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00:18<linbot>Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
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03:11<pepour>Hi, hope you are doing well, I can’t login to my linode account. I tried to call support, but no one answered yet and I am waiting for the response. Also I mailed to the support, now all of my linodes are down and I don’t know what have I do.
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03:16<linbot>Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
03:16<dwfreed>dzho: as in kernel bug; triggered by the BUG_ON macro in the code
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05:57<linbot>New news from community: How do I add this rule to Iptables? <>
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10:25<Em>Hello there
10:26<Yaakov>Hello here.
10:27<Em>Are you support specialist?
10:28<@_brian>greetings Em
10:28<Yaakov>No, I specialize in... erm... not support.
10:28<Yaakov>_brian, on the other hand...
10:31<@_brian>i work for Linode, but this is a public channel.
10:31<@_brian>what do you need help with?
10:32<Yaakov>Howdy, _brian. Hope all is well in Linodia.
10:33<@_brian>Hey Yaakov o/ — things are well enough, just plugging along
10:34<Yaakov>Plug on, my fine feathered support specialist.
10:34<Yaakov>You don't actually have feathers, do you?
10:34<@_brian>sadly no
10:35<Yaakov>Well, we can't all have dinosaur genes.
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11:38<linbot>New news from community: SSL certificate not fully complete <>
11:39<file>I'm surprised no community post yet about email delivery
11:40<millisa>i can make one...
11:40<file>the daily trend must continue!
11:41<millisa>i mean, the o365 thing is still happening.
11:41<@_brian>there are plenty of year old+ unrelated threads you can necro to ask in
11:42<@_brian>we're at the mercy of MS right now. we've given them everything they asked for to resolve this.
11:42<file>I do not envy y'all in that regard
11:43<millisa>we know it. not much that can be done.
11:44<millisa>realistically this should be handled by the people paying MS...except they don't care to even support the product at this point.
11:44<millisa>it's like talking to ATT about something other than 'reboot the router'
11:45<@_brian>exactly how it felt being asked to provide bounces to outlook. they needed to get past that step in their troubleshooting script
11:46<file>I do IT for a group office, and one of the former tenants was using O365 and the IP address for the office is dynamic, and that raised up the spam level on their outgoing email... so that sometimes it wasn't being delivered
11:46<file>I just raised my hands up and went "I can do nothing for you"
11:48<millisa>nothing other than relay through a nanode that is included in spf, has good mail server hygiene, blah blah blah. Good ole' MS
11:55<millisa>I really enjoyed the random unicode characters in their signup process for monitoring an IP.
12:34<Yaakov>My new Linode email server has SPF, DKIM, DMARC and a CA policy. I score 10/10 on deliverability tests and have no blacklist entries. I sure hope it stays that way.
12:37<Yaakov>Hmm... unfortunately, *Linode* is listed, though. :(
12:40<Yaakov>One list has Linode listed as a source of abuse
12:40<millisa>good ole uce
12:42<millisa>the only answer is to generate my own spam
12:47<Nivex>spam unto others as they spam unto you?
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12:59<regedit>finally trying out this S3 bucket thing
13:00<regedit>so my wordpress plugin is asking me for S3 compatible details so it can use this cloud storage
13:00<regedit>it's asking for key, secret, bucket etc
13:00<regedit>it's also asking for "custom endpoint" 🤔
13:00<regedit>what is this and what should i tell it
13:01<millisa>There's a linode doc about setting up s3cmd that gives that same info
13:01<regedit>lemme read that up then
13:02<millisa>or at least I thought there was where it made those pretty clera
13:02<regedit>"S3 Endpoint"
13:02<millisa>that's the one.
13:03<regedit>so... how do i figure out what's my custom endpoint... it's showing my bucket is
13:04<millisa>if your bucket is in the us east dc
13:04<regedit>it's saying cluster something? where's that, i dont see about cluster in my linode
13:04<millisa>I vaguely remember there being a reason not to put dots in the bucket name (something cert related)
13:04<regedit>oh 🤦‍♂️ better fix that
13:05<millisa>that lists the clusterid's by DC
13:05<millisa>(the bottom of that doc also has the important bits defined again)
13:06<regedit>ok so it's basically just "" then
13:06<millisa>sounds right to me
13:06<regedit>ok cool thanks
13:07<regedit>(the docs could improve a little on the "Dont Make Me Think" principle - just my unsolicited 2cents from a new customer still novice to cloud services)
13:08<regedit>is there a way to rename a linode storage bucket? or need to create new & delete
13:09<linbot>New news from community: What is (and why use) the snap package manager on Ubuntu? <>
13:09<@_brian>millisa: should've translated that to see what it means
13:09<@_brian>regedit: no you can't rename a bucket
13:10<regedit>ok thanks
13:10<@_brian>Yaakov: which list? uceprotect 3 just added us again the other day, we fall on and off it
13:12<Yaakov>UCE, but also something called "polespam" I find now which has no real way to get delisted nor any real explanation why.
13:13<Yaakov>Oh, and one more "Spam Grouper" which is also pretty useless. I just hope no one I care about uses them.
13:13<@_brian>can you show me where you saw that? i'd like to look into that further
13:16<regedit>the wordpress plugin is having trouble connecting to the linode bucket... 😭 "There was a problem with your settings. Please double check entries for potential mistakes."
13:17<@_brian>remove the endpoint from your bucket name
13:18<Yaakov>_brian: Check messages.
13:18<regedit>_brian: thanks! got past this point - lemme see if the rest works...
13:26<regedit>yep seems to have succeeded 👍 thanks muchly!
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14:59<linbot>New news from community: From macOS to Linux (desktop)... a few questions <>
15:27<regedit>is there some way to link directly to a S3 storage file as a direct download (HTTP header content-disposition attachment etc.) ?
15:43<@_brian>i'm no expert on this, but my understanding is that you should be able to add the content-disposition header to files during upload
15:44<regedit>and if i do set that header, is it still possible to serve it regularly NOT as a download?...
15:45<regedit>my use case is for audio files; you can play the file directly in the page, and you can download as file
15:45<@_brian>i was looking for some documentation on this and found people complaining that you'd need 2 files to accomplish that (on S3, but OBJ is basically the same)
15:46<@_brian>honestly i'm not the best source for that info, trying to see what else i can find
15:46<regedit>so if i need my JS media player to use the file in a regular manner, it cannot do that if i uploaded it to the linode S3 with content disposition header? it will have no choice but to download as a file when the page tries playing it in javascript?
15:49<regedit>it would seem like a fairly common necessity i'd think a provider like linode might provide, maybe something like; add &download=1 to the URL, or some-such
15:51<@_brian>are you serving the files from a mounted bucket, or external url?
15:55<regedit>not sure i understand fully what those mean, i'm gonna guess... external? this is a wordpress site that is integrated to serve certain media files not from local server but from linode S3 bucket
15:55<regedit>the wordpress is not on linode, it's on shared hosting elsewhere
15:56<@_brian>gotcha. i was thinking if the files were being served "locally" (via s3fs) you might have some control over it that way. it would probably be a waste of bandwidth though
15:58<@_brian>i'm unsure of how wordpress does it
15:59<regedit>if it was a local file i'd set http response headers in PHP to make it a download and read+flush out the file contents as response
16:00<regedit>but now that it's from the object storage, i'm trying to figure out how to have both cakes and eat them too... regular file, as well as download file
16:00<@_brian>yeah that sounds about what i was thinking. what about the javascript player? if that can handle media with the attachment header you'd still be fine with just the 1
16:00<@_brian>still looking for a not janky solution
16:01<regedit>i guess i can test that and see... maybe the JS player can ignore the download part and just deal with it
16:01<regedit>and thanks 👍
16:01<@_brian>sure thing
16:02<regedit>reasonable feature request maybe? it really would seem like a basic need which a object storage service like this might have at least as a URL param option or something
16:03<@_brian>agreed, and yeah. if we don't find it i'll ask in the channel where the obj admins live. if it isn't doable i'll make a feature request
16:05<regedit>🤩👍 much thanks that would be awesome
16:05<regedit>the only crack in my confidence is that - really am i the only one who needed this all this time?? it would seem like pretty common requirement - maybe i'm doing something wrong...
16:06<regedit>maybe there's some other easy way how to make regular file to download, maybe some <a href=".." downlnoad="..."> trick i'm not aware of or something
16:07<regedit>or some javascript event handler to download file as download when the button is clicked or something...
16:07<@_brian>a colleague of mine just passed me these
16:08<@_brian>> First one for adding dynamic headers, second one for setting up javascript player scripts to play raw files in the same bucket.
16:12<regedit>seems a bit complicated, i'll keep those bookmarked if i cant figure it out other ways
17:50<linbot>New news from community: I'm having trouble creating an image <>
18:27<regedit>for now i did a javascript hack to download the file into a javascript Blob and subsequently download it as a file using a temporaty <a> element
21:01<linbot>New news from community: Migrating Wordpress to docker and Dokku for portfolio apps <>
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23:37<Kniaz>hi. I just added a new raw disk to Centos 8 Stream Linode, booted it up, but the new disk is not showing up in lsblk command. Suggestions?
23:39<Peng>Is it in the configuration profile in the Linode manager?
23:41<linbot>New news from community: not able to start elasticsearch on my Debian OS machine after installing it <>
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