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04:38<kiwi_>hello , I created an shared hsoting, and had install and run nginx some how i cannot access the index.html from the ip address, any idea ?
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05:09<kiwi_>problem solved, find out alma linux had a default firewall , just configure it and that it.
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06:06<uq7yt9thcmgr1x9>I want talk with Linode Support
06:07<uq7yt9thcmgr1x9>In my Linode dashbord, it display this message: Nanode 1 GB (pending upgrade) I want upgrade my Linode, So before run this operation : can you ensure my data and apps are saved can you help me to run upgrade without losing any data or apps
06:08<grawity>this is more of a "community" chat, Linode Support only shows up here every now and then
06:08<grawity>but IIRC, all these upgrades are the same as regular resizes
06:08<grawity>i.e. they just grow the disk space and RAM, keeping the actual contents unchanged
06:10<uq7yt9thcmgr1x9>ok thanks
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07:37<kali_>set nick slade
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14:23<nike>hi to all
14:24<nike>if i buy Linode Object Storage
14:24<@pwoods>greetings nike
14:24<nike>then is there any other configuration required to use it in my web app
14:24<nike>which is hosted at other place
14:27<Robdgreat>nike: this should help
14:29<nike>does it allow to upload from api
14:29<nike>using webservices
14:38<@pwoods>nike: sounds like you would want to use s3, which is covered in this section of the guide Robdgreat linked
14:39<nike>thank u for your help
14:40<nike>have gone through the above link
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14:40<nike>but there is no info of how to upload from url to this storage programatically
14:41<nike>how can i upload/view/delete file programmatically from url
14:43<@pwoods>by "from url" do you mean from a website?
14:43<nike>like aws s3
14:48<react>nike: two second search via a search engine yields:
14:48<@pwoods>Then I think you want the Cloud Manager section of the guide posted above
14:49<@pwoods>And as a reminder, Cloud Manager is a front end to interact with our API.
14:49<@pwoods>duh, that's the link react just posted.
14:53<nike>thank you all
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15:24<dwfreed>pwoods: is there any public-shareable ETA on when VLANs will come to Dallas?
15:30<Robdgreat>huh. TIL about VLANs. I'm not in ATL. I am in SYD but with only one 'node, it's moot.
15:34<Peng>My Atlanta Linodes are on two accounts for historical reasons, so it would be a hassle. D:
15:34<Peng>(I know it would be a SMALL hassle, but still.)
15:38*Robdgreat cheers Peng on
15:39<dwfreed>Peng: transfers are self-service now!
15:39<Robdgreat>do eeeeett
15:40<Nivex>for great transfer pool justice
15:40<Robdgreat>Nivex: ^5
15:44<dwfreed>Toronto, Sydney, Atlanta, and Mumbai are the only DCs with VLAN
16:04<@pwoods>There's also IPv6 /64 self-service, Peng
16:05<Robdgreat>IPv6/1 self-service when
16:06<Peng>pwoods: But I'd have to file a ticket to ask for my limits to be raised. :D
16:06<Peng>if I wanted even more /64s
16:06*file is ticketed
16:07<Peng>You were speeding in a school zone!
16:07*Robdgreat shuns file
16:07*file disputes this
16:10<@pwoods>dwfreed: not that I'm aware of for vlans. I'm not sure of the timelines, but I can check on that.
16:10<dwfreed>pwoods: <3
16:11*dwfreed remembers when things only went live when they were available everywhere
16:11<Nivex>dwfreed: back in the days of 3 datacenters?
16:12<file>*sings* those were the days to remember...
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16:35<ItsMeAlfie0>I just created my account. When do I receive my $100 credit?
16:35<Robdgreat>ItsMeAlfie0: when you've used $100 worth of services
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17:23<Peng>Did Dallas have an IPv4 issue for a few minutes within the last few hours?
17:24<Peng>And maybe an IPv6 issue :D
17:25<millisa> don't think I caught anything if it happened.
17:26<millisa>saw a tiny bit of slow response near 15:56 eastern but there was enough non-linode stuff i saw around then that I suspect it was my side not theirs
17:27<Peng>A ~3 hour IPv4 mtr shows 2.2% packet loss. And an IPv6 one shows little or none.
17:28<Peng>Peering between Linode and Charter bounced, presumably causing a brief outage, but that happens all the time.
17:29<Peng>15:56 fits; I have a DNS resolver vague error in a log file at 15:55:52
17:31<millisa>I dont have much there, a couple url checks taking 12 seconds to respond instead of the usual 3-4 (they aren't fast pages). didn't last long enough to make the phone sing
17:31<Peng>Thanks for checking :)
17:32<millisa>the key is to look like you are busy to not be drafted in the kitchen. the more typing and more text, the better. why am I tailing five access logs and running htop everywhere?
17:32<millisa>because you don't have to peel things
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18:01<millisa>!point Nivex
18:02<linbot>millisa: Point given to nivex. (3)
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18:02<millisa>"Clean the dishes for the next set? Are you mad? Can't you see the gibson is being compromised?"
18:08<Nivex>I love that they added a Gibson to xscreensaver
18:19<kharlan>Happy Holidays everybody :)
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21:58<LouWestin>thanks kharlan you too!
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23:00<linbot>New news from community: Linode Flask Image Does Not Work Out of the Box <>
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