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01:47<ting>hi !
01:48<ting>i have some question about setting up an account
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02:25<Robdgreat>good of 'em to let us know
02:25<linbot>Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
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07:22<Peng>I think the Linode Ubuntu mirrors are a couple days out of date... because THEY'RE working correctly, but they're mirroring from OSUOSL, which are a couple days out of date for some reason. (OSUOSL's status page is green of course.)
07:22<Peng> <- full of "2022-05-10"s
07:23<Peng>And an updated package I saw on another mirror yesterday doesn't show up on Linode.
07:25<Peng>2 days is long enough for me to whine at a for-profit company like Akamai but not long enough to whine at a free university project like OSUOSL. :>
07:31*Peng pokes their IRC channel
07:34<Peng>I don't know why it's less scary to annoy hundreds of people in an IRC channel than a couple people in a support ticket. :D
07:38<@pwoods>Peng: for our purposes, it would be great to have the outputs and everything in a ticket.
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07:39<Peng>Can I get some kind of card that we can punch and I get a prize once I open 100 tickets? :>
07:40<Peng>I don't know anything about mirrors, but from my link above, it looks like the problem is your upstream (OSUOSL)
07:41<Peng> ran less than 2 hours ago.
07:42<Peng>But the other files and haven't updated.
07:42<@pwoods>ahh, I didn't check the URLs. I'll start poking and seeing what I can find.
07:43*file gives pwoods a cookie
07:43<Peng>I'll email OSUOSL later (unless I forget)
07:43<Peng>It's a Friday, I don't want to bother some volunteer college student on call on a weekend. :/
07:46<Peng>and it's not even 05:00 in Oregon now
07:48<Peng>Never mind about the ticket, I already have 174 closed tickets. :(
07:49<Peng>never mind about the punch card*
07:49<Peng>26 more and I get a free smoothie, right?
07:50<hawk>Peng: You could try to get a punch card for 1000 tickets instead?
07:50<hawk>Peng: That would be more impressive as well, once you get there
07:51<Peng>Winning a 10 liter glass of green boba or something would be *impressive* but also fatal
08:04<@pwoods>Peng: I just escalated this for our admins to check into further.
08:06<Peng>Oh. Thank you. :D
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08:23<rehman>Hi everyone
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08:44<rehman>my website is set and https work on this, but some stupid people using it by typing and it's not working
08:44<rehman>any suggestion what to do in this case?
08:44<@pwoods>create a subdomain for the www. and a wildcard cert?
08:56<hawk>...or at least a certificate that is valid for both and, doesn't necessarily have to be a wildcard
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09:08<@pwoods>I think a wildcard cert would work with ww. www. and wwww. actually, any subdomain that happens to be entered - you'll just need to also have an A record for those, or a wildcard subdomain record.
09:12<Peng>It would
09:30<rehman>pwoods: A record should point on the same linode server? and do i have to run certbot again for www.wheredjsplay?
09:31<rehman>hawk: the certificate is valid for
09:32<linbot>Peng: [AD=0]
09:32<linbot>Peng: [AD=0]
09:32<Peng>You already have a DNS record.
09:33<Peng>rehman: There's an older certificate that included both and If you don't currently have it, you need to run Certbot again, yes.
09:36<rehman>Peng: when i run certbot now it only shows me the option to select
09:36<Peng>rehman: It reads your web server's configuration. Does it currently include
09:36<Peng>rehman: As a separate virtual host or as an alias in another one?
09:37<rehman>i think it's not included, do i have to check / edit apache2.conf
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09:40<Peng>Well, it depends on how you configure Apache
09:40<Peng>Usually people have other included files
09:40<Peng>rehman: Not that kind of alias
09:40<rehman> Alias /blog "C:/Wamp/vhosts/ptrl/praveen-kumar/blog"
09:40<Peng>rehman: ServerAlias
09:40<rehman>not that?
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09:47<rehman>Peng: i have set the ServerAlias then certbot throws this Unable to set the redirect enhancement for
09:48<Peng>I don't know your configuration and I'm not an expert at Certbot's Apache plugin
09:49<rehman>Alright, np
09:51<Peng>Is there an HTTP virtual host including
09:51<Peng>If you pastebin the configuration, someone may be able to help.
09:52<Peng>pwoods: Do you know if Linode plans to contact OSUOSL? I don't know anyone, but I might email their support address soon.
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09:53<rehman>this my config atm
09:54<Peng>That HTTP vhost is overcomplicated but I guess it works already
09:56<rehman>I dont understand this mainly "Unable to find corresponding HTTP vhost;"
09:58<rehman>my apachectl -S tells me this
09:58<hawk>well, over HTTP you only accept one name (but stating it three times)
09:58<hawk>over HTTPS you accept two different names
09:59<Peng>AHHH! I misread!
09:59<rehman>yes hawk: so i put there and
09:59<rehman>or only
09:59<Peng>I thought it stated twice and once. But it was 3 times, as hawk said.
09:59<Peng>!point hawk
09:59<linbot>Peng: Point given to hawk. (4)
10:00<rehman>The third time you're counting is of "ServerName" ?
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10:01<rehman>i ran the certbot after fixing the Alias, it ran
10:02<hawk>rehman: yes
10:02<rehman>it's fixed now, hurrayyyy
10:02<rehman>thanks hawk and Peng
10:02<rehman>!point hawk
10:02<linbot>rehman: Point given to hawk. (5)
10:02<rehman>!point Peng
10:02<linbot>rehman: Point given to peng. (93) (Biggest fan: millisa, total: 22)
10:02<MaverickFischer>!point rehman
10:02<linbot>MaverickFischer: Point given to rehman. (1)
10:02<hawk>I guess the RewriteCond may be a problem as it will only match one of the names
10:03<Peng>But the OTHER RewriteCond matches every name
10:03<rehman>wow, my first point thanks MaverickFischer
10:03<Peng>And when rehman ran Certbot again, the RewriteCond may have been updated
10:04<MaverickFischer>rehman: For patience and working through the problem. 😉
10:04<MaverickFischer>Gez, I haven’t written a config file years
10:05<MaverickFischer>file sure gets tagged a lot lol
10:05<rehman>These past few days i'm really getting into reading these config files and understanding what are they doing lol
10:05<file>less than you'd think
10:05<hawk>Another, separate thing, worth considering is that you may want to decide on one of the names to use and redirect people who arrive at some alternative name. Usually a good idea...
10:05<rehman>it's good when the problem is solved :p
10:06<file>I'm across 4 networks and 24 channels, and don't get tagged THAT much
10:06<rehman>hawk: yes actually i would want to do that
10:06<rehman>and use only
10:06<rehman>file: even though you have such name?
10:06<MaverickFischer>File ok whew!
10:07<rehman>i always need file: so i'll try to tag
10:07<MaverickFischer>I think I’m guilty only a few times of tagging by accident
10:07<MaverickFischer>There was someone in here named juice
10:08<rehman>hawk: is this enough to do that? redirect www. to non www "RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^www\."
10:10<MaverickFischer>rehman: there’s an Apache handbook out there which MIGHT explain more details about these settings. I have a copy but need to look it over again.
10:11<Frogging101>I miss juice
10:11<MaverickFischer>I kind of leaned on certbot to make the config files and… yeah I don’t look at them. 😆
10:13<rehman>yes please if you find it let me know MavericFischer
10:14<rehman>i'll propally lean on them too but would just wondering how do we do it at the backend
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10:21<MaverickFischer>I wing it, but 🤷‍♂️
10:25<MaverickFischer>There’s a book out there. Class is getting wild gotta go put out fires
10:38<bn_work>does assume you are migrating a non-virtualized Linux machine? how does one use this guide if one is attempting to migrate a VMWare .VMX + .VMDK image to Linode?
10:49<@jyoo>I don't know a lot about VMWare - are you able to make an .iso? That's generally what we would suggest. You can then use our custom distro guide to set up your Linode:
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11:21<Peng>I emailed OSUOSL
11:22<hawk>bn_work: It does not assume that... but if you were to follow that for a Vmware guest, you would do the "existing server" steps from *within* the guest.
11:24<hawk>bn_work: Ie, Vmware's means of storage (vmdk) or configuration (vmx) are invisible to that process.
11:30<bn_work>jyoo: an .ISO of the entire VM? Does ISO even support images that large? (I know this thing is at least 22GB, if not more)
11:32<Frogging101>An ISO is literally just a disk image, I don't think it even has its own special headers
11:33<Frogging101>I tend to just call it a .img
11:34<Frogging101>ISO refers to the ISO 9660 filesystem used by CD-ROM
11:34<Frogging101>But it need not necessarilybe used as a CD-ROM
11:35<Frogging101>And it's just an uncompressed copy of the disk contents, there's no container
11:35<hawk>I think the whole .iso suggestion + install custom distro link were pointing in the wrong direction, though
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11:49<@pwoods>Peng: I was just checking with our admins - they elected to update the upstream to The Dallas mirrors are now updated.
11:51<Peng>Nice :)
11:51<Peng>But if ever goes down you'll have to switch back :D
11:51<millisa> is just a fad
11:59<bn_work>Frogging101: I know what it generally is, my point is it's a very old standard and I think current hard disk sizes exceed the size limits imposed by it, see,byte%20less%20than%204%20GiB).
11:59<Frogging101>Yeah but you don't have to put an ISO 9660 filesystem in it, you could out ext4 in it
12:01<esselfe>Did you guys hear about this bpfdoor backdoor? Honestly I feel for shutting down my servers, I don't need them that much
12:01<esselfe>incredible, can't even trust process names
12:01<bn_work>hmm, it says in the next line "it is possible to circumvent this limitation by using the multi-extent (fragmentation) feature of ISO 9660 Level 3 to create ISO 9660 file systems and single files up to 8 TB. With this, files larger than 4 GiB can be split up into multiple extents (sequential series of sectors), each not exceeding the 4 GiB limit"
12:03<esselfe>they say it's been there for years, under Linus' nose imagine
12:07<bn_work>Frogging101: what do you mean? If you mean copying from an EXT4 source, wouldn't that by definition convert it into an ISO 9660 format?
12:08<Frogging101>No. The thing is, a .iso doesn't necessarily have to contain an ISO 9660 filesystem. It just usually does.
12:09<Frogging101>People don't use it consistently
12:14<bn_work>I like how security researchers conveniently are the ones always selling their solutions too, lol.
12:15<bn_work>esselfe: That post is a bit sensationalized... AIUI, BPF (like iptables) is a low level kernel feature that that higher level tools use to implement firewalls, packet monitoring, sniffers, etc. I think that article is saying _if_ you've already been infected by this "BPFDoor" malware, it uses BPF to circumvent the firewall.
12:15<MaverickFischer>Rehman: Apache 2: Pocket Reference
12:19<bn_work>Frogging101: so how does one stuff an EXT4 FS into it? just via dd? and will that automatically use "the multi-extent (fragmentation) feature" as suggested by the Wikipedia excerpt above?
12:20<Frogging101>bn_work: I'm saying just use dd, and it will not create an ISO 9660 filesystem or use any special features, it'll just write the disk out to the file. My point is that a .iso is not always used the way it's supposed to be
12:20<Frogging101>You could just as easily call it disk.img or disk.wonga
12:22<Frogging101>and you probably should, because .iso would be a bit misleading because usually they're supposed to contain an ISO filesystem, not just some random fs type
12:22<Frogging101>Some applications will still deal with a .iso containing something else, though. So there's that
12:22<rehman>MaverickFischer: thanks so much
12:23<bn_work>Frogging101: but I assume I would need to somehow boot the source VM locally with something that can run dd, ie: a Linux liveCD/DVD .ISO or something? (I say this as it's possible this VM may be Windows VM too, not sure- my boss doesn't know and is just providing them in form of 57(+?) multi-part .RAR files, lol)
12:23<Frogging101>If it's a linode you can use the Rescue function to boot a finnix rescue environment that has dd, ssh, rsync, and all that stuff
12:24<Frogging101>Then you can dd the disk, pipe it to ssh or nc or something, and put it somewhere else
12:26<Frogging101>Or yeah if it's a local VM you would want to boot something else like a Linux live environment to see the disk and dd it to a file
12:26<Frogging101>Or maybe it's already in raw format once extracted from the .rar files. Doubtful though because people seem to rather use silly formats like qcow2 and vdi instead of just raw images
12:27<Frogging101>A raw image, by the way, is just a hard drive written to a file. No headers, containers, or other gimmicks
12:28*file can not be written to
12:28<Frogging101>Maybe a partition table.
12:28<bn_work>Frogging101: the source system? the source "system" is just a set of files I've been given (see above). So when I boot into the Linux livecd locally, do I want to dd from after the boot sectors?
12:28<Frogging101>No, just dd everything
12:28<Frogging101>dd if=/dev/sda of=somefile
12:29<millisa>or go direct.
12:29<Frogging101>or omit the of and pipe it to ssh or nc to send it over the network. There's a linode guide somewhere about thay
12:29<Frogging101>There, millisa has it
12:29<bn_work>Frogging101: ok... but the partition layout for the KVM instance on Linode would obviously be different from what the VM would think, no?
12:30<Frogging101>Don't see why it would be. It would probably boot directly just fine. If not, then it might need some transplanting, but that's not *too* hard
12:32<millisa>once you get it into the raw image, you can go through the last part of the custom distribution guide to make it linode friendly -
12:32<bn_work>BTW, if the dd SSH transfer times out midway (very possible given how big this image probably may be), will it automatically pick up from where it left off when I run it again per ? ie: does it have resume capabilities?
12:36<Frogging101>No but you could use the dd output to skip those bytes/blocks on resume; need the appropriate argument to append on the other end as well. I *think* it's conv=notrunc
12:36<Frogging101>dd tells you how many records (blocks) it has copied when it ends, even if it ends with an error
12:38<bn_work>millisa: thanks, I'll definitely look into that if it turns out the VM is a Linux VM (hopefully), 🤞
12:38<Frogging101>For extra sureness, when it's done you can md5sum the source and the destination to make sure they're the same
12:38<Frogging101>In case you have to do a "manual resume" and suspect you messed it up
12:40<bn_work>Frogging101: can you md5sum an entire 22GB+ partition? assuming that's possible, that must take an extremely long time?
12:40<Frogging101>Shouldn't take that long. It'd be IO bound rather than CPU bound and would take no longer than copying it
12:41<bn_work>Frogging101: also, can one CRC check at the point where it timed out? vs just blindly resuming at where it stopped?
12:41<Frogging101>In other words the CPU will run the md5sum algorithm on a block faster than the disk can provide the next one. Thus, IO bound
12:42<Frogging101>If you do the md5sum after you have copied the whole thing, that will tell you if they are the same
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12:42<Frogging101>You could md5sum part of it with e.g. dd if=foo skip=1000 count=2000 | md5sum
12:43<Frogging101>It's very flexible and simple. We're just reading bytes, nothing weird
12:44<Frogging101>though mind that by default, dd deals in "blocks" of the size specified by the "bs" option (default 512 bytes). There are flags to make the skip and count options use bytes instead of blocks
12:44<Frogging101>bs is just the size of the chunks of data dd reads and then writes
12:44<Frogging101>But again, it's all just a stream of data
12:47<Frogging101>I'm going afk now. There are other helpful folks here too though ^^
12:49<bn_work>yeah... I've used dd to migrate a multi-partitioned, multi-OS disk (WXP (NTFS) + RHEL (EXT3?) + Ubuntu (EXT3) + Mac OSX (HFS+ journaled) + Shared (FAT32)) from an old disk to a new USB mounted one once, but it didn't end up going well... but not sure if that's because the destination disk was a Seagate hybrid SSD (Momentus?)
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12:50<bn_work>thanks Frogging101!
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12:55<bn_work>IIRC, I had to end up copying it multiple times (4?), it's weird, it's as if the destination disk controller wasn't receiving all the data (despite dd completing) and each time more was "copied". It was a painful experience that took several days to complete (I think the source was 512GB? connected over USB2?)
12:55<bn_work>... which is why I'm a bit worried about the time it will take to do something like this over the network (I only have a 6Mbit/s uplink so I am thinking it may be best to just do all this up on Linodes where there will be high-speed interconnects... the one snag is I obviously can't boot into the VM there to run dd, which if I could, I wouldn't need to do this in the first place, lol)
12:56<Peng>pwoods: FYI, someone in #osuosl on Libera just fixed the problem with their mirrors, (They should update soon if they haven't already.)
12:56<Peng>pwoods: I realize that doesn't matter now, but still.
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13:13<Peng>(And they're updated.)
13:14<Peng>(And the "someone" was the Director of OSL.)
13:24<Peng> is updated too \o/
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14:24<@pwoods>Good to know, thanks Peng
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18:09<rehman>Hi again everyone
18:10<rehman>so we have one linode who's password was set by a developer who left, is there a way i reset that password for the OS installed in that linode?
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20:32<bn_work>I know this isn't official but if via dd I'm able to get a Windows VM image onto a Linode (even if it's an oxymoron/abomination), is there anything I can do to make it Linode-friendly? I'm assuming all the stuff in wouldn't apply/work?/
20:32<bn_work>with NTFSv3
20:33<bn_work>what about FAT32, etc. or other FS-es?
20:36<linbot>It is possible to run Windows on Linode. Here's a set of unofficial instructions:
20:36<dwfreed>see specifically that issue comment
20:41<dwfreed>Linode would not support any FS that is natively supported by Windows
20:42<dwfreed>it may technically handle fat32, but you can't use fat32 as your "root" filesystem in modern Windows
20:43<dwfreed>and you shouldn't be running anything older than Windows 8 or 10 in a cloud environment without shitloads of firewalls (also gl/hf getting networking working on Windows 9x)
20:43<dwfreed>(or equivalent Windows Server versions)
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21:50<Cromulent>whoever called SMTP "simple" was cruel as heck
21:52<dwfreed>SMTP itself is incredibly simple
21:52<dwfreed>I can send you an email from socat
21:56<Cromulent>oh OK - maybe I should have rephrased that - it has become complex in an actual production setting
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22:09<dwfreed>*mailservers* are complex
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22:14<kharlan>Windows doesn’t work too well on Linode :/
22:14<kharlan>it’s been 2 years since I’ve tried it but I’d be scared to run anything critical there
22:15<millisa>I also do not like running critical things on windows.
22:16<kharlan>Quickbooks Server
22:16<kharlan>rip, the only way to run it reliably in a multi user environment is with a TS
22:17<kharlan>Back at my old place it required a lot of tuning and fast disks to get it up to 30 concurrent users on 1 file
22:17<kharlan>Idk who decided that running an accounting software from a flat file db was a good idea
22:18<millisa>intuit has lots of . . .great . .ideas
22:18<sm[m]1>some of us run it from a plain text file, works great
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23:31<bn_work>dwfreed: thanks for the link, I had briefly seen that before but isn't that guide only if one is starting from scratch? I guess it still answers what I've have to disable in the Linode profile though. In my case I already have an existing bootable Windows VM, I'm assuming I should be able to directly dd it w/o needing to first install Windows (again?) before transplanting the existing Windows disk? Re. the Windows version: although I
23:31<bn_work>vaguely remember how to setup networking in W95, I'm pretty sure the VM I have isn't some ancient version and is actually a recent version of Windows Server, if it is Windows at all (hopefully it's Linux 🤞).
23:32<dwfreed>just dd the disk and boot full virt; should "just work"
23:41<Cromulent>dwfreed: ah thanks - I'm rubbish at descibing things :D
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