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00:25<ssr2>is any one here ?
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02:50<linbot>New news from community: questions about the LKE cluster auto-scaler <>
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03:55<Guest10538>Hello to everyone
03:56<Guest10538>I sended ticket to sales department but i did not receive any response yet. Do you have any idea about non limited network vps ? Linode has an option like that?
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04:46<aparcar>_brian: thanks, I wrote an email
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06:45<ssa_>Is there a reason why Debian 10 is still the default image when creating a new linode, instead of Debian 11?
06:50<@pwoods>ssa_: my gut tells me it's related to no recent Cloud Manager releases:
06:51<ssa_>thanks pwoods. I take that as a thumbs up for debian11
06:52<@pwoods>It's either that or, similar to how we handle new kernels-allowing a new one to be available for a bit before elevating it to "Latest" to allow any bug reports in that time.
06:52<@pwoods>That said, I've seen Linodes running Deb 11 already.
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09:31<Nivex>I thought new installs used the distro kernel rather than a Linode kernel
09:32<Nivex>oh, "similar to". Never mind. I'll wake up eventually :)
09:32<Nivex>I've apt upgraded Debian 10 -> 11 on my Linode. No issues.
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09:52<biesbjerg>I'm having a weird issue, where in two of my Linodes I'm not able to do `curl` which is the repo used by composer. Any idea why I might get this error?: "curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 443: Connection refused"
09:53<@ckaczynski>Which DC is your linode in?
09:53<biesbjerg>Frankfurt, DE
09:54<biesbjerg>I have a third Linode in Frankfurt, DE - and it can do the curl request just fine
09:55<@ckaczynski>Can you retry the curl request with the --ipv4 flag?
09:56<@ckaczynski>curl --ipv4
09:56<biesbjerg>Yes - still the same: curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 443: Connection refused
09:57<biesbjerg>Request to non-https (port 80) are also refused, so don't think it's anything with certs/SSL either
09:59<@ckaczynski>My confusion is that it's refusing the connection. I'm able to hit it in Frankfurt and Dallas over IPv6 and IPv4
09:59<biesbjerg>Hmm... could it be that the server IPs have been blocked? Maybe composer did something weird at some point
10:00<@ckaczynski>I can't imagine why they'd block your IP, unless you were sending this request a lot?
10:01<biesbjerg>I doubt it, it's just web servers with the occasional composer install/update. I've run out of ideas to why it could happen though 😅
10:05<@ckaczynski>StackOverflow is telling me either IPv6 or DNS.
10:06<biesbjerg>I tried to "prefer ipv4 over ipv6" trick mentioned in one post (should be the same as using --ipv4 flag with cURL I guess)
10:06<biesbjerg>I can ping the host:
10:06<biesbjerg>I can ping the host
10:07<biesbjerg>So DNS should be okay?
10:08<@ckaczynski>Well let's see, run this from your Linode and let me know what IP you get: dig +short A
10:08<@ckaczynski>dig +short A
10:09<biesbjerg>Tells me
10:09<@ckaczynski>Definitely DNS, I'm getting something completely different.
10:09<@ckaczynski>Are you using Linode's default resolvers?
10:10<biesbjerg>I get 3 different IPs on 3 different machines
10:10<biesbjerg>How do I verify that? In /etc/resolv.conf?
10:10<@ckaczynski>I'm getting and 2001:41d0:701:1100::4f7e
10:11<@ckaczynski>From one linode in frankfurt fwiw
10:12<biesbjerg>Looks standard to me?
10:12<@ckaczynski>Is that the Linode with the issue curling?
10:12<biesbjerg>Yes, one of them!
10:13<biesbjerg>It just gave back, then minutes later (for the dig command)
10:13<@ckaczynski>Odd because you're getting the right IP when you dig
10:13<@ckaczynski>I wonder if they're doing some sort of DNS loadbalancing or something..
10:14<@ckaczynski>Okay I just got that from dig but I'm still able to curl
10:14<@ckaczynski>Also but curl is still working
10:15<biesbjerg>I got that too. in /etc/hosts and it works
10:16<@ckaczynski>Curl works by throwing that in your /etc/hosts?
10:16<biesbjerg>So at least we know now that they didn't block me :D
10:17<@ckaczynski>OK cool, do you mind submitting at ticket about this? Just let support know what we walked thru and that setting one of the IPs in your /etc/hosts resolved it.
10:18<biesbjerg>... I just figured out what was wrong
10:18<@ckaczynski>(please tell me i dont have to fix resolvers)
10:19<biesbjerg>Seems I wasted your time :| Apparantly someone already added an ip to the hosts file for (I missed it), apparantly to work around IPv6 issues
10:20<@ckaczynski>Music to my ears
10:20<@ckaczynski>And no time wasted!
10:20<biesbjerg>Thank you for your awesome help! :)
10:21<@ckaczynski>No worries, glad you figured it out
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11:06<jraynes>Hello! I just encountered a tech support scam page that is being hosted on the linode network. see screenshot here:
11:08<millisa>Interesting. That one's in object storage
11:09<millisa>Can you send in an abuse report for them - The linode folks are pretty responsive with them
11:11<millisa>Interestingly their 'renew subscription' button points to a domain hosted on aws with dns there.
11:11<millisa>it's already removed from aws at least.
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12:03<xf_lino>Hey! Can someone verify my Linode account please?
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12:22<linbot>New news from community: Why i can't connect to my server? <>
12:52<linbot>New news from community: How do I set up passwordless authentication with Linode? <>
13:53<linbot>New news from community: $100 credit? <>
14:03<linbot>New news from community: How to set up WireGuard with multiple clients? <>
14:03<millisa>that question is giving flashbacks
14:08<Nivex>hmm, yes, sounds awfully familiar
14:23<Nivex>some more folk could check in from their Linodes, get us up above 10th place:
14:33<@ckaczynski>tried to open that link but my ISP doesn't support IPv6 :(
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14:52<bss>I did my part
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15:37<Nivex>ckaczynski: Sounds like it's time to call and rattle their cage. They would do well to have some progress by June, being the 10th anniversary of World IPv6 Launch.
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17:18<Heyheyoo>Hey guys, i just made a linode account and i was wondering how long it takes to activate it, could someone tell me an estimate time please?
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17:27<Blair>can someone tell me why my signup keeps getting cancelled
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17:36<linbot>New news from status: Scheduled Network Maintenance - US-East (Newark) <>
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19:31<aparcar>_brian: is there an estimation how quickly Linode responds to sponsoring requests? More like, a week or a month?
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20:16<linbot>New news from community: Secondary domain not loading it's path - loads primaries stuff <>
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