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06:20<jimcooncat>I can't get past the gd captcha to log in to! Any workarounds?
07:11<jimcooncat>I'm having the problem using Firefox. Chrome is ok.
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08:29<warewolf>dzho: kernel BUG, immediately followed by an OOPS that crashed it hard. Glad I was able to "destroy" the VM over lish.
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09:45<regedit>Yaakov: Amen, which verse are you quoting, and how is your uncle Laban doing 😄
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10:46<Yaakov>I am quoting me. Different Ya'akov, and that would be father-in-law.
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11:30<regedit>ah yes 🤦‍♂️😆
11:32<regedit>well actually uncle too
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11:36<Yaakov>The more cogent relationship was rather-in-law from heck.
11:37<file>are you sure that wasn't more of a... Hurricane Electric relationship?
11:37<file>ahahahah, I'll show myself out
11:37<Nivex>The peering cake is not a lie.
11:39<Yaakov>Hrm... s/ra/far/
11:40<Yaakov>I don't know what a "rather-in-law" would be. Perhaps a more desirable alternative relative...
11:41<Yaakov>file: Do you actually know the way out? I've been looking for it for decades with little success.
11:41<file>the abyss of darkness
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11:41<Yaakov>See, that doesn't seem to be *out* but farther *in*.
12:06<h_>what is the best way if I have a linode to update my home IP address in a DNS record
12:07<linbot>New news from community: Failure to pay the invoice <>
12:07<h_>I was thinking something using the REST API made sense
12:07<millisa>You can do it with the rest api. The linodecli would be able to do it too
12:08<millisa>some linodecli examples (#5 is a record create) -
12:25<esselfe>h_: that's how I do it:
12:26<esselfe>then I write a systemd service to call another script which only loops at calling the pasted script and sleep for some desired time interval
12:26<millisa>esselfe: thaat isn't really your token, right?
12:27<esselfe>nope, all redacted
12:27<millisa>looks very DO-ish
12:28<esselfe>if you check carefully there's even a w in it :P
12:28<esselfe>so it's kindly assured to be invalid
12:28<esselfe>oh jeez it's done with digitalocean, sorry
12:28<esselfe>I was sure I was doing it with Linode...
13:10<h_>esselfe: careful you put a token in there
13:10<esselfe>it's a random one
13:23<h_>esselfe: this is what I ended up with
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