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09:20<linbot>New news from community: How I refresh if a server apears OFFLINE but is online <>
09:50<linbot>New news from community: How to use Post request in html button - linode instance <>
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10:31<Peng>Has Linode started deploying RPKI filtering? (Or does the test site have routing issues?)
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11:49<Asim>I need help?
11:49<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
11:49<Asim>i want to install windows server on Linode.
11:50<linbot>It is possible to run Windows on Linode. Here's a set of unofficial instructions:
11:50<Asim>ok thanks let me check
11:50<millisa>Linodes are usually linux. Most other custom options are certainly possible, but they aren't supported.
11:50<Asim>is this easy or difficult?
11:50<millisa>I don't know your skill level. I would consider it difficult for most people and probably inadvisable.
11:51<millisa>You would have to supply the license.
11:52<Asim>ok fine thanks Millisa actually i want to install windows recently i haveplan to start cloud services in pakistan for small business here mostly are windows user
11:53<millisa>Well, it's certainly doable, but it might be worth investigating more windows centric providers who *do* provide the license and support.
11:53<Asim>if you can help and guide about other cloud portals which supported windows it will be appreciable
11:55<millisa>I don't do all that much windows. VPS/cloud type providers that I have touched that do windows - AWS, Rackspace, IONOS, are all ones I've used.
11:55<Asim>Ok, Thank you so much Millisa.
11:55<millisa>Oh, and Azure I guess does windows, but I do very little with them. AWS and Azure probably have the largest user base and potentially better geographical choices.
11:56<millisa>atlantic is potentially the least expensive?
11:56<Asim>Thank You :)
11:57<millisa>someone else with more experience doing windows stuff may pipe up (or may not)
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13:09<@pwoods>greetings Vishaal
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13:10<@pwoods>... what did I say?
13:16<millisa>did you put the invisible utf8 greetings character?
13:20<Nivex>kids these days will never know the amusement of crafting an IRC packet with +++ATH0 in it and watching the fallout
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13:57<linbot>Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
14:03<bn_work>hi, can someone clarify whether sub-subdomains are supported or not? I was reading and it starts off by saying it isn't but then proceeds to explain how one can add a new zone (under I think) & add the A record under that, so is that effectively saying "yes, it is supported"? or are there limitations if one does it this way?
14:12<Nivex>That basically means it's enforcing the zone to dot mappings. Not all DNS systems do.
14:12<Nivex>You can create as many zones in the Linode DNS manager as you want.
14:22<bn_work>Nivex: what do you mean by "enforcing the zone to dot mappings"?
14:23<Nivex> is a zone. is a zone. Some DNS systems will let you store in the zone. Linode makes you go ahead and declare the and store foo in it.
14:25<bn_work>ah, gotcha, thanks 👍
14:30<Peng>Linode lets you do both. (Except for wildcards.)
14:40<bn_work>Peng: oh, so no restriction after all? which is preferable? I guess having it all in one zone file makes it easier to ^F but I can see an argument for having it in a separate zone (file) too.
14:40<Nivex>ah, that's a subtlety I missed on the first read. That article is saying if you already have an A/AAAA records for, you can't have one for
14:40*file not found
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14:45<Peng>"That article is saying if you already have an A/AAAA records for, you can't have one for" But you can do that
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14:47<Peng>I haven't read the article yet. :D
14:52<Nivex>In the Linode DNS manager?
14:52<Nivex>Perhaps the docs are out of date?
14:53<Nivex>I've never actually tried to do that.
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15:39<CleoBoy>Good evening :D
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15:54<dwfreed>wow, that is so wrong
15:56<Nivex>Mental note: don't say good evening to dwfreed :P
15:57<dwfreed>Peng: Nivex:
15:57<dwfreed>linbot: dig
15:57<linbot>dwfreed: DNS resource record type is unknown.
15:57<dwfreed>linbot: dig A
15:57<linbot>dwfreed: DNS resource record type is unknown.
15:58<Peng>No @
15:58<Peng>I mean, it doesn't support specifying the nameserver
15:58<Peng>I made and AAAA earlier, though.
15:58<dwfreed>that's unfortunate, because as the name implies, the domain doesn't really exist :)
15:59<dwfreed>it's just a test zone I have in the DNS manager for cases like this
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