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00:17<AugustusCaesar24>anyone else having problems with linode bucket storage being CRAZY slow?
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00:52<linbot>u0_a591: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
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01:21<AugustusCaesar24>I am having very slow performance with linode storage in my django project. Is there anything I can do?
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01:56<u0_a591>connect freenode
01:58<u0_a591>connect freenode
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03:24<gparent>*gets the freenode wire and plugs it in*
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06:33<internat>Hi - does anyone know if there is an easy way to transfer all domain/dns items to another account?
06:33<internat>eg, i have two linode acounts that are merging
06:41<@pwoods>Hey internat, this should have everything you need:
06:42<@pwoods>Some services can be done yourself, some will need a Support ticket from both parties (one from sender, one from recipient).
06:43<@pwoods>Since you mentioned transferring DNS, you may already be aware of this, though DNS records won't be served on an account without an active Linode.
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07:26<vitorconti>Hello there! Is there anybody that could help me with SMTP issues? :) Thank you!
07:30<@ckaczynski>Hi vitorconti! What's the issue?
07:32<vitorconti>Hi ckaczynski thank you replying. I have just deployed my first Moodle App on a Linode dedicated and when configuring the SMTP using either GMAIL or OFFICE365, when testing the settings my whole application freezes and I have to reboot the server in order to get it unstuck. I have DNS records held by Linode but still it is not working and I am stuck with it :( Would you perhaps have any idea or would you be able to give me di
07:32<vitorconti>in order to fix it, please?*
07:33<@ckaczynski>Have you made a support ticket to unblock the SMTP ports?
07:34<vitorconti>Oh, I didn't know the SMTP ports were blocked with Linode. That might be it then. I will raise a ticket to the support team.
07:34<vitorconti>Thank you so much mate!
07:34<@ckaczynski>Yeah sounds like you're having timeout issues. Make sure you have reverse DNS set before you make your ticket!
07:35<vitorconti>Much appreciate it mate. Thanks heaps!
07:35<@ckaczynski>No worries
07:37<@pwoods>vitorconti: when you open a ticket, if you pass along the ticket number, I'll be happy to review right away for you.
07:38<vitorconti>Thanks a lot pwoods ! I will do it right now
07:45<file>ooh my stickers just appeared
07:52<@pwoods>file: that sounds magical.
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10:37<regedit>haven't been here in a while
10:38<@_brian>welcome back
10:38<regedit>where are some of the more active IRC channels for questions about servers and security, or am i in the right place already? (not linode specific)
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10:38<regedit>there used to be like... lowendbox or something... i forget a few others
10:39<regedit>i'll ask my question and then maybe any of you can help and/or redirect my call;
10:40<millisa>we mostly talk about linodes here, but many people here use multiple providers and might have opinions
10:42<regedit>my question is; my client's website has a fair number of users and steadily counting up. in my opinion i still believe for the number of users visiting & traffic etc. he could do just fine on a cheapest shared hosting account for another long time to come
10:42<regedit>the only issue is - it's an audio library site, so he streams a lot of audio straight to viewers. shared hosting providers warn against that as against policy
10:43<regedit>so we're investigating dedicated servers. problem is i'm nervous about managing a server as i am not a security expert and wouldnt know what to do the day script kiddies attack
10:43<regedit>sure we can take partially managed, fully managed etc and hope for the best
10:43<regedit>but i'm wondering a different plan/idea:
10:44<regedit>what if we host the website on the shared hosting where i believe it can survive for another long time to come
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10:45<regedit>and just the audio files will be served from an accompanying linode or digitalocean droplet or something
10:45<regedit>like out own audio CDN sort of thing
10:46<@ckaczynski>is it against policy as a piracy thing, or a bandwidth issue? if piracy, even linking to the material will still be against their terms most likely
10:46<regedit>no bandwidth
10:46<millisa>Not sure a question has been asked yet
10:46<@ckaczynski>if bandwidth, linode object storage would be great for that
10:47<regedit>so the bottom line question i'm trying to figure out is: is there a straightforward way how to setup this little audio streaming CDN of ours in such a way that we close off everything else to be 100% airtight secure no hackers possibly to make trouble, only thing the server does is 1) receive new audio uploads 2) serve audio files. that's it - everything else is impossible to penetrate or do any problems to worry about
10:49<regedit>or - maybe there are other angles of solving this particular X-Y problem; maybe there's a 3rd party audio hosting service we could be using, or something
10:49<@ckaczynski>if you were to use object storage, you can upload files with an S3 client or through the linode manager, as well as list and manage them. for security you have to create access keys which you can set Read/Write permissions on
10:49<@ckaczynski>and for the website end, as long as you're sending authenticated requests it's just HTTP
10:50<regedit>aha so it's not even that i'm managing a server, i just have access to a storage service which does only storage & serving? i like the sound of that
10:51<@ckaczynski>yup exactly, you'd be managing buckets instead
10:52<regedit>and then instead of paying 2000 p/y for dedicated server which i have to be worried about, we have 1) cheapest shared hosting account - only need to worry about the site's own security - not server security at all 2) much cheaper storage/buckets service which also is not a server needing security protection, just files stored & files served
10:54<regedit>does this storage service have bandwidth policies to be worried about? or people can stream away audio all day and it should be fine?
10:55<regedit>is it an ideal solution for an audio streaming library kind of site
10:55<millisa>you might hit the transfer quota and get charged for transfer past that.
10:55<@ckaczynski>for object storage you're allowed 1TB outbound transfer per month
10:55<regedit>hm i see
10:55<@ckaczynski>if you surpass that you'll pay $0.01/GB
10:55<@_brian>here's a link to the cost calculator for OBJ,Object%20Storage,-S3%20compatible%20storage
10:57<regedit>i guess i'd want to find such a storage service which has most bang for buck in terms of bandwidth (linode or otherwise)... can you guys recommend me some comparable services who offer more bandwidth? or i can't ask that in #linode πŸ˜›
10:57<regedit>or which other channels could i ask about that
10:57<@ckaczynski>You can ask that, but you'll pay much more in bandwidth with other providers.
10:58<millisa>_brian: In regards to the last update to - as of this morning, I'm starting to see blocked linodes able to magically get through (I made no attempt to fix them)
10:58<regedit>hm really? what would someone do if they needed 10TB or 15TB transfer of audio streaming, out of luck? back to dedicated servers?
10:58<@_brian>πŸ™ thank you millisa
10:59<millisa>(still testing all of them that were impacted, but first few are playing nice again. stupid MS)
10:59<@ckaczynski>i'm sure some people might like dedicated servers if they're concerned with bandwidth that much, however if you were transferring 15TB/month outbound you'd only pay $50 a month in bandwidth overages
10:59<millisa>ok, half good again, half unhappy.
11:00<@ckaczynski>to me at least, the redundancy of object storage for your use case is much much better than managing a single dedicated server
11:01<regedit>ckaczynski: oh? πŸ€” yes $50 for 15TB doesnt sound that bad at all actually
11:01<regedit>compared to cost & security concern of managing a dedicated server
11:01<millisa>bah. just noticed the good tests were from the workaround systems. so. hopes dashed.
11:01<@ckaczynski>you pay $50 for 500GB at AWS and google Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―
11:02<@ckaczynski>without the first 1TB free
11:02<regedit>can i ask for a comparison chart between different storage/bucket/whatever it's called providers?
11:02<regedit>linode vs digitalocean vs others etc
11:02<@ckaczynski>There's one here:
11:04<regedit>what's the difference between block storage & object storage
11:05<@ckaczynski>for block storage you need a linode (server), and it presents itself as a physical drive to the linode
11:05<regedit>ah gotcha
11:07<@ckaczynski>Take a look at our docs on it, they're super informative:
11:08<regedit>last piece of the puzzle would be; how to setup wordpress (πŸ™„ i know i know...) to integrate with this object storage system, so the client can keep using wordpress as usual add media / delete media / users browse and click play on media, and it's all being served from this object storage instead of the hosting space
11:09<regedit>that's more of a development concern so i'll look into that
11:09<regedit>(unless you happen to know any pointers about that)
11:09<@_brian>we have a one click Marketplace deployment script for WordPress
11:10<regedit>ah cool lemme check that out
11:10<regedit>it integrates with object storage within wordpress?
11:10<@ckaczynski>Unfortunately I'm not super familiar with connecting WordPress to S3. Google is showing me that there are plugins for it, but I don't know if there are any with Linode/custom S3 provider support
11:11<@_brian>you can mount a bucket to your Linode like a disk
11:11<@ckaczynski>TIL - have to try that
11:11<regedit>ah no i was hoping to avoid buying a server/VPS
11:12<regedit>just shared hosting account + object storage, of possible
11:12<@ckaczynski>This appears to support custom providers:
11:13<regedit>ultimately i'm guessing this object storage has some kind of API or something, you authenticate, store new uploads, get direct URL, then i just need to find the wordpress hooks to save the right URL to the database, something like that... i guess?
11:15<@ckaczynski>Yeah essentially. It's fully S3 compatible so the same things you'd do for AWS. You can use clients like Cyberduck, s3cmd, etc. You'll get a access key and access secret, a bucket name and an endpoint (http url) you can use to authenticate
11:15<@ckaczynski>The access keys and such will work with a WordPress plugin for S3 as well, like the one I just sent
11:19<regedit>πŸ‘Œ neat ok
11:29<millisa>_brian: submitted two tickets from different account impacted after doing the MS instructions (if you are the one actually stuck dealing with those jerks)
11:33<@_brian>thanks and i am
11:34<regedit>looks like it's $10 per additional TB transfer? so for 15 TB it would be like 150 not 50?
11:34<@_brian>minus the first tb
11:34<regedit>right so 140 then?
11:36<@_brian>15TB would be $5 for the 250GB bucket plus $143.36 in additional transfer
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12:35<jtoscani>I am here to troll Linode employees
12:35<millisa>You've come to the right place
12:35<Peng>Did you bring pizza?
12:35<millisa>and possibly a goat?
12:35<jtoscani>One cheese pizza, just for me
12:36<jtoscani>I brought vegan pizza for everyone else
12:36<Peng>There's only one piece a cheese on your pizza? I hope it's big enough
12:37<jtoscani>many small pieces of cheese melt to form one large piece
12:38<jtoscani>millisa I did not bring a goat, I didn't realize this was expected but the next time I will be more prepared
12:38<regedit>well at least jtoscani is upfront about his intentions. meanwhile i was pretty much asking linode employees to recommend better competitors for me
12:38<jtoscani>well this is awkward
12:38<regedit>what, your forgetting a goat? indeed
12:41<jtoscani>her** intentions
12:42<@ckaczynski>!op jtoscani
12:42<@ckaczynski>:awk: apparently i cannot
12:42<millisa>Bad news. Sounds like they may not accept goats as payment.
12:43<jtoscani>no no all good, I'm not at linode anymore :'(
12:43<@ckaczynski>somehow missed that..
12:43<@ckaczynski>glad it didn't work then!
12:43<jtoscani>I moved away and couldn't take my job with me
12:44<regedit>start goatcoin
12:44<regedit>works remotely too
12:47<jtoscani>millisa that's from 2011 things may have changed - keep eyes peeled for "whats coming in 2022" blog post
12:48<@ckaczynski>i can see us accepting goatcoin by the time the new elder scrolls comes out
12:49<regedit>i used to hodl like you, but then i took a goat simulator to the knee
13:09<@_brian>jtoscani: hiiii
13:12<jtoscani>_brian suhhhh
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13:24<mcncyo>I am getting hit hard by bots trying to login into my ssh account on my server.
13:24<@_brian>greetings mcncyo, this guide should help with that
13:25<mcncyo>i already put that into place
13:25<mcncyo>it ban 12 ip address so far
13:26<chesty>mcncyo, welcome to the internet. Mine was blocking a 1000 at one stage
13:26<linbot>New news from community: How login to Glish username and password? <>
13:29<chesty>I have 597 currently banned, but I ban them for a week.
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13:37<regedit>can i get a free ban? or must i actually annoy you guys for a while until i merit that
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13:37<@_brian>there u go
13:38-!-mode/#linode [-b regedit!*@*] by _brian
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13:38<regedit>yaaay that was easy
13:38<regedit>and more pleasant than the usual way
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13:45<regedit>ok my last troll for the day - i see vultr, digitalocean, and linode have head-to-head same pricing for S3 object storage, why to choose linode over the others, 3.. 2.. 1.. go
13:47<DrJ>Because smart people make smart decisions
13:49<regedit>but maybe i am stupid
13:49<DrJ>Then you should probably go with do
13:49<regedit>really? so fast? is linode not for stupid people too?
13:49<regedit>you get the linode NOT-employee-of-the-month award
13:51<DrJ>honestly, you have pretty much figured out the truth, the three you listed are pretty close to par with each other. However, as a customer of linode since 2010 I can guarentee you linode would not be a choice you would regret
13:55<regedit>i see ok that's a thought
13:55<regedit>it's also cool to be able to chat and get help from staff anytime over IRC (altho come to think of it i'm guessing digitaloceal/vultr prolly have discord or something)
13:56<DrJ>pretty sure DO has an IRC channel
13:56<DrJ>I know very little about vultr
13:56<Peng>DO used to have an IRC channel
13:56<Peng>There might still be a couple customers hanging out, but that's about it.
13:56<Peng>It was on freenode, so...
13:56<DrJ>yeah, been a long time
13:57<Peng>I mean, #digitalocean was dying before freenode was, but it didn't help
13:57<regedit>rip freenode
13:57<DrJ>I once had a couple DO servers back when they had $5 and linode didn't
13:57<regedit>did they move to libera maybe?
13:57<regedit>or discord
13:57<Peng>The unofficial social channel did. I don't know if the not-really-official main channel did.
13:57<Peng>Libera ^
13:58<DrJ>but yeah regedit, it is nice to have an active channel for linode here with staff
13:58<DrJ>that is a plus that DO/vultr may or may not have
13:58<regedit>πŸ€”πŸ‘ indeed thats nice
13:59<Peng>The IRC channel really is one of the main reasons I signed up with Linode. (And not Vultr.)
13:59<Peng>It's not the ONLY reason but still.
13:59<regedit>there mere fact of it being on IRC (as opposed to discord or no chat at all) implying a certain caliber of nerd and thus knowledge and "with it" in this industry πŸ˜†
14:00<DrJ>haven't seen him in here a while, but the owner (caker) used to even be active in here
14:00<dzho>yeah, I used other providers before linode, and still use another one just to have a little provider redundancy. They've all had their plusses and minuses but none really exceeded how thorough and well thought out linode has become.
14:00<DrJ>Account last quit: Wed 13 Dec 2017
14:00<DrJ>yeah, has been a while
14:01<DrJ>he used to be very active and always in here
14:01<Peng>I didn't think it had been that long!
14:01<regedit>the 2020s does a number on you that way
14:02<DrJ>yeah, I would have guessed 6months to a year, tops haha
14:03<dzho>I am a simple man with simple VPS needs though so YMMV
14:19<regedit>if there's a money back guarantee i might as well start trying it out. just need to find a WP plugin which can integrate with this S3-style bucket storage, and test that it actually works
14:20<regedit>like this one someone suggested Will It Workβ„’
14:22<@ckaczynski>I'll install it on a test WordPress install I have and confirm if it'll support Linode's object storage or not
14:23<@ckaczynski>I don't know about money back guarantees, but if you sign up with us here: you'll get a free $100, 60-day credit
14:24<millisa>(refund reference - )
14:27<regedit>wow really you can test the wordpress thing for me? that would be *awesome* if i understand you correctly
14:27<regedit>and wow bonus $100 sounds awesome too - and thanks for the refund reference
14:27<@ckaczynski>yeah just a few
14:32<regedit>what we're hoping for: Priority #1: the wordpress plugin (or other integration) lets us easily use wordpress as usual, and all audio files get transparently offloaded to the S3 storage and served to viewers from the S3 storage without too much additional hassle / steps on the website's end (configuring or extra steps to upload & attach file to serve etc.)
14:32<regedit>Priority #2: it can even take all existing files and move them to the S3 storage
14:36<@ckaczynski>Plugin works fine with Linode
14:36<@ckaczynski>You have to select S3 Compatible during setup
14:36<regedit>if the plugin/integration can do the above smoothly that would be best. But even if it can only do 70% or 50% of the above, as the developer i might find it workable to custom-code the rest of the way, if i need to write a script to do some mass integrating / uploading, or something wordpress hook to take care of some integration concerns or whatever
14:36<regedit>ckaczynski: that's great news!
14:37<@ckaczynski>All I know about the plugin is that it can use our object storage haha, you would definitely want to speak to a developer about all that
14:38<regedit>ah ok, to what extent "it can use our object storage" , it connects? it uploads files? it serves files? using the wordpress media uploading works seamlessly?
14:38<regedit>how far have you tested
14:38<@ckaczynski>Connects, uploads, lists, deletes and serves files
14:39<regedit>so to clarify; you use the wordpress post editor, or media uploader, and magically the file permalink URL is to the bucket?
14:40<regedit>very cool
14:40<@ckaczynski>Direct from the media section in wordpress
14:40<regedit>does it delete the local file automatically, or offer an option if it should do so for you?
14:41<@ckaczynski>that's an option in the settings but i don't have that enabled so i currently have the picture on my linode and in my buicket
14:41<regedit>ok perfect, if it has the option that's great
14:42<regedit>does it allow filtering which media to operate over the s3 storage? ex. i only want audio files to be handled this way, any other pics or anything else can stay locally
14:42<regedit>altho it's not such an urgent feature... not a deal breaker
14:42<@ckaczynski>sure does, you have switches for images, video and audio files
14:43<millisa>(you may want to consider leaving a copy on the system if you have the room; the linode backups feature (which you should use) won't cover the bucket)
14:44<regedit>will work on a backup solution - this hosting account is pretty cheap and performant, but doesnt allow a lot of space for media files, seems part of their shared hosting policy
14:44<regedit>but i'll code something up to download local backups on a scheduled basis or something
14:44<regedit>final question (i hope) does it have a feature to "move all previous existing media files to the s3" of some sort?
14:45<@ckaczynski>the free version does not, however the premium version does
14:45<@ckaczynski>for moving your data, I *highly* reccommend s5cmd -
14:45<@ckaczynski>it's the only s3 client i've found that supports asynchronous operations
14:48<regedit>so i can run this from the hosting site command line and it can send over all the files to the s3? and then i just need to figure out about updating the data to point to the new bucket URLs
14:48<regedit>ckaczynski: so this is the ilab media plugin we're talking about, right?
14:48<regedit> ?
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14:53<@ckaczynski>It shows as Media Cloud something in wordpress
14:54<@ckaczynski>I dunno if the hosting site will let you run that honestly, when I worked for a shared hosting company users were basically able to use cd and cat haha
14:56<@ckaczynski>If you don't have enough local storage/a not great internet connection, I'd just spin up a linode with enough storage to take all of your audio files and download them to the linode with sftp, then upload from the linode with S3
14:58<regedit>I think there's enough allowed resources to do something like this, we've done full site rsyncs in the past with these hosts
14:58<@ckaczynski>Oh okay sweet
15:00<regedit>things must've come a long way since the only cat & cd days πŸ˜„ even lowest shared hosting has ssh access, can run composer & even install some cli tools ( etc) and they're even starting to offer node.js with all its environment & cli building etc
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15:20<aparcar>Hello, does Linode does any open source sponsoring?
15:21<@_brian>greetings aparcar. i'm sure we do but i don't have anything specific in front of me. why do you ask?
15:21<aparcar>I'm a project member of OpenWrt and we're currently looking for infra sponsoring
15:22<@_brian>oh hey, i believe dwfreed asked about this some time back and i mentioned it to our marketing folks. let me go find the convo
15:22<aparcar>_brian: thank you
15:25<millisa>( )
15:25<@_brian>thank you millisa (how do you search that?)
15:25<@_brian>that's right aparcar, you'll want to reach out to
15:25<@_brian>what do you just grep your own log and then pull up the date on thegrebs?
15:26<millisa>(grep local logs. er, grep pipe grep pipe grep pipe etc usually, then find the equivalent in the greb logs)
15:26<@_brian>ah ty
15:26<millisa>sometimes getting googley with has some success...
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16:57<linbot>New news from community: Entire IP range blocked by etc. <>
17:04<file>every day, every day
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17:10<u0_a261_>how can Δ± change my nick ?
17:10<millisa> /nick name
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17:23<esselfe>for long-term use you can also consider registering it... /msg nickserv register help
17:23<esselfe>oh didn't see the quit message
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