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05:51<Spaceiniuface>Hi! I would really like to learn linux and was wondering if Linode is a good place to start when you're a novice like me. Is it hard to set it up? Is it a good idea and is debian mint a distro I could start getting familiar with in that case?
06:10<@pwoods>Spaceiniuface: I learned basically all I know about Linux from spinning up a Linode
06:11<@pwoods>And I come from a background in art education.
06:11<Spaceiniuface>Amazing! Thanks Felix!
06:11<@pwoods>I'd stick to something like Ubuntu as a learning distro, as it's fairly popular, so it's easy to find helpful guides.
06:15<Spaceiniuface>Off to a good start... my pass didnt work changed it to what I thought I picked rebooted the linode tried again still doesn't work. Removed the linode made new one, tried connecting pass doesn't work.
06:15<Spaceiniuface>Then I realized åäö doesnt work in powershell hehu
06:22<@pwoods>a learning moment - SUCCESS!
06:25<Spaceiniuface>Btw would you say mint is a bad idea? Cause a kind dude that was a bit worried about me installing kali as my first distro suggested I should do Debian mint first and when I get a feel for linux I will probably have plenty of ideas what I could and should run.
06:27<Robdgreat>mint and ubuntu are similar enough to for most purposes be considered equivalent
06:27<Robdgreat>Spaceiniuface: ^^]
06:32<Spaceiniuface>Ah okey thanks he was pretty adamant that I should go with mint as a beginner so I figured I should as at least :D
06:34<@pwoods>Ahh, I don't have any experience with Mint.
06:43<grawity>tbh I'm also slightly against Kali being the first distro, due to seeing *so many* posts along the lines of "I just installed kali yesterday, now how do I perform brain surgery?"
06:45<Spaceiniuface>Yeah I can see why kali is a bad idea it was what networkchucks youtube WSL guide suggested I just tried to follow it :P
06:45<grawity>mint/ubuntu/debian, or fedora, are all good choices for beginner linuxing (though I'm not sure how well mint does on servers, it's more of a desktop distro)
06:48<Spaceiniuface>grawity thanks for a great answer duly noted! Currently doing as Linode guides are telling me! What should one be doing as first linuxer to get a feel for it in an glacier moving along phase?
06:51<@pwoods>Invest in backups. It'll be your failsafe for when you mess something up.
06:51<@pwoods>And trust me, you will, and you will be thankful.
06:51<@pwoods>It'll also allow you to feel a little more fearless with trying new things.
06:52<Spaceiniuface>That is probably not the worst idea hahaha
06:55<@pwoods>The first Linode I created as part of my learning/interview prep for the position I now have here at Linode. I didn't have backups on it - I was too cheap at the time. I borked the machine shortly I started working here, my first, the one that I loved more than the other test things. I had notes saved there... so many things. All gone.
06:55<@pwoods>There's also something to be said about trying to fix things without a safety net, but backups will at least allow you to not lose anything if you can't figure it out.
07:02<Spaceiniuface>Im a poor student myself so my wallet isn't overflowing with cash but backups was $2 I believe and that might be a smart investment in regard to staying sane through this journey
07:06<Spaceiniuface>Ooooooooh i have an idea lets see what mirc looks like on linux
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07:11<file>mirc doesn't directly run on Linux
07:11<Spaceiniuface>You know what i mean
07:11<grawity>it does run on Wine, and then it looks exactly like running on Windows 2000
07:13<grawity>one of the first packages I install on new servers is `etckeeper`, it only keeps track of /etc but is handy for seeing what the previous configuration was, in case the new one broke something.
07:14<Spaceiniuface>I installed weechat trying to figure out how it works hehe
07:14<grawity>especially for personal servers, where you have the time, always better to figure out what broke without having to restore the entire thing from backups, even if you have backups
07:33<@pwoods>Being able to figure out and fix the issue, rather than restore from a backup is especially empowering. You feel like you have a super power.
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09:23<@pwoods>Greetings Guest6610
09:23<Guest6610>new to irc
09:23<Guest6610>so quite puzzled
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09:24<Robdgreat>Don't worry, it's only text
09:26<linbot>Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
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10:23<FluffyFoxeh>Who is Felix?
10:41<@pwoods>I don't know.
10:55<Nivex>all Linode ops are now Fix-It-Felix ?
11:01<FluffyFoxeh>pwoods: thanks Felix
11:01<FluffyFoxeh>!point pwoods
11:01<linbot>FluffyFoxeh: Point given to pwoods. (48) (Biggest fan: louwestin, total: 7)
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12:02<LouWestin>So I tried updating my older daughter's PC to Windows 11. But it mentioned about not having secure boot and TPM enabled. I had replaced the mobo a few months ago
12:02<LouWestin>so TPM was an easy BIOS setting fix, but...
12:03<LouWestin>I had installed Windows 10 under USB legacy instead of selecting UEFI... oops
12:06<LouWestin>ended up having to reinstall Windows. Then it was in uefi mode instead of legacy
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12:13<Robdgreat>pwoods: feel, Thanksix
12:13<Robdgreat>introducing Thanksix, the grateful distro
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13:11<FluffyFoxeh>LouWestin: why would you want to update to windows 11?
13:17<DrJ>I've been on w11 for a month or so now
13:17<DrJ>I actually like it
13:18<DrJ>the one thing I don't like is the new context menu (right click on files, etc) ... but I found a way to revert that back to the old style
13:55<LouWestin>The only thing I find annoying is when I want to grab desktop icons. I have to select all apps instead of from the initial list
13:56<LouWestin>FluffyFoxeh: the wife and kids liked it better. I mean it looks a little better
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15:21<Robdgreat>FluffyFoxeh: for someone already using 10, why wouldn't they?
15:21<FluffyFoxeh>it seems like not much of an improvement, with weirdly restrictive hardware requirements
15:21<Robdgreat>if you meet the requirements, they're not that restrictive
15:22<Robdgreat>I don't meet them, and I'm content not to upgrade
15:22<Robdgreat>it's not like anyone has reported having bought a new computer in order to be able to use it
15:22<Robdgreat>(in here, at least)
15:22<Robdgreat>if I did meet the requirements, I believe I'd upgrade, because why not
15:29<LouWestin>My wife's laptop doesn't meet the requirements due to the processor
15:31<Robdgreat>same here
15:31<Robdgreat>my laptop certainly doesn't, but my desktop is slightly less old and also doesn't
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