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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2002-10-20

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10:30<skitzo>i accidentally ran into your thread on gatos and realized it was you
11:04<mdz>skitzo: are you schizo@d.o?
11:05<skitzo>if you remember our convo on uhh.. friday(?) in here
11:06<mdz>ah, ok. sorry, I'm bad with names
11:06<skitzo>no prob =P
11:06<skitzo>didnt expect you to remember me ;)
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11:06<skitzo>was just surprised to read your post in the gatos list
11:07<mdz>I was doing a lot with gatos for a while; not so much since I started playing with mythtv
11:07<mdz>which was about the same time I borrowed a real capture card
11:08<mdz>once vladimir implements that second Xv adapter using YUV textures like he has proposed, then I'll be able to get a lot more out of the card
11:08<mdz>I'm headed out for breakfast, later
11:11<skitzo>ciao ciao
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14:26<OrangeSun>hey guys!
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14:53<OrangeSun>if I run mythtv, is it the only thing my system will be able to run?
14:53<OrangeSun>or can I use my linux server to run it?
14:53<OrangeSun>or does that all depend? : )
15:46<blinx>good evening
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15:58<blinx>OrangeSun: it can run other stuff, but I guess you need to run mythtv fullscreen - atleast when using it, while recording and such, you could use the display for other things
15:58<OrangeSun>blinx: how can i output?
15:58<OrangeSun>blinx: Just use my video card's TV out?
15:59<blinx>I use a nvidia running in twinview - where my display is closed to the tv
15:59<OrangeSun>hmmm. is it easy to do that with nvidias?
16:00<OrangeSun>I wonder how easy it is with voodoos : )
16:00<blinx>yeah, was for me atleast :)
16:00<OrangeSun>what sort of system are you running? CPU wise?
16:00<blinx>athlon 1400
16:00<OrangeSun>hmm. would a duron 1000 do it?
16:01<OrangeSun>how much RAM?
16:01<blinx>256MB ddr - I have another 256mb - but they are not installed at the moment
16:01<OrangeSun>and it runs smoothly?
16:01<OrangeSun>oh, another q.. how does MythTV change channels??
16:02<blinx>yes - 1gig duron should be enough to record atleast - dunno about watching meanwhile
16:02<OrangeSun>I have a satellite, so I want it to change channels by executing a command that emits an IR something or other..
16:02<blinx>uhm.. I think there is something in the faq by that - else I guess it could be hacked to do it
16:02<blinx>I just have normal terrestial antenna
16:03<OrangeSun>terrestrial antenna?
16:03<OrangeSun>you receive like 3 channels?
16:03<OrangeSun>and you got yourself a PVR?
16:03<blinx>no.. well - it works like that - it's kind of a community antenna thingy, so we have sattelite tv too :)
16:04<OrangeSun>how does that work?
16:04<blinx>got 20 channels or so - 5 worth watching :)
16:04<blinx>OrangeSun: there is a central antenna for the city, and they have a few dishes too - and they then rebroadcasts it out on seperate channels.
16:04<OrangeSun>blinx: how much does a setup like that run? or is it professional?
16:05<blinx>it's professional, the city runs it
16:05<OrangeSun>what city?
16:05<blinx>the one I live in :)
16:05<OrangeSun>in denmark?
16:05<blinx>Nyk\xF8bing Falster - Denmark :)
16:05<OrangeSun>damn. you danes know your stuff..
16:05<vektor>Anyone here interested in trying my deinterlacer?
16:06<blinx>OrangeSun: would be even better if we had more than 5 danish channels :)
16:06<blinx>with digital sattelite reciever you can get alot more - but I can't have a sattelite dish where I live
16:06<OrangeSun>heheh : )
16:06<vektor>OrangeSun: If you're interested in TV output under Linux, you could check out my page:
16:06<OrangeSun>where do you live? in an apt?
16:06<OrangeSun>vektor: Ok, thanks.
16:07<OrangeSun>blinx: you can point through windows..
16:07<vektor>OrangeSun: But I'm mostly interested in near-professional quality TV output.
16:07<blinx>vektor: a better deinterlacer?
16:07<blinx>OrangeSun: ye - no windows face the right way :)
16:07<OrangeSun>vektor: you're making your own PVR?
16:07<vektor>blinx: My deinterlacer is its own app.
16:07<vektor>OrangeSun: Yeah I did, kinda.
16:07<vektor>blinx: It's like a DScaler-port.
16:07<OrangeSun>is it at the level of myth?
16:08<vektor>I've done a bunch of video applications though, I'm not really interested in the PVR like mythtv does.
16:08<OrangeSun>vektor: i have a quesiton..
16:08<vektor>I really want a high quality video recorder. Mine isn't really done though.
16:08<OrangeSun>can I use my DV input as a Video4linux thing?
16:08<vektor>But I did my own huffyuv-like lossless codec.
16:08<vektor>OrangeSun: Ah, good question.
16:09<blinx>I wish I'd get better picture too - gf refuses to watch mythtv live to cos it "looks different"
16:09<OrangeSun>vektor: good question because you've thought about it a lot and you have a 2-command answer for me? : )
16:09<OrangeSun>blinx: digital satellite looks different!!
16:09<vektor>OrangeSun: V4L could theoretically support it, I don't think any drivers do, but really you don't want DV decoding in the kernel, so I'm not sure what kind of card would support that.
16:10<vektor>OrangeSun: But I know I'm somewhat interested in doing DV input to my deinterlacer.
16:10<vektor>OrangeSun: However, do you know the quality problems with DV re:broadcast TV?
16:10<vektor>DV has half the colour resolution as broadcast TV.
16:10<vektor>So, it's not really very exciting.
16:10<vektor>blinx: You should try my deinterlacer.
16:11<vektor>blinx: However, the biggest problem I have with watching TV on a CRT is that my CRT is nowhere near as bright as my TV.
16:11<OrangeSun>vektor: well, I have no video capture card yet, and a DV camcorder.. so i just wanted to run mythtv or whatever through the camera..
16:11<vektor>OrangeSun: Reasonable goal, but I don't think (although I'm not sure) that there's any way to do that right now.
16:11<OrangeSun>I'm relatively sure you're right..
16:12<OrangeSun>I'm having a lot of trouble with the perl dependencies!
16:12<vektor>blinx: Grab it from CVS, tell me what you think. ;-)
16:12<OrangeSun>for eample, my attempt at installing Tk modules is *not* working.
16:12<blinx>ok - I'll take a look :)
16:12<vektor>blinx: Let me know if you're going to run it.
16:12<vektor>blinx: It's not an official release yet though.
16:13<blinx>gotta make dinner first :)
16:13<vektor>just msg when you're going to try.
17:16<skitzo>vektor: good look w/ your project
17:24<vektor>skitzo: Have you tried it?
17:25<skitzo>no, but if you make any headway with it you'll have a supporter ;)
17:25<vektor>I think you should try.
17:25<skitzo>all i have right now is an older ATI card which makes me want to kill things.
17:25<vektor>Have you ever used DScaler?
17:25<skitzo>no sir =)
17:26<vektor>Well anyway, tvtime pretty much works.
17:26<vektor>At least for basic stuff.
17:26<vektor>We already blow every TV viewing app under linux out of the water.
17:27<skitzo>where is 'tvtime' ?
17:28<skitzo>cvs only i take it?
17:28<vektor>As I mentioned, we haven't released yet.
17:28<skitzo>what are y our long term goals/plans?
17:28<vektor>Have a full DScaler port.
17:28<vektor>But also, have a working pass-thru system.
17:29<vektor>So we can record and display to TV output without any loss of quality.
17:29<vektor>I have pass-thru working already.
17:29<skitzo>all form a g400?
17:29<vektor>And only hte G400, for now :(
17:29<vektor>I have a bt848-based capture card.
17:29<vektor>And a G400 with TV output.
17:29<skitzo>whats the card?
17:30<vektor>I can do a 1-1 field-to-field correct pass-thru.
17:30<vektor>It's a Hauppauge WinTV.
17:30<skitzo>thoughts/comments on it?
17:30<vektor>I want this:
17:30<vektor>That's all I have to say. :)
17:31<vektor>That will be my next card.
17:31<vektor>The WinTV has served me very, very well.
17:31<skitzo>OH MY GOSH
17:31<vektor>But I need something with component in next, or at least S-Video.
17:31<skitzo>where do i order ;)
17:31<vektor>Having full SDI input would kick though.
17:31<vektor>Have you seen the price though?
17:31<vektor>I'm saving up.
17:31<skitzo>pardon my ignorance, what does SDI actually stand for ;)
17:32<vektor>Serial Digital Interface.
17:32<vektor>It's a digital video standard for broadcast.
17:32<vektor>So, full colour resolution.
17:32<Echo465>holy crap, $550.
17:33<vektor>See, there's a real lack of hardcore quality videophiles who are also linux hobbyists.
17:33<vektor>So, Windows gets all the fun now.
17:33<skitzo>i have been denoting that for the past week =/
17:33<skitzo>ccant find diddly shit for leenux (hardware wise.. )
17:33<skitzo>its disappointing.
17:33<vektor>What do you mean by that?
17:33<vektor>What sort of hardware are you looking for?
17:34<skitzo>quality capture/TV out cards (w/ drivers)
17:34<vektor>The bttv driver supports everything windows supports, pretty much.
17:34<vektor>TV out for video is different.
17:34<vektor>I mean, DScaler is based on the linux driver :)
17:39<skitzo>Yes. Satellite receivers can be modified to output SDI.
17:39<vektor>It's like component but digital.
17:40<skitzo>SDI-DTiVo DirecTiVo (Phillips, Sony, Hughes) SDI Upgrade $450.00
17:40<skitzo>wel there goes that. =)
17:40<vektor>You're no fun at all.
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17:40<skitzo>nah, sadly dont have that kinda spare change
17:40<skitzo>and im ore interested in modifying my other sat receivers anyhoo
17:43<nyquiljer>vektor: you around?
17:44<nyquiljer>I'm curious what the best way to go abou greating images using only colors that YUV can display
17:45<nyquiljer>I've been pretty unhappy with how things look after the yuv conversion, and I'm sure its because most of the colors I'm using are getting lost
17:46<vektor>How are you converting to Y'CbCr?
17:46<vektor>You just letting mythtv do it?
17:46<nyquiljer>well, I'm not, chutt has a routine that does it
17:46* vektorwonders how they do it.
17:46<vektor>Is Chutt's routine doing the right conversion?
17:46<vektor>do you know where the routine is in the source?
17:46<nyquiljer>no idea
17:46<vektor>See, the first job is to make sure all of that is actually being done correctly.
17:46<nyquiljer>I have no idea, I know he 'found' it somewhere
17:51<nyquiljer>looks like its in /libs/libNuppelVideo/osd.cpp
17:54<vektor>sure doens't look like it
17:55<vektor>Looks like it's yuv2rgb.c
17:55<nyquiljer>was just gonna say that
17:55<vektor>sure looks like it's the wrong transform
17:56<vektor>i also think it's taking chroma samples in the wrong place
17:58<vektor>i'll give you a new function sometime
17:58<nyquiljer>well, assuming that it wa sin fact being done properly in code
17:58<vektor>i have a test tomorrow i need to study for
17:59<vektor>ok, assuming it was
17:59<nyquiljer>I assume I'd need to restrict my pallete right?
17:59<vektor>well, kinda..
17:59<vektor>if you're outputting to a TV, then yes.
17:59<vektor>Otherwise, not really....
17:59<nyquiljer>gimp has a 'hot' filter that supposedly filters out anything too hot for ntsc
17:59<nyquiljer>but I don think thats entirely what I want
17:59<vektor>I'm not convinced you want to do that.
18:00<vektor>What is the problem you're seeing though?
18:00<nyquiljer>washed out
18:00<vektor>I mean, if you do the conversion right, and you're looking on a monitor, the original and the XVideo image should be _identical_.
18:00<vektor>Like, you may notice slight banding, but that's it.
18:00<nyquiljer>hmm, ok.
18:00<vektor>I think the 'washed out' effect is entirely due to this being the wrong transform.
18:00<nyquiljer>I'll just assume the problem is in that conversion
18:01<vektor>Since it uses the full 0-255 range for luma, and 0-255 for both chroma channels.
18:01<skitzo>well, someone please do patch it ;)
18:01<vektor>It should be using 16-235 for luma, and 12-240 for both chromas.
18:01<vektor>skitzo: maybe after my test.
18:01<skitzo>sounds good to me.
18:01<vektor>I already told Chutt about this and I told him I'd fix it sometime.
18:01<skitzo>cool cool
18:01<skitzo>alas he is on vacation now, too =/
18:02<nyquiljer>vektor: well you answered my question, thanks. good luck with your test :)
18:02<skitzo>yeh, ditto, good luck
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21:35<mdz>how does mythfilldatabase decide which days to fetch program data for?
21:35<mdz>it seems to be fetching a lot of duplicate data
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23:34<Echo465>anyone here using a homemade infared remote reciever?