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08:29<Tom>Hi, I am reviewing Linode for possible migration. What is the way to monitor resources (cpu, disk etc) and set up alarms? We use AWS that has simple solutions for this, I was hoping for something easy on Linode as well.
08:30<Robdgreat>hey Tom, check this out. I think it's relevant
08:31<grawity>Linode has some alerting for high CPU usage and network I/O (and I *think* disk I/O as well?) by default
08:31<Tom>Thanks Robdgreat, I'll take a look. Grawity, does it come with email alerts?
08:32<Robdgreat>those alerts send emails, yeah
08:32<grawity>yeah – you get emailed when the VM uses more than X% of CPU for more than X amount of time (configurable)
08:32<Tom>great. Thank you.
08:32<grawity>there's also the Longview feature for detailed monitoring (uses an agent to collect detailed info from inside the VM), but the basic CPU/network alerting doesn't need anything extra, it's enabled by default
08:33<Tom>Yes, I did se the Longview docs, but it required installation, but we might take a look at that as well.
08:36<@pwoods>Tom: the email alerts that grawity mentioned are at the Linode level and can be configured for specific amounts, or disabled altogether
08:38<@pwoods>Tom: here's documentation at those emails
08:38<Robdgreat>pwoods to the rescue
08:38<@pwoods>you would find these in the Settings section of your Linode's dashboard:$LinodeNumber/settings
08:39<Tom>Thank you for all help!
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10:21<react>grawity: I wouldn't describe Longview as detailed. More like, barely adequate.
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11:25<Tom>One question I could not find a clear answer to in the docs: we are going to use Kubernetes and need a registry to push/pull from. Does Linode have this, or do we need to use docker hub or set up our own? The more local to the server the better for faster transfers.
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12:01<Tom>I suppose since we have this guide:
12:01<Tom>..then Linode doesn't have a ready-do-use service for it.
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12:47<linbot>New news from community: An invalid/missing CSRF during authorization API call ? <>
12:50<thedem0ralizer>hi all, i just sign up for a new linode account. i added a credit card and i also have $100 in credit in my account. i'm trying to create a new linode but i get this message after i create it: "Additional verification is required to add this service. Please open a Support ticket.". I just opened a support ticket but I wonder if anyone here has any insight to offer. Thanks in advance!
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15:05<linbot>Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
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15:39<Nivex>I have an irrational urge to write a bot that shows up at a random time once a day, says "hi", and leaves 30 seconds later.
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16:32<SirMetathyst>Hi, I have a question about linode pricing. I am able to set a limit of how much I pay per month, I hear things about google where they've ran out huge bills, is that a problem with linode?
16:33<millisa>the monthly costs they show in the cap for that linode type. they bill by the hour up to the cap
16:33<millisa>you could have an overage due to something like extra transfer potentially
16:34<millisa>(but linodes come with a pretty generous pool)
16:34<millisa>This doc goes into detail -
16:34<SirMetathyst>I can disable overage? I want to pay a fixed amount
16:34<SirMetathyst>will it just drop connections then
16:34<millisa>not disable, but you could monitor it and get alerts when it's being used
16:35<millisa>doc on that -
16:35<SirMetathyst>monitoring doesn't. I want to prevent overage
16:35<SirMetathyst>not possible?
16:36<millisa>maybe with your own script and use of the api
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16:37<millisa>It's worth noting that the network transfer is pooled across all fo your services.
16:44<SirMetathyst>I'm not sure I'm understanding this correctly. so I get charged if the incoming network transfer exceeds a certain amount? So If I get DDOS attacked I am going to be charged alot more yes? I've not actually these types of services before so I'm new to how these things work
16:46<millisa>it's from the perspective of the linode. the outbound from the linode counts against your allocated transfer pool.
16:47<millisa>it's possible that a high number of requests that your system responds to could push you closer to reaching your allocated pool, sure.
16:48<millisa>i've had linodes featured on broadcast talk shows; the effect is similar looking to a DDOS (but you want to send the traffic!) - none have even gotten close to using up the transfer pool
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16:50<SirMetathyst>what I'm worried about is a spike in popularity on my service/website which would exceed the amount I'm willing/or can pay at that time.
16:50<millisa>The data isn't hidden from you. You can monitor for it.
16:52<SirMetathyst>You could monitor google's as well (which sent an email) but only got to it several hours later, incurring big charges
16:52<SirMetathyst>monitoring isnt enough
16:53<millisa>you dont have to wait for linode the mail you about it. you can actively monitor it yourself using the api or the cli
16:53<dwfreed>and the numbers update frequently enough that you could easily calculate a trend line and kill it before it goes over at all
16:54<SirMetathyst>Is this monitor only thing common across other companies as well?
16:55<dwfreed>I don't know of any companies that allow you to set hard caps on your monthly spend, but I also don't look into the billing intricacies of other companies
16:56<dwfreed>the former does seem counter-productive to the company, though
16:56<SirMetathyst>if setting a cutout condition / hard limit isn't built in I don't think I can sleep soundly at night. really worries me tbh, heard a few bad stories
16:56<dwfreed>that's where your own script comes in
16:58<SirMetathyst>If I fuck up on this script or if it fails for some reason and I get overage charged then linode still charges me, this isn't officialy supported
16:59<dwfreed>that's why you test
16:59<SirMetathyst>I'll see what other companies are doing, might come back to linode if I don't find what I'm looking for
16:59<SirMetathyst>linode services do seem quite good
17:00<millisa>Get a token setup, poll that api endpoint with it, do math, alert on condition.
17:00<millisa>I'm pretty sure you can do it.
17:03<millisa>(it wouldn't surprise me if they kept that endpoint simple just due to concerns like yours)
17:06<SirMetathyst>There should be an option to do this automatically.
17:08<millisa>i think they have a feedback email here somewhere.
17:08<millisa>(on the docs, dont miss the bright green box promo on the page; that would give you time to make sure you can make your stuff work before you see a bill)
17:10<millisa>Might just be the support@ address. They would likely get it to the right place
17:10<millisa>couldn't find it on their official docs to be sure
17:11<dwfreed>it's mentioned in some blog posts
17:12<millisa>(that was an "I believe you, its what I thought, too; just couldn't find it")
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20:41<ppnz>is nodebalancer available in australia?
20:41<ppnz>when i create an australian nodebalancer i dont get any option to select my australian linodes
20:42<millisa>they are listed in Sydney
20:44<millisa>do you have 2 instances in Sydney with private ipv4 addresses?
20:45<ppnz>oh duh private IPs i need to add that
20:45<millisa>(last bullet in the Before you Begin section - )
20:45<ppnz>thank you sorry lol
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