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05:42<Zr40>hi. Is there a known incident with Object Storage in Frankfurt? Our monitoring indicates response times measured in minutes for reads of relatively small files
05:42<Zr40>this appears to have started at around 10:16 UTC
05:46<Zr40>the peak appears to have passed but I'm still seeing seconds where it used to average at about 25 ms
05:50<ckaczynski>haven't seen anything alarming for object storage, would you be able to submit a ticket so we can take a closer look?
05:58<Zr40>it seems to have returned to normal now
06:07<Zr40>of course as soon as I wrote that it returned. Creating a ticket now
06:11<@jtoscani>Zr40 heya - feel free to drop the ticket # here when you're done
06:16<Zr40>jtoscani: ticket #16526093
06:20<@jtoscani>Taking a look now
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06:54<@pwoods>!trout ckaczynski
06:54*linbot slaps pwoods around a bit with a large trout for using this command
06:57<@pwoods>!point pwoods
06:57<@pwoods>!point ckaczynski
06:57<linbot>pwoods: Point given to ckaczynski. (1)
06:58<file>points are pointy!
07:31<@ckaczynski>!point pwoods
07:31<linbot>ckaczynski: Point given to pwoods. (47)
07:31<@ckaczynski>cool works now
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09:10<@_brian>greetings kabir
09:10<kabir>I have a question
09:10<@_brian>sure, what is it?
09:11<kabir>If I make a some cluster and use resource and delete after my test ( duration 1 hour), do I need to pay for it?
09:12<kabir>I meant delete resource after use.
09:12<kabir>I need to test/present some kubernetes cluster
09:12<@pwoods>You'll be invoiced for the hour(s) you have the service.
09:14<kabir>For example I used resource for 2 hours and delete after test/use, but I keep my account. Then I have to pay for 2 hours, right?
09:14<@_brian>correct. you will be billed on the 1st of the following month for the 2 hours
09:14<kabir>I do not need to delete account, right?
09:14<@_brian>nope, we recommend you keep it :)
09:15<@pwoods>We only invoice for services used, not for having an account
09:15<kabir>Whenever I use kubernetes cluster, then I have to pay only for that peried.
09:16<@pwoods>We do invoice if the service is on your account, though the services are powered down.
09:16<@_brian>your statement is correct. this guide may also have useful info for you
09:16<kabir>If delete services, then
09:17<kabir>I do not need to pay
09:17<@_brian>you only pay for the time the services were active before they were deleted
09:18<kabir>Shared CPU Plans: If I use this for 4 hours in a month
09:18<@_brian>which plan?
09:19<kabir>Shared CPU Plans
09:19<@_brian>we have 1GB Shared CPU Plans and up to 512GB Shared CPU Plans
09:19<kabir>My plans is to create some kubernetes cluster
09:19<kabir>1 GB
09:19<@_brian> this table shows you the hourly billing per plan type in the right column
09:20<kabir>I can use this plan(Shared CPU Plans) for test right?
09:20<@_brian>also, 4 hours of (1) 1GB Plan costs $0.03
09:21<kabir>Oh great
09:21<kabir>Thanks to notify
09:21<@_brian>you are welcome
09:21<kabir>How will I get invoice?
09:21<kabir>Through email or ?
09:22<@_brian>invoices are generated on the 1st of the following month. you will receive an email notifying you about the invoice, and you can view all of your invoices at
09:23<kabir>Do I need to pay by myself, or it will take automatically from my card?
09:23<@_brian>it will try to use your card automatically
09:24<kabir>Ok, It will take money automatically and I will get notification by email, right?
09:25<kabir>Thank you
09:25<@_brian>you're welcome
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12:09<trippeh>is very slow right now or is it just me?
12:09<millisa>seems ok to me
12:10<trippeh>been waiting for a few minutes now for the linodes page after logging in.
12:11<trippeh>and there the Oh snap! message appeared :P
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12:57<linbot>New news from status: Scheduled Emergency Maintenance for Cloud Manager, API, and CLI <>
13:01<trippeh>probably unrelated, but... (:
13:06<@mcintosh>it had better be :p
13:19<linbot>New news from community: AzuraCast <>
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21:23<warewolf>if 4 hours of (1) 1GB plan costs $0.03, then what would 30 days of a 64MB plan cost? /me rolls back the clock 10 years
21:31<Peng>Roll the clock back a bit farther and it might have been $19.95. :D
21:35<Nivex>I went digging in my email archives. My first was a Linode 360 in 2008 for that price. Don't remember what the specs were on such a beast.
21:37<kharlan>Fitty fai dollars
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21:39<Peng>Xeon L5335, maybe?
21:56<Nivex>The real question is: Linode ARM when?
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