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00:55<linbot>New news from community: Downloading a Multiplayer Minecraft Server <>
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01:33<linbot>Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
01:35<___xluffy>hey, I want to know about SLA to response ticket?
01:35<___xluffy>I create a ticket and > 2 days still don't receive reply
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02:08<linbot>Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
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03:56<bodmas28>Hello Everyone
03:56<bodmas28>Yesterday I was asking about a crash on my linode server
03:57<bodmas28>I blocked an IP through the cloud firewall that was requesting as a webcrawler .... that worked
03:57<bodmas28>But suddenly today the db crashed once again
03:58<bodmas28>I expected it to be another IP.... but no
03:58<bodmas28>Could anyone help ?
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05:14<bodmas28>Whats the recommend settings for Apache2
05:14<bodmas28>for a 2Gb Linode
05:14<bodmas28><IfModule mpm_prefork_module> StartServers 5 MinSpareServers 5 MaxSpareServers 10 MaxClients 150 MaxRequestsPerChild 0 </IfModule>
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05:17<jkc>bodmas28: It might be more beneficial for you to head over to #httpd on
06:17<linbot>New news from community: LongView Dashboard <>
06:17<@pwoods>bodmas28: this might help, too
06:18<@pwoods>AFAICT, it's all about your workflow, traffic, etc. There isn't like a golden ratio or anything.
06:27<linbot>New news from community: Debian 10 can't enable php extensions <>
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07:18<oke>good afternnon was here the other say someone asked some question whcch i copied and made some searches on
07:18<oke>can some one please tell me in clear words difference between per-user-resource vs containers
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07:21<Joanilson>Good morning, I have a problem with my linode server, where we have our systems and website running. I can't do SSH access or access the Linode panel because it's asking me to confirm the code that was sent to my email that I can't access at the moment, I'd like to reset my linode
07:23<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
07:24<Robdgreat>Joanilson: if staff are around someone can help you in pm. Otherwise you can email or call (if you're outside the US, I understand Skype will allow you to call toll-free numbers)
07:25<@jtoscani>hey Joanilson
07:25<@jtoscani>I'll PM ya and we can take it from there
07:25<Robdgreat>!point jtoscani
07:25<linbot>Robdgreat: Point given to jtoscani. (14)
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07:30<oke>can some one please tell me in clear words difference between per-user-resource vs containers
07:31<Robdgreat>oke: if you're the one who was talking at length about containers, it sounded like you were determined not to use containers
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07:32<Robdgreat>the other day
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07:32<Robdgreat>with that said, I can't properly explain the difference, sorry
07:34<oke>i am just asking now
07:34<oke>saw someone ask the question before
07:34<oke>so i researched on it since i kinda see a need for it
07:35<oke>from the reply, the person was given something per-user resource
07:35<oke>what i just want to know is difference between that and the container the person originally asked which said it did not want to use
07:37<grawity>containers imply namespacing – you cannot 'escape' from one container to see what happens in another, they each have their own "/", their own view of processes, their own network interfaces
07:37<grawity>if someone talks about "per-user" resource limits, that usually doesn't imply namespacing
07:38<grawity>even though the actual limits might well be done using the same features (e.g. cgroups) as with containers
07:41<oke>cool so major difference is just the namespacing which means the user in container sees like a different machine just like a VM
07:42<oke>let me buy an extra linode to play around as i can't use my current linode to test this
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08:42<auditpro>hi i have a question please?
08:42<auditpro>I have registered on linode for 100$ free subscription and I want to know
08:43<auditpro>if I have created 5 linodes for 120$ each ? The transaction will debit my credit card or its free (only for 100$ subscription?)?
08:43<auditpro>and thank u for your support
08:43<@pwoods>hey auditpro
08:45<auditpro>do you have any idea about what I have mentioned above ?
08:46<@pwoods>The promo is good for $100/3 months, which ever comes first.
08:47<@pwoods>After that, we will automatically invoice and bill the preferred payment method on the account.
08:47<@pwoods>And while our prices are listed with monthly caps, we bill hourly, so it's possible that you can invoiced before the month is done.
08:48<auditpro>is that mean that I will be charged for the linodes that I have created in my account during the free 100$ 3 months ?
08:48<auditpro>because my balance in linode is 0$
08:48<@pwoods>Yes, if you use over $100 worth of services, you will be billed
08:49<auditpro>okay I understand thank u for your support sir
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08:53<huhu52>Hi have a question please ?
08:54<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
08:56<huhu52>I have subscribed for 100$ free linode and used more than 100$ (but I have a payment problem with my epay). Do I will charged from my bank account ? I have only entered the e-pay card (card for internet shop). The transaction will pass ? or my account will be closed if there is no money in my e-pay card ?
08:56<huhu52>because I have some problems with my bank
08:56<huhu52>and thank u for your response
08:56<@pwoods>We will attempt to charge the card, then open a Support ticket asking you to update billing
08:57<@pwoods>From there, if nothing happens, we will suspend the account after a warning ticket. Then, if we still do not hear back from and work on a payment plan or extension, then services will eventually be deleted
08:59<huhu52>because the card is directly linked with my bank account
09:00<huhu52>I deposit from my account and just after that the card have some money ? Do I will be charged ? (Because I have problems with my card). Do I will be charged ?
09:00<huhu52>(last question please ?)
09:00<huhu52>the card is not directly linked with my bank account*
09:01<@_brian>our billing system will try to charge your card multiple times to collect payment for your invoice
09:02<@pwoods>huhu52: this is explained here
09:02<huhu52>okay thank you for your support
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09:35<Yuno_v19>what up
09:36<@pwoods>Yuno_v19: greetings
09:37<Yuno_v19>im new in here
09:37<@jtoscani>well first rule of business is you can't erase us with clear ok
09:37<@_brian>you dropped this: /
09:37<Yuno_v19>ok done
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09:39<Yuno_v19>my mannn
09:39<ghazyuri>whats up
09:39<Yuno_v19>what upp
09:39<linbot>Welcome to #linode! Tell us how you screwed up.
09:40<Yuno_v19>guys that is my friend
09:40<ghazyuri>hi guys, nice to meet you
09:40<@pwoods>Aren't we all friends?
09:40<Yuno_v19>i mean my old friend
09:40<ghazyuri>yeahh bro exactly
09:40<Yuno_v19>yeahh we all friends
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09:45<kharlan>Always an awkward silence after the heys
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09:52<@pwoods>It's hard to see through the heys some days.
09:58<bss>so there are problems finding the real need in the heystack?
10:03<Robdgreat>what just happened here?
10:03<kharlan>pwoods testing his bot
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10:25<LouWestin>jtoscani: no, no, no don’t clear the chat! 😃
10:28<@jtoscani>my b i meant to type that in my headspace
10:28<@pwoods>I believe only mcintosh has the gem stones needed to clear the chat
10:30<LouWestin>At least you omitted the slash *whew…*
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11:10<@mcintosh>i'm never going to live that down, huh? :p
11:10<LouWestin>SSDs got added to a few more data centers
11:11<LouWestin>lol It’s going to be one of those old time classic oops.
11:12<@mcintosh>maybe if i just change my irc nick to "meta" people will forget
11:14<Robdgreat>it is assuredly so
11:15<Robdgreat>but before or after the c&d from Zuck?
11:17<Peng>I'm still sad about that time I "temporarily" connected to freenode using IPv4 (from a new Linode that didn't have a /64 yet) and they accidentally k-lined half the IPv4 space or something. :<
11:27<esselfe>I heard you can create directories in S3, but it's not listed in 'linode-cli obj --help', does it have to be implemented?
11:28<Peng>What do you want directories to do
11:29<esselfe>I'd like ie to have all my code source in one directory
11:30<Peng>"Directories" in S3-style object storage are mostly not a thing. (Object names can have / in them, though.)
11:30<esselfe>let me try that
11:30<Peng>I'm not sure what you're trying to do. (And I don't actually know what quirks Linode object storage has.)
11:31<esselfe>well 'linode-cli obj put Makefile bucketnamehere/code' doesn't work
11:33<esselfe>in fact I could make a bucket for each of them...
11:33<esselfe>I can have like 1000 buckets, so
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11:50<Titov>support is here?)
11:50<Titov>i wanna ask about promo balance
11:50<@pwoods>Greetings Titov
11:51<@pwoods>Promo balances would be displayed in the billing area of the account page
11:52<Titov>I missed the step on entering the promo code
11:52<Titov>What to do in this case
11:53<@pwoods>Most promo codes are added through a javascipt part of the promo landing page.
11:54<Titov>Is there a real person here and not a bot?
11:59<@pwoods>We've seen this happen with certain browser extensions. Opening a Support ticket is the best way to get an account specific issue like this resolved.
11:59<KnownSyntax>Titov: that op is not a bot lmao
11:59<@pwoods>I am not a bot, at least I do not believe I am.
11:59<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
12:06<LouWestin>pwoods: as long as you don’t get oil and filter changes regularly, you’re probably not a bot
12:07<@pwoods>Well, I do change my face mask often and I use olive oil in cooking. 🤔
12:08<LouWestin>Ok plausible… Lets see…do you have a charger port or a wireless charger station that connect yourself to?
12:09<@pwoods>My phone does, and my wife says it's become an extension of my hand.
12:10<LouWestin>Ok that’s normal. lol
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12:10<linbot>Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
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12:36<rnowak>pwoods: that's what a bot would say, a bit suspicious
12:45<@pwoods>!point pwoods
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14:29<linbot>New news from community: Sending EMails for User Notifications and not SPAM <>
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14:46<kharlan>looool, pwoods is a bit?
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14:46<kharlan> Bet
14:46<kharlan>Today has been quite a strange day in this channel.
14:49<@pwoods>yeah, it has
14:54<Peng>Hi I'm calling from the dealer's service center and
14:54<@_brian>pwoods bot get em
14:54<@pwoods>!point pwoods
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19:08<koenig>Wow - I missed all of the hilarity on the channel today while it was happening.
19:09<koenig>That's what I get for having a job, I guess.
19:09<koenig>Congratulations on your bothood.
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