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00:46<grawity>hays: I'd expect that they would be either on-link for eth0, or *routed* to the primary address on eth0
00:46<grawity>the "private address" feature does not create an eth1, usually no reason additional public addresses would
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05:04<liy>hello admin, can you help me?
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05:29<Yaakov->OK< which one of you broke the Internet?>
05:30<Yaakov->I can't reach a big chuck of the tubes.
05:30<Yaakov->And, it's not just me, VPN says it doesn't matter where I come from.
05:32<Yaakov->Also, it's like: YouTube is fine but it won't stream any videos, irccloud barfs after auth, synology's website is fine but not infrastructure. Anyone have any idea what is actually borked?
05:32<Robdgreat>I ate it. Sorry
05:32<Yaakov>Oh look, it's back.
05:33<Robdgreat>yeah, some of it didn't agree with me
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05:39<Yaakov>This is no fun.
05:41<Yaakov>Things are working from the UK but not from my actual location.
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05:55<Yaakov>Could it be cloud flare... hrm...
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09:00<hays>grawity: yeah ive been playing with it using ipv6
09:01<hays>i have to admit im pretty confused at the options but I think im figuring it out
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09:51<linbot>New news from community: I keep getting connections timed out <> || How can I set up nameservers, DNS and such? <>
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11:07<millisa>and it is still going!
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11:20<Nivex>and of course Microsoft doesn't have IPv6 MXes
11:21<Nivex>I mention because my MX is on a delegated /64 to avoid getting lumped in with the datacenter shared /64, which often ends up on RBLs
11:21<Nivex>No such option in IPv4 :(
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11:33<elvan>hi i download putty but can not connect because it requires password. when i try to write it, its frozen
11:33<Robdgreat>it doesn't show the password on the screen, just type it and hit enter
11:36<elvan>i am writing it but the password that i wrote to the putty can not be seen on the screen and the putty says "acces denied"
11:36<millisa>sounds like you are using the wrong password then.
11:36<elvan>okay i will try again
11:37<millisa>(or the wrong IP. or the wrong username)
11:46<elvan>okay i changed the password and now its ok
11:47<elvan>so now i changed my linode account's password at the same time right?
11:49<millisa>your linode account password isn't related to a linode's root password.
11:54<Robdgreat>it just determines what the initial root password will be if you don't change it
12:05<elvan>thank you
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14:18<elvan>hi, İ tried to update ubuntu on putty and how can i understand it has been done successfully?
14:20<millisa>does 'apt update' followed by 'apt upgrade' show anything to update?
14:21<elvan>i dont understand
14:21<@_brian>run: apt update
14:21<@_brian>wait for it to finish, then run: apt upgrade
14:21<elvan>I: Set the RESUME variable to override this.
14:22<elvan>this is the last thing writing on putty
14:25<elvan>i think its failed right?
14:25<millisa>is this a new linode that you just provisioned/
14:26<millisa>what version of ubuntu, which datacenter did you do it in?
14:26<elvan>64 LTS
14:27<millisa>(that *sounds* like it's got a uuid mismatch when building initrd, but that wouldnt be expected on a new spinup)
14:27<Peng>That's part of a normal log message, isn't it?
14:27<Peng>millisa: It happens to me! D:
14:27<Peng>Not that new, though.
14:28<millisa>I knew it. It was Peng all along.
14:28<millisa>elvan: ubuntu version would be something like '18.04', or '20.04', or '21.10'
14:30<elvan>18.04 LTS
14:34<millisa>what Peng said. Looks like it isn't unusual. Just spunup a test linode with 18.04 and did an apt update and apt upgrade and it was the message come up a few times. It still appears to generate the initrd ok
14:35<millisa>it should keep going after that step and eventually put you back at a prompt. Output of my test:
14:37<millisa>if you run apt update and apt upgrade again, it should show you "0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded."
14:38<elvan>i will try to write commands "apt update && apt upgrade" again. because it is not updating
14:39<elvan>aha it s done
14:40<Peng>What happened the first time you did it?
14:40<Peng>Did it never output anything after "I: Set the RESUME variable to override this."?
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14:42<millisa>we'll never know
14:42<millisa>fix here works.
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14:44<elvan>it writes " Hit:1 bionic InRelease"
14:47<millisa>that's usually the first line when you run apt update
14:47<elvan>after that line there is about 10 lines and at the end it is writing "0 upgrated, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgrated"
14:48<millisa>that's the last line of 'apt upgrade' when there's nothing to update.
14:48<elvan>so, according to last line is it updated?
14:48<millisa>according to that last line it is updated.
14:48<elvan>hmm thank u
14:50<elvan>but when i first write the command, there were lots of lines and between those line there "WARNING: could not determine root device from/ets/fstab"
14:51<elvan>and i thought something went wrong
14:51<millisa>also normal.
14:51<elvan>hmm thanks
14:52<elvan>u are very experienced about those thing, i think u re web developer?
14:53<elvan>because it is my first time and it is a little bit hard to get accustomed to everything.
14:54<millisa>You'll want to look at the getting started guide and some of the follow up guides.
14:54<millisa>The Next Steps section at the bottom is worth looking at too.
14:56<millisa>as for the specific messages about the UUID and setting the resume variable - the fix here does make them go away (or you can ignore the messages):
14:57<Peng>You might have a bad time if you restore from a backup or something
14:58<Peng>I mean, you might have trouble with kernel upgrades if you restore from a backup, which might change the swap UUID
14:58<Peng>Is it even possible to suspend and resume a Linode? D:
15:00<elvan>After Peng's second sentences i didnt understand anything
15:01<elvan>i didnt activate bacups yet
15:02<elvan>What is UUID
15:03<millisa>a unique identifier for something. in this case it's the swap disk
15:03<dwfreed>Peng: nothing prevents you from hibernating (suspend to disk) a linode, but if you restore from backup, that hibernate image will be gone
15:03<dwfreed>the swap disk is not backed up at all; it is checked to make sure it is really swap, and then skipped
15:03<dwfreed>during restore, a brand new swap disk is created
15:03<millisa>if you run 'blkid' it should show your the uuid's for your disk. the one for 'swap' is likely the one you saw in the apt upgrade output
15:04<elvan>ok i m off :)) this conversation is going too beyond of my knowledge :))
15:05<Peng>dwfreed: I wasn't thinking about backing up the hibernate image -- though that's a more important point -- I was just thinking that initrd generation might explode next time you update your kernel, if the swap UUID has changed.
15:05<elvan>i will follow my guide, and ask small questions here. Thank you everyone.
15:05<millisa>i'd expect it to complain in the same way, but I dont do enough ubuntu stuff to know
15:05<Peng>I daresay I don't want to find out :D
15:06<Peng>At least in production :D
15:09<FluffyFoxeh>I once resized a Windows partition while it was hibernated and then booted it
15:10<FluffyFoxeh>After a few hours it crashed and would not boot again
15:10<dwfreed>FluffyFoxeh: that's odd, because windows hibernates to a plain file
15:11<dwfreed>but if the hibernate image contained block numbers, those obviously would no longer be accurate
15:12<FluffyFoxeh>The hiberfile was probably fine, but the hibernated system may have stored some idea of what the filesystem looked like, which then became inaccurate
15:12<FluffyFoxeh>And then because of that, it shredded itself somehow
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19:14<hays>if i get a second ipv4 address on a machine, how does that show up? I'm guessing not as eth1 or something
19:17<Peng>It's on eth0, unless it's a VLAN, which use eth1
19:30<esselfe>wow my server is now running fluxbox, I didn't know servers could do GUI :)
19:30<esselfe>I'll keep an eye on the networking throughput though
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19:42<hays>Peng: eth0:0 or something?
19:43<Peng>Sure, but with modern networking configuration stuff, you can just put them both right on eth0.
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21:21<hays>Peng: how much does it cost for a second ipv4
21:22<Peng>$1/month but you have to have a good reason for it
21:26<hays>i wonder if its good enough that requires a totally separate machine and binds a bunch of ports, etc
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21:31<hays>like maybe there's a way to do it with a single ip but.. yeesh
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22:15<virtual>hays: I see nothing where it says it needs more than one IP?
22:15<virtual>(on the front page, that you linked)
22:17<hays>virtual: well i was hoping to run it in a system container
22:17<hays>on a machine doing a bunch of other stuff.
22:18<hays>but project has been abandoned because the software does some ip6tables stuff that doesn't work in a system container
22:28<virtual>ah, I didn't realise your machine was doing more than one thing - another mail server..?
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