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03:43<Amit>is there any windows hosting avilable?
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10:01<linbot>New news from status: Scheduled Network Maintenance - US-West (Fremont) <>
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10:18<AleksD2000>hey guys. Got a slight problem, can someone look into a support ticket for me?
10:19<AleksD2000>Ticket ID: 16779808
10:20<packetcat>anybody else seeing IPv6 packetloss to Dallas nodes? I'm trying to figure out if its my HE tunnel or the Linode server/network, mtr - [for further context my HE tunnel is a BGP tunnel terminating at their NYC POP]
10:21<Peng>I may or may not be seeing similar loss between Dallas and Charter
10:23<Peng>I am seeing similar loss, but it's hard to be sure because Charter is garbage. :)
10:23<AleksD2000>I seem to be detecting an attempted intrusion on my linode from another Linode user ... Could really do with some help here, as I thought stuff like that was against the Linode Usage Policy?
10:24<Peng>Sure, but abuse doesn't get stopped until someone catches it
10:25<AleksD2000>I get that Peng, but I caught it, and Linode seem to be slow at dealing with Tickets.... Sometimes I don't get a reply for 24 hours, especially when it's super urgent...
10:26<Peng>I was seeing the same loss over IPv4, but that switched to transit and it seems okay now.
10:26<Peng>AleksD2000: The abuse report form might get faster responses.
10:31<Peng>Seems like the IXP is dropping some packets. (Equinix, if Charter's reverse DNS is accurate, which it rarely is.)
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10:54<Lineo>Why object storage is better than S3?
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10:57<linbot>New news from community: Is it possible to migrate Joomla website with old version 2.5.14 <>
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11:21<packetcat>Peng: I'm seeing loss at as well
11:30<millisa> ?
11:30*Peng tapes several birthday balloons to Love Blimp
11:31<Peng>millisa: What in the world
11:34<Yaakov>millisa: A wannabe love blimp.
11:34<millisa>SkywhalePapa loves Skywhale though.
11:35<Yaakov>Perhaps, but is it, like the love blimp, piloted by capybaras with a manatee cabin crew?
11:35<millisa>probably not on Thursdays
12:21<Ps1-Jack>Hmmm.. Strange. My sites are running reaaaally slow for some reason,.
12:25<Ps1-Jack>I'd say it was just the webserver that was specifically on issue, but it seems to be multiple instances, even webapps that have no dependancies such as postgresql.
12:26<dwfreed>check mtr, maybe there's packet loss
12:27<Ps1-Jack>Hmm.. 20~30% at one hop point.
12:27<dwfreed>does it continue after though
12:27<Ps1-Jack> actually, just before it gets into linode.
12:28<dwfreed>that would explain it, then
12:28<Ps1-Jack>yeah, this has been going on for a day now. Just first time I bring it up here, because it seems to be ongoing. heh
12:30<Ps1-Jack>But yeah, seems to be off/on like that. Though Gitea, on a different linode is working fast. My main site, which is file-based and no database, is now working normally again. So, hmm...
12:31<Ps1-Jack>Things I'm noticing slower by magnitudes, is nextcloud. heh
12:32<Ps1-Jack>oh hmm, I'm also not my correct nick. LOL
12:32<packetcat>Ps1-Jack: is this in Dallas?
12:32<Ps1-Jack>packetcat: Yes.
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12:33<Psi-Jack>There we go, fixed nick.
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12:38<packetcat>hm yeah so I think there is some network shenanigans happening in Linode Dallas
12:40<Peng>There's like 2% packet loss between Linode and the IXP
12:44<packetcat>for me at least from home its not affecting teh IPv4 path since that doesn't take the IX
12:46<Peng>Interesting. Like I said earlier, for me, IPv4 usually uses the IXP, but is using a different path now
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13:59<Rehman>Hi everyone!
13:59<Rehman>I am back with a new question and help which i need is on linode server side
13:59<Rehman>i want to setup Auth to access my django application
14:00<Rehman>first i was trying to put auth on .htaccess
14:01<Rehman>this is what i'm doing to prompt for auth before accessing the website
14:01<Rehman>but it doesn't work
14:13<Rehman>any idea where do we puth Auth on domain?
14:23<esselfe>Apache? does the directory have "AllowOverride all"?
14:23<esselfe>the default is none, idk why
14:24<esselfe>and the auth module and the shm module also iirc
14:24<esselfe>(needs to be uncommented)
14:24<Rehman>Yes it's apache
14:25<esselfe>which OS?
14:25<Rehman>AllowOverride all is set for static files only
14:26<millisa>did you reload apache after making the conf file change?
14:26<Rehman>yes i did
14:27<Rehman>this i want to make it work
14:31<esselfe>yeah put "AllowOverride all" in the Directory block of the VirtualHost block
14:32<millisa>not sure that matters when not dealing with htaccess
14:32<esselfe>well he said he wanted .htaccess to work...
14:32<millisa>ah, point.
14:35<Rehman>i added
14:35<Rehman>then this started happening
14:35<Rehman>Job for apache2.service failed because the control process exited with error code.
14:35<esselfe>also make sure the .htpasswd file has read permission for the apache group, www-data I think
14:36<esselfe>ok so look at the error message from 'journalctl -e -u apache2'
14:36<millisa>it should go in the directory context
14:36<millisa>reference -
14:37<Rehman>alright thanks, so the site is not accessible anymore this did work then
14:37<Rehman>now i need to check permissions of the .htaccess file
14:39<esselfe>I'm spinning up an Ubuntu linode just to see if there are modules to enable
14:39<Rehman>.htpasswd should also have access to www-data ?
14:40<Rehman>no password prompt
14:40<Rehman>AuthUserFile /var/www/vhosts/ AuthType Basic AuthName "Just testing" Require valid-user
14:40<esselfe>did you populate .htpasswd with users and passwords?
14:41<Rehman>AuthUserFile /var/www/vhosts/
14:41<esselfe>no .htpasswd differs from .htaccess
14:41<Rehman>AuthType Basic
14:42<Rehman>i created .htpasswd with username and password
14:42<Rehman>and then gave .htpasswd file path to the .htaccess
14:42<Rehman>i feel like i repeated the same stuff in .conf file of the site-enabled
14:42<Rehman>and .htaccess
14:43<esselfe>does .htpasswd have read permission for the www-data group?
14:44<esselfe>but you said the service failed to start, what were the errors?
14:48<Rehman>AllowOverride all wasn't actually under the <Directory that's why it was throwing error
14:48<Rehman>apache2.service: Control process exited, code=exited status=1
14:48<Rehman>but now it's working
14:48<linbot>New news from community: NodeBalancer with one Linode for safety? <>
14:48<Rehman>and permission for .htpasswd is on www-data:root
14:48<Rehman>so i guess it's fine
14:48<esselfe>just make sure other don't have read: chmod o-r .htpasswd
14:48<Rehman>easy accessible without password
14:54<Rehman>can i make the password work without .htaccess files?
14:54<millisa>i find it preferable to not use htaccess files. you can put that password config in the web server config.
14:55<millisa>you'd still need an htpasswd somewhere that the web server can access (doesn't have to necessarily be in the document root or path)
14:56<Rehman>millisa: is this link telling the right way to setup password on my domain?
14:56<Rehman>however it's for digital Ocean lol
14:56<Rehman>i believe the machine behaves same though
14:57<millisa>apache conf isn't vps provider specific.
14:57<millisa>but yeah, something like how they put the auth lines inside the directory context is how I usually do it.
14:58<millisa>i'd do a config check before reloading your web servers though.
14:58<millisa>apachectl -t
14:58<Rehman>Syntax OK
15:02<millisa>one of the pastes showed you doing things in the *:80 vhost.
15:04<millisa>you probably need to be doing it in the ssl vhost
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15:08<Rehman>millisa: i have one more dir with ip address but not anything which says ssl
15:10<millisa>what is the output of: apachectl -S
15:10<millisa>well, or more specifically: apachectl -t -D DUMP_VHOSTS
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15:26<Rehman> millisa: this is what i get
15:27<millisa>line1 looks like the file you want to be working in.
15:28<millisa>around line 22 in that file
15:28<millisa>(some additional comments about not specifying your vhost that way, but that's a different thing)
15:29<millisa>it wont be the *:80 section.
15:39<Rehman>yes i added in the section below as well
15:39<Rehman>still no effect
15:40<millisa>show the 443 section?
15:51<Rehman>this config? /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default-le-ssl.conf
15:52<Rehman>millisa: this doesn't seem to be for staging
15:52<millisa>that doesnt look like what the dump vhosts showed.
15:53<millisa>it should be starting at line22 in the /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/ file
15:54<millisa>change the virtualhost line to be *:443
15:55<Rehman>*:80 to *:443
15:56<Rehman> to *:443
15:56<millisa>The <VirtualHost> to <VirtualHost *:443>
15:57<millisa>apache reloaded?
15:57<Rehman>still i can load staging without prompt
15:59<millisa>missing DocumentRoot? am I blind?
16:01<millisa>Something like this around line4 probably should be there? DocumentRoot /var/www/vhosts/
16:01<Rehman> <Directory /var/www/vhosts/>
16:01<Rehman>this is under the same virtualhost
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16:09<Peng>packetcat: Dallas IPv6 stopped going through peering for me. RTT is twice what it should be, don't know yet if there's packet loss.
16:09<Peng>The RTT isn't relevant, I'm just whining. :)
16:10<packetcat>lemme check on my end
16:12<Peng>Seems to be no packet loss
16:13<Peng>The RTT is "normally" bad when Dallas and Charter aren't peering. But it might be slightly worse than usual.
16:14<Peng>Low latency, and routing directly from point A to point B, are clearly something Charter's network engineers try to avoid at all costs
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16:17<arby>Looking for opinions/experience ... When hosting IPv6 web service on a linode, any reason not to simply use the SLAAC address, vs. an address from one of the allocated ranges (/64, /56, etc)?
16:17<millisa>mail might play nicer on an allocated range
16:18<millisa>less chance of getting lumped in with a spammy neighbor
16:18<arby>millisa: less likely on rbls?
16:19<arby>I don't currently 'do' IPv6 mail, but noted. I'm asking atm really just about the simple web:443 case. I can't really think of an obvious reason not to use the SLAAC. Seems certainly simpler.
16:20<arby>Either way works fine here, tho
16:21<Peng>I usually use the SLAAC address unless I have a reason not to.
16:21<Peng>Sometimes I have a reason not to.
16:22<arby>Peng: Sure, there are certainly non-simple cases. For the simple, as long as I'm not being an oblivious-idiot, I'll likely stick with SLAAC.
16:24<nuevu>Portability between Linodes is perhaps one reason to use an address from an assigned range over SLAAC.
16:24<Peng>Yeah. For web services I typically don't mind renumbering, though.
16:25<nuevu>For personal stuff, I don't mind either, but dealing with customer DNS is infinitely more annoying.
16:25<arby>nuevu: Yep, tho only within same data center, IIRC. and I'm down to two Linodes, so portability's less an issue these days ;-)
16:28<Rehman>millisa: documentroot also added still no effect
16:29<packetcat>Peng: IX path is gone over v6 for me now, seeing it go over Telia now
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16:30<Peng>Yeah, I see Telia for outbound (from Linode) IPv6 now
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16:44<millisa>Rehman: I think you may want to try a non-complicated test at this point. I just spun up an ubunut 20.04 system and added apache2 following this as a base:
16:44<millisa>For the vhost, I used this config:
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16:45<millisa>I didn't actually create the htpasswd file; this is enough that it pops up a password
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16:45<millisa>er, password prompt. I don't have any other suggestions at this point; I'm not sure what is getting left out.
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16:56<Rehman>thanks for your time and suggestions millisa:
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17:49<suprobb>Hello everyone
17:50<suprobb>Is there anything that we can do to speed up the ticket response i was waiting too long
17:51<suprobb>You guys are staff?
17:51<file>operators are staff
17:51<file>whether they are here at the moment and seeing this, that remains to be seen
17:52<suprobb>Thanks mate @file
17:52<suprobb>New to irc but i believe operators starts with @
17:52<@pwoods>suprobb: for urgent things, it's best to call in: 855-4-LINODE (855-454-6633), or Intl.: +1 609-380-7100
17:52<@pwoods>That said, if you pass along the ticket number, I can see if someone can take a look at it.
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17:53<suprobb>ya ofc, i just sent a private message to you
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