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00:10<ppnz>So my rails app needed `X-Forwarded-Ssl on` HTTP header set in the NGINX serving it, for it to work via nodebalancer
00:11<ppnz>maybe it could be added to the nodebalancer docs or sent headers?
00:11<ppnz>maybe it could be added to the nodebalancer docs or nodebalancer set headers?
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00:50<linbot>New news from community: Is it possible to configure a range of IPv6 IPs on Debian? <>
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01:08<Ymas>Hello Everyone!
01:09<Ymas>A quick thing I wanted to point out from one of the guides
01:09<Ymas>Self-Hosting the vaultwarden Password Manager:
01:10<Ymas>Both docker containers, vaultwarden and caddy are listening on the same port - 8080 which will give you an error
01:13<Ymas>docker: Error response from daemon: driver failed programming external connectivity on endpoint caddy (xxxxxx): Error starting userland proxy: listen tcp4 bind: address already in use.
01:14<Ymas>I am wondering how would it be possible to correct this
01:30<linbot>New news from community: how to implement phpmailer ? <>
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07:52<linbot>New news from community: How to connect Mysql Server to Linode Server <>
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08:52<linbot>New news from community: Cannot allocate IPv6 range; your limit will be exceeded. <>
09:00<Peng>wow, someone even more into IPv6 than Peng
09:00<dwfreed>Peng: I think Nivex has you beat as well
09:26<@_brian>we added self-service ipv6 ranges yesterday
09:27<@_brian>they're in the "add an ip" modal of the cloud manager as well
09:27*Robdgreat commandeers the whole space
09:28<Peng>"An account can only have one IPv6 range in each Region." Aww
09:29<@_brian>you can use them on multiple Linodes in the region though (also Support can still add more)
09:29<@_brian>they were already onto you Robdgreat
09:30<Robdgreat>this is some bullcrap
09:30*Robdgreat threatens to bankrupt the company by taking his three nanodes elsewhere
09:31<@_brian>i understand. i also have several quintillion iot devices that need IPs
09:31<@_brian>we'll miss you ;(
09:32<Robdgreat>ok now I can't stop giggling at the thought of several quintillion iot devices
09:32<@_brian>gotta have backups
09:32<Robdgreat>I should have sleep one of these days. Shame they frown on that at work
09:32<file>my toaster simply must have a publicly reachable IPv6 address
09:32<file>(I don't actually own a toaster)
09:33<Robdgreat>one for my kettle would be more useful to me
09:33<Robdgreat>boil the jug from oot and aboot
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10:34<KAJ>Imap error
10:43<Robdgreat>KAJ: do you have a question?
10:44<KAJ>my imap 143 not working??
10:45<linbot>Linode blocks ports 25, 465, and 587 on accounts created after November 4, 2019 to help prevent spam; to get these ports unblocked, see the instructions here:
10:45<Robdgreat>ok, that doesn't seem to apply
10:46<KAJ>i can't solve this problem. please solve
10:46<Robdgreat>you haven't given nearly enough information, so probably won't be able to do that
10:46<Robdgreat>"it doesn't work" is almost never enough information to fix something
10:47<Robdgreat>if you'd like to share actual error messages we can try
10:47<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
10:47<KAJ>please send process guide
10:47<Robdgreat>yeah, I don't have one. The website might, though
10:48<Robdgreat>Linode has a website with tons of helpful information
10:49<Robdgreat>and like I said, if you have an actual error message to share it will actually give something to go on
10:49<Robdgreat>have you submitted a support ticket?
10:50<Robdgreat>if so, you can paste the ticket number in the channel and when a staff member looks in they can perhaps expedite it
10:57<Robdgreat>staff were talking in here less than an hour ago, so you know
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11:12<Adarsh>Any staff online ?
11:12<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
11:14<Adarsh>Does Linode open port 25 if requested ?
11:14<linbot>Linode blocks ports 25, 465, and 587 on accounts created after November 4, 2019 to help prevent spam; to get these ports unblocked, see the instructions here:
11:14<Robdgreat>there ya go
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11:15<Adarsh>Any ETA on Baremetal ?
11:16<Adarsh>Once its launched can we use your blockstorage with it ?
11:18<Robdgreat>Adarsh: if you're willing to hang around a bit someone who knows will hopefully be along before very long
11:18<Robdgreat>I only first heard about baremetal a couple of weeks ago maybe
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11:20<Adarsh>I see.
11:21<Adarsh>I hope you are not a bot!
11:21<Robdgreat>I hope the same about you
11:21<Robdgreat>what a strange thing to say
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11:23<@pwoods>Adarsh: I don't have an ETA, though it's definitely coming and I can tell you we're working very hard to get it into an early adopter/beta launch.
11:23<Robdgreat>woo hoo
11:23<@_brian>Robdgreat: i hope you ARE a bot
11:24<@pwoods>I accept Robdgreat if they are a bot or not
11:24<@pwoods>Adarsh: you can sign up for the possibility of being a beta tester for early access to products before they're launched here:
11:25<@pwoods>That said, we've had a LOT of interest in Bare Metal, so I'm not sure we can accomodate everyone in that beta launch.
11:25<Adarsh>Lol. So he is not a bot.
11:25<kharlan>We're not sure.
11:27<Robdgreat>I will be soon enough, when I upload my consciousness into one of these here nanodes
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11:28<Adarsh>@pwoods. We are launching a new SaaS product. I need Dedicated Compute VPS / Baremetal + SMTP. BGP would be nice too. Do you have any plans for that ?
11:30<Adarsh>@Robdgreat. You reply so fast which made me believe you are a highly sophisticated bot. Who knows what Linode holds under the hood!
11:30<Robdgreat>I just type quickly
11:31<Adarsh>Good to know. See you around. :)
11:33<warewolf>huh, this is interesting
11:35<warewolf>linode's nameservers are returning REFUSED when I try to do a reverse DNS lookup of my linode's IP, from my linode
11:36<warewolf>dig -t ptr # from a linode on the subnet
11:36<warewolf>I was wondering why my nameserver's logs were full of REFUSED messages for
11:38<Peng>I can resolve that from a Linode on a different subnet.
11:39<warewolf>yeah, I can do the reverse dns lookup from *outside* of linode too
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11:39<warewolf>just not *from* my own linode
11:40<Peng>Wait, is your dig using IPv4 or IPv6?
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11:42<@_brian>i couldn't reproduce from
11:43<warewolf>broked for me
11:44<warewolf>also: why does hate my linode's IP?
11:45<warewolf>whois -h
11:45<warewolf>connect: Connection refused
11:45<@_brian>i have no idea. that works for me as well
11:51<Peng>warewolf: isn't
11:51<linbot>Peng: 2400:cb00:2049:1::a29f:1827, [AD=0]
11:51<warewolf>that's my linode's IP
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11:51<Peng>warewolf: But you're running dig and eyt dig is talking to your Linode's IP instead of's IP
11:52<warewolf>wait what the
11:52<Peng>and yet dig*
11:52<Peng>Your Linode might be resolving everything to itself somehow?
11:52<Peng>That could explain why isn't working, if you're not running a whois daemon.
11:53<warewolf>ok yep
11:53<Peng>What does "dig" show?
11:53<warewolf>this was self inflicted
11:53<warewolf>"it was DNS"
11:54<warewolf>now to figure out how the hell I busticated that.
11:55<@_brian>!point Peng
11:55<linbot>_brian: Point given to peng. (82)
11:55<@_brian>that was a nice catch
11:56<warewolf>!point _brian
11:56<linbot>warewolf: Point given to _brian. (50)
11:56<warewolf>there, both of you get your internet points
11:56<warewolf>well deserved. :)
11:57<warewolf>why did this happen? Because I'm trying to figure out rfc2136 certbot ssl cert renewal for wildcard domains, since that won't work for http challenges
11:57<Peng>I'd like to thank my parents, and IPv6, for making me look closer when things use IPv4. :D
11:59<warewolf>I'm about to patch certbot's rfc2136 code to not GAF about authorative responses
12:05<esselfe>localhost will go from /8 to /16 :) (freeing IPv4 addresses)
12:06<Peng>Whoever at ICANN chose for name collisions had foresight
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12:10<Adarsh>Cant we create Linode without specifying root password ? I already gave SSH key.
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12:24<warewolf>Adarsh: don't forget that having a blank root password means that anyone who has access to the console (physical, or otherwise emulated) has root.
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12:43<Adarsh>Normally other providers disable root and give key based auth to another user.
12:43<dwfreed>you can do that after it's set up, but Linode images only have a root user by default
12:46<Adarsh>Did Linode had managed database at some point. I think saw some documentation related to that. But cant find any details on product page.
12:46<dwfreed>No, but there's guides on setting up your own database, as well as "one-click apps" that will deploy a Linode with a database
12:48<Adarsh>I know how to setup. I was hoping you would have an RDS alternative.
12:49<dwfreed>There isn't
12:58<@pwoods>Adarsh: we are planning to bring a managed database offering to customers in the future, though there's no ETA on when that will happen.
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13:11<@_brian>Adarsh: you can also use StackScripts to deploy Linodes and disable root via shell script during deployment - (and do anything else, really)
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13:19<linbot>New news from status: Scheduled Network Maintenance - AP-South (Singapore) <>
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13:23<linbot>New news from community: My GitLab Server Has Been Acting Strange / Was Ticketed for Outbound Denial of Service — What Should I Do? <>
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13:50<Robdgreat>I'll be deploying Robdgreat-as-a-service in coming time periods
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14:09<nikolarni3>Hi, I think my Linode isn't working for some reason, how can I check what's wrong?
14:15<LouWestin>nikolarni3: you have to be more specific as to what is happening or what issues you’re having
14:16<nikolarni3>It's unreachable, I can't log in through putty or ping the IP address
14:16<nikolarni3>And it all happened over night, I didn't modify anything that could trigger this issue
14:17<LouWestin>I’d log into your account and see if it’s running.
14:17<LouWestin>Also try lish to see if you can ssh in that way
14:17<linbot>LISH allows you to perform certain actions without having to log in to the Linode Manager. LISH's primary function is to allow you to access your Linode's console, even if networking is disabled.
14:17<nikolarni3>It's on, I even rebooted it but that didn't help
14:18<nikolarni3>Lish works
14:19<Robdgreat>if Lish works, then it's running. try a traceroute to its ip from your location
14:20<LouWestin>I’m wondering if it isn’t a firewall issue or fail2ban maybe
14:20<nikolarni3>I tried pinging it and out of 4 packets sent, 4 were lost
14:20<nikolarni3>Traceroute just shows <1ms
14:21<nikolarni3>It's not about firewall, I disabled it
14:21<Robdgreat>nikolarni3: mtr and traceroute help to identify where the connection breaks down
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14:21<Robdgreat>if it's somewhere in between
14:21<LouWestin>Maybe there’s a data center issue somewhere?
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14:26<linbot>Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
14:27*Robdgreat snickers
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15:42<linbot>New news from status: Service Issue - Cloud Manager and API <>
15:44<linbot>New news from community: My GitLab Server Has Been Acting Strange / Was Ticketed for Outbound Denial of Service — What Should I Do? <> || Cannot allocate IPv6 range; your limit will be exceeded. <> || How to connect Mysql Server to Linode Server <> || how to implement phpmailer ? <https://www.linode
15:44<warewolf>awesome, I got my dns setup happy to the point where I can do certbot wildcard certficates.
15:45<warewolf>!point _brian
15:45<linbot>warewolf: Point given to _brian. (51)
15:45<@_brian>very nice
15:45<warewolf>!point Peng
15:45<linbot>warewolf: Point given to peng. (83) (Biggest fan: millisa, total: 19)
15:45<warewolf>your patience is appreciated :)
15:46<warewolf>LESSONS LEARNED: bind uses which ever view in your named.conf matches the incoming request first, and if you're going to have one view refer to a zone in another with the in-view "elsewhere"; statement, the view you're referring to *has to come first*
15:47<warewolf>so in short: internal view first, make the internal view authorative, have external view come second, and refer to the internal view.
15:48<@_brian>do you ever write documentation?
15:48<@_brian>sounds like something our docs folks might be interested in
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15:49<Robdgreat>warewolf: dooo eeet. use your powers for good
15:50<warewolf>I won't be a fella that worked at $DAYJOB before my time: "The code is the documentation"
15:50<millisa> #make it work right
15:51<@_brian>#does the needful
15:51<Robdgreat>was your predecessor Donald Knuth?
15:51<warewolf>I'll draft up something in markdown format, throw on github, then paste here at one of the ops, and somebody can make an article
15:51<warewolf>"apply to become a technical writer" sounds like _work_
15:52<warewolf>I have no issue documenting how I did a dumb, and worked through it to save someone else time in the future
15:53<@_brian>i'm not sure we'd be able to use that because intellectual property
15:53<@_brian>its outside of my wheelhouse tbh
15:55<warewolf>I can get around that by saying "I release this into the public domain"
15:55<@_brian>true but i'm not sure that we post public domain guides
15:55<Robdgreat>seems like someone ought to be able to advise
15:56<Robdgreat>but what do I know, I'm not even a bot :(
15:56<@_brian>one day
15:57<millisa>With hard work and [identify all pictures containing a boat to reveal], you could be a bot.
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15:59<Robdgreat>no no, that's how you get to be a human and avoid the gom jabbar
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19:23<Nivex>wait, even if I walk without rhythm, I might still attract the worm?
19:25<Toba>well, given the worm doesn't talk much it might be difficult to tell whether you attracted it or merely got unlucky.
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20:55<linbot>New news from community: Server shuts down unexpectedly every day (lassie restarts it every day") <>
21:09<kharlan>TIL - goldfish are cannibals
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21:12<baudster>Hello everyone
21:13<baudster>Was just hoping if some admin can please take a peek at this ticket we issued several hours ago --- 16519857
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