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01:49<gary-nst>I want to perform pentesting using linode, can someone guide me before starting the server, what needs to be kept in mind
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08:05<LuisMarques99>I'm new here. Just entered cause I tried to create a linode account for 3 times and it didn't work
08:07<LuisMarques99>Can anybody help me with that?
08:07<@ckaczynski>Welcome, were you getting a specific error?
08:08<LuisMarques99>Nothing specific I believe
08:08<LuisMarques99>This was the message I got: "We appreciate your interest in Linode, however, your registration did not meet the criteria we use to approve new accounts. As such, the account you attempted to create has been canceled."
08:09<LuisMarques99>I tried with 2 different bank cards from 2 different banks with 2 different addresses and always received that message
08:13<@ckaczynski>I'm unfortunately unable to help with account issues, but I highly recommend calling our support department -
08:14<@ckaczynski>If you're in the US, 855-454-6633
08:14<LuisMarques99>I'm from Portugal
08:15<@ckaczynski>+1-609-380-7100 will work internationally :)
08:16<LuisMarques99>I would rather send an email or something
08:16<LuisMarques99>How fast are the answers?
08:17<LuisMarques99>Simply because international calls are very expensive, at least from Portugal
08:21<@ckaczynski>I don't know an exact number/timeframe but we're generally very quick
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09:17<@pwoods>LuisMarques99: Generally speaking, if we receive an email to review a signup decision, and there's no response from us, it means that the decision hasn't been reversed.
09:17<@pwoods>That said, I can assist you, mind if we move this to a private message?
09:18<@pwoods>This is an open channel, so I don't want to discuss any personal info here.
10:09<LuisMarques99>Sure, we can do that. I'm sorry for my late response
10:17<LuisMarques99>Anyway, thank you a lot for your help @ckaczynski
11:19<@ckaczynski>!point Yaakov
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12:29<mehul>any autoscaling features is there ?
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13:33<cmm11>an Arch error
13:33*cmm11 takes a peak
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13:57<cmm11>look at me helping \o/
13:58<millisa>!point cmm11
13:58<linbot>millisa: Point given to cmm11. (1)
13:59<cmm11>yeah quick nosy a fresh install, the default mirror was just out of sync
14:00<cmm11>though most users typically specify a new mirror
14:01<cmm11>now to make sure i delete the right Arch instance
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17:46<@dmonschein>> Toba | that's what they get for hosting us-east-1 on prem
17:48<dwfreed>yeah, don't you know you're supposed to host IN THE CLOUD
17:49<Toba>they should hire me to show them how its done
17:49<Toba>except i refuse to work at such an abusive company as amazon
17:50<Toba>they should offer me the job of being in charge of all their stuff so that I can feel superior while rejecting it
17:51<file>the cloud is infinite!
17:56<Toba>the net is vast and infinite
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17:59<ttnk>Hello, i want to create a vlan, is it available at dallas?
18:00<dwfreed>lists what features are available in what datacenters
18:00<ttnk>not available, thanks anyway
18:02<kharlan>Hmm a coworker told me to just "check in" a change on a develop branch in the main repo...
18:02<kharlan>I'm confused
18:02<kharlan>wtf does check in mean, does he want me to push without a PR? Lol
18:03<kharlan>Oh well, I guess I'll just do that since it's not master... I wonder if he used to use SVN at his old place.
18:03<@dmonschein>or perforce
18:04<Toba>just make a pull request and pretend you don't understand the difference
18:04<Toba>see if you can drive him nuts
18:05<kharlan>Lol well I was fixing a bug on his backlog since I had some time... so I don't think he'll get annoyed. Yeah I'm going to submit a PR
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22:52<AugustusCaesar24>are there any bucket storage promo codes for existing members?
23:01<@pwoods>AugustusCaesar24: I'm not aware of any service-specific promo codes, just general promo codes.
23:02<@pwoods>You can add a promo to an existing account yourself now:
23:03<AugustusCaesar24>dang the account has to be less than 90 days old
23:04<AugustusCaesar24>so they only give promo credits to sign up
23:06<dwfreed>this is common
23:07<virtual>Linode has done promo stuff to existing accounts in the past, which is nice.
23:08<dwfreed>yeah, but it's been a while
23:08<dwfreed>your best bet to get promo credit as an existing customer is to hit them up at a conference
23:53<AugustusCaesar24>I want to use linode buckets for a django project, I think I have to create an access token
23:53<AugustusCaesar24>do I need to create a public read/write token?
23:53<AugustusCaesar24>I am creating it under object storage in the Acess tab
23:59<AugustusCaesar24>nvm found it!
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