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08:52<nikolarni>Hello, I created a Free Trial account and it was successful, but I had to close it because my promo code wasn't applied. Now I'm trying to create it again using the exact same information but it's under review. Can you please check what's wrong?
08:53<@_brian>nikolarni: mind if i send you a pm to get some authentication info?
08:53<@_brian>this is a public channel. i can take a look
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09:28<kaue>hello, any op online?
09:28<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
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09:31<linbot>Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
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09:44<ayola>good day
09:44<ayola>have a question.
09:45<ayola>Have been reading on linux containers and cgroups and namespaces
09:46<ayola>from my understanding, linux containers is sort of complex to the extent you might end up needing something such as kubbernetix to manage it's orchestration
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09:51<ayola>Hello Good a fternoon. I have a small question please
09:52<ayola>\Have been reading on linux containers. Have been reading on linux containers and cgroups and namespaces and from my understanding, linux containers is sort of complex to the extent you might end up needing something such as kubbernetix to manage it's orchestrationI. am looking to automate a way to get some features of Linux containers without actually using any container system such as docker. I manage a small shared hosting on my linux and would want to
09:53<ayola>every user so their Resource usage doesn't affect others. I assign you 2GB Disk space and 500MB RAM and if you abuse that, it doesn't affect the next user or the overall system
09:57<ayola>now I am wondering if a USER Namespace is enough to do most or all of these thing
09:58<jkc>If you are in fact using containers, I'd just learn how to use an orchestrator like kubernetes.
09:59<jkc>That said, containers aren't really meant for that kind of usage.
10:00<ayola>I am currently not using containers and do not want to . I just want to implement something basic
10:00<ayola>I just want something to cage every user so they don't use more than their share of CPU, RAM, Disk, etc
10:00<jkc>I mean, you talked a lot about containers for someone that doesn't want to use containers.
10:01<ayola>As for instance deployment, I don't need that
10:01<ayola>I also don't need running different apps on different OS on same linode. If I need such, I would get another Linode. Currently have 3 Linodes
10:01<jkc>Per-user resource limits have existed for a long time. That's basic search engine stuff.
10:02<ayola>didn't know. Thought that was what containers are meant for
10:02<ayola>Per-user resource limits: Any links for this please
10:03<jkc>That exact query in a search engine of your choosing.
10:03<jkc>You'll probably see a lot of references to /etc/security/limits.conf
10:04<ayola>yea done that already
10:04<ayola>just for asking sake while I search, does it take care of RAM, CPU, etc limits
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10:05<ayola>have read about cGroups but was after something more like a script or a way t o automate that so I set and forget
10:06<ayola>"You'll probably see a lot of references to /etc/security/limits.conf" Thanks WOuld now take my time. Didn't know it handles RAM & CPU & others.
10:06<ayola>does it equally do the job of cGroups and Namespaces
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12:01<linbot>Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
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12:49<kaos_>is there a trial or promotion available? im new
12:50<millisa>There's usually a promo on the getting started guide - (might be near the bottom now)
12:52<kaos_>great, found already
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16:24<millisa>i'm sure they won't have a problem with using 'ibmcloud' in their domain name.
16:28<patrick_here>millisa, another email question: I have a letsencrypt cert on my domain. If I enable the "smtpd_use_tls" setting in postfix, will that make my email go out using the Letsencrypt domain cert? (I don't really care about encryption unless it increases my chances of being graylisted by a receiving email server)
16:28<patrick_here>meant to say "of NOT being graylisted..."
16:29<millisa>you can configure postfix to use a cert with an LE cert. I'm not 100% it'll pickup the cert change when it renews
16:29<patrick_here>So you mean ...separately from the domain cert?
16:29<millisa>cert likely won't make a difference on folks greylisting decisions.
16:30<patrick_here>Oh, well if it won't make a differnce on graylisting then I won't bother with it.
16:31<millisa>greylists are often just the tuple of sending server ip and the from/to out of the envelope
16:31<patrick_here>If I want to avoid getting graylisted, is it preferable for me to be able to receive actual emails? Or can I just setup the MTA for send-only, make sure that the DNS settings are good, and expect that to be sufficient to avoid being graylisted?
16:32<millisa>it doesn't matter much if the sending server also is an mx. (it's rare for that to be the case even on bigger setups). having *a* valid mx probably matters for the sending domain.
16:33<millisa>there are providers that say "you say you are from, but there's no mx for . .why would I accept your mail since I can't even bounce it?"
16:35<millisa>(generally you dont avoid getting greylisted. you get greylisted on the first time your IP sends with a specific from address to a specific to address. a good greylist system will automatic whitelist you when you get past it)
16:36<patrick_here>Okay so when you say "*a* valid mx [entry]" do you mean just the single entry mapping the "" domain to the IP address? Or is there a second MX entry that really matters?
16:36<millisa>I mean the domain just needs to be able to receive mail somewhere. anywhere.
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16:36<millisa>doesn't have to have anything to do with the sending server
16:37<patrick_here>Okay, and all of that can be done with a single MX entry like the one I mentioned, right?
16:38<millisa>your mx would point at whoever you have receiving mail for your domain. it doesn't have to include that system for it to send mail for your domain (your spf record accounts for that need)
16:38<patrick_here>Okay, great Thanks Alot !!
16:39<millisa>you probably want to point it somewhere legitimate.
16:39<millisa>(by legitimate i mean somewhere where a mail to will actually reach someone)
16:44<patrick_here>However on my Linode, the available fields for an MX Record are only "Mail Server, Preference, Subdomain, TTL" ...there's no Target. So If I wanted to create an MX record saying that mail for should go to <IPAddress>, how would I do it?
16:44<dwfreed>MX does not care about anything before the @
16:45<millisa>generally, you create the mx record with a priority pointed at a hostname. if you are the one running the hostname, you'd setup an A record for it
16:45<millisa>ex. dig -t mx
16:46<millisa>dig -t a (and since they have two which happen to have equal priority)
16:47<patrick_here>Okay, I understand that I would specify the hostname as but where would the IP address go? Which field?
16:48<dwfreed>IP address does not go in an MX record
16:48<millisa>(despite what the linode doc shows)
16:49<millisa>this bit they show where they are using an IP in the mx record itself . . .dont do that.
16:49<patrick_here>Oh, okay when I add an MX record with my hostname, the IP address (as mentioned in the A record) is implied?
16:49<millisa>its looked up against the a record.
16:49<patrick_here>Okay, got it. Thanks.
16:50<patrick_here>Rather amazing that the Linode documentation could be off on something as important as that.
16:50<millisa>i'm a sending mail server. i have a mail for I lookup the mx record for '' and get a value of I then go do an a record lookup for
16:51<patrick_here>Got it.
16:53<LouWestin>Probably should get that Linode document edited
16:54<millisa>something about rfc974 and 1035
17:00<patrick_here>Okay I submitted an issue on the doc. Thanks again millisa for clarifying all this !!
17:03<millisa>pic example:
17:05<patrick_here>Very nice!
17:06<patrick_here>So sometimes a subdomain has the sole purpose of handling mail?
17:06<millisa>more often than not even.
17:06<millisa>and those 'mail-in1.' type systems aren't single hosts. those are balanced IP's
17:07<millisa>and potentially have both ipv4 and ipv6 addresses.
17:08<patrick_here>By "balanced", you mean servers behind some kind of a load-balancer type of beast?
17:08<millisa>that would be one meaning
17:08<millisa>or balanced in that the A record comes back with multiple ip addresses.
17:08<millisa>or both
17:09<patrick_here>Oh, okay so the sender tries them successively in order of priority?
17:09<millisa>ex: dig -t a (their only listed MX which is interesting), comes back with two different IP addresses. Each of those single IP addresses likely have a hundred systems backing it
17:09<millisa>the sender is *supposed* to pick the one with the lowest priority. if there are two with the same priority, it's dealers choice.
17:10<millisa>if the lower priority number isn't responding, the sending server should move on to the next highest priority (that's the bit in rfc974)
17:10<patrick_here>oh, yes, I see.
17:10<millisa>some spammers like defaulting to the highest priority hoping it's a backup mail server that maybe doesn't scan the same way
17:11<Toba>do you mean lowest
17:11<Toba>I misread it
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17:15<linbot>New news from community: rc and volumes <>
17:16<millisa>don't think. you did. I should have said 'highest numbered priority' and 'lowest numbered priority'.
17:23<Toba>setting up smtp is like golf, if you hit it with a club you might have a good time
17:24<Toba>and you might find yourself wandering around in a sand pit trying to find your marbles
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17:59<esselfe>It would have been nice to be able to create directories in S3 :)
18:00<zifnab>Email is the bane of my existence
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18:15<Robdgreat>ok, who let zifnab in here
18:51<zifnab>Idk I've probably been here longer than most of you at this point
18:51<zifnab>The oldest logs I have only go back to 2011
19:13<Robdgreat>I've only been here since 2008 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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19:13<kharlan>Another Back in my day?
19:13<Robdgreat>huh. earliest logs I have are from 2013
19:15<Robdgreat>oh, no - 2010
19:33<zifnab>I'm too lazy to go look
19:34<zifnab>I remember wasting a weekend trying to get an irc server working in Atlanta way back when
19:35<retro|blah>Port blocking is not still a thing there, right?
19:35<zifnab>Oh it died years ago
19:35<retro|blah>(I worded that strange, but yeah)
19:36<zifnab>Linode had a series of ddos things that made them realize they're a real boy now and need their own bgp mix
19:36<zifnab>Which led to
19:36<linbot>19:07:23 <HoopyCat> zaaaaaaaaaayo, zaaa-aa-aaa-aaaa-yoooooo, latency come and me wan' go home
19:38<zifnab>Then I moved half my shit elsewhere and haven't bothered to finish
19:38<zifnab>Mostly because I don't give a shit
19:39<Robdgreat>giving a shit is a big commitment, so fair
19:39<Robdgreat>I give a shit, but only some of the time
19:47<virtual>lol @ !zayo
20:01<Nivex>hoopycat... there's a name I haven't seen in awhile
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20:22<dzho>same. alas.
20:24<virtual>I decided to check my IRC logs. Seems my first entry here, was in 2015, and I asked about Aussie equivalents to Linode :)
20:26<linbot>New news from community: Nextcloud Object Storage Questions <>
20:30<virtual>it's kinda silly, I'm now down to one Linode, and it's still in London.
20:30<virtual>I need to get another one in Sydney and do some cyrus murder setup.
20:30<virtual>but it might be better if I just do that at home too. ho hum.
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20:41<patrick_here>Progress with my postfix email endeavors. I sent an email to a newly-opened protonmail account and the server replied with "Sender address rejected: need fully-qualified address (in reply to RCPT TO command))"
20:42<patrick_here>At least they didn't greylist me.
20:42<patrick_here>In my, myorigin points to /etc/mailname which contains the single line:
20:44<millisa>what did you use to send the test mail
20:44<patrick_here>echo "This email confirms that Postfix is working" | mail -s "Testing Posfix" <username>
20:45<millisa>set your from address with the mail command.
20:45<virtual>huh. how did I enter my street address wrong in the linode manager (house digit off by 2).
20:46<patrick_here>Can the from address be from another account such as my fastmail account (not on the sending server)?
20:46<millisa>the from address would be from a domain that is valid for your sending server to be sending it for. your server probably isn't fastmail's spf.
20:47<millisa>(i'd assume it'd be something like
20:48<patrick_here>I don't know what would be considered a legitimate from address for my postfix setup. I've been thinking all this time in terms of "send only" and haven't gotten to the point of focusing on receiving emails.
20:49<millisa>if you are a valid sender for the domain, anything-you-want@yourdomain
20:50<patrick_here>Well my user account on this server is "patrick" so "" might be okay?
20:51<virtual>your SPF says ~all, so, I guess it shouldn't matter :)
20:52<patrick_here>what would be the best syntax to use to add the "from" to that command?
20:54<virtual>patrick_here: I actually don't know off top of my head, but saw this which might help?
20:54<millisa>-r if you've got it, if you dont'
20:54<virtual>oh man, I was looking for 'from', and I totally missed that.
20:55<patrick_here>I saw an example on another site recommending this: echo "This is the body" | mail -s "Subject" -aFrom:Harry\<\>
20:55<millisa>something like that would likely work. Only don't be Harry. He's a wizard.
20:56*virtual looks at the trout in one hand, and then at millisa
20:58<patrick_here>Well it got through at protonmail !!! Ended up in the spam folder but beggars cant be choosers !
20:59<virtual>patrick_here: that is awesome!
20:59<virtual>you can start to tweak things to help with the spam scores etc. I still get my emails from a server I've had for almost 10 years, with the same IP, sometimes hit spam on gmail, sometimes not. it's... disappointing.
21:00<patrick_here>Yes, it absolutely is!
21:01<millisa>explicitly putting your ip address in your spf record might help that some. ip4:173.255.243.yadda before the ~all
21:01<patrick_here>Assuming that my postfix MTA is fairly functional what would you recommend for an email client just in case some server decides to send some sort of reply. I'd be happy to use even some kind of text-based app (like the old "pine") if necessary.
21:01<millisa>though yours likely passes due to the 'a' in the record.
21:03<millisa>i wouldn't.
21:04<millisa>I'd pay the €5 a month to proton mail for the 'custom domain'
21:04<millisa>or $5
21:04<kharlan>If you really want reliable outbound... then you need to use a service and relay.
21:05<kharlan>SendGrid and what not.
21:07<virtual>patrick_here: I love mailmate on mac :P I wish it was available on linux and windows though.
21:07<patrick_here>Emails from my former VPS have been getting through on fastmail okay. It's just this new domain (and new postfix install) that got rejected. I just want it for a couple of status emails per day from a cron job ...or logwatch or similar.
21:09<millisa>if thats all you need, and you aren't sending mail to other people other than yourself, I'd setup postfix to auth against my smtp server and let them do the work
21:09<patrick_here>What do you mean by "auth against my smtp server" ?
21:09<millisa>the people i pay to host my email
21:10<patrick_here>For send or receive?
21:10<patrick_here>Do you mean by using an "app password"?
21:11<millisa>so if I have protonmail, I'd tell my postfix to use protonmails smtp service to get mail to me.
21:11<millisa>(the postfix steps aren't debian specific there)
21:12<patrick_here>Okay thanks ...I will definitely look into that.
21:13<millisa>(i dont know how protonmails smtp service works)
21:15<millisa>if you really want to setup your own service for receiving and reading mail though, there's a few dovecot mysql postfix guides on linode's doc site
21:15<millisa>(you can setup pine for imap)
21:16<patrick_here>Okay thanks for the recommendation on dovecot with mysql/postfix. I guess there's an "alpine" successor to pine too.
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22:59<kharlan>Interesting, anyone notice a quick network blip in atl?
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