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02:51<linbot>New news from community: Postfix/Dovecot - Cant receive outside emails. Can receive locally, can send outbound. <>
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10:35<linbot>New news from community: How do I transfer my website from an old server to a new one, while maintaining the old IP address? <>
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12:20<dwfreed>mcivi: would be cool if the same worked for referrals
12:21<dwfreed>It didn't happen a whole lot in my time, but it was probably something that would have happened more if people knew it was possible
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14:40<Yaakov>HELLO LINDOME
15:07<dwfreed>WELCOME TO LINDOME
16:22<internat>Howdy all - in a datacentre migraiton, how accurate is the estimate of 10-15mins per gig? just trying to work out if i really need to plan for 22hrs of downtime, or if its likely to be less
16:25<dwfreed>it's not
16:25<dwfreed>it's a "this is the worst possible scenario" estimate
16:27<internat>ok, good to know.. any thoughts on a more realistic number?
16:27<internat>just trying to plan my day lol
16:29<dwfreed>a minute per gig or better
16:29<internat>ah nice
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16:30<millisa>the last one I did about a year ago ran at about 250MB/s. about 15 minutes for a 200-ish gig disk
16:32<millisa>~150MB/s in 2019. about 100MB/s in 2018. soon they'll finish before i start them!
16:32<internat>technology is great isnt it
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17:34<DrJ>they actually quote it at 10-15min/gig?
17:34<DrJ>that's really "playing it safe"
17:35<millisa>They have ~150MB/s on the resizing a linode page. (third bullet).
17:37<DrJ>ah, that sounds much more accurate
17:37<DrJ>I've done it a few times and just didn't recall ever seeing such a high estimate
17:37<millisa>they used to show a really conservative estimate when resizing on the screen just before the make-it-so button.
17:37<DrJ>but, that bullet point is talking about transfer to another host in the same datacenter
17:37<millisa>not sure that screen is there anymore
17:38<DrJ>so maybe he is being quoted that for switching to another datacenter
17:39<DrJ>if it really would be that slow, taking 22 hours for internat, I'd just create a brand new server and rsync old to new with old being operational during that time
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19:33<temp12345>What does Linode's stateful firewall match on? Is it the full 5 tuple of (src ip, src port, dst ip, dst port, msg type) ?
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19:56<linbot>Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
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21:13<Damith>Are you there?
21:14<Damith>How can I contact you?
21:15<Damith>50USD deducted from my account to you
21:16<Nivex>Best bet is to open a ticket. Otherwise, telephone.
21:17<Damith>I Want to refund It soon
21:17<Damith>should I call to you?
21:17<Nivex>I'm just another customer and this channel is a friendly watering hole. See the URL I posted for contact information
21:18<Damith>ok thanks dear
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21:20<linbot>New news from community: Resources used in VPS <>
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