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01:56<linbot>New news from community: Can I create a website as a mirror for an existing one? <>
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07:51<farizaiis>is there a way to test Linode API with sandbox mode?
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09:48<linbot>New news from community: Linode Support asleep at their desks???? <>
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10:03<LouWestin>I never understand (with the exception of language barriers) why people don’t call for urgent issues.
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10:09<Nivex>Most everything is done with email or chat anymore.
10:10<Nivex>The only thing I use my phone for these days is ordering food from the Chinese place in town that still has a landline.
10:10<LouWestin>and faxing
10:10<file>don't use the f word
10:11<LouWestin>It’s still popular among users. lol
10:11<Nivex>The last time I sent a fax was for an apartment lease in 2006. Even most of my house purchase was email.
10:11<file>I am annoyingly quite aware of how it is still prevalent
10:11<LouWestin>I sent a fax last year
10:11<file>nothin' but the fax
10:12<LouWestin>I think Linode should get more reps working IRC but 🤷‍♂️
10:13<LouWestin>Or some chat option
10:13<Nivex>"A fax is a little red critter that hunts geese and chickens. Half of them are males, and the other half are emails."
10:14<LouWestin>Usually I like chat/email because it’s obviously easier to send a link rather than explain on the phone where to go.
10:15<Nivex>reading an IPv6 or MAC address over the phone is pain.
10:16<LouWestin>Yeah that would be… Essh. I always warn customers at the store I work at part time that faxing is $2.10 a page (USD) when they’re holding a stack of papers.
10:17<LouWestin>Some folks get mad and I’m like well… there’s the library down the street that’s much cheaper
10:22<koenig>I think the "pick up a phone and call" vs. "send an e-mail or chat" is probably age related. My first instinct is to pick up a phone and call somebody.
10:23<file>depends on urgency for me
10:23<file>a phone call is an interrupt level event, so if it's urgent then a phone call
10:23<koenig>Yeah, I'd go with that notion of urgency.
10:23<LouWestin>Based on the customer’s complaint, I would’ve called.
10:24<LouWestin>Maybe ticket first, then call later
10:24<koenig>I also try to evaluate mentally how complicated it will be to explain what I want vocally or in text and act accordingly.
10:24<file>email is async whenever, chat depends - it's basically async whenever for here, but more interrupt than email
10:24<Nivex>When my IPv6 went to heck, I put in a ticket Friday evening, and when I didn't have an answer Saturday morning I called.
10:29<LouWestin>I called about a correction to a Linode guide since it was easier to tell someone direct than go through the whole GIT process. But it was more work to explain which guide it was.
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13:13<Cromulent>does anyone here use Ubuntu Advantage?
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13:23<dwfreed>LouWestin: you can edit the guides on github
13:24<dwfreed>navigate to the guide on github and just click the pencil; github will fork the repo as appropriate and give you an editor
13:33<@pwoods>There's also an option on each doc to edit from there.
13:39<LouWestin>I think I was at school during lunch so I figured I’d just call. lol
13:43<LouWestin>Oh I remember now. It was a typo in the guide and I didn’t want to report it via public text and possibly embarrass someone.
13:46<LouWestin>It was someone like this application will support 8 users on a 4 core Linode, when it was really like 800 users.
13:46<LouWestin>Or 2000. Something way off.
14:23<devilspgd>Any compelling reason to do Freemont vs Toronto these days? Toronto is a few more hops, slightly lower latency so that's basically a wash. But in terms of rollout of new features do either do better or worse?
14:29<Peng>Toronto has VLANs and doesn't have IPv6 /116s because it's one of the newer data centers
14:29<Peng>To the extent (mis)features rely on the new networking stack, Toronto and Fremont will be different (for now)
14:30<Peng>But for unrelated features I don't think there'd be a difference?
14:43<Peng>I almost said "lack of features", because of /116s, but "(mis)features" was shorter and more confusing. :(
14:52<devilspgd>Ah. I was worried there were some negatives. I'm not super worried about networking features right now although VLANs maybe. I just haven't kept up lately as to which locations tend to get "stuff" first.
14:54<devilspgd>Back in the day I was in Fremont exclusively way back when it was having frequent issues, but I wasn't in a position to move at the time, and it's been rock solid lately.
14:59<Peng>"NVMe Block Storage is now available in our Atlanta (USA), Newark (USA), Frankfurt (Germany), Toronto (Canada), and Tokyo (Japan) data centers."
14:59<Peng>So there's that. If you want block storage to be fast, Fremont isn't the best choice today.
15:00<@pwoods>The data center that gets stuff first is the one pictured in the "Join the Linode Team" on this page:
15:01<Peng>The data center that gets things second is often Newark, though, right? :D
15:01<Peng>(Except when Atlanta is first for NVMe...)
15:03<@pwoods>With Atlanta, part of that was because it didn't have Block Storage prior to that. Our planned upgrade to that data center was stalled due to Covid, which pushed a number of things back.
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15:13<devilspgd>I may end up using block storage or maybe just object. Although if I can get away with object I'll probably toss it on B2 for cheap. Undecided, early in this project.
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