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03:31<AlexGriffin>anyone alive >
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12:54<linux-noob>good evening
12:55<linux-noob>can i use openwrt on linode ?
12:55<Nivex>linux-noob: You could probably shoehorn it on there with
12:56<Nivex>linux-noob: though I would seriously consider using one of the offered lightweight distros and configuring it to your needs
12:57<dwfreed>there's definitely some value in OpenWrt as a VPN router on a Linode, though I would definitely restrict luci access
12:58<linux-noob>i actually put the wrong question :D
12:59<linux-noob>can i use wireguard on linode ?
12:59<linux-noob>so i found these guide ...
12:59<linux-noob>but doesnt work :)
12:59<Nivex>define "doesnt work"
13:00<linux-noob>i`m loged in with root on a nanode
13:00<linux-noob>and i copy pasted
13:00<linux-noob>sudo add-apt-repository ppa:wireguard/wireguard
13:00<linux-noob>ERROR: ppa 'wireguard/wireguard' not found (use --login if private)
13:01<dwfreed>That guide is likely outdated
13:01<dwfreed>notably it was written for 18.04
13:01<linux-noob>it`s from octomber :)
13:01<dwfreed>I'm pretty sure for 20.04 and newer the PPA is not required
13:01<dwfreed>that is the last edit date
13:01<dwfreed>not the written date
13:01<linux-noob>root@localhost:~# sudo apt install wireguard Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree... Done Reading state information... Done E: Unable to locate package wireguard root@localhost:~#
13:01<linux-noob>so these doesnt work either
13:02<dwfreed>what version of ubuntu did you deploy?
13:02<dwfreed>that's not the answer :P
13:02<Nivex>confirm that please: lsb_release -d
13:02<linux-noob>ubuntu 21.10
13:03<dwfreed>you need to apt update
13:03<linux-noob>Description: Ubuntu 21.10
13:03<dwfreed>you have no local package lists
13:03<dwfreed>(also you likely need to apt upgrade, I'm sure there are updated packages)
13:03<linux-noob>40 packages can be upgraded. Run 'apt list --upgradable' to see them.
13:04<dwfreed>you should probably go through the getting started guide first:
13:05<linux-noob>now the install wireguard works :)
13:05<linux-noob>i`m such a noob :D
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13:39<Tom>Hi, any chance anybody here knows something about Kubernetes ingress configuration on a linode cluster?
13:40<Nivex>There is a reasonable chance, yes.
13:41<Tom>I am trying to get the IP address of the client in an app in the cluster. I only get the IP of the NodeBalancer, so I've been trying to set up headers correctly.
13:43<Tom>I have enabled use-forwarded-headers: "true" in the ingress controller configmap
13:43<Tom>That seemed to change from the local cluster ip to the Linode server IP, but still not the actual client IP.
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13:45<Tom>Then, it seems (from instructions I've found), that you also need to add an annotation to the ingress controller service:
13:45<Tom> v2
13:45<Tom>I've installed the ingress controller with HELM, and I just can't seem to figure out how to set this annotation.
13:47<Tom>I'm no expert in working with HELM or Kubernetes, so ANY helt, pointers, hints are welcome.
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14:01<linux-noob>got another question :)))
14:01<linux-noob>so now i got wireguard on nanode .... ( dont have the client end so far but will do in a few days )
14:01<linux-noob>i saw that i could get more public ip
14:02<linux-noob>can i connect one client thru wireguard on an ip and another client on the secondary ip and so on ?
14:02<linux-noob>so every client will have it`s own public ip
14:03<linux-noob>from the same nanode
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14:05<Nivex>linux-noob: public IPv4 addresses are all but impossible to obtain. you can get an IPv6 prefix delegated to you and hand out addresses to your clients from it
14:05<linux-noob>that dont think will work for me
14:05<dwfreed>Then you'll have to use NAT
14:06<linux-noob>i will explain what i need
14:06<dwfreed>I think we know what you need already
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14:06<Nivex>I was about to suggest you elaborate :)
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14:07<linux-noob>i have some devices that need an port opened to the public , every device needs to be on a different public ip
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14:07<dwfreed>why can't they just use different ports?
14:07<dwfreed>There are 65,535 to choose from
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14:07<linux-noob>cuz they cant :)
14:07<linux-noob>it`s not customizable
14:07<Nivex>then it sounds like you need some IPv6
14:07<dwfreed>Fixed ports has been bad for many many years
14:08<linux-noob>i am speaking about helium hotspots
14:08<linux-noob>maybe you heard of it/them ?
14:08<Nivex>crypto bullshit? I'm out.
14:08<linux-noob>they need port 44158 opened / forwarded
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14:09<linux-noob>so if i have two of them on the same network i can`t open same port for both ... the second one i want to connect it to linode and have it`s own ip with port
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14:10<dwfreed>they need to learn how to allow changing the port
14:10<dwfreed>and/or ipv6
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14:10<linux-noob>i doubt they interested in that , since you normally arent allowed to have two in the same place
14:11<linux-noob>my problem is that i have some connected to internet with sim cards / 4g routers
14:11<linux-noob>that have dinamic ips
14:11<linux-noob>so i cant opened that specific port that they need
14:11<dwfreed>because they're behind carrier grade NAT
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14:12<dwfreed>you haven't had a public 1:1 IPv4 address on a cell network in *years*
14:13<linux-noob>true :)
14:13<dwfreed>let alone be able to host something on it
14:13<linux-noob>so i wanna use that router with 4g sim card and internet and an gl.inet router that has built in wireguard vpn client
14:14<dwfreed>What you want is not possible on Linode; Helium needs to fix their garbage requirements
14:14<Nivex>You could get one nanode for each to get the public IPs. Surely you're making enough from all that mining to cover that cost.
14:14<dwfreed>^ that
14:15<linux-noob>i could get a nanode for every device
14:15<linux-noob>if i cant use any other vps with multiple ip
14:17<linux-noob>Nivex i am new at these helium bussiness and i can tell you that in the past two months i made 40 $ with 10 devices ... so it`s a total bust so far , that is why i need to get those ports forwarded to the public ips .. they say devices will work better
14:19<Nivex>cryptocurrency is utter crap. you're better off to stay away from it altogether.
14:21<linux-noob>abit too late now :)))
14:21<Nivex>if you want to throw good money after bad, who am I to stop you?
14:21<linux-noob>i will try and try untill spring .. if i`m not able to make anything by then ... i will sell em all and get some sheep goats :)))))))
14:22<linux-noob>jokeing about the goats / sheeps
14:23<Nivex>When I worked at Red Hat, the land out in front of our building was being overrun by kudzu. The university brought in some goats to eat it down since it was faster and cleaner than any chemical or mechanical means they had for controlling it.
14:23<linux-noob>so ... your sugestion remains i should get a nanode for a device not a nanode for 3-4-5 devices or other vps
14:23<linux-noob>worked at red hat .... sounds nice :D
14:24<Nivex>yes, the only reasonable way to get another public IPv4 address is another node.
14:24<Nivex>I was a level 1 Help Desk person. It wasn't glamorous by any stretch.
14:32<millisa>there was a dude in here a year or so ago that was needing help on his goat rental linode.
14:40<linbot>New news from community: Get the client IP address from a Kuberneter cluster <>
15:01<FluffyFoxeh>Nivex: bUT pEOpLe mAdE m0NEy
15:21<linux-noob>so one nanode / device is the solution
15:42<Nivex>linux-noob: the solution is to kill all crypto, but if you insist on going that route, then yes.
15:42<Nivex>FluffyFoxeh: and not the people trying to scrounge the IP addresses
15:43<Nivex>since we're all about money for magic numbers, someone buy me an ASN and an IPv6 allocation
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17:24<file>test failed
17:25<file>maybe, maybe not
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20:48<Nivex>My testing went pretty well this evening. I like Wireguard more as I use it.
20:51<linbot>New news from community: postfix smtp not listening on port 25 <>
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21:19<Gilbert>I would like to know if the Linenode is now on maintenance?
21:21<Peng>The manager and API are currently under maintenance.
21:43<Gilbert>thank you
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