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00:05<eldhose>hello what are the payment methods?
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00:08<linbot>Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
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08:37<MaXi32>Hmm.. it would be awesome of linode firewall can be used to block IP like this linode-cli firewalls block-ip --rule 1
08:38<MaXi32>currently need to use complicated json data to block
09:07<Nivex>MaXi32: Might be worth filing an issue against the linode-cli repo:
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10:23<kharlan>Oh... I was.. too late.
10:24<Robdgreat>they gave you over 45 seconds
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11:11<Guest5255>I am trying to create an account on linode but I constantly get card declined?
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11:18<millisa>are you using a 4 digit year for the card date?
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11:19<Peng>Note: This is a public chat room. Do not tell us your credit card number.
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11:25<linbot>Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
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12:31<Nivex>really cranking through the satisfied customers today
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16:30<Guest5273>I am very new here
16:30<Guest5273>Tryign to learn of Linode and integrate with daily life
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17:40<linbot>Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
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18:10<patrick_here>Hello ...I have a question about sending outgoing simple daily status emails from a new VPS I'm bringing up (ubuntu 20.04 with postfix). My accout was established before 2019. Anybody here who might want to discuss it?
18:12<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
18:15<patrick_here>The linode instructions at "guides/running-a-mail-server" say to add an MX record in the DNS Mgr ...the instructions show the record as having fields of "Domain, TTL, Type, Priority, and Target". But on my DNS manager interface for adding a MX record there's no place to input a "Target". That's my problem.
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18:17<patrick_here>The fields for adding an MX record on my DNS manager are "Mail_server, Preference, TTL, Subdomain"
18:18<Peng>I guess the "Target" would be "Mail server"
18:19<millisa>"If you use Linode’s DNS Manager, point your MX records to a target domain or subdomain that resolves to your Linode. Make sure that domain or subdomain has an A record that points to the correct IP address."
18:19<millisa>(can't say I like their example where it shows two mx records, one pointing to the name and one to the ip)
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18:23<patrick_here>Actually, I'm not wanting to receive any mail at all I'm wondering if I need to be doing an MX record at all?? Anyway If I do put in an MX record those instructions seem to be saying that I would be pointing my domain (FQDN) to the actual IP address of my linode so that the whole MX record might look something like this: " 86400 MX 10" ...with "" being the domain and "" beging
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18:24<millisa>if you aren't receiving mail on the linode, there's no reason to do the mx setup
18:24<patrick_here>Great, thanks millisa ..that clears up major confusion for me.
18:24<millisa>if you are receiving mail, a record would look like " 300 mx 10" and then you'd have an A record for ' 300 a"
18:25<millisa>for sending mail, you'll want an a record that matches the reverse record that you also use in the smtp greeting
18:25<linbot>Linode blocks ports 25, 465, and 587 on accounts created after November 4, 2019 to help prevent spam; to get these ports unblocked, see the instructions here:
18:26<millisa>(even if your account has been around a while, you still want to follow the guidelines they give there)
18:26<patrick_here>In my case the account was created long before 2019 but this new VPS has been created in the last few days. So port 25 should not be blocked, yes?
18:27<millisa>shouldn't be
18:27<patrick_here>I don't understand what you mean about "a record that matches the reverse record that you also use in the smtp greeting"
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18:30<patrick_here>I did do an spf record however (just now). I have no Encryption of any kind; just did a straightforward Postfix install. I have tried sending to my Fastmail, Gmail and Yahoo accounts. The email always arrives on the Yahoo account but never arrives on the Fastmail or Google accounts.
18:30<millisa>if your IP is, and your linode has an A record for pointed at that IP, you want to setup a reverse for that points to Then you want to make sure postfix is saying "Hi, I am"
18:33<patrick_here>Yes, I did configure the rdns. What's the best way to verify that RDNS is working (ie perhaps from my home wkstn) and how do I make sure that postfix is saying "Hi, I am" ?
18:33<millisa>dig -x
18:34<millisa>telnet to port 25 and say 'helo'
18:34<patrick_here>okay ...will try
18:34<millisa>(you probably don't even need to say helo. it should give the name on the 220 response line)
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18:46<patrick_here>Hmmm... So inetd wasn't running; installed and started it ...then tryed to reach it via "telnet 25" and got no reply (with or without the "mail").
18:46<millisa>are you doing it from the linode?
18:46<patrick_here>doing it from home computer
18:47<millisa>do it from the shell on that linode. If you aren't receiving mail on that linode, just sending, you'd probably not have it open
18:48<patrick_here>I get "connection refused"
18:48<millisa>from that linode, telnet 25
18:49<patrick_here>Okay, I get "connected" and two lines later I get "220 ESMTP Postfix (Ubuntu)"
18:50<patrick_here>Also the "dig -x" on the IP does return my domain name.
18:50<millisa>if that '' matches the a record and reverse of this host, then that'll make receiving mail servers happier.
18:50<millisa>dig -x should be returning the name of that linode.
18:50<millisa>the same '' you got in the 220 line.
18:50<patrick_here>You mean the domain name associated with it ...right?
18:50<millisa>this would be easier if you weren't obfuscating the names of things.
18:51<patrick_here>I"m using "" to represent the actual domain name associated with this linode.
18:52<millisa>I'm aware.
18:52<patrick_here> entered in the DNS. It is ""
18:55<millisa>so when you said '' did it say ''?
18:55<patrick_here>When I did the dig -x I gave it the IP address
18:56<patrick_here>of the linode
18:56<millisa>When you said "Okay, I get "connected" and two lines later I get "220 ESMTP Postfix (Ubuntu)"" what did it really say
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18:58<patrick_here>Oh, sorry, when I did the telnet on the linode cmd line I did "telnet 25". First line "trying, Second line was Connected to Fourth line was "220 ESMTP Postfix (Ubuntu)"
18:59<millisa>When I look at the reverse, it does not have
19:00<patrick_here>In the "ANSWER SECTION", I see "" without the "mail."
19:01<millisa>You want the reverse to match the forward & greeting
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19:01<patrick_here>Oh ...are you talking about the linode interface? Yes, for the rdns setting there I put "" ...should it be ""?
19:01<millisa>If that's the name you are going to use for this linode, yes.
19:02<millisa>when they dont match, receiving mail servers can get upset, deny your mail, or increase the chance they'll dump it in the junk
19:03<satanpol>on this note, if you've tried a few times without success, will you get a connection time out from the servers?
19:03<patrick_here>I suppose I was thinking that RDNS isn't just for mail ...that it was for generally matching an IP with a domain ...but you are saying it should be specific to mail?
19:03<millisa>generally you make a reverse match a host
19:04<patrick_here>Tried what a few times? Sending mail to Fastmail and Gmail?
19:04<millisa>there's not a lot of things that care about the reverse other than mail
19:04<patrick_here>Okay, I didn't know that. Thanks for that.
19:05<millisa>as for the servers you aren't seeing the mail on - troubleshooting for that, you'll want to be looking in your mail log and see what it says.
19:05<millisa>either the remote server accepted it or not. if it didn't, they'll often tell you why not
19:05<satanpol>connection timed out is what I am seeing now
19:05<patrick_here>Oh... I was thining that they might be just dropping it silently.
19:06<millisa>could be
19:06<millisa>satanpol: timed out to what?
19:06<patrick_here>Okay I will check the logs (after I figure out what command to use)
19:07<millisa>ubuntu the mail log I think is at /var/log/mail.log . grep, tail, cat are your friends looking through it
19:07<satanpol>sending a mail. part of the prob I was having was I didn;t have aliases formatted correctly, i read your conversation about the reverse dns and fixed that prob...but now i'm just getting "connection timed out" to the gmail servers.
19:08<millisa>satanpol: that's probably something else. gmail is one that *is* picky about the forward/reverse/greeting bit matching, but it's not usually a timeout you see as a result of them not matching.
19:09<satanpol>yah..i was thinking too many tries and i might have to wait a bit a try again
19:11<millisa>satanpol: if your account is newer than Nov 2019, you have to get the forward/reverse bits in place and then put in a ticket to get linode to allow outbound smtp
19:11<satanpol>i see.
19:11<millisa>its blocked by default on 'new' accounts.
19:11<satanpol>make sense
19:12<satanpol>makes* sense
19:12<linbot>Linode blocks ports 25, 465, and 587 on accounts created after November 4, 2019 to help prevent spam; to get these ports unblocked, see the instructions here:
19:12<millisa>(its the bit at the very top of that page)
19:12<patrick_here>Okay in /var/log/mail.log I'm seeing replies from Fastmail server saying "Data command rejected: is too new, temporarily blacklisted - RLR811 "
19:13<millisa>there you go, they are saying 'no' for their own reasons.
19:13<millisa>Is it a '400' level response or '500'?
19:14<patrick_here>I see "451" does that sound like it?
19:14<millisa>so a 4xx is a temporary deny. 5xx is going to be a bounce
19:15<millisa>your mail server likely still has the mail and it'll retry it at postfix's retry intervals (which are dynamic)
19:15<millisa>if you type 'mailq' it should show your mails stuck waiting to go out
19:15<millisa>eventually postfix will give up and bounce the mail
19:16<millisa>the default is a few days before it does that though. on a temporary deny, they might accept the mail later (and hopefully autowhitelist you) because you are acting like a real mail system, not a spammer.
19:16<patrick_here>Okay yes I see them.
19:16<millisa>immediately denying a new mail server from sending to you is a spam prevention technique (greylisting). A good mail server will retry. A spammer often doesn't.
19:16<patrick_here>At least we have the rdns straightened out. Thanks again for clarifying that and for everything else.
19:17<patrick_here>Okay, understood.
19:20<millisa>(if you want to learn more about the postfix retry interval, is a good brief overview)
19:20<patrick_here>Okay, thanks!
19:31<patrick_here>millisa do you think that ssmtp or msmtp would be a better choice for me than postfix since I'm only wanting to use email for sending out a few daily status messages (generated by scripts) to inform me about how things are going on the server?
19:31<millisa>i'm biased. I like postfix for both inbound and outbound. (I find the logs easier to read)
19:32<patrick_here>Okay, thanks for the advice!
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22:30<Dovydas>Hi everyone, I'm planning on using Linode to deploy a .NET web app. What product would I want to do so? It's fairly low intensity and very low traffic. Do I just need a shared CPU plan?
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22:36<LouWestin>Dovydas: is the .net app going to needs Windows server? If so...
22:36<linbot>It is possible to run Windows on Linode. Here's a set of unofficial instructions:
22:37<kharlan>You can run a .NET on Ubuntu. It's just a PIA.
22:37<LouWestin>!point kharlan
22:37<linbot>LouWestin: Point given to kharlan. (10) (Biggest fan: millisa, total: 6)
22:38<kharlan>Dovydas There are tons of factors. I'd recommend starting with the 5.00 plan and working your way up from there.
22:38<kharlan>It's not that hard to resize.
22:38<Dovydas>Got it, sounds good. Thank you!
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22:39<linbot>Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
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23:41<linbot>New news from community: Feature Request: Resize disk without rebooting <>
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