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05:21<amir>Hello good time I recently got acquainted with your website and I want to use your services, but since I live in Iran, I do not have a card to buy from your site. Is it possible to pay the fees in another way? Thankful
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12:28<temp_12345>Linode's $0.01 / GB overage is effectively $10 / TB. Max saturation on a 10gbps dedicated line at $1000/month line would be around $0.33/GB, a factor of 30 difference. Question: does Linode offer volume bandwidth discounts ?
12:30<dwfreed>but if you're using 3.24 *petabytes* of transfer a month, you should probably have your own hardware anyway
12:33<temp_12345>If you stream full at 1080p resolution, that is 10Mbps right? 10,000 peak viewers would require 100 gbps. Many top streamers __average__, nevermind peak, 10k+ viewers.
12:34<dwfreed>yeah, and twitch has their own hardware, and a CDN, to handle that
12:35<temp_12345>It is just surprising to me, as 10k viewers does not sound _that high_, but the bandwidth associated with it is fairly insane.
12:36<dwfreed>it's also not centralized
12:36<dwfreed>there is not 1 server somewhere serving those 10,000 viewers
12:38<temp_12345>I don't think the CPU work is all that high, encode once, copy to 10,000 clients, most expensive part probably SSL-ing every stream.
12:39<dwfreed>the CPU work is not the problem
12:39<dwfreed>it's the availability of bandwidth
12:40<dwfreed>which is why CDNs exist in the first place
12:40<dwfreed>last-mile bandwidth is a lot easier to come by
12:41<dwfreed>(also it's probably not encrypted)
12:42<temp_12345> offers 100gbps pipes for ~ $11k/month (see 'economy', not premium); which comes out to ~ $0.34 / TB. Does any CDN offer anything remotely close to that ?
12:55<dwfreed>yeah, I doubt you could actually use the full 100 gbps indefinitely
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12:58<file>I have a bad feeling about that
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13:09<Peng>Do ya think Twitch live streaming runs on AWS hardware or they still have a totally different network? They still use a different ASN.
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13:34<linbot>Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
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16:41<linbot>New news from community: How do I optimize Kubernetes / Nodebalancer configuration <>
16:46<dwfreed>Peng: 100% the live streams run on real hardware
16:47<dwfreed>Peng: AWS bandwidth costs would be *prohibitively* expensive
16:49<synfinatic>i can't provide details because of NDA, but I know of at least one live stream situation where AWS said "no, you're not allowed to do that because we don't have the capacity"
16:50<dwfreed>synfinatic: not surprised
16:50<file>Peloton uses AWS, which always makes me wonder of their bandwidth cost
16:50<nuevu>Given what Peloton charges, does it matter? :)
16:51<Peng>synfinatic: Nice
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17:01<linbot>New news from community: How do I properly and correctly set up NextCloud? <>
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17:02<mimi>Hi, can someone here verify my Linode account? Thanks!
17:02<mimi>it says that it's under review
17:09<synfinatic>lots of companies use AWS, but then use Fastly/Cloudflare for CDN. Amazon for example. :)
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17:16<Peng>Amazon uses Amazon SOMETIMES. :D
17:17<dwfreed>and then us-east-1 goes down and the world explodes
17:17<Toba>that's what they get for hosting us-east-1 on prem
17:17<Toba>they'll never learn
17:17<Peng>Twitch runs in us-west-2. So it was fine during the recent us-east-1 outage(s) but went down during the recent us-west outage(s). :D
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