<Nivex>Add that to the list of reasons SuddenLink sucks :)
11:57<@_brian>fluffywolf: i called SuddenLink and just got off the phone with them. after explaining to 3 different people the issue, they swear that they aren't blocking us and need an email address before they're willing to try to figure out why we're seeing those 554s. they asked me to have you call them and auth so that they could look into your email
11:57<@_brian>specifically to figure it out
12:01<millisa>(it's dropping before getting to an ehlo)
12:02<millisa>on the plus side, it sounds like their support aren't impostors.
12:03<millisa>_brian: did you try restarting your modem? how many times?
12:03*nuevu shudders
12:04<@_brian>i once had a rep insist i turn off all the PCs in the house before restarting the router
12:05<millisa>it's the only way to be sure
12:05<@_brian>sneaky PCs
12:08<Robdgreat>millisa: no, we both know that's an even more extreme measure
12:08<nuevu>Format their drives?
12:09<Robdgreat>nuke from orbit :P
12:29<kharlan>_brian maybe the rep assumed there was a spanning tree?
12:30<kharlan>I still say you all stalk a random suddenlink sysadmin. How hard would it be to guess someone's email?
12:31<Robdgreat>khreepy kharlan
12:32<kharlan>We must liberate fluffywolf's linode
14:40<dwfreed>wonder if goes anywhere
14:40<dwfreed>(one can dream, right?
14:41<@_brian>kharlan: i'm sure they were just trying to get to the part of their script where they could actually do what i wanted
14:44<@_brian>dwfreed: tbh i didn't check. i went to their site to look for contact info and used their live chat box, and that person told me to call
14:45<@_brian>yes i forgot the code word
14:54<@pwoods>I remember the one time I used support chat to ask a question about a somewhat complex networking question - not an issue that I had, but a question about possibly setting something up. I never stated I had networking issues. The rep restarted my modem as a result. During my work day.
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14:57<Nivex>my favorite is when they insist on restarting the modem after I've explained that I'm using VoIP to call them.
14:59<dwfreed>"If you restart my modem, which won't fix anything, we'll get disconnected, and I'll be mad"
15:00<dwfreed>even most "landlines" these days run over the same modem
15:01<FluffyFoxeh>indeed :|
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15:05<kharlan>_brian that's not even that bad. Our client used to be on EarthLink for about 20 years.... and they would literally break their phone portal every few months. The only way to fix it was to call their main line, get transferred somewhere else, get transferred back, get mad at the third guy, and then they're like "we'll fix it in 24 hours"
15:06<kharlan>I literally have it documented in our processes for that client because it's the same thing every time.
15:06<AliceWonderland>Hi everyone, I'm getting phone calls and seems the phone number is at this page abuseipdb is saying it's on your servers may you please knock it down and contact the owner?
15:08<@_brian>AliceWonderland: how did you get that IP address? when i resolve the domain it gives me (GoDaddy)
15:08<@_brian>kharlan: rofl, terrible
15:08<AliceWonderland>PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
15:08<AliceWonderland>64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=56 time=113 ms
15:09<@_brian>PING ( 56 data bytes
15:09<@_brian>64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=48 time=97.407 ms
15:09<FluffyFoxeh>I like a good NiGHTS
15:10<AliceWonderland> has address
15:10<AliceWonderland> has address
15:10<AliceWonderland> has address
15:10<AliceWonderland> has address
15:10<AliceWonderland> has address
15:10<AliceWonderland> has address
15:10<AliceWonderland> has address
15:10<AliceWonderland> has address
15:10<AliceWonderland> has address
15:10<AliceWonderland> has address
15:10<@_brian>if you can submit whatever you have for us to i'll make sure its looked at
15:10<AliceWonderland> has address
15:10<AliceWonderland> has address
15:10<AliceWonderland>thank you very much _brian really appreciate it <3
15:10<@_brian>no problem
15:10<FluffyFoxeh>in the future, pastebins are good for such things
15:10<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
15:11<FluffyFoxeh>What even is this website? It looks like one of those fake blogs with pages and pages of nonsense articles
15:12<FluffyFoxeh>for what purpose are these created?
15:24<AliceWonderland>_brian, form was submitted with maximum details. If you'll need anything drop me an email. Once again, thank you.
15:25<@_brian>sure thing, i'll check it out. we appreciate the reporting
15:26<AliceWonderland>by admins for admins :) salut
15:27<AliceWonderland>bb, happy hunting
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15:59<millisa>those ips look familiar.
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16:01<millisa>i guess the distribution in ranges just looks like the resolvers distribution in some of the locations. doesnt seem to be them
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18:17<linbot>New news from community: how to scroll or page up n down past top of terminal window <>
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