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10:36<CleoBoy>Good evening :D
10:37<CleoBoy>anyone can help me connect a tp-link to linode vpn ?
11:02<CleoBoy>guess no one here
11:04<LouWestin>tp-link is that a router?
11:05<CleoBoy>kinda :) cheap but it does its job
11:05<CleoBoy>since i got almost no traffic thru it
11:06<LouWestin>You’re probably going to need OpenVPN installed or whatever type of vpn you’re using on the device you want to connect to
11:07<LouWestin>and setup a VPN on your VPS
11:08<CleoBoy>can`t i connect the router to vpn ? thru l2tp ?
11:09<LouWestin>I have no idea
11:10<CleoBoy>i`ve seen an tutorial online with vpn on router thru l2tp but other provider
11:10<CleoBoy>so i think linode should work too
11:10<LouWestin>If you can setup 12tp on Linux then probably
11:12<CleoBoy>since i am a total noob
11:12<CleoBoy>i am going to ask in noob terms
11:12<CleoBoy>the openvpn created on linode is something different ? and i can`t connect it to my router only to devices ?
11:13<file>OpenVPN is a separate VPN technology than L2TP
11:13<file>if your router does not support OpenVPN then no, you would not be able to connect your router to it
11:14<CleoBoy>ok so i got a router with l2tp that i cant connect to anything right now
11:14<CleoBoy>can i get l2tp on linode ?
11:15<file>Linode provides virtual machines, you can run whatever you want, if your question is actually if there is a marketplace app or something else which will just do it out of the box for you with minimal knowledge, I don't know
11:16<CleoBoy>yeah minimal knowledge would work for me
11:17<CleoBoy>so i am stuck now
12:05<CleoBoy>so ... could i install l2tp on linode ?
12:05<Robdgreat>you can install anything that's available and legal
12:05<Robdgreat>it's a vps, you have root access
12:07<CleoBoy>i have root access but i see on tutorials they using it " from desktop "
12:09<Robdgreat>What were you connecting your router to before?
12:09<CleoBoy>another router :)
12:10<CleoBoy>but i have a device that needs to be on different network with a certain port opened to public
12:10<CleoBoy>and i got two devices in same network ... so can`t forward same port for two devices
12:10<CleoBoy>that`s why i got a secondary router ( these tp-link ) that has l2tp
12:11<CleoBoy>i wanna connect it to some vpn and port forward from it to the secondary device
12:13<Robdgreat>I can't help thinking you may be going about this wrong
12:14<CleoBoy>could be
12:14<CleoBoy>the two devices i need port open i cant install anything on them .... if i could install openvpn or something directly on them i would of done it by now
12:17<LouWestin>yep, you can't install VPN software onto a router like that unless it already has it
12:17<Robdgreat>LouWestin: the router in question already has l2tp
12:17<LouWestin>ok. you have to setup the VPN configuration through the router
12:18<CleoBoy>what type of vpn ?i got openvpn started on linode
12:18<Robdgreat>CleoBoy wants to set up an l2tp server on a Linode
12:19<Robdgreat>thus introducing a remote machine into what should be a local setup? I think?
12:19<Robdgreat>I don't have much information but it feels wrong
12:19<CleoBoy>so guess i need to manually install l2tp ( something i dont know how to do so far )
12:20<Robdgreat>that's a complete shot in the dark, but the query describes what it sounds like you want to do
12:20<Robdgreat>I can't help thinking with more information a better solution could be found
12:21<CleoBoy>what kind of info u need
12:22<Robdgreat>what are you actually trying to do? Why do your devices need to be on separate networks, etc
12:23<CleoBoy>i got internet from an isp with an ont router , on that router i have a device connected to internet and port forwarded 44158 to public ( i need these port opened for the device to connect to others and others to me )
12:23<CleoBoy>now my problem starts
12:23<CleoBoy>i got a secondary device that needs the same port as the first opened to public but can`t be in the same network , needs a different external ip
12:24<Robdgreat>is forwarding a different port to 44158 on the second one not an option?
12:24<CleoBoy>they need the same
12:24<CleoBoy>outbond and inbound
12:25<CleoBoy>that`s why i thought i could solve these problem with an vpn on a second router
12:27<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
12:27<Robdgreat>maybe someone else has a clue
12:28<Robdgreat>staff sometimes respond to that trigger
12:29<CleoBoy>:) did you understand what i need ?
12:29<Robdgreat>yeah, but I still don't know about setting up an l2tp server
12:33<CleoBoy>these sounds legit :)
12:34<Robdgreat>yeah probably
12:34<Robdgreat>if you mess anything up you can just redeploy your Linode :)
12:34<CleoBoy>sounds encouraging :))))
12:34<Robdgreat>assuming it's new and has nothing on it yet
12:34<CleoBoy>empty so far
12:35<Robdgreat>feel free to check back in if you have any other questions
12:35<CleoBoy>i`m noob as linux
12:35<Robdgreat>it's busier at some other times of the day
12:35<Robdgreat>I need to go now. Good luck!
12:35<CleoBoy>Thanks :) have a good evening
12:44<@pwoods>CleoBoy: I honestly do not know what you need to do in order to get this to work, but I did find this post on our Community Questions site:
12:45<@pwoods>There's also a very old post that might still be relevant
12:45<CleoBoy>what do you mean you don`t know what i need to do ? :)
12:45<CleoBoy>i need to connect my router to linode thru l2tp but donno how :D
12:46<@pwoods>I've seen people use Linode as a proxy of some sort for a device, but how to go about installing anything and making that work, I've never tried or researched it enough to know.
12:48<CleoBoy>guess i`m the lucky one then
12:55<CleoBoy>================================================ IPsec VPN server is now ready for use! Connect to your new VPN with these details:
12:55<CleoBoy>ok so got these far
12:55<CleoBoy>i can use vpn on mobile phone
13:00<CleoBoy>but cant connect router to it ... mmmm
13:07<jkc>First suggestion: don't use l2tp. Use IPsec with IKEv2.
13:11<jkc>IF you absolutely have to use IPsec at all.
13:11<jkc>Wireguard would be even better/easier.
13:11<CleoBoy>would be but the only option i have on router is l2tp
13:11<jkc>You don't have just straight IPsec?
13:12<jkc>Wow. Your router is trash. L2TP has serious security problems and shouldn't really be used anymore.
13:12<CleoBoy>pptp , l2tp , pppoe , dynamic and static
13:12<CleoBoy>could be trash but it`s new :)
13:12<jkc>And also trash.
13:12<CleoBoy>trash options i agree
13:13<jkc>Sadly, most of my L2TP knowledge got purged years ago.
13:14<file>those sound like the options for the ISP connectivity on the router
13:14<jkc>Also that, yeah.
13:14<CleoBoy>isp can provide you internet thru l2tp ?
13:15<CleoBoy>maybe i`m doing it all wrong ....
13:16<CleoBoy>but i`ve seen tutorial online and on the same menu as i`m in they using some other provider of vpn
13:16<CleoBoy>so i think i`m doing something wrong
13:17<CleoBoy>WAN Types Dynamic IP Static IP PPPoE PPTP L2TP
13:18<jkc>Yeah, that's not what you want.
13:19<CleoBoy>hmm ... where then ?
13:19<CleoBoy>at menu vpn servers .... makes my router act as vpn server
13:26<CleoBoy>maybe i got the wrong router ....ffs
13:29<CleoBoy>starting to think i f up :D
14:27<CleoBoy>ok .. .since i got the wrong router for what i need ... guess i`ll be using the vpn only for mobile phone
14:27<linbot>New news from community: Best way to install packages in LKE nodes? <>
14:28<CleoBoy>can i do something like port forward from phone to devices connected thru hotspots ? :)))))))
14:28<grawity>probably only if the phone is rooted
14:29<CleoBoy>it`s stock /default
14:29<grawity>in theory it's definitely possible, as it's just basic DNAT in iptables; in practice literally no phones offer that kind of option through their settings, since most mobile ISPs don't offer public IPs anyway
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16:47<hayati>hi all
16:48<hayati>i just registered a new account
16:48<hayati>I was wondering how long would it take to activate the account
16:48<hayati>any thoughts?
16:58<@mcivi>hayati: if your account is under review it can take around 15-20 minutes to get the follow up email.
17:00<hayati>thank you
17:00<hayati>someone from support team has just reached me
17:00<hayati>not long now I think
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18:34<Nadin>why canceled my account after create it
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