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00:13<satanpol>is anyone using TLS remote rsyslog functionality that has found issues between distros being able to decrypt the stream?
00:16<satanpol>void-linux seems to communicate with debians rsyslog instances however Kali does not and elicits an error and syslog shows it's best "i can't read that crap" interpretation.
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00:42<adarsh>We are developing an enterprise email hosting service. Is port 25 open on your network ?
00:44<satanpol>from what i have observed in other conversations abt email is that you have to submit a ticket to support and request it be opened for accounts made after some date in 2019
00:45<satanpol>i believe it also affects the secure port
00:45<adarsh>I see,
00:46<adarsh>Do Linode support BGP? Can we can use our own IP block ?
00:49<satanpol>youlll have to msg an op(ops are support personnel) or wait for them to answer in channel
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00:52<adarsh>Okay. I will wait then.
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01:12<Ganesh>I have web development agency. Looking for long term partnership and place to host 50 website . Need a solution
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06:17<ganesh>looking for good hosting service for my websites.
06:17<ganesh>i am a website developer.
06:17<ganesh>i have 50+ websites which needs hosting and plesk panel
07:02<jkc>Linode is a self-managed VPS provider. You're welcome to do whatever you want to do with your VMs, within the bounds of the terms of service.
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09:18<@_brian>greetings jitu
09:18<jitu>Can I sign up for linode with debit-card or paypal.
09:19<@pwoods>if the debit card is connected to a credit card, like has a Mastercard or Visa logo on it
09:19<@_brian>Debit cards will work, but not PayPal
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09:20<jitu>I have a Kotak Bank VISA debit card.
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09:21<jitu>I donot have credit card.
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09:21<@_brian>that should be fine
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09:23<jitu>ok thanks. But are you sure, the card is not linked with any credit card, I will pre-pay for a year using my debit card. [Indian cards require OTP confirmation]
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09:24<@_brian>i am 100% sure that we have customers that successfully use Kotak Mahindra bank cards
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09:27<jitu>Ok sir, thanks for the quick reply.
09:27<@_brian>you're welcome :)
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09:35<koenig>Now THAT was an example of a pleasant exchange.
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09:36<linbot>Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
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10:04<linbot>New news from community: Not allowed to send emails from WP <>
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10:26<DavidRuiz>Hi i need a help
10:27<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
10:28<DavidRuiz>Hi, i was change a url in my wordpress but now i cant get in
10:28<millisa>Not sure I follow. You can't get in to what?
10:28<DavidRuiz>for putting https in the route now my site crashed, I need help
10:28<DavidRuiz>my site is
10:29<millisa>that doesn't look like a cert is setup correctly
10:29<DavidRuiz>but I can't enter phpmyadmin to solve them either
10:29<DavidRuiz>si, ese es otro de mis problemas que he tratado de instalar el ssl y no me deja
10:29<DavidRuiz>yes, that is another of my problems that I have tried to install the ssl and it does not let me
10:30<DavidRuiz>can you help me with that please :(
10:30<millisa>You can start by ssh'ing into the system, and using mysql from the command line to update the site_url
10:30<DavidRuiz>I have sent tickets and they do not respond to me
10:31<millisa>It's likely outside their support boundary
10:32<DavidRuiz>but it is not your duty to help the client
10:33<millisa>I'm another customer. As for Linode, they have a document on their scope of support
10:33<DavidRuiz>ohh I understand
10:33<millisa>Generally they don't do anything inside the OS. If it's a problem with the hardware/network side, they handle it
10:34<DavidRuiz>But then how do I get my page back to how it was before, can you help me please
10:34<millisa>As I said, ssh into the system first. From there you can use mysql at the command line to update your site url
10:35<DavidRuiz>how is that line?
10:36<millisa>I'm not sure I understand the question
10:36<file>millisa: I think they're wanting step by step instructions on how to fix it including filled out command
10:37<DavidRuiz>yes, please
10:37<millisa>for which piece? are you ssh'd into the system? do you have the mysql client open?
10:39<DavidRuiz>i can't open mysql
10:39<DavidRuiz>that's the problem
10:39<millisa>so you are ssh'd into the system?
10:39<DavidRuiz>yes, i'm on ssh
10:40<millisa>and when you type 'mysql' what does it say?
10:41<DavidRuiz>Welcome to the MariaDB monitor. Commands end with ; or \g. Your MariaDB connection id is 247 Server version: 10.3.31-MariaDB-0+deb10u1 Debian 10 Copyright (c) 2000, 2018, Oracle, MariaDB Corporation Ab and others. Type 'help;' or '\h' for help. Type '\c' to clear the current input statement.
10:41<millisa>so, switch to your wordpress database. something like 'use yourdatabase;'
10:42<millisa>if you aren't sure of your database names, you can use 'show databases;'
10:43<millisa>The prompt should switch to 'MariaDB [yourdatabase]>'
10:43<millisa>from there, you need to find your options table. " show tables like '%options'; "
10:44<millisa>that options table will have two values for your site, siteurl and home that you want to set appropriately
10:45<millisa>You can see those values with: select * from YOUROPTIONSTABLE where option_name='siteurl' or option_name='home';
10:45<millisa>they are likely both set to
10:46<DavidRuiz>I did the show database thing and I only get an arrow
10:46<DavidRuiz>MariaDB [(none)]
10:46<millisa>show databases; that shows no databases?
10:47<DavidRuiz>no, none
10:47<millisa>were you logged in as root?
10:48<millisa>it doesn't give an error or anything?
10:50<millisa>are you leaving out the semicolon? show databases;
10:50<DavidRuiz>ohh it's with semicolon
10:52<DavidRuiz>ERROR 1064 (42000): You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near 'database' at line 1
10:53<DavidRuiz>+--------------------+ | Database | +--------------------+ | information_schema | | mysql | | performance_schema | | wordpressdb | +--------------------+ 4 rows in set (0.001 sec)
10:53<millisa>I'm guessing 'wordpressdb' is your database. so switch to it with 'use wordpressdb;'
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10:54<Cleoboy>hello hello :>
10:54<millisa>Cleoboy: Greetings
10:54<Cleoboy>i got a question for someone abit technical
10:55<millisa>There are some of those types of people in here
10:55<DavidRuiz>yes, look
10:55<Cleoboy>i wanna use your services as vpn for helium hotspots :D
10:55<DavidRuiz>i I am inside the database
10:55<millisa>DavidRuiz: find your options table. show tables like '%options';
10:56<Cleoboy>soo every hotspot uses about 100 -150 gb or internet / month
10:56<Cleoboy>any of you hear about helium hotspots ? will i be brokeing any rulles if i use your services for that ?
10:57<millisa>Cleoboy: even the smallest shared cpu plan has 1TB transfer a month.
10:57<millisa>helium is the one where the mining happens out at the client side, right?
10:57<Cleoboy>its abit too much to say mining
10:57<millisa>(their AUP is out at
10:57<millisa>er, 'collecting credits'?
10:58<millisa>(I don't see anything there that would prevent you from using it)
10:58<Cleoboy>offering connectivity to iot devices thru theyr hotspots and your internet :D
10:58<DavidRuiz>ERROR 1064 (42000): You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near '%options' at line 1 :'(
10:58<millisa>More details at
10:59<millisa>DavidRuiz: You aren't copying someting correctly. show tables like '%options';
10:59<millisa>Cleoboy: if you wanted to be extra safe, you could contact them and ask -
11:00<Cleoboy>think i will be sending an email to support / sales
11:00<DavidRuiz>with the quotes?
11:00<Cleoboy>just to be on the safe side
11:00<millisa>DavidRuiz: Just this in its entirety:
11:01<millisa>DavidRuiz: show tables like '%options';
11:01<millisa>(you are telling it to show tables that end in 'options'. your wordpress options table is going to end with that word)
11:01<millisa>ok wp_options is the name of your table.
11:02<millisa>so now check the values that are there for the siteurl and home
11:02<millisa>select * from wp_options where option_name='siteurl' or option_name='home';
11:02<millisa>it is likely both are set to the https:// version from what wordpress is redirecting with
11:12<DavidRuiz>here select * from wp_options where option_name='siteurl' or option_name='home';
11:12<DavidRuiz>copy all?
11:12-!-jkc [] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 3.0]
11:12<millisa>that would show you what you currently have set
11:12<millisa>it should come back with 2 rows.
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11:13<DavidRuiz>+-----------+-------------+-------------------------------+----------+ | option_id | option_name | option_value | autoload | +-----------+-------------+-------------------------------+----------+ | 2 | home | | yes | | 1 | siteurl | | yes | +-----------+-------------+-------------------------------+----------+ 2 r
11:14<millisa>so, to change it you would use the update command (just like you would in phpmyadmin)
11:14<DavidRuiz>How do I remove that S and leave it only http
11:14<millisa>update wp_options set option_value='' where option_name='home';
11:14<millisa>and similarly
11:15<millisa>update wp_options set option_value='' where option_name='siteurl';
11:15<millisa>you could then re-run the select statement to be sure they updated to what you wanted.
11:15<millisa>that hopefully will get your wordpress to stop forcing the redirect
11:16<DavidRuiz>Right now I'm on it, I'll tell you, even thank you very much for your time and being so kind
11:18<DavidRuiz>+-----------+-------------+------------------------------+----------+ | option_id | option_name | option_value | autoload | +-----------+-------------+------------------------------+----------+ | 2 | home | | yes | | 1 | siteurl | | yes | +-----------+-------------+------------------------------+----------+
11:19<DavidRuiz>it worked
11:19<DavidRuiz> but my site still does not work
11:19<millisa>I see a site
11:19<millisa>you may n eed to clear your cache/close your browser
11:21<DavidRuiz>great, hey really thank you very much, what a great person you are
11:21<millisa>you were able to see the site load again on http?
11:22<DavidRuiz>Yes!!! Thanks for the time, and I don't want to abuse your trust, but another of my problem was that I can't put the ssl on my site. Do you know why?
11:22<millisa>not specifically no. what was showing earlier was that it wasn't actually doing ssl on the ssl port.
11:22<millisa>"SSL routines:CONNECT_CR_SRVR_HELLO:wrong version number"
11:22<millisa>is what I was seeing
11:24<DavidRuiz>I uploaded the files by ftp but nothing :(
11:25<DavidRuiz>the only way to activate ssl is from ssh right?
11:25<millisa>you'd usually do the config and getting the certificate there, yes
11:26<millisa>when you did your 443 config, did you include the lines for 'SSLEngine on' and the rest of the SSL* lines?
11:27<DavidRuiz>i dont remember
11:27<DavidRuiz>I do not think so
11:28<DavidRuiz>what is RHEL?
11:28<millisa>there might have also been a step where enabled the ssl mod. something like: sudo a2enmod ssl
11:28<millisa>RHEL = redhat enterprise linux. its a distribution. it looks like you are using Debian
11:28<DavidRuiz>How do I know which one I have to guide myself from these guides
11:29<DavidRuiz>Considering dependency setenvif for ssl: Module setenvif already enabled Considering dependency mime for ssl: Module mime already enabled Considering dependency socache_shmcb for ssl: Module socache_shmcb already enabled Module ssl already enabled
11:30<DavidRuiz>it's ready to install right?
11:30<millisa>I dont know what you are pasting there.
11:30<DavidRuiz>sudo a2enmod ssl
11:31<DavidRuiz>the result
11:31<millisa>ah, then it looks like it. (I don't know Debian all that well)
11:32<millisa>so follow the apache debian guide for certbot and hopefully you'll end up with a working certificate
11:32<DavidRuiz>yes debian 10, that's right I'll do
11:33<DavidRuiz>Seriously, thank you very much, I hope you have a great day, I don't bother you anymore, Thank you very much !!!!
11:33<millisa>good luck
11:33<@_brian>!point millisa
11:33<linbot>_brian: Point given to the old and crusty millisa. (236) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 27)
11:33<@_brian>well done
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11:41<millisa>I believe I have earned my mcrib
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12:21<koenig>That was awesome.
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13:07<Cleoboy>i`m back ... made account so now i got some more questions :))))
13:08<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
13:09<Cleoboy>for the 5 $ shared cpu plan .... the ipv4 public address is dinamic ? or static ?
13:09<linbot>Each Linode comes with 1 public IPv4 address and 1 public IPv6 address. Additional IPv4 addresses are $ 1 per month, and require technical justification. A /64 or /56 of IPv6 can be routed to your Linode at no charge.
13:09<dwfreed>it is available via DHCP, but you will always get the same IP
13:10<Cleoboy>nice , verry nice
13:10<millisa>and you can set the address statically in the OS if you want to -
13:11<Cleoboy>now i need to setup a vpn to connect my device to linode ... after i figure that out gotta figure out how to port forward so that i can reach my device from anywhere :D
13:11<millisa>lots of options - (I've been digging wireguard lately)
13:12<Cleoboy>to make my story short ... my device that i wanna monitor via browser is connected thru wifi from a mobile phone
13:13<Cleoboy>on that mobile phone ( old phone ) can`t install wireguard :) it aint compatible
13:14-!-spawacz [] has joined #linode
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13:14<Cleoboy>gonna be a long night , i`m not that familiar with linux
13:14-!-eichin [] has joined #linode
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13:14<dwfreed>you don't have to install wireguard on the phone for this to work
13:15<dwfreed>you can install wireguard on the computer you want to connect to
13:15-!-trip [] has joined #linode
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13:15<dwfreed>(also don't think any VPN will allow access to the wifi hotspot clients)
13:16<Cleoboy>then i`m screwed :D
13:16<dwfreed>not necessarily
13:16<Cleoboy>long story short ... i have a device that needs a port opened to the public ( forwarded )
13:16<Cleoboy>that device is currently connected to the internet thru my phone with hotspot
13:16<dwfreed>you could use a wifi router capable of acting as both client and AP that you install the VPN on
13:17<dwfreed>OpenWrt is great for this
13:17<Cleoboy>yeah but that means new setup :) other devices and so on
13:17<Cleoboy>so from a phone i can`t do what i want
13:18<Cleoboy>i guess the next thing is to ask if you can recommend any wifi router ? :)
13:36<dwfreed>pretty much anything on the openwrt table of hardware will be alright
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14:15<linbot>New news from community: do i have to pay anything if i have 100$ promo credits on my account <>
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15:17<LouWestin>For those who use BackBlaze they’re now on the stock market.
15:18<kharlan>It's a good time to work at backblaze huh
15:18<LouWestin>They did mention they’re hiring
15:18<kharlan>Not my speciality..
15:19<LouWestin>Probably not mine either.
15:19<kharlan>I was thinking about applying to Linode but I somehow ended up applying to one of their competitors
15:19<kharlan>Got 3 interviews in and decided to drop out because their manager was kinda jerk.
15:19<LouWestin>Oh yeah… been there myself
15:20<kharlan>Yeah it was disappointing.
15:20<jkc>Heh. Know that feeling. There's a company out there that won't even consider my resumes because years ago, one of the hiring managers was so arrogant in an interview that I actively told him off then walked out.
15:21<LouWestin>I tried to transfer out from my former job so many times. Irony was I got as a school substitute on the spot with like nothing really to show my qualifications
15:22<LouWestin>Ended up becoming a full time teacher aide the following year
15:22<LouWestin>Three years later I love my job. 🤷‍♂️
15:23<kharlan>Heh nice. The whole hiring process can be a struggle at times.
15:23<kharlan>It's an emotional rollercoaster.
15:27<LouWestin>When I interviewed for school I was meh… here we go for the millionth time. When she hired I was like, wait…what!?
15:32<kharlan>Lol that's the best feeling
15:35-!-patrick_here [] has joined #linode
15:35-!-patrick_here is "OFTC WebIRC Client" on #linode
15:37<patrick_here>My VPS ...which has been running rather well for many years suddenly has a big problem. Hosted websites do not respond. Also when I ping the domain name I suddenly am getting an IPv6 address instead of the IPV4 address that I would always get previously.
15:38<patrick_here>Wait... I am getting an IPv4 address...
15:38<patrick_here>(I had been pingig from another linode VPS)
15:41<patrick_here>Apache2 is shut down and status shows: "Blacklisting address possible DoS attack"
15:44<patrick_here>So I restart apache and I'm back up now. I have a system that checks for dictionary breakin attempts on my wordpress login pages ...nobody has been trying to breakin there. Any ideas on what might have caused apache to shut down with this "possible DoS attack" warning?
15:45<millisa>you'd have to give more details about the blacklist bit
15:45<millisa>for all we know apache was dead for other reasons.
15:46<millisa>(check syslog/dmesg for it being killed/cumped/stopped)
15:49-!-haxar [] has joined #linode
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15:59<patrick_here>Yes, syslog shows a rather long list of attack IP's coming and being thrown onto iptables INPUT_denied ...and I see the long list of banned IP's for Fail2Ban's wp-auth I gues that my preliminary initial assesment was wrong ...someone was probably attempting a dictionary on Wordpress site logins ...I have another way of checking that.
16:00<millisa>that message looked like mod_evasive. as far I know neither that or fail2ban are going to shutdown apache (i mean, you could make fail2ban do it, but you'd know you did that)
16:10<patrick_here>What I can see for sure though is that the same guy has been hitting the login on two wordpress sites (dictionary) with completely different IP addrs (not even same subnet most of the time) both today and yesterday (haven't checked back further yet)...
16:10-!-DavidRuiz [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:10<patrick_here>...but the hits are spaced out far enough that that wouldn't be nearly enough to describe it as a DoS attack.
16:10<millisa>that should make it easy to tell when apache stopped. when do the logs stop showing it?
16:11<millisa>(that's an azure IP. a nice cesspool for wordpress bots. you'll block many)
16:12<patrick_here>I know it's the same guy because he uses the same username repeatedly. It's still going on in syslog.
16:12-!-esselfe [] has quit [Quit: brb]
16:16<patrick_here>Strange... I don't see a message saying that Apache shut down this time either in /var/log/apache2/error.log or error.log.1
16:18<patrick_here> was in syslog: Nov 11 12:41:59 ... systemd[1]: Stopped LSB: Apache2 web server.
16:19<millisa>what's before that
16:21<patrick_here>There's about a dozen INPUT denied but about 2 minutes earlier there's a cron for /usr/lib/php/sessionclean
16:21<linbot>Maybe not a verb. But you can do it here:
16:22<millisa>show what's happening from syslog for the few minutes leading up to that stop and anything in the minute after. also look in dmesg
16:23<patrick_here>I haven't actually used pastebin before ...might take a while to figure it out... Aren't there security issues pasting in from syslog there?
16:25<millisa>You can use or your favorite text pasting service
16:26<patrick_here>just a moment
16:31<patrick_here>here we go :
16:32<millisa>Line 126-130 - doesn't look like apache was stopped, that looks like it was restarted.
16:33<millisa>Line 78 probably has the culprit
16:33<patrick_here>Hmmm ....maybe that's when I restarted it then. Just a moment
16:36<patrick_here>the file shows the previous 6hrs and there's no other occurrence of 'Apache2" previously. What about Line 78. What would that mean?
16:37<millisa>(it looks like you were doing stuff)
16:37<millisa>If you can be disruptive on your system right now, tail your syslog and restart apache and see if it looks similar to lines 126-130
16:39<patrick_here>Yes, I just restarted it and the outlook does look similar enough...
16:40<millisa>and you don't think it was you that restarted apache at 12:41:59?
16:41<patrick_here>No, definitely not. I have an outside test running on my sites ...from that I got an email saying that the sites were not responding. I came to the VPS and found that Apache2 was indeed stopped with that message about DoS mentioned previously. Then I restarted it.
16:42<patrick_here>But yes, the 12:41 entry was probably me restarting it.
16:42<patrick_here>but the shutdown of apache would have been at least about 4 minutes previously.
16:42<millisa>you manually verified these sites weren't working?
16:43<millisa>and there's nothing in dmesg around these times?
16:43<patrick_here>Actually the initial email alert came in to me at 20:21:42 (UTC)
16:44<millisa>(I don't know what timezone is in these logs)
16:44<patrick_here>West coast US (pacifi)
16:45<millisa>so what happened could be earlier in the log than you posted. before 12:21p
16:45<patrick_here>So anyway looking in the log at around 12:21 I don't see anything that would explain apache shutting down
16:46<millisa>you see nothing in dmesg between 11am and 12:21p localtime?
16:46<millisa>similar question for syslog?
16:48<patrick_here>Well the timestamps in dmsg are not the readable type. and anyway I just see so many INPUT_denied messages there correspoding to the syslog ones but nothing much else
16:48<millisa>dmesg -T
16:49<millisa>for the syslog entries. | grep -v iptables_INPUT_denied
16:50<patrick_here>Yes, going all the way back to 11:50 it's just iptables_INPUT_denied ...nothing else. 550 lines of it.
16:51-!-Cleoboy [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
16:52<millisa>and nothing in dmesg?
16:52<patrick_here>That's dmesg
16:52<patrick_here>dmesg -T
16:53<millisa>then I am out of ideas. Either apache was stopped for reasons that didn't show up in either dmesg or messages (not likely) or it wasn't stopped and something else was preventing your connection.
16:54<patrick_here>I definitely found it to be stopped with "sudo service apache2 status"
16:54<millisa>If it was something where there weren't workers, it'd have shown in the apache logs
16:54<patrick_here>But thanks very much for the help
16:56<patrick_here>If I hadn't restarted it, I think the system would have restarted it for me ...does that sound reasonable? I mean I think I had configured it that way somehow. Reason I'm asking is that I've seen these emails several times before informing me that the site(s) are down but then they come back up mysteriously in about 15 or 20 minutes.
16:57<millisa>that I would be more likely to attribute to a problem in the monitoring solution...
16:57<patrick_here>Well the monitoring hits just do a "HEAD" request on intervals of about 20 minutes or something.
16:58<patrick_here>And it's just on about three of the sites. No load worth mentioning.
16:58<millisa>(you *could* have systemd set to restart on-failure; but I'd epxect you'd know if you did that)
16:58<patrick_here>Well it was so long ago ...years.
16:59<millisa>that'd show in the syslog though
16:59<millisa>if you kill -9'd the apache processes, you'd see it start it backup if you did
16:59<patrick_here>Oh ...will look for it in the future then if there's another scenario where it resstarts itself.
17:00<patrick_here>Well I wouldn't want to intentionally have it down for that long.
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