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03:34<linbot>New news from community: Network Helper sped up private networking, w/o private IP or VLAN? <>
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06:57<Sunny>Hi, do you offer Window VPS hosting?
07:03<@pwoods>Sunny: We do not have images for Windows, though people have been able to deploy Windows on Linodes.
07:04<@pwoods>We do not support Windows, either.
07:11<Sunny>thanks, dear
07:11<Sunny>But I don't know how to deploy windows on Linodes....
07:11<Sunny>Is there any lesson?
07:12<@pwoods>Though, I haven't tried it myself.
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07:39<file>I have a distinct feeling they'll be back
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08:14*LouWestin slaps Sunny around a bit with a large oncorhynchus tshawytscha
08:45<Nivex>Every time someone talks about a terrible mismatch in technology, and a here's how to do it but we don't support it, all I can hear is the computer from ST:DS9 arguing with Chief O'Brien: "That procedure is not recommended."
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09:45<kharlan>I've tried windows with linode, doesn't work too well :(
09:45<kharlan>It's easier just to use a provider that does all the licensing for you.
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10:02<react>kharlan: what about it didn't work well?
10:03<linbot>Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
10:03<kharlan>If I remember correctly it would only allow 2 cores even if you resized to a higher plan with more
10:03<kharlan>it was also kinda slow
10:03<kharlan>Maybe I needed to install the libvirt drivers
10:03<kharlan>I didn't do that but that could fix whatever issues come up.
10:04<kharlan>The redhat windows virt drivers I mean *
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10:23<mentalstring_>Hi. After an upgrade, the memory of the instance seems to change after reboots between the previous size (1GB) and the new one (2GB). Known issue?
10:25<@pwoods>mentalstring_: What kind of upgrade did you perform? Was it a change to the Linode's plan?
10:25<mentalstring_>pwoods: yes, just a simple resize
10:25<@pwoods>I wanted to make sure it's not a resize of the disk only, or something internal to the Linode.
10:26<@pwoods>Which plan was the Linode on, and then what plan did you resize to? This sounds like what I would expect for the RAM if you resized to a larger plan. Each plan up comes with more resources.
10:28<mentalstring_>switch from a nanonode 1GB to a 2GB one. Currently seeing 1GB, but everything else (including cost) is for the 2GB
10:28<@pwoods>Oh, I think I see what you mean now.
10:28<@pwoods>And where are you seeing that, on the Linode by running commands, or on the Cloud Manager?
10:30<mentalstring_>cat /proc/meminfo
10:30<mentalstring_>MemTotal: 993892 kB
10:33<@pwoods>mentalstring_: I'm resizing a Nanode of mine to check this for you.
10:34<mentalstring_>perhaps some context may help: the resize was done some weeks ago. After the resize, memory was wrong (1GB), but a manual reboot seem to made it right so I ignored it. But today, after a reboot, it's back to 1GB (disk size still right at 50GB)
10:37<@pwoods>Hmm, weird. Yeah, after the resize, I booted up and /proc/meminfo was updated.
10:38<@pwoods>Have you opened a ticket with us on this yet mentalstring_ ?
10:40<@pwoods>or if you want, you can send me the IP and I can look from our side.
10:41<mentalstring_>I did... but am considering a reboot and I'm not sure if someone would like to take a look before it might change back to 2GB. Will msg the IP
10:41<@pwoods>If you have the ticket number, that helps, too
10:41<@pwoods>I can take a look at the ticket and follow up there
10:42<react>obligatory: stop treating your vm's as pets.
10:46<Nivex>there's nothing wrong with having pet VMs as long as you care for them
10:46<Nivex>I've had the same Linode since 2008
10:47<@pwoods>Just make sure you bath your VM pets from time to time.
10:47<react>that Linode has arguably been migrated several times from host to host over the years, is it really the same VM? ;)
10:48<Nivex>I also rebuilt the disk image from 32 -> 64 bit once in there
10:48<Nivex>It bears the same Linode ID though
10:48<@pwoods>We all grow and develop. Can we really say we're the same person we were in 2008?
10:48<Robdgreat>no, thank fck
10:48<Nivex>I am not renaming it theseus :)
10:49<Robdgreat>my linode from 2010 I just broke down and redeployed rather than rebuild the disk image
10:49<file>can we even say we exist and that we're not actually a simulation running on a parent Linode?
10:49<Robdgreat>file: unless we can prove it, it doesn't really matter
10:49<Robdgreat>and arguably not even then
10:50<Nivex>point being: if you're into all the cloud hype, fine, but not everyone admins the same way.
10:50<Robdgreat>so have our Tamagotchis just gotten much, much bigger?
10:56<@pwoods>Oh no, I forgot my tamagotchi in the tub!
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