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02:38<viak>I cannot launch any gpu instance it says that an additional verification is needed
02:40<dwfreed>And does it not tell you what to do to complete the verification?
03:02<viak>it tells
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17:05<Matt_>Is anyone from Linode out there?
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17:05<millisa>Far out there
17:05<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
17:05<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
17:07<Guest4938>I have a client with their website that is hosting on Linode. The company that ran their website went out of business and my client has no access to the server. From what I understand Linode has said that they can't give them access to the account because they can't confirm any of the user data from the account (credit card, etc.). Is there anyway to find out who the account holder is so we can try to contact them?
17:07<millisa>probably not through linode
17:07<millisa>is the site up at the moment?
17:08<Guest4938>but I can't login and need at a minimum ftp access to delete some plugins or the htaccess file so I can get back the login loop I am seeing.
17:09<Guest4938>We have access to the domain name via godaddy but all the NS points to Linode
17:09<millisa>The cert on the IP is for ''. that's what redirs if you request the IP via curl
17:10<Guest4938>That statement is beyond my knowledge. Do you mean the SSL Cert?
17:11<millisa>yes. if you don't give a name and ask for the cert that's on the https using the IP, it gives back an expired cert with that name
17:11<millisa>the site itself doesn't come up - using the waybackmachine, I can see an area code contact number in Reno.
17:12<millisa>can't say if that's your old hoster or if they were another customer
17:12<millisa>it's mostly 'digital marketing' type snakeoil statements
17:13<millisa>your client doesn't know who they got their hosting from?
17:14<Guest4938>Not that I can tell. I have asked them to check their invoices and see if they are getting billed by someone.
17:14<Guest4938>This does help me track things down a little farther. Thank you!!!!
17:14<millisa>that's the only real way you'll get access
17:15<millisa>linode's view is going to be 'this is just some guy wanting to get into our customers system'. they won't have any way to tell if you should be allowed.
17:15<millisa>clock may be ticking too - if the out of business place isn't paying their bill, their linodes will get shutdown within the next few days usually
17:16<millisa>your site looks like wordpress. do you have a login that works in wpadmin?
17:16<millisa>if so, you will want to get one of the wordpress backup tools and dump your database and site that way.
17:22<millisa>you could also go through /?author=# requests and see if any of the usernames or the names up in the title bar ring a bell.
17:24<millisa>often someone in the first 10 will be your huckleberry
17:30<millisa>Guest4938: <--dump of wp users. userid9 might be of interest.
17:33<millisa>then again, maybe that's you.
17:34<Guest4938>that is me :)
17:35<millisa>wave to the camera on the left.
17:37<Guest4938>But your tip before helped. On the catalyst page it shows a lucas ledbetter whose linkedin page shows as a previous owner of Catalyst so we will reach out to him
17:38<millisa>again, they might just be another customer. but maybe they'll know who they used for hosting
17:39<Guest4938>Thanks again, I think we may have a way to track it down.
17:39<millisa>good luck
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17:42<millisa>i need to find more customers that just want to give me money and forget that they're doing it
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18:03<MikeTB>is anyone on from Linode who can help with an open ticket?
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18:05*MikeTB looks around the room
18:05<millisa>sometimes if you drop a ticket# in here one of them will pick it up.
18:05<millisa>if it's important, best bet is usually to call
18:05<MikeTB>:) thanks for the tip millisa!
18:06<kharlan>!point millisa
18:06<MikeTB>Ticket: 16454195
18:06<linbot>kharlan: Point given to the old and crusty millisa. (235) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 27)
18:06<millisa>if it's not account specific, someone in here might know the answer
18:08<MikeTB>Trying to restore a domain name I own that associated with an inactive account.
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18:08<MikeTB>Someone needs to unlock the domain and set it free...
18:08<MikeTB>its needs some MX love
18:10<millisa>do you still have access to the linode account?
18:11<MikeTB>Alas, no... the login no longer works and it has been locked me thinks
18:11<MikeTB>I have a new Linode account :)
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